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A Higher Point of Origin

tunnel vision

If we all decided tomorrow to wake up and be nice to everyone from that point forward, our world would change in an instant. Completely. Gone would be the hateful comments we hear daily in the media. We would elevate others instead of denigrating them. Oppression would end. The happiness of others would be a priority.  We would stop seeing everyone as the other or as the enemy. It’s not that we’d have utopia, but lives would surely improve around the world. Our collective consciousness would be raised and we would engage with others from a much better frame of mind than we seem to these days.

A Course in Miracles tells us that we give everything we see the meaning it has, and that we create the world we see, placing full responsibility for our lives squarely on our own respective shoulders. I remember when I first read this and then tried to absorb it. I understood the notion of personal responsibility well enough, but I wasn’t sure how I created other people’s dysfunctional behavior. How did I create any of their issues?

So although I knew it was true that I gave everything the meaning it had, I reserved judgment on the whole creating the world we see aspect. I also believe that we choose an overall life theme before incarnating including who will be part of that life. And here’s the other thing. If I chose the overall theme in my life before incarnating into a body, then how can I have a problem with what ultimately happens? If I don’t attach any value judgment to anything that happens, I can live my life as a series of experiences. I don’t have to judge them as either good or bad, but as just something I chose to experience.

The Course addresses the fallacy of judgment asserting that it has no constructive place in our lives. So if judgment serves no purpose then looking at anything we experience any other way than as something that simply is provides just the hook we need to become stuck in focus, creating a channel or path that allows us to revisit that experience again and again, using it as a lens through which to see the present.

As an empath, I can easily pull back from physical presence and observe my experiences. I know that sounds odd, but it’s something that empaths do all the time whether they realize it or not when they want to stay out of other people’s energy fields. It’s not always comfortable there, so pulling back into nonphysical presence helps immensely.

We’re here as individuals, in these bodies, and we think we’re separate from others, yet we’re not. As Source Energy, we’re one consciousness. The bodies are only vessels to experience life. They aren’t the consciousness or the presence behind the form. Our nonphysical aspect of Self is what drives the vessel. We can choose to ignore that aspect of Self and pretend that we won’t access it until we die, but that’s just not true. We may appear to be a done deal when we’re born, but in truth, our focus into form is a constant, never-ending process, so we never cease our existence as Source Energy. And becoming aware of this natural process is what many are experiencing now.

There’s a growing sense that we’re more than what we appear to be. Many are calling this ascension, but it’s not the type where we raise our frequency to the point that we begin shimmering and then disappear. It’s that we are realizing that the world we live in could be far better than it is if we only behaved as one family. We’ve lived in conflict for too long and any reason for it was distorted by perception from the beginning.

It all comes down to how we see things, another way of saying where and how do we place our focus or attention. Are we giving our power away to the ego’s vision? We judge others as unworthy so it’s easy to oppress them. We judge other countries as a risk so it’s easy to attack them in an effort to control their behavior and their resources. It’s perception driven cause and effect and the examples are endless. Source Vision, on the other hand, sees none of this. Source Vision sees only wholeness and love. When we access that natural, default awareness, we no longer see others as the enemy but as brothers and sisters, desiring only their happiness and joy.

In Kenpo there’s a concept called moving from point of origin. Martial artists love it when an opponent telegraphs what they’re about to do. It’s like a tell in card playing. Instead of throwing a punch directly from where his hand is positioned (point of origin), the opponent moves a bit, maybe barely pulling back his fist, and then throws his punch. Action no longer beats reaction and your opponent is now on the floor which is exactly where you want him.

If we apply point of origin to our own consciousness or Higher Self, then we should always be creating our experiences from that aspect of Self. Another way of saying this is to let our Higher Self be in charge instead of the ego making all of our decisions. If each of us extended ourselves to others from our true point of origin then I have to believe we would see a collective shift in consciousness that’s positive and unifying.

Forgiveness of others wouldn’t even enter into the conversation because we wouldn’t judge anyone’s behavior in the first place. Because to forgive, you must first judge another as needing that forgiveness. And judgment serves no purpose other than to cause separation and division which seems to be at the root of nearly every problem we experience.

