In Support Of Safety And Dignity For All

In Support Of Safety And Dignity For All

Full disclosure in case you’re new to the blog: I’m not a supporter of our current president nor do I support his policies. Instead, I’m a supporter of families, women, truth, integrity, shared sacrifice, unity, and progressive thinking. But when he was tragically elected nearly a year ago, besides having a panic attack, I wondered […]

Delusional Choices and Broken Hearts

Delusional Choices and Broken Hearts ~ Tarot for 30 Jan 2017

How many more hearts will break from the new guy’s delusional choices? Today’s tarot reading asks this question given the ban on people from certain Muslim countries. His cravenness knows no bounds as the ban doesn’t apply if he’s doing business with said Muslim country. It’s about money for him and not about human rights let […]

Respect Seniors: Increase Funding For Meals On Wheels

The New Guy Isn’t Smart At All

Although it’s apparently difficult for the new guy to understand this, the American people actually care about human rights. Not mentioning Jews in his Holocaust Remembrance comments because other people died too is shameful and insensitive at minimum. Holding up every stinking executive order he signs undoing our country is childish. And putting a white […]