The Journey of Experience ~ Tarot for 22 December 2017

The Journey of Experience ~ Tarot for 22 December 2017

Appearing on each card, bubbles abound throughout today’s tarot reading signifying grace, hope, and inspiration. Two cards from the Major Arcana, The Universe and The High Priestess, surround the 6 of Cups representing Earth and Water and have an overall numerology of eleven, or the Master number for illumination and our connection to the subconscious […]

Reaching Ever Higher Toward Unified Presence ~ Tarot for 27 March 2017

A young boy reaches toward an open window while the girl fiercely protects her material possessions. The Devil represents the choice within between a focus on self and one that embraces the greater good. Each of the three initial cards, the 8 of Cups, The Hermit, and The Devil¬†reflect the choice to abandon emotions that […]

The Nonresistance Found Between Initiation and Retreat ~ Tarot for 22 Feb 2017

The Fool, The Hermit, and the Princess of Wands comprise today’s tarot reading dealing with initiation, retreat, and nonresistance. The Fool represents our creative potential, infinite and without expectation. Androgynous and innocent, The Fool as initiate begins the great work of life in physical form. From Lon Milo DuQuette: In essence, there are not really […]

Runecasting: Journey of Partnership

  The runes, like Tarot, are divided into three groups, referred to as Aetts. They essentially divide our journey in physical form into three groups comprised of eight runes each. The first Aett attributed to Freya, centers on our focus into form, our personal awakening and our integration into society. Heimdall’s second Aett involves our […]