I guess the goal is to not become caught up in the drama and chaos of the world around you. It’s too easy to let the ego take over and judge the bejeezus out of everything and everyone. Then we get angry and it all goes to hell in a hand basket. Pulling back into Source Presence, we see the world for what it is, as a place to experience things. Nothing more, nothing less. And from that perspective, that point of origin, we control our unfolding experiences, not our ego’s reaction to our own and everyone else’s.

Empaths are encouraged to observe rather than to absorb energy around them. The same can be said for what we see happening around us. Observe it, and then try to engage only if you can avoid judging it. Not all experiences will lend themselves to this notion, but if it can be applied to as many of our experiences as possible, I have to believe our lives would be filled with less drama.

We have to stop believing that we must become involved with or react to everything we see. Life is a stimulus/response experience for most of us and it doesn’t have to be that way. Experiencing life from our true point of origin, our Higher Self or Source Presence, gives us the control that the ego only taunts us with.

So what’s your point of origin?

Blessed Be


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The Power of Touch

Touch is powerful. Not everyone is comfortable with being touched. When performing Reiki, unless the person wishes otherwise, I prefer to hold my hands slightly above the person’s body instead of making contact. I like the feeling of Reiki moving out through my hands. It feels different when I lay my hands on someone. I feel less vibration, but the heat is still present.

Touch can violate boundaries. I remember a older man who came into the shop we owned. He had always respected boundaries with me, until the day he didn’t. It was odd. He reached over the desk and took my hand and begin drawing on it with a paper clip. I’m not sure if the witch, empath or Black Belt in me took over at that point, but I pulled my hand back and just looked at him. He had never touched me before. Something was off about him. The energy was predatory. Evidently my look conveyed my sheer disgust with him and he quickly left.

Touch is a choice. I never understood guys who behaved this way. They did it knowing my husband was in the next room, unaware of what they were pulling. It evidently never occured to any of them that the first thing I would do when they left was to tell my husband. Maybe they viewed it as a private moment between us, but I didn’t share their feeling. I tattled. My husband taught me everything I know about Kenpo, so he knows exactly what I’m capable of. It’s not that I was afraid or anything. Mostly I was torn between explaining to them how my self control saved their lives and laughing my ass off.

And if I decided to touch back? Take the first guy. Had I touched him back, he’d have only one usable hand to spend his golden years with, and you can use your imagination as to where that paper clip would have ended up. I used my words, loudly, one day when I told another clueless guy not to hit me. Yes, he slapped me right on the back. My husband was there, graciously unloading the guy’s bike from the back of his truck, and this stellar individual thought that slapping me on the back was a proper greeting. Or so I thought. When he did it a second time, it was clear that he was actually assaulting me. Right there in the parking lot of our business. Right there while my husband was unloading the guy’s motorcycle.

A business owner can get a reputation if they beat the snot out of one of their customers, so I walked away instead. Quickly. And it wasn’t easy given how his knees were screaming to make a connection with my foot. But seriously, a simple knee check would have done the job. My knee connecting with his. Simplicity in motion. Effective. Fucking awesome.

Putting his hands on me cost him my husband’s friendship and respect that day. We’re retired now, so we rarely run into him anymore. He gave my husband a hug the last time he saw us at the grocery store. He gave me both a wide berth and a terrified look. But clearly the disconnect is still there, or he’d be giving my husband an even wider berth. Because it’s a testament to my husband’s self control that he didn’t lay him out in the middle of the parking lot for putting his hands on me.

So, careful who you touch. They might just touch back.


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From A Martial Arts Family, A Son Shines

Martial Arts medals

Martial Arts has been a constant presence in my oldest son’s life from as soon as he began watching Kung Fu movies with his dad at two years old. He couldn’t take his eyes off the screen. He called today just to chat with Dad about his training. He switched martial arts styles from Kenpo to Jiu-jitsu several years ago and does well in competition. He’s teaching now, a natural leader even as a child. I’d like to think that he’s following in our footsteps, but my son has always created his own path. It’s all him.

When we opened our Kenpo school, my oldest child was a higher rank than I. In the dojo, rank was all that mattered. He helped me learn, and was so sweet and respectful while he did so. He was that way with all the lower ranking students, setting a standard of his own. He had a way about him. He was patient and encouraging. A natural martial artist, at four he had the best rear thrust kick I’d ever seen. The boy has power. And now he has mass behind that power.

When family members train together, it’s necessary to check your normal relationships at the door. My husband is forever my instructor. Even though we’re both Black Belts, my belt stays off until he puts his on, only then does mine quickly follow. Respect is an integral part of training and skill derived from rank reflects that. It’s an intense atmosphere, after all, we’re teaching people to defend themselves against potential injury or death. So respect for each other is critical. It’s necessary for control, particularly if training includes body contact, as it did in our dojo.

We met some of the martial artists he trains with at his wedding a few months ago. The camaraderie was lovely to see, and they sought us out, sharing how much they like our son.  Martial artists are a different breed, a blend of childlike innocence, gentleness and quiet determination as they pursue their art. Many of us have a snarky sense of humor about what we know how to do, as an offset to its destructive nature I suppose. But it’s all in good fun.

I couldn’t be more proud of my son. He’s accomplished much in his 35 years, homeschooler, college graduate, martial artist. But all that aside, it’s just nice that he called.

~Blessings to all!



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Solitary Wicce

2015-09-28 00.00.31

It’s not that I don’t like groups or anything, but I began my life as a witch, or wicce, as we were called in old Europe in solitary fashion. I was eight years old, and without a built in coven in my family, I had little choice in the matter. I prefer that term, wicce, because it lends a certain Akashic reality to it all, but witch is more current and understood. I have Druid heritage, and the terms volvur or volva as well as seidr resonate. These were seers, wand-carriers, typically women, although there were some men who felt this calling. They were revered by all and traveled the countryside offering divination and healing to whomever required it. They were the witches and shamans of their time, even guiding those in battle, instructing them on battle strategy and the best time for attack. Even Julius Caesar remarked that these women had an impact on battle planning. They were a welcome and necessary part of everyday life.

Then things changed and witches were demonized. Instead of viewing them as the necessary healers and midwives they all were, they were relegated to torture and death, brought forth by the church and the various royal families that participated as well. I have a foot in both camps, as it were. I’m related to some who burned, as well as to the royal blood line who ordered them killed. I have always, however, been as I am, so I would have found a way to continue on as many did, underground, but still providing healing to the community in which I lived. Witches/Herbalists are like that. We don’t go quietly and we always find a way.

I’ve always stood apart, so the idea of belonging to a coven doesn’t really interest me. Although it would surely be fun, and I know I would learn so much from everyone involved, I’ve been on my own for nearly fifty-eight years and I’m not sure that I would blend well with others at this point. Crones are like that. We’ve seen much and we have little patience for drama. Witches don’t suffer fools gladly anyway, but a witch in her Crone years, watch out. We’re a force to be reckoned with and you’ll never see us coming.

I’ve never quite understood having too much structure anyway. Wicca is lovely, and they’re a fountain of correspondence information, as are other traditions, and many of the invocations are so beautiful. As a Hedgewitch, the Green Witch tradition is similar to how I see myself given it’s herbalist roots. My focus has always been on herbs and knowing. An empath by birth, I’ve always seen everything at once, feeling in later for detail. Energy moves, and since we’re energy, we also move. Our thoughts move and focus into form on some level. Distance and time are an illusion. Whether we’re casting spells or invoking the Goddess, we’re connecting on an energetic level in order that our purpose is achieved.

The same premise is true of martial arts and energy healing techniques. In Kenpo as well as other styles, we move energy, ours and our opponent’s, when we defend ourselves. I remember the first time my chi was invoked. Everything came together in one motion and the next thing I knew, the other guy was on the floor, which in our first dojo was concrete. In our second dojo, we eventually had dense foam padding underneath carpeting which made falling infinitely nicer, but when things move in Kenpo, they really move and people tend to go flying or directly to the ground. When chi invokes, there’s little the other person can do to stop it except hold on for the ride. Parents experience it when their toddler wants down. It’s happening whether the parent wants it or not. Energy plus intention aligned with single minded purpose beats reaction every time.

With energy healing, Reiki in my case, energy is channeled through the practitioner, drawn by the recipient to wherever it’s needed. It’s cool because the Reiki practitioner receives a session as one is given, and frankly is something everyone needs to know how to do. We’re all extensions of Source Energy. We’re primarily nonphysical, unfocused energy, our bodies the smallest, focused part of who we are. There’s simply no reason why we cannot heal ourselves energetically. It doesn’t mean that you don’t use herbs, food, lifestyle or modern medicine, but that you bring a wholistic approach to your life. Healing should really be more about prevention and making good choices from the outset that promote health and longevity, instead of continually behind the eight ball, chasing healing that should be our normal state. Becoming a Reiki Master should be something everyone does. Reiki is universal life force. It’s who we are expressed into physical form. We are not separate from it and we channel it naturally.

When people ask us who we are, we typically respond with what we do. Who are you..I’m a school teacher, not I’m a happy, loving, honest, creative person. But I wonder if maybe what we do should reflect who we are. So many times we work in jobs that make us miserable, or stay in friendships that aren’t uplifting, or live in places that we don’t feel safe. Yet we do it all anyway, telling ourselves that we can’t get out of the situation we’re in, that we’re stuck somehow. We live outside our alignment with Source when we let this happen, when we don’t live consciously and make the choices we need to make in order that we’re happy. Because it really is okay to be happy. You don’t have to feel guilty or wait for one thing or another to happen, just live your truth and be happy now.

As a solitary witch, I’ve lived my truth in secret for most of my life. There were tells of course, but I don’t think anyone really put two and two together and came up with, oh she’s a witch or anything like that until I came clean about it a few years ago. Living one’s truth doesn’t necessarily involve the trappings found in other expressions. Sometimes it’s how you see the world as part of you, feeling its presence and your connection to it. It’s hearing the wind as it sings its song and knowing it was for you. It’s feeling the sun as it warms your face and the lifeforce it brings. It’s becoming part of the expansiveness of an ocean wave as it crashes to shore, its motion governed by the blessed Moon in all her majesty. It’s in the planting of seeds, tending them as they grow into nourishing fruits and vegetables, or herbs to heal our body and our spirit. It’s watching my children as they grew, becoming the men they are today. It’s watching the spider as she spins her web, and touching the bees in their hive as they vibrate with intensity and love.

It’s knowing that we’re all one, that we’re all one in the love of Source and feeling that oneness, that unity, that resonance. A witch feels this.

And as it shall it be

~Blessings to all!

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Energy Work

2015-09-21 04.59.11


My first real job after college was as a work activities counselor in a sheltered workshop. It was interesting, but not really what I wanted to do. From there, I went to work as a psychiatric aide at a mental hospital. My bachelor’s degree was in Psychology, and I wanted to see the so-called other side of things, that is, how psychotropic medication was used in lieu of counseling. I also did my stint in the ECT unit. That was interesting. Energy forced through the patient’s head and body, drugs administered to keep the body from convulsing, a dam placed inside the mouth to keep the patient from biting his or her tongue. All in the name of sanity. Trouble was, some of the patients receiving treatments actually told me that they looked forward to them. It apparently was the only relief they got for their depression. Meds didn’t work, nothing apparently did other than ECT. I still find it astonishing.

One of the wards I worked on was called Ward A. It was the geriatric ward, although not all patients were of geriatric age. One of the patients was a classmate from high school. She was a few months older, and a head injury from a motorcycle accident put her there, her precious life irreparably altered by a boyfriend in anger. The patients on that ward loved me. I had the Ward A touch. The patients related to me. Maybe when your body doesn’t work anymore and all you have left is your essence, you relate to those of us who, as empaths, consiously live in our own. I could feel their frustration as it gave way to acceptance, no other choice possible.

The Unit Supervisor was a wonderful woman. She had a post graduate degree in gerontological nursing and had a relationship with the patients..her patients..based on trust, respect, and dare I say, love. She connected with these people, some with dementia so severe that they truly had no idea where they were. Some were lobotomy patients, some had strokes, all would be unable to ever again live on their own, few understanding anything they were experiencing.

Enter my supervisor. She introduced some of us to something called Therapeutic Touch which promised to calm agitation experienced by bedridden stroke patients. It was very similar to Reiki, another energy healing system I had become acquainted with. Typically I become aware of something and then suddenly I’m inundated with all sorts of information about it. I had been experiencing the energy of my patients and I knew learning how to balance their energy would also have the same effect on me, so I was thrilled to learn about this technique.

My life took a different turn when I got married, and I left that job before I could continue my exploration of Therapeutic Touch, but my interest in how energy moved continued. As a witch and empath, I already understood how to raise, focus and send energy. It happens naturally for me, mostly without even thinking about it. I had briefly studied Judo in college, but didn’t care for it. It was a beginning course and the guys in the class were full of themselves, and as a 16 year old college freshman who was also a witch, I didn’t appreciate being treated as a novelty. Witches don’t suffer fools gladly, and those boys were pretty foolish. A few years later I would train in karate, in my own dojo no less, with my instructor/husband, three years later earning my black belt in Kenpo.

Engaging chi or ki as you execute a technique, perform a kata, or while sparring is pure magick. Everything aligns and movement is effortless. You punch, strike or kick through your opponent, seeing the energy through to the other side of your opponent’s body. There’s power in such an alignment. Your chi flows and strength isn’t necessary, only the flow or movement of energy is needed to accomplish your task. The energy is electric in a dojo when everyone moves together performing kata, in syncronicity. Power in motion.

My hands have always channeled energy, so much so that if my health is compromised, I tend to shock others when I touch or even get near them. I recently became a Reiki Master. It seemed like a natural extension to everything else, therefore it’s been a natural fit. I love how energy feels when it moves through me, and to become a channel from whom others draw healing Reiki energy is such a blessing.

Here’s the thing about empaths, at least empaths like me. We live more in our energetic self than our physical self. It feels better there. It’s the inbetween, the area between physical and nonphysical form where our Higher Self resides. It’s the collective consciousness where only Source Energy exists. It sits outside the chaos of the physical realm, and it’s where we channel what we know. Healing resonance emanates freely, its light moving wherever needed.

An herbalist since childhood, I’m also taking Rosemary Gladstar’s course in herbalism for some additional formal study. Another natural extension for energetic healing, it’s also nice to see that I’m on a similar wavelength with other herbalists. I grow many of my own herbs as well as my property is home to lots of wonderful herbs to wildcraft. It’s been such a joy to gather herbs for tinctures, teas and oils. How often does one get to wander about, gathering herbs for a lovely cup of tea to enjoy out in the she-cave? In my case..daily, and it’s the best thing ever! Throw in watching the bees take off and land at their hive, life is pretty good.

An herbalist, whether witch or not, feels a sense of immanence with the Earth. Everything is an extension of Source Energy, therefore the energy work we do as witches and herbalists, not only holds the balance and resonance of Gaia, but also sustains that immanence, that oneness through the balanced extension of healing energy. Understanding an herb’s ability to heal, how it grows, the best time and manner for its harvest, to actually feel that synchronicity with plant energies as we blend them together, creating something wonderful and healing, is nothing short of magickal. And there’s nothing I’d rather be doing.

~Blessed Be

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Presence is Resonance


I’ve been practicing letting things go for a while now, putting them in the rear view mirror as it were. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to let go of some really big stuff, life changing stuff. I could have engaged with any of it but the only thing that would have happened was more drama, so I decided to move around it and put it in the rear view mirror. I really don’t know why I began doing this, because it’s not like me at all. But for whatever reason I don’t engage as much as I used to, unless it’s something that I have no choice about. Then I tend to be as quiet about it as possible. Truly out of character.

I suppose I had reached a breaking point back then. I just couldn’t live in drama anymore. Decisions were made and our lives took a decidedly different turn. Best. Decision. Ever. Obstacles continued to be tossed in our way and we moved around them, dealing only with what we absolutely needed to. The constrictive force of resistance had become too much for me. I was suffocating under its pressure. And because I’m an empath, that’s exactly how it felt. I had had enough.

We focus into form with an intention to experience everything we can. We’re not here to judge, for then we make the collective illusion real. The past becomes our home, rather than the creative present. Presence is resonance. Anything else is subjective, therefore shaky and unstable. A Course in Miracles teaches that we give everything the meaning it has. We create our own reality. I remember thinking when I first read this profound statement, that it meant that everyone who had ever done me wrong was now off the hook. After all, it’s my creation. But this is not simply a mental exercise. It’s telling us that we are the creators of the physical universe around us. If true, then we’re manifesting this odd, all too often volatile, world we find ourselves in.

Viewed dispassionately, we can observe the volatility around us without becoming involved in it energetically. Try feeling it that way, and then react the way you normally would. Feel the difference. Hold no attachment to either feeling. Just feel it. Even now when I practice that, particularly if I’m experiencing something provocative from someone else, I feel the witch energy rising from the ground beneath my feet and straight up to my heart chakra where it pulsates, waiting for me to do something with it. As soon as I feel it rise, I breathe in the white light of Source, blending it with the blue flame of witch energy, and consciously breathe out love. I find when I can summon the focus to do that, I return to alignment more quickly. Plus, I feel better in the process.

The Course also tells me that I’m never angry or upset for the reason I think I am. Oh how nice. Except that I’ve discovered, at least for me, it’s true. If I become upset with another’s view, then it’s my ego reacting to the situation, nothing more. My focus is now too attached to the illusion around me. I’m not moving forward, but instead treading emotionally charged water, and there’s rarely any life or death reason for me to be there. And since my ego isn’t real, but part of the weird illusion of physical form, it makes no real sense to live there.

There’s a workbook for students and a manual for teachers accompanying the Course, and for me, I think both helped me to detach from the impact of the world a little more, which was a blessing given how deeply I experience it all. I can’t always tell where I begin and others leave off, so a little detachment has helped immensely. I can always see things another way. Sometimes it takes several days, but it does happen eventually.

I’m the sort of empath that lives more outside the body than in. It’s like I woke up in physical form and said, are you kidding me? I actually wanted to do this again? I’ve read a percentage of empaths are like this, so it is what it is I guess. But the other thing I’ve always done is to try to balance energies within the chaos, infusing them with positive energy in an effort to calm things down. Unfortunately it ends up feeling like I’m in an endless loop energywise, so I clearly needed another approach. If I’m capable of participating in the collective creation of the universe, then I can surely see a different reality around me, seeing only that which supports love and harmony.

We have same sex marriage throughout the country now because a shift in the way we see it occured. A woman and a Socialist each have the best chance of becoming president in this country the next time around. Did we ever think that would be true? A little shift in attention. A little shift in focus. It began when we elected Barack Obama, that little nudge in the direction of living in truth. We give up nothing when we come together in harmony and we gain everything.

Call it dialing it back a notch or two, call it whatever you want, but choose fewer battles. I put a sign up in our dojo back in the day that quoted Grandmaster Parker saying, “grace me with your presence, not your nonsense.” Given that witches never suffer fools well, it resonated. Besides, the students were accustomed to Mr. Parker’s vignettes adorning the walls. He always had a sense of humor about him while simultaneously making his point. As a side note, he also said, “he who hesitates, meditates, in the horizontal position”, which I thought was hilarious, and I could never spar with anyone without wishing for a whole bunch of hesitation. Black Belts are an odd bunch..which makes an odd sort of sense if you are one. Anyway, the idea was that you are responsible for whatever energy you bring to the moment. Especially when others are out of control. You can inflame a volatile situation or subdue it by the choice you make.

In Kenpo, there are three positions, offense, defense and the bystander. We need to spend more time being the bystander and less time engaging in stuff that tomorrow we’ll forget all about. It’s that whole, we give everything the meaning it has, notion again. Give it a more neutral meaning and see the effect it has at diffusing the tension both within and around you. Hold that resonance, irrespective of the circumstances surrounding you, observing its effect. How does it feel? If you’re accustomed to reacting all the time, it may feel uncomfortable. But once you awaken that possibility within, you may just find yourself drawn to resonance in lieu of reaction. Observe, rather than react.

In Kenpo, reacting is always a last resort. We teach our students that responding with their art is never the first choice. It’s running. If that’s not possible then you respond only with what’s necessary to stop whatever is happening. A measured response based on the needs of the situation, not how you feel about it. There’s no time for that. There’s only the process necessary to achieve the desired move flowing into another, in survival of that moment.

Reacting is holding resistance. And that impedes flow which in turn affects resonance. Our flow, or our chi, is our creative life force. How much does the self imposed conflict in which we engage matter at the end of the day? Does it matter more than our peace of mind? Negative emotion, while a very normal part of our lives, compromises outcomes and it’s not our natural state of loving creativity. It’s a choice. We don’t need to judge anyone for feeling or expressing it. It’s only something to observe, witness the effect of, and then move past it to a more positive expression achieving a more present moment focus and resonance.

A little food for thought from the resident Crone..

~Blessed Be

The bindrune at the top blends Hagalaz, Isa and Nauthiz..stillness within the chaos.

Oh, and the quotes from Grandmaster Parker were from The Zen of Kenpo and  A Course in Miracles is just that..and it’s a required one at that..

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Runecasting – True Destiny

2015-05-26 02.51.20
I like to draw things out. I find it helpful to see patterns when thinking about energy flow. Various katas I created for my Brown and Black Belt tests were both written and drawn out over most of the mirrors in the dojo. The students were accustomed to filtered viewing of themselves during class, after all, in Kenpo, environmental issues are always considered. It only really affected my youngest son, who loved watching himself as he sparred the adults, never looking at them as he trounced them during the match. True, it was point fighting, but he was only eight at the time, so it was what it was. As a mom, I was proud, my baby boy and all. As an instructor, I had to set boundaries. It might have been workable if he would have looked at his opponent once in a while during the match, but he preferred to grin from ear to ear as he watched himself spar the other guy in the mirror. Annoying, yet adorable just the same, not to mention downright hilarious.

Anyway, back to drawing things out. I view runes as expressions of motion, so I like to view the relationship between the runes on each axis present in a spread. This spread illustrates the landscape at hand with three nonphysical influences above and three physical influences below with an X pattern in the middle. As an empath, I feel energy move about, change density, become receptive or projective, become chaotic or calm. That movement tells the story of what’s happening in the present moment far more accurately than what we see or hear. In Kenpo, we teach that movement has three perspectives or points of view: defense, offense and the bystander, similar to the receptive, projective energies and the observer resonance experienced by empaths. It was no coincidence that I was drawn to Kenpo, or runes given that they depict that same energy flow.

Kenaz, Gebo and Tiwaz begin the spread on the middle line illustrating influences of the general landscape. Above, representing nonphysical influence, sits the trinity of Ehwaz, Isa and Ingwaz; below, the physical influence of Berkano, Algiz and Nauthiz. There is a horizontal and a vertical axis as well as two following the X pattern begun interestingly enough by Gebo. Each line, if you will, is a stream of energy, similar to a ley line, blending the influences of the three runes comprising each one. With Gebo in the center, the rune of balanced energy exchange, the spread tells a story of how we balance our nonphysical and physical selves. In other words, how we balance the equation of our lives.

Tree of lifeWhat I find interesting is that the spread mirrors the three pillars found on the Tree of Life in that the runes on the feminine or receptive energy side are both feminine runes, while the opposite is reflected on the masculine or projective side of the tree. The nonphysical trinity begins with a dual, balanced expression of masculine and feminine energies inherent in Ehwaz, with balanced support from Isa and Ingwaz. The lower, physical trinity of influence blends that same masculine/feminine balance into the feminine energy of creation. The vertical line reflecting the concept, as above, so below, reflects again the balanced force of creation, traveling into physical creation, the realm of the Goddess.


Briefly, the general meanings are as follows:

Kenaz – clarity, knowing, opening, binding together two forces in creation. Rune of openings Tree of life rune spread
Gebo – balanced energy exchange, interaction between two forces, physical/nonphysical, partnership
Tiwaz – moral compass, justice, order, corresponds to Libra, faith, trust, Divine Law
Ehwaz – Synchronicity, cooperation, commitment, momentum, collective consciousness
Nauthiz – need, necessity, self-knowledge, true destiny
Isa – stillness, inner focus, bridge to consciousness
Algiz – protection, defense, boundaries, Divine protection
Ingwaz – sudden release of energy, potential
Berkano – fertility, Great Mother rune, new beginnings, bringing ideas to fruition, bringing into being, family

Physical presence expressed on the horizontal axis is a balance of nonphysical and physical energies..energies that push and pull, expand and contract, that are considered masculine and feminine, projective and receptive. As the rune of openings, Kenaz sits on the left side of the physical axis, its feminine, receptive, transformative influence in balance with Tiwaz, the ardent warrior, the exemplar of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, on the right, masculine, projective side of the axis. Gebo in the middle of the spread balances that passion/creativity of Kenaz with the moral compass, justice, and order of Tiwaz.

On the vertical axis, Gebo balances the collective consiousness of Ehwaz with Nauthiz, our need for discovery, for creation and transformation. It is the realm of alignment, of nonresistance, of momentum and represents our vehicle of incarnation, our merkaba or quantum field as we focus into being.

The nonphysical trinity of influence brings together the influences of Ehwaz, Isa and Ingwaz. Synchronicity of the collective consciousness, cooperation, commitment, and momentum initiated by Ehwaz is supported by the stillness and receptive inner focus of Isa and the sudden release of energy and potential of Ingwaz. Our decision to incarnate has been made.

Below the landscape, Nauthiz, Berkano and Algiz influence our creative physical expression. Nauthiz represents our need to discover our true destiny in life, our transformation into our true self. Bringing ideas to fruition, the Great Mother rune, Berkano blends receptive influence with the protective, projective influence of Algiz, asserting personal choice and establishing the boundaries necessary for positive growth. It’s easy to lose oneself in the drama of the world. The interaction of influences of these runes support the alignment with Source, our only true need, expressed on the vertical axis of the  spread.

Gebo resembles an X. If you extend that X outward, two more lines are created. Isa, Gebo and Algiz on the receptive side of the X axis, blend inner focus and stillness with Divine protection, bringing to mind the influence of the Higher Self as Isa also represents the bridge to consciousness and Algiz represents the Bi-Frost Bridge to the nonphysical realm. Ingwaz, Gebo, Berkano, the projective side of the X axis, foster creation by the sudden release of energy bringing creation into being, our Higher Self and the co-creative energy of Source within always lovingly surrounding us.

Our destiny here, our reason for existing in physical form at all, is to create, to be that co-creative extension of Source Energy, in loving participation with all other expressions, all other manifestations. We are here to be aware of our oneness in Source with all others, awakening to that blessed inner stillness, that resonance which brings clarity and enlightenment. Runes provide us a pathway to that discovery of self.

~Blessed be the runes!

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Point of Origin

Point of origin is a concept taught in Kenpo that essentially means the point at which your weapon moves into action. So, if your weapon is your fist, and it’s down by your side, it moves from that point into either a defensive or offensive motion in response to a perceived threat. Kenpo, along with other styles, engages the individual’s energy flow in synchronicity, moving from one response to another. But Kenpo does something else. It employs intention as well, with each response in effect setting up the opponent’s next move. The goal is to redefine the situation in your terms, thus taking control away from your opponent.

As an empath, I love the feeling of synchronicity. It’s no doubt what drew me to martial arts in the first place. Staying in the flow of Source is exhilarating. It’s that feeling we get when things just flow well together. It’s positive and expansive. For me, it also means the joining of energies in an effort to embrace our natural oneness with each other.

So, the other day, I began thinking about what point of origin really means. We can look at it visually and describe it as I did in the beginning of this piece. But along with point of origin comes chi, and if you’ve ever watched martial artists engage their chi, movement takes on another facet, or dimension if you will. Children possess an amazing amount of chi. Every parent knows the struggle they have when toddlers don’t want to be picked up. Their energy goes downward and suddenly your pint sized child has super human strength, far greater than Mom or Dad possess. Spirit takes over, and uses that little body to assert itself in whatever fashion it wishes. So which comes first? Which is the true point of origin?

With parents as instructors, our boys also learned Kenpo. Our oldest initially began our family journey into martial arts when at four years of age, I signed him up for some private lessons. I wanted to see if he was really interested before committing, and it was easy to see his natural ability come through. By the fourth lesson, he had a rear thrust kick that any Black Belt would be thrilled to have. So the journey began. On the way, my husband earned his Black Belt, and we opened our school. I trained daily, and after three years, I earned my own Black Belt. Both our boys trained in our dojo, and each expressed their own natural ability.

While the boys were not to use their Kenpo to solve personal problems between them, occasionally they did anyway. I remember one day, the youngest was pestering the oldest, and when I looked outside in the backyard to see what they were doing, the oldest executed the best rear thrust kick I had ever seen anyone do. The problem was, he was executing it into his younger brother’s solar plexus. I watched as the baby of the family, flew backward around ten feet or so, landing on his behind in the grass. The instructor in me said, nice kick!! The mom, well, not so much. Each received a time out..the oldest for using his Kenpo to solve a problem when words would have done the job, and the youngest for antagonizing his brother. Of course, I had to let the oldest know just how awesome that kick was..but in reality, what I witnessed was chi in action.

There are many so-called points of origin in our lives. Many would regard birth as the beginning. As a student of A Course in Miracles, I would agree that it’s one beginning, but not our true beginning. When you believe as I do that we’re really part of one Source Energy, participating collectively in an expression of virtual reality, the point of origin for all of us changes. As we are a physical expression of Spirit, then chi is the intended manifestation of that flow of divine energy which binds all of us together. It’s alignment with Spirit, and it feels amazing!

As a hedgewitