We Really Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For

Maybe we lost our way long ago. Maybe the ground was already established for the vitriol many of us now experience. Someone on social media that I’ve been friends with for a while became snarky with me when I commented on a news article. The person apologized, but it’s so upsetting when it happens. I […]

Women Will Never Shut Up Again

Women Will Never Shut Up Again

The downside of shitting all over Hillary Clinton for writing a book about the presidential campaign is that it will serve as a rallying cry for women of a certain age who have experienced enough misogyny over our lifetime. We watched in horror as the most qualified person to run for the highest office in […]

tarot 1172016

Building Harmony ~ Tarot for 7 November 2016

So many of my tarot readings these days contain cards from the Major Arcana, sometimes dominating the reading. The 3 of Cups begins this three-card spread with both The Star and The Hermit giving a dominant influence. 11 represents the numerology of the spread suggesting illumination is at hand. Tomorrow brings what may be the […]

Regaining Inner Balance

Regaining Inner Balance ~ Tarot for 5 Nov 2016

I’d like to believe that we’ll all regain our inner balance after Tuesday, that we’d put country and family over politics, but I just don’t know. The vitriol will no doubt continue because of momentum it’s gained brought on by the biggest case of diarrhea of the mouth ever to run for President. A line […]

passive aggression

The Effects Of Passive Aggression

I’ve really come to the conclusion that passive aggression is rampant amongst humans. It can take many forms, sometimes focusing upon the passive side and sometimes the aggressive. Passive aggression is not easily dealt with, by anyone. It tends to be self-reinforcing so it’s difficult for those who behave this way to experience life any […]

What Women Remember

Women know what it is to experience oppression. And although it sometimes seems as if younger women don’t fully grasp some of what older women have experienced, they’ve lived with their own share of this problem just the same. So this isn’t going to be a discussion of who understands what. We vote by mail […]

Patriarchy Isn’t Going Away Quietly

I watched part of the Commander-in-Chief forum last night, turning it off after Secretary Clinton was finished. I couldn’t watch the poor excuse for an interviewer give the next guy the pass he didn’t seem interested in giving Hillary. Even with all of her qualifications, he couldn’t be respectful enough to let her finish a […]


The Feminine Influence

We have a female Presidential candidate. Let that sink in for a moment, will you? She’s strong and steady and will lead with a full heart and an intelligent mind. But then that’s Hillary. I think it’s telling when people suggest that women will vote for her because she’s a woman. Please. That’s ridiculous. Women are […]

Dear Hillary: We HAVE Research..We NEED Legalization

You know, I really love you. I really do. And I’ll vote for you if you’re the nominee. But girlfriend, we really need to talk. You said on Thursday that you support state efforts at legalization but that more research needs to be done before any legalization federally happens. But with all due respect, my […]

New Moon Musings..It’s Not That Complicated

I love both Hillary and Bernie. I’ve contributed to both. I’ll vote for whoever wins the nomination. What I don’t like is the vitriol between progressives. Now there’s a problem between older and younger feminists. Apparently some of us, yes I’m one of the olds, have indicated to our younger counterparts that somehow they’re foolish if […]