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Integrative Wholeness and Definition

Integrative Wholeness and Definition

I was reading a piece by Andrea Abay-Abay titled, Human Design System Basic Concepts: Kinds of Chart Definition where she discusses the chart definitions described by Ra Uru Hu. Definitions are about the way we achieve a sense of integration or wholeness. The Human Design chart illustrates the mechanics of both our fundamental design in integration with the planetary influences at our time of birth. If there are no breaks in how the Centers in the chart connect with each other, then it’s said that a single definition exists. When Centers do not connect, it can split the chart essentially in half creating the split definition, or it can split into three or four sections. The final definition is no definition at all. Most of us fall along the single or split-definition groupings while 10% are triple splits, .5% are quads, and no defs comprise slightly more than 1%.

My husband and youngest son are both single definition personalities and both are self-contained units. It’s not that they don’t find interaction with others valuable, but that they’re fine with going it alone if necessary.

My oldest son is a split definition and as Andrea says in her article, the individual with a split definition believes:

“You complete me.” Introducing your significant other as your “other half” is a sentiment that almost half the people on this planet deeply resonate with.¹

He likes the give and take felt in interaction. He and his younger brother play off each other in friendly banter and it’s hilarious to listen to. And he does value partnership, evidenced by his recent marriage to his partner of ten years. To be fair, she was in graduate school, but each had such a strong commitment to the other, their wedding formalized what the rest of us believed was a given.

I have a triple-split definition which essentially means that I need variety and that no one person can bridge whatever divide I choose to create. From Andrea’s article:

Because each of your areas of definition are highly specialized, and can be brought together with a variety of different bridges, you are a complex being with extraordinary potential for assimilation and integration of information through movement and over time.²

Basically, it’s a squirrels and shiny objects world for a witch such as myself. I wander…a bunch. I’ll get lost in the yard for hours looking at this plant or that insect. Interesting patterns are everywhere and a witch notices everything.

Anyway, after reading her really excellent article, I brought up my Human Design transit chart to see what was happening today and to look at it from the standpoint of my triple-split definition. The transits in the column to the right of the chart apply to everyone, with the Channels activated by interaction with my natal chart.

The Sun transits today at Gate 17 Following, Line 6 The Bodhisattva which also activates the Channel of Acceptance by creating a channel between transiting Gate 17 and Design Gate 62 from my natal chart. Solutions are communicated with ease, with a unity of purpose felt. A nurturing influence, Gate 17 suggests that to fully understand leadershp and authority we need to also understand and experience service to others. Today’s transiting Sun at Gate 17 Line 6 along with the Channel of Acceptance indicates that this understanding has been achieved.

Then we move into Buddhahood as the Earth transits at Gate 18 Work on What Has Been Spoilt Line 6 Buddhahood. This is about correction and improvement and the desire within to defend fundamental human rights. It reflects a constant striving for refinement of belief and a need to avoid stasis. So far, both transits support my left-angled incarnation cross of the Clarion. Left-angled incarnation crosses have a service to others focus to their lives, while right-angled crosses are more self-focused. The bodhisattva along with Buddhahood lend themselves well to a service to others focus and the variety encountered would support my triple-split needs.

So where does the Moon take us in transit today? Collectively we’re in survival mode. Transiting at Gate 3 Difficulty at the Beginning Line 3 Survival we’re feeling the intuitive need to create order from chaos and when collaboration with others provides the best hope. Union and intimacy with others are felt with the transiting North Node, the South Node in the Gate of Abundance reminding that not everything is within our control.

Venus is taking a time out in recuperation while she’s surrounded by Mercury affecting impulse control and Mars influencing dominating egos to run amok. Jupiter expands our perception and intuition through this transit while Saturn encourages us to embrace change. Continuing the energies of expansion, Uranus increases appreciation for our shared experiences while maintaining control over their direction as Pluto acknowledges natural authority which embraces those in a supportive role.

Uranus and Pluto also support the Buddhahood from transiting Earth suggesting a mediating influence. The Middle Way counsels us to take a neutral view:

It means to investigate and penetrate the core of life and all things with an upright, unbiased attitude. In order to solve a problem, we should position ourselves on neutral, upright and unbiased ground. We investigate the problem from various angles, analyze the findings, understand the truth thoroughly, and find a reasonable conclusion.³

Standing up for others as well as in our own power gives those of us with a triple-split definition the varied experiences we need to feel that we’re making a difference in the world. And today our focus appears to be on our collective nature. We’ve started on a path, and for many, not of our choosing. The South Node asks us to hang in there with that. Change that is both expansive and unsettling is happening and it may be some time before we know its full effects so it makes sense that many of us feel as if we’re in survival mode, with tensions and emotions heightened as they have been.

As polarized as we seem, it provides an opportunity to find integrative wholeness again, particularly when it’s revealed that we were manipulated into all of this conflict to enrich a chosen few. Whatever it takes, we must find our way back to each other and reject this notion of the other.

We are now and forever one family. No matter what the orange guy says or does.

Blessed Be



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  3. Buddhism – The Middle Path. Teachings In Chinese Buddhism
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Integrity Versus The Trickster-in-Chief ~ Human Design Transits for 4 Dec 2016



Human Design describes the mechanics of our existence. I find it far more interesting than astrology because it describes patterns of behavior from various perspectives. Although the time and place of birth are used, and planetary influences are also considered, Human Design is more than all of that. In my view, it creates an intricate blueprint of our lives, and I’m so fascinated by all it has to share.

While I’ve written about Gates and Channels within the Human Design bodygram, I haven’t really touched on Circuits, categories that organize the channels into three groups: Individual, Tribal, and Collective. Each Circuit breaks down from there into more specific sub-circuits which contain the various Channels.

  • Individual ~ Integration, Centering, and Knowing circuits
  • Tribal ~ Defense and Ego circuits
  • Collective ~ Logic and Sensing circuits.

But as you can see, awareness and interaction begins with the self and branches out to one’s immediate family and then the community and world at large.

Although there are five personality types within Human Design, two comprise most of us and essentially we’re either here to initiate or respond to the world around us. Manifestors should initiate, for example, and Generators should respond. Get that backwards and we live what’s known as our not-self which most of us do on a daily basis, accounting for the struggles we experience, also on a daily basis. And then just when we think we’ve got a handle on our natal information, transiting planetary influences bring new channels into play.

Five channels are active today in my Human Design bodygram, nine if you include the natal channels present.

  • Two Channels of Compromise including Perfected Form (10-57) and Synthesis (49-19)
  • One Educational Channel of Community (37-40), and
  • Two Personal Connection Channels of Surrender (26-44) and Exploration (10-34)

These five channels break down into the following Circuits:

  • Integration ~ Perfected Form (10 Love of Self/57 Intuition)
  • Centering ~ Exploration (34 Power/10 Love of Self)
  • Ego ~ Surrender (26 The Trickster/44 Energy), Synthesis (19 Wanting/49 Principles), and Community (40 Loneliness/37 Friendship)


Integration Circuit

Regarding Integration, a circuit within the Individual grouping , Karen Curry has this to say:

The theme of Integration is the phrase “I Am.” The job of the Integration Circuit is to develop awareness of the self as differentiated from others and conscious in our form. (Curry 235)

In my natal bodygram, I have the Channel of Power (34-57) active. With Gate 10 love of self active, it activates two more channels in that section of the bodygram, one from Integration and the other from Centering. Power is a design of the human archetype, and began our perception of separation from others. It’s intuitive, particularly clairaudient-based energy. With this energy, we have the empath who notices the change in tone in another with the intuitive ability to understand what that means.

For those of us with Integration Circuit channels, we need time to reflect and integrate what we’ve just experienced before responding. There are four possible channels within this Circuit, with two active today. Perfected Form is a design of Intuition-based survival and continues the energy flow of Power from my natal bodygram. Our focus tends toward perfection, but we need to respond in order that we manifest it properly. If we initiate, we’re typically not received well. With this channel, we’re conscious of our spiritual journey, aware when we’re not aligned with our true purpose.

Together, Power and Perfected Form give strength to our intuitive awareness and no doubt provide the basis for all other perception.


Centering Circuit

Another circuit within the Individual grouping, with the Centering Circuit, change and self-improvement are its focus.

The Centering Circuit acts as a vortex. People who are drawn into the energy vortex of the Centering Circuit are influenced to act more individually, regardless of their own definition. (Curry 223-224)

Exploration from the Centering Circuit combines Power and Love of Self to create a design of following our convictions. With this channel, response is necessary to avoid not-self behavior. Otherwise we work at cross purposes with our goals.


Ego Circuit

Three Channels are active within this circuit today: Surrender, Synthesis, and Community. Each one a Tribal subcircuit, these bring nurturing, love, and the survival of the tribe to today’s transits.

With Surrender, we have the Energy to present our ideas to others with integrity although with the influence of The Trickster, we might use whatever’s necessary to get attention, so our integrity is crucial here so that we don’t become like our upcoming Trickster-in Chief. To what or whom do we surrender? Greed or our integrity? We all know what he chose.

Also known as Love and Marriage, Synthesis assists us in our decision to bond with others. It’s the energy for partnership and/or marriage and provides foundation and structure to the tribe. We balance our Wanting reflected in Gate 19 with our Principles reflected in Gate 49 to build relationships in a deep and sustainable way.

Contracts and agreements are contained within Community, also known as The Bargain. This is the energy to keep the tribe functioning, how they work together and create the resources they need to survive. We all like to bargain to get what we want, but this influence tells us to follow through with our obligations, more of that integrity found in Surrender at play.

Putting it all Together

Our awareness or intuition is at the heart of the empathic experience as is our integrity. What these channels show is that although we come in as individuals with whatever awareness that we still have, we have to find a way to interact with others that’s both satisfying and sustainable.

Integrity of both our words and actions is vital for the proper functioning of our tribe, whether it’s our immediate family or the greater world at large. Looking at what’s happening now in just our country, let alone with some of the other countries around the world, we see that our tribe is in jeopardy. Integrity and honor have flown the coop and a Trickster-in-Chief may just steer us all off the cliff.

Many were seeking change without concern for the outcome. Others believed the con artist who will now run the country and have an unbelievable effect upon the world. The rest of us stood back in horror at the outcome. And for everything we all try to do to salvage what little we may have left, some of this will most likely need to run its course.

I’ve never been a fan of blowing the shit out of things in an effort to bring change, but we’re evidently there now. We may find the most sensible action is to take shelter from the upcoming endless hurricane created by our Trickster-in-Chief. And by the time it’s all said and done, he’ll have gotten rich from the fleecing of the American people.

When the tribe needed everyone to come together in unity and protection for our great democracy, that didn’t happen and now a wolf will destroy every part of it he can. All to further on his delusions.

At the expense of everyone.

We made an agreement a long time ago to come together as the United States of America. Our constitution, our family bond, brought us together and will ultimately sustain us while this travesty continues. Maybe there will even be a country left when this is over. But until we know what he’s going to do to all of us, we wait. I wonder who’s got a sale on underground bunkers…

Blessings to all



  1. Curry, Karen. Understanding Human Design: The New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are. Hierophant Publishing. Kindle Edition.
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The Right Angled Cross of the Unexpected ~ Human Design Transits for 27 October 2016

transit 10272016



Just Now 10272016Today’s Human Design transits create the Right Angled Cross of the Unexpected (28/27, 31/41). Each one of us has our own incarnation crosses comprised of influences from both Personality and Design Sun interacting with Personality and Design Earth giving us an overall perspective of our soul’s path and destiny. In my natal bodygram, my incarnation cross is the Left Angled Cross of the Clarion. To the right is the full transit information in a Just Now chart that illustrates how this Right Angled cross was created. The numbers are taken from the Sun and Earth on both sides of the bodygram.

Right angled cross of the unexpectedRegarding the right and left angles of the incarnation crosses, left-angled folks are here to effect change for the world at large, while right-angled folks are here to work on personal issues. So right away, today’s transiting incarnation cross tells us that it has a personal focus.

Two additional channels are active today: The Channel of Preservation (Gates 27-50) and The Channel of Discovery (Gates 46-29). Gate 27 is also included into today’s transiting incarnation cross.

Again, the incarnation cross is derived from the Sun and Earth from both Design and Personality aspects of Self and is divided into the four quadrants of Mutation, Duality, Civilization, and Initiation. Design energies are present at the time of conception and assist the fertilized egg in its development with Personality energies arriving 88 days prior to birth. Design influences are unconscious, while Personality influences are conscious. The Magnetic Monopole holds the two sides together, with Design and the Magnetic Monopole actually driving the vessel, i.e. us.

The Right Angled Cross of the Unexpected integrates the energies of Gates 27, 28, 31, and 41. Gate 27 ~ Nourishment falls in the Quarter of Initiation; 28 ~ Preponderance of the Great in Duality, 31 ~ Influence in Civilization, and 41 ~ Decrease in the Quarter of Mutation. From The Definitive Book of Human Design we see how each quarter influences the expression of the cross.



GatGate 27e 27/Nourishment/Initiation

People who are naturally initiated by the unexpected toward a whole new series of experiences which ultimately nourish and expand their intelligence. (Bunnell, Ra Uru Hu. p. 297)



Gate 31Gate 31/Influence/Civilization

People with the inherent power to attract the Collective’s attention, who become our unexpected leaders or heroes; their nurturing influence is discovered and acclaimed in the midst of the unexpected. (Bunnell, Ra Uru Hu. p. 301)


Gate 28Gate 28/Preponderance of the Great/Duality

People who unexpectedly have to care for or take responsibility for something or someone. They become an influential example when they find meaning in the struggle.


Gate 41Gate 41/Decrease/Mutation

People unexpectedly thrust into positions of leadership who initiate or influence others by setting trends in caring, or in finding purpose. (Bunnell, Ra Uru Hu. p. 3091)


Clearly this is a cross of great leadership and influence. It’s the energy to take charge and to care for others. Remaining open to new experiences allows for expansion and growth and that seems to be the message of today’s Incarnation Cross.

Additional influences are found in the two transits channels, The Channel of Preservation (Gates 27-50) and The Channel of Discovery (Gates 46-29). We know from Gate 27 above that it’s primary influence is nourishment or caring. It’s concerned with our quality of life. Gate 50 is the Cauldron representing the continuity of our values. Together these gates suggest that we preserve our traditions through trust and caring for others. There’s an action of defense with this channel as we act to preserve the integrity of the family or tribe.

The Channel of Discovery connects Gates 29 ~ The Abysmal and 46 ~ Pushing Upward. Gate 29 teaches us to persevere through challenges to reach a positive outcome. 46 involves self-determination and success achieved. When the Channel is activated we persevere where others might stop, succeeding in our endeavors when others fail at their own.

Together, both channels reinforce and support today’s right-angled incarnation cross. Although it feels as if we’re doing things for others, which can indicate a left-angled perspective, it’s our personal focus that allows us to do that. It’s the leadership qualities found in the Right Angled Cross of the Unexpected that are reinforced by today’s channels.

Human Design is not just another form of astrology although it does involve the positions and qualities of planets both before and after birth. And as involved as astrology gets, and it definitely does, Human Design explores so much more of our nature as expressions of Source Energy. It adds the perspective of broader influences that astrology doesn’t consider. It describes the structure of who we are and how we interact with others while in form. And in one of the more fascinating aspects, it describes how we, more often than not, live our not-self instead of who we actually are, causing us all sorts of headaches as we do.

Strategy and Authority are key to our happiness and success at living. Not observing those two things makes us live what Ra Uru Hu called living our not-self. In my case, I’m a 6/2 Generator Type with an Emotional Inner Authority and a Strategy to respond. Contrast my husband, Jerry, who has the same Inner Authority but as a Manifestor Type, his Strategy is to initiate and inform, our date and time of birth determining this.

But it’s the Incarnation Cross that gives us so much information about who we are and the strength of those overall influences.

Oh..and my youngest son turns 34 today! Happy birthday! We love you beyond measure!


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Power and Knowing ~ Human Design Channels for 18 October 2016



It’s been a while since I did a Human Design post, and I thought I would incorporate some I Ching cards into today’s transits. I like looking at channels that are either active in my natal bodygram, or result from transiting planets. As the planets move about in the sky, the six lines on each of the sixty-four guas or hexagrams move as well. So even though a gate is active, its line might change, creating a different influence for that day.

Transits for 10182016

For today’s transits, two Channels of Compromise are active and integrating with a natal Channel. Transiting channels include the Channel of the Brainwave (57-20) and the Channel of Charisma (20-34) and interact with my natal Channel of Power (34-57). They appear on the left side of the bodygram connecting the Spleen, Throat, and Sacral centers.

Three gates are involved in these connections, 20, 34, and 57. Gate 20 is activated by Personality Moon at line 6, or Wisdom; 34 is activated by Personality Venus at both lines 1 (transit – The Bully) and 5 (in detriment – Annihilation); and, 57 is activated by Personality Sun at line 6 (natal – Utilization) and Personality Mercury, also at line 6 (transit – Utilization). Before I discuss the channels, let’s take a look at each gate.

Gate 20Gate 20 is known in Human Design as the gate of Metamorphosis and found in the Throat Center. In the I Ching, however, it’s called Contemplation. Its astrological sign is Gemini and it governs the thyroid and the parathyroid. Karen Curry tells us that:

Gate 20 has the potential to meet with empowerment, the self, intuition, power, and life force in a mutative way. It is an individual voice that can mutate and empower, or stagnate and disempower. (p 151)

As well as:

When Gate 20 exhibits its highest potential, it is the expression of integrity— doing the right thing even if it isn’t what others are doing. This can mean wearing green face paint in the forest when others are wearing bright pink or any other kind of “right” action that may be going against the flow.

Because Gate 20 is the expression of integration, it has within it inherent wisdom. In traditional I Ching, the twentieth hexagram is the wise king standing on a hill, watching the wind to see which direction it will settle on before he takes action. As part of integration, Gate 20 takes time to express its wisdom. It watches and waits to express its higher knowledge, insight, and awareness. It metamorphoses awareness and recognition into action. (151-152)

Gate 34Gate 34 is the gate of Power in Human Design, the Power of the Great in the I Ching. Its astrological sign is Sagittarius and it governs the ovaries and testes and it’s located in the Sacral Center. From Karen Curry:

Gate 34 is the base gate for the Manifesting Generator, so it has the potential for great power, but there is an irony associated with the power of Gate 34. It is powerful only when it responds. It is generated, not manifested. Generators with Gate 34 who push and initiate their power will not be successful in the expression of their power, and consequently will feel very frustrated.

Generators with this energy often have a hard time distinguishing between pushing and manifesting. The wiring in this part of the chart is so complex and fast that sometimes it’s hard to slow down enough to see if you’re responding. It’s good for people with this energy to practice visualizing the outcome of their choices before they leap into things.

Gate 34 is the “multitask” gate. A person with this gate is designed to have many things going on at once, and it is crucial to look at where Gate 34 connects in a chart. This will determine the expression of Gate 34. (171-172)

Gate 57And lastly, Gate 57 is the gate of Intuition in Human Design, The Gentle in the I Ching. Its a gate of Libra and governs the lymphatic system and the spleen and is, in fact, located in the Center associated with the Spleen. Again, from Karen Curry:

Gate 57 is the most intuitive gate in the Human Design system. In the traditional I Ching, the fifty-seventh hexagram is the gentle wind that parts the clouds so the sun can shine through. The penetrating intuition of Gate 57 allows the truth to be revealed. It is clear and in the now. Sometimes we call Gate 57 the gate of clarity.

Ironically, in spite of its penetrating capacity for clarity, Gate 57 on its own can be a very uncertain and unclear energy. Most people question their intuition. It is not logical. The intuition of Gate 57 is in the now, and the now changes. What is truth in one moment may not be truth in another.

People who have Gate 57 often struggle with trusting themselves and their intuition. Living your Human Design strategy can resolve this dilemma. The strategy can bypass the mental aspects of indecisiveness in Gate 57 and allow the person to enjoy the benefits of their intuition instead of wrestling with self-doubt.

People with Gate 57 are endowed with deep psychic abilities. It helps to see what else is in the chart to help you identify just how psychic abilities show up.(205-206)

Now when a channel activates, both gates are in play, typically connecting two Centers. When these three gates are active, however, their placement involves the influence of three Centers which is not the norm. Additionally, the channels comprise various circuits of an individual, tribal, and collective nature. Each of the three channels for today are found in the Individual circuit with two channels part of the Channel of Integration which assists us in our awareness of self.

The Channels of Power and Charisma are found within the Channel of Integration. An auditory and intuitive channel, The Channel of Power (34/57)

is the original channel of the human archetype. When hominids first came into form, it was this energy that defined the original separation of humanity. This is intuitively based life force.(229)

People with this channel tend to be very clairaudient and can hear voices or intuitive guidance. They will also hear changes in your voice and will intuit things about you from your words and your tone.(229)

The Channel of Charisma (Gates 34/20) is the most powerful channel of all. Again, from Karen Curry:

This channel is the archetype of the Manifesting Generator, as it is the only channel that directly connects the Sacral Center to the Throat. Power and charisma are contained within this channel, but because it is connected to the Sacral, true power in this channel is expressed in response. That means that even though these people are very, very powerful in a sustainable way, they cannot truly live out their powerful destiny unless they respond. If they are initiating with power and charisma, they will get into big trouble and no one will follow them. If someone with this channel is not living his or her power and charisma, they can become very, very frustrated. Inside, they know how powerful they are, but they can’t move that energy unless they respond. (230-231)

While in physical form, we have to learn how to integrate our various aspects of self. In bodies, we see ourselves as separate from each other and people with these channels active need to take time for reflection so that we integrate our experiences in a manner that brings success to any given moment. Response in lieu of initiation is key. Although it’s difficult to do sometimes, those with this channel need to reflect before responding.

The final individual channel that’s active today is from the Knowing Circuit.

The Knowing Circuit simply knows. And it doesn’t know how it knows. It just knows that it does. (237)

The issue with this circuit, however, is waiting for the timing to be right to share what the person knows. Channel 57/20 is known as The Brainwave. It reflects our intuitive sense in the present moment. For those of us who have this channel active, we know what we know and we’re not particularly interested in explaining how we know or the truth of what we know to anyone, however, we typically find ourselves doing it anyway. This channel forces us in a sense to set aside our individualism and interact with others with compassion and concern.

We’ve all heard that knowledge is power. Well, so is intuition. An empath will be aware of any number of truths. But that awareness brings a certain amount of responsibility. Most people can’t really handle that we know what we know and find us uncomfortable to be around, even when they don’t know we’re empaths. So I think today’s transiting channels along with the channel already in my natal bodygram are telling me that I have to be careful in how I express my intuitive voice.

Not everyone is ready to hear what an empath has to say. Sometimes people hold their truths so close that they cannot bear another knowing any of them. And then when they encounter an empath, they notice that something’s different about them and it’s not always comfortable. We don’t mean to affect others this way, and most of us find it quite disconcerting when we do. But it does happen, and it makes sense for us to be careful how we come across.

It’s recommended that generator-type personalities wait to respond. Initiating something, whether it be a conversation or anything really, doesn’t always turn out well for us. When we respond to something or someone, whatever we want to convey is typically received far better than if we just blurt it out or take command. Once someone gives us the nod, however, we can then put our skills to work. But it’s crucial to respond rather than initiate. Not the easiest thing to do when you know what you know.

Letting our intuitive nature pave the way, we’ll know when to reflect and when to act. It’s letting compassion drive the moment, instead of our knowing.

Blessed be.

three gates



Curry, Karen. Understanding Human Design: The New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are. Hierophant Publishing. Kindle Edition.

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Integrity, Self-Sabotage, and Unsustainable Choices: Human Design Transits for 18 July 2016

Human Design Transits 7182016

Today’s transits suggest that we may be sabotaging our own actions, in turn creating an unsustainable situation for ourselves and others. In Human Design, the 64 Gates represent the 64 hexagrams or guas from the I Ching. Even numbered lines represent Yang or creative/projective energies, and odd numbered lines represent Yin or receptive energies. Six of today’s transiting Gates are positioned at Line 1 indicating foundational or inner-oriented issues with the oppression of self as a running theme. Finding harmony with self and others seems to be the challenge, but one of our own making.

Although there is value in expressing practical ideas suggested by the Sun’s transit at Gate 56 Line 1, the Earth’s transit at Gate 60 Line 1 suggests acceptance and remaining in harmony despite limitations felt. In the I Ching, Gate 56 represents the wanderer suggesting that the journey is of more value than the outcome, so perhaps influences from both the Sun and Earth’s transits are bringing a different focus to the choices we should be making.

But the primary indicator of our getting in the way of ourselves is found in Jupiter’s transits today. Transiting at Gate 47 Line 1, we’ve stepped outside of reason, away from our integrity, and we’ve sabotaged any effort to remain as we were. Today we should take stock of the situation we’ve created, realizing that both the problem and the solution are found in the choices we make.

Venus at Gate 33 Line 1 suggests actively retreating to find our balance and integrity. We’ve preferred our own will to that of others, even to the point of something unlawful, causing the difficulty we now experience. Mars at Gate 14 Line 1 tells us that money isn’t everything. Opportunities for wealth exist but have their own problems associated with that.

Tempering one’s desire for wealth with higher values or principles is far better than going forward with behavior that is secretive and manipulative in nature as suggested by Pluto’s transits at Gate 54 Line 1. Manipulation to retain one’s position is a perfect example of self-sabotaging behavior and this transit with Pluto suggests that the tendency toward manipulation and dishonesty is a driving force within the individual.

Neptune’s transits at Gate 63 Line 1 suggests composure is required now. A situation of our own making has compromised generally accepted values and it’s time for the situation to end for us to begin anew. The key now is to accept responsibility for our role and behavior throughout. It’s the only way forward at this time, the only choice that makes sense.

Humans tend to be their own worst enemies. We get in the way of so much by trying to impose our will on others. We want what we want no matter the consequences. Today’s transits suggest that this is not the best approach as we bring all sorts of headaches into our lives by the counterproductive choices we make. Today is a day to retreat and reflect on how your own actions have created the situation in which you now find yourself. See the broader picture and view it from the standpoint of the greater good.

Blessed be.

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In Presence, We See Past Illusion

transit chart

Before I begin, I wanted to send blessings of love and healing to all of my LGBT friends and family. It’s sometimes in tragedy that we understand how important and necessary we are to each other. We cannot lose our love and compassion because both will see us through these impossible moments that happen all too often these days. Our true enemy is fear and hate, not a killer’s religious preference. We should resist all temptation to become that fear, that hate, and come together as the one family that we, in truth, are.

And with that, I’ll continue with the post, I read that Neptune retrogrades today. I never worry about such things but I thought I’d see its impact in my chart anyway. I actually use two separate astrology programs, Time Passages and Solar Fire. Sometimes they differ so either I don’t have the parameters set up exactly the same, or it’s something obvious that I’m not seeing, but I try to focus on one or the other. Today I’m focusing primarily on the Solar Fire version of the chart, but the North Node information is from the Time Passages chart.

As Neptune transits in Pisces, my focus continues to be on alternative forms of medicine, in my case, herbs. There may be some conflict between my rational mind and my emotions. Please. I’m a Crone. And it also suggests that I should be focused both on personal transformation and more outward pursuits.

In opposition with the North Node, Neptune’s transiting energies suggest that I stay present in the moment and to avoid overindulgence. Stay aligned on my spiritual path.

My Moon trines both Mercury and Vesta making communication and decisions easy. Vesta involves ritual and acknowledges its importance in my life as a means of connection with Goddess presence. Today’s transits suggest nurturing of self.

bodygram transitFrom my Human Design bodygram, Neptune transits at Gate 63 Doubt Line 1 Composure. I question everything. It’s not that I doubt everything necessarily, but that I sense when energy gets funky. At that point, I want to know what’s not being said. So I’ll feel in for the answer. I feel for a pattern, for a resonance, and then I know what’s going on.

Neptune is all about cutting through illusion and revelation of truth. Nuance and subtly are key because sometimes truth lies in what isn’t said. It’s found in the carefully chosen word. At that point, resonance drives revelation. If it feels off, then it is. Neptune cautions us to slow down, align, ground, and then know.

The Moon transits at Gate 18 Correction Line 1 Conservatism supporting our intuitive awareness in problem solving. According to the I Ching, this Gate suggests “work on what has been spoilt”. Deception from others can be considered what has been spoilt, as it stops (spoils) the flow of trust between people. The empath seeks to correct this imbalance by bringing truth to bear. In fact, it’s an automatic, almost visceral response in a empath.

With Channels of Charisma (an Integration circuit channel) and the Brain Wave (a Knowing circuit channel) active today as well, my empathic, intuitive awareness is reinforced. Conservatism is welcome so that an empath remains aligned without jumping into the fray and losing awareness gained. In my case as a Generator-type personality, response in lieu of initiation is always required and is essential for any empath to remain aligned and not derailed by the emotional state of others.

Karen Curry tells us about the Channels present in my chart today:

Channel 34/ 20: Charisma This is the most powerful channel in the Human Design system, which brings sustainable, generated energy to the Throat. This channel is the archetype of the Manifesting Generator, as it is the only channel that directly connects the Sacral Center to the Throat. Power and charisma are contained within this channel, but because it is connected to the Sacral, true power in this channel is expressed in response. That means that even though these people are very, very powerful in a sustainable way, they cannot truly live out their powerful destiny unless they respond.¹


Channel 57/ 20: The Brainwave Gate 57 and Gate 20 are both part of several circuits, so the wiring in this channel is quite complex. In the Knowing Circuit these energies function differently than in other circuits.

This channel is pure intuition to the Throat Center. Its awareness is penetrating, splenic, and in the now. When people with this energy speak, they speak from their intuition and a sense of what is to come in the future.²

The Channel of Beat is also transiting today but it has more to do with acquiring resources, primarily money and the intuitive process involved in that. But clearly this influence by Neptune will be felt not just by me but by empaths everywhere. So stay aligned in Higher Self presence. We’ll know far more if we do.

Blessed Be




  1. Curry, Karen. Understanding Human Design: The New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are (pp. 230-231). Hierophant Publishing. Kindle Edition.
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Resources for Success: Human Design Channels

Jan - Transit 5282016

Nine channels are active in my Human Design bodygram today. Four are part of my natal bodygram, but an additional five are activated by transiting planets today. From my natal chart the Channels of Power, Awareness, Mating, and The Alpha are active. Transiting Channels include The Brain Wave, The Wavelength (a new one for me), Charisma, Abstraction, and Beat.

To quickly explain what we’re looking at here, the blue sections are from the natal bodygram, the green sections reflect the transits. Where those two merge, we have a fixed channel of energy. Otherwise a channel might be active, but it doesn’t find completion with it’s other side. Where a transit gate overlaps with a natal gate, its color would be checkered.

Some transits will create a channel connection with an existing natal gate and some will create their own new channel. The Channels of Beat and Abstraction are created by transiting energies. The remainder interact with natal gates to create the channels.


  • Channel of Beat (2-14)  a positive channel which deals with energy surrounding creating monetary resources
  • Channel of Abstraction (47-64) a channel for realizing our goals and dreams
  • Channel of The Brain Wave (57-20) a channel for intuition and awareness
  • Channel of The Wavelength (48-16) a channel for talent and skill finding its expression
  • Channel of Charisma (20-34) a channel of power derived through response versus initiation


  • Channel of Power (34-57) a channel of auditory based intuition
  • Channel of Awareness (61-24) empathic awareness
  • Channel of Mating (59-6) reproductive energy
  • Channel of the Alpha (31-7) the recognized leader

Looking at the Channels of Power, The Brain Wave, and Charisma, we see how Gate 57 brings intuition into both channels, Power adding an clairaudient aspect Gate 57’s intuition. Gate 34, power, combines with Gate 20 suggesting that there’s power in waiting to respond versus plowing ahead. This supports the Channel of the Alpha in bringing an influence of quiet leadership to the mix. The Channel of Awareness adds empathic awareness, strengthing the intuition of Power and the Brain Wave.

The remaining four Channels influence each other as well. Beginning with the Channel of Mating, we have pure reproductive energy. But this energy doesn’t specify, so it can be creative energy of any type. With the Wavelength, we have energies of talent and skill to support our new creative energy, whereas with Abstraction our goals are realized. The icing on the cake comes with the Channel of Beat, a channel where typically money is made.

I like looking at how energy flows and Human Design bodygrams give us a clear picture of how one gate influences another when they connect. Today’s transits suggest movement into new areas that may prove successful if I let my inner voice guide my way.

Very cool.

~Blessings to all!

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There’s a Merkaba in my Astrological Chart

Solar Fire chart


I recently purchased a new astrology software. I normally use Time Passages, which I really love, but I had heard about Solar Fire and I wanted to see what it was like. It’s more involved and less user-friendly than Time Passages, but I’m learning how it’s set up and it’s really interesting. What jumped out at me right away was my natal chart and how a Merkaba shows up. Evidently my other software either calculates things a little differently or I don’t have it including something that this one does. I’m sure it’s the latter. But I tried to duplicate it in Time Passages and I wasn’t able to figure it out.

I also read an article recently from Human Design about determining my Godhead. The Godhead influences us on a daily basis and essentially represents soul archetypes. It can influence in any direction given the human’s tendency to live the not-self, so it doesn’t necessarily mean our better angels are in play.

jan rave natal

The Godhead is also involved in the Incarnation Cross. A simplified way of looking at incarnation crosses is that left-angle people are here for others, and right-angle people are here to work on themselves with whatever cross they are influencing their overall life. My incarnation cross is left angled and is the Cross of the Clarion, part of the Quarter of Duality or relationships.

The Godhead is found by looking at where on the Human Design Rave chart an individual’s Personality Sun lies. In my case, it lies in the quarter of duality at Gate 57 Intuition. In my bodygram (Human Design chart) Gate 57 creates a channel with Gate 34 Power called The Channel of the Archetype.

Incarnation crossThe Rave is separated in 4 quadrants: initiation, civilization, duality, and mutation. There are sixteen godheads, four assigned to each quarter with four gates assigned to each one. They include Kali, Mitra, Michael, Janus in the Quarter of Initiation; Maia, Lakshmi, Parvati, and Ma’at in the Quarter of Civilization; Thoth, Harmonia, Christ Consciousness Field, and Minerva in the Quarter of Duality; and, Hades, Prometheus, Vishnu, and the Keepers of the Wheel in the Quarter of Mutation.

So anyway, when I saw the Merkaba in my Solar Fire astrological chart I remembered my Incarnation Cross and my Godhead and I felt that funny resonance I feel when synchronicity happens. My Godhead is Christ Consciousness, the incarnation cross indicates a Clarion, I have that Channel of the Archetype in my bodygram, and then that Merkaba appeared. Interesting.

I surround myself with crystal Merkabas. I place them frequently around my altar. I have a meditation I do that is Merkaba-based. I envision Source Energy moving downward into physical form spinning in one direction, with Gaia Energy moving upward, spinning in the opposite direction. As I feel the separate triangles merge into the Merkaba shape, I exist in the middle, feeling its resonance, blending nonphysical with physical aspects of Self. When I feel ready, I return to the present moment. I use this meditation to align and center before practicing Reiki, before ritual, or anytime I need to align.

According to Human Design, we’re here to live our design, our authority, and not give in to the not-self. We’re to live the strategy that works best for the type that we are. For me as a Generator type, my strategy is to wait to respond in lieu of initiating. In other words, I need to remain in the observer role as much as possible. Observe what goes on rather than absorb its vibration. For empaths, this is critical or we end up a chaotic mess. If I assert myself too much instead of waiting to respond, then I risk that assertion going nowhere, or worse, adversely affecting what I set out to accomplish. The Clarion integrates well with the Christ Consciousness Field as long as the message is delivered within the Clarion’s strategy. So it’s clear that living one’s design is so important if we expect our lives to be happy and productive.

Synchronicities abound in my life. And I love when they happen. I had no idea when I purchased the new astrology software that it would unlock some of that, but it did. And I’m looking forward to so much more!




For further information on Godheads and Human Design:

Quarters and Godheads of the Human Design Mandala


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Venus: Design, Personality and Today’s Transits

Jan - Transit 2182016


As we know, a natal Human Design chart or bodygram consists of two sections, Design and Personality. Design energies establish the influences present approximately 88 days before our actual birth and are considered to be part of our unconscious self or personality. At birth, our Personality or conscious influences are formed.

Today I wanted to look at how one planet in my Human Design bodygram presents in Design and Personality and where it transits today. Since I’m a Libra, I’ll look at Venus as she begins her influence in the initial Design portion of my bodygram at Gate 7 Self in Interaction, Line 3 the Anarchist indicating a natural leader rising out of the democratic process. I can tell you honestly that my so-called unconscious anarchist influences aren’t so unconscious.


Beginning then with Gate 7 Self in Interaction, Karen Curry has this to say about its influence:

People with either Gate 7 or Gate 31 are recognized as natural leaders. It is quite common for them to be put into leadership roles by a group. That is where they are supposed to be.¹

That’s interesting because both Mercury and Uranus are active at Gate 31 in Design. Mercury reinforces awareness of nervousness to avoid impulsivity. Uranus stresses self-leadership grown from strengths acquired internally or in “isolation”.

With Gate 7’s interaction with Line 3 the Anarchist it demonstrates my innate rejection of any institutionalized order. That type of order is typically deficient given its patriarchal origins. Witches hold the balance and resonance of Gaia. Period. The rest is largely irrelevant.


Venus moved to Gate 34 Power, Line 5 Annihilation, the “total elimination of resistance”, the precise moment of my birth. My Human Design software has an interesting description of this influence:

The power to destroy completely and once this is accomplished, the ability to transfer the power to normal purposes. The resistance to release power other than when necessary (Mars) (Jovian Archive)

It sounds similar to the rune Hagalaz, considered to be the witch rune. It too represents destruction in service to transformation. Interesting that I’m an empath and witch.

Gate 34 Power is considered to be one of the most powerful Gates in the bodygram. From Curry:

Generators with Gate 34 who push and initiate their power will not be successful in the expression of their power, and consequently will feel very frustrated.

Generators with this energy often have a hard time distinguishing between pushing and manifesting. The wiring in this part of the chart is so complex and fast that sometimes it’s hard to slow down enough to see if you’re responding. It’s good for people with this energy to practice visualizing the outcome of their choices before they leap into things.²

Gate 34 transiting at Line 5 creates the energy of annihilation, but what kind of energy is this? From the standpoint of a witch, I suggest it’s about influencing change. That’s basically what we’re doing in spellwork, influencing change on some level. So, the focus was there from birth, as was my choice to be Solitary instead of belonging to a coven. And taking the time to visualize the outcome of choices only enhances power, so it’s so important to be aware of these influences and to live one’s strategy.

Today’s transiting influence

Today, Venus transits at Gate 60 Acceptance, Line 6 Rigidity. The description given in my software suggests:

The intuitive intellect to recognize when absolute rigidity is essential but with innovative applications to lessen its severity. A fixed energy that is unusual in its capacity for restraint. (Uranus) (Jovian Archive)

Curry tells us:

Gate 60 is the energy for the old or established genetic energy. This is the place in the chart where “old” genetic energy meets up with “new” genetic information to create mutation. Gate 60 is conservative and seeks to hold on to what is known to work before it makes change. Gate 60 seeks to evolve, and people with this energy are often wanting to make change and experience personal growth that is careful and deliberate. This is not crazy change for change’s sake. This is deliberate and practical evolution that also accepts the limitations of change and makes the best of it.³

What this suggests is the awareness of when deliberate, careful response is necessary. A singular, inner focus or restraint that continues to create despite outside constraints. Yep. That’s definitely the day I’m having.

But here’s the thing. Witches focus with intention and the power generated at Gate 34 along with the anarchist at Gate 7 seem to support that process. Today’s transit energies do feel deliberate and practical and it feels like a time to let old knowledge guide my way. Let energies gather, there at the ready, for the right moment.

I miss doing these posts about Human Design. It’s such an interesting subject, but Velda the hedgehog at the Portland Zoo said Spring is coming sooner than we think and I’ve been preparing raised beds and planting seeds ever since. Living on the High Desert, I live 3000 feet above sea level. So we typically have a short growing season compared to the folks on the other side of the Cascades. Of course they have slugs, which we don’t have, and endless rain, again which we don’t. And I’ve been inside for too long. So when the bees came out of their hive, I left mine. But this is fun, and I’ll do some more if things look interesting.

Until next time..

Blessed Be


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Witch Notes & Transit Influences for Thursday, 28 January 2016

Jan - Transit 1282016I had intended to open with the standoff at Malheur being over, but apparently it’s not. I live two hours away, but on the east side of the state it’s similar terrain so it feels right next door. The Malheur Wildlife Refuge is amazing. And when all is said and done, and the mess is cleared away, it will return to the beautiful place that it is. I have ponds on my property and it’s not uncommon to see herons, cranes and other birds hanging out that no doubt visit or live there as well. For these people to destroy any part of that beautiful space is horrible. And to think they don’t even live here. But now it’s nearly over. And that’s a relief.

I had to purchase a new laptop. The other one would freeze continually and I can’t have that. So I’ve been trying to stay up with blogging while transferring things over to new computer. Note to self: write down login information every time.

Looking at my Human Design transits, I continue to work independently of others in a measured fashion. Two new channels are active today, Synthesis 49/19 and Discovery 46/29. Synthesis involves sensitivity and the energy for partnership. I interpret it also to mean the level of empathic sensitivity or awareness. Discovery increases perseverance, allowing me to succeed where someone else might fail.

Transiting Gate changes include the Sun, Earth and Moon followed by Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. Mars transiting at Gate 1, Line 1 brings the influence of special timing, always appropriate for this Generator Type personality. Jupiter’s influence brings into focus the energy of futility, but only as it applies to depending upon others.

The Sun supports the futility felt by Jupiter’s influence as the need for individuality is strong. So I think the sense of futility is only that I need to rely on myself more than others as I go through the day.

The Moon helps me pace myself, developing a better rhythm than my typical here, there and everywhere approach. Venus changes her Line today to a 3, helping me to take a more self-generating approach. Uranus changes its line to the same assisting me to think on my feet.

We’re not the bodies we inhabit. We’re the intelligence behind those bodies. The more I look at these influences, I keep coming back to that idea. I feel everything as an empath, and I feel that separation between my body and my Higher Self. In other words, for reasons no doubt decided before I incarnated, I have remained aware of my multidimensional nature. People think of it as having psychic ability, but it’s just an awareness of who I am. Of who we all are, because we’re all born this way. Empathic awareness simply reflects our true nature. And with ascension upon us, more of us will become aware of that truth.

I grant you that it’s an odd experience to be an empath. I experience transiting influences as energy currents that either sustain me or knock me off my game. It’s similar to walking with or against the wind. The same is true when I’m in another person’s aura space. But the idea is to keep plodding along, irrespective of the energy currents we encounter. And if I do that, then I’m less likely to be derailed by the energies of others or planetary influences that are occuring at that time.

We’re told growing up that we’re not to be selfish, to think only of ourselves. So in a sense, we’re shaped as children to lose that multidimensional awareness we’re all born with. Some of us don’t, however, despite extensive efforts by our parents, etc. to convince us otherwise. And it’s essential that we learn to stay in our own resonance. It doesn’t mean we don’t have compassion for others, but life really is about each one of us. Engaging with others is fine as long as everyone brings something positive to the experience. Otherwise, it’s a burden none of us needs, and it distracts us from our purpose.

Focusing purely on the expression of physical form as it unfolds around us, we react instead of create. It may sound simplistic, but that’s essentially what’s happening. If we visualize our life as a tunnel, reacting to what’s going on around us stops our forward progression through the tunnel. We stop moving forward. We stop creating our own life and become involved in someone else’s. So as we engage with others, we need to remember to stay focused upon our own creative force, and choose the stops we make more wisely.

So, I’ll amend what I said above and say that real futility is in not staying aligned. I do that, and my day goes more smoothly. And I’ve noticed that I remain blissfully unaware of everything else that’s happening around me. And wouldn’t you know it, nothing bad happens as a result.

With any luck, the dumbasses at the Refuge will be gone by tomorrow, and folks can survey the damage and begin cleaning up the mess. The birds will return to their sacred sanctuary; lives will return to normal, and children will stop being afraid. Those people had no right to threaten or intimidate anyone. Our neighbors in Burns are wonderful people. They work hard and they didn’t need their lives disrupted this way. Regardless of the situation that prompted it or how anyone might feel about it, these out of state people co-opted it for their own purposes and now one is dead, most sit in jail in Portland, and the four left at the Refuge are embarrassing themselves on video. It’s caused conflict where there wasn’t any. And for what?

They can never justify following residents home, sitting in front of their homes, scaring the crap out of them. And they call that peaceful protest? I had a situation happen at my home a couple of years ago where a neighbor’s friend decided to knock on my front door wearing a pistol strapped at his side. I had no idea who this guy was, only that he was huge and armed.

We have open-carry here in Oregon. I don’t really care so much about that unless of course you’re a huge guy standing on my porch at dusk when my porch light’s broken whom I’ve never met before. So, I screamed at him to leave, found my husband who, realizing who it probably was, headed over to the neighbor’s telling them all that no one had better ever do that again.

But the attitude of my neighbor’s friend was that I was the problem. That I shouldn’t be afraid of some big guy wearing a gun strapped to his side simply because he said I shouldn’t. Well, let me disabuse everyone of that notion. Of course I’m afraid of a big guy wearing a gun on my front porch.

It’s like there’s a disconnect or something with folks who really, really, really value their 2nd Amendment rights. I value mine as well. I’ve owned guns forever, but I don’t feel the need to open carry. My neighbor’s friend apparently does, a choice he’s free to make anywhere but on my property. And I’m also free to feel uncomfortable seeing it.

I’ve never been in favor of bringing a gun to a conversation. Things like that rarely end well. Our 2nd Amendment allows us to have weapons. So have them. But adorning oneself with them as if they’re jewelry or something speaks to something else.

Why would any of us want to give anyone else cause for concern? Just because we can?

~Blessings to all at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge and to our neighbors in Burns. May Goddess protect and heal them as they go forward together in love and peace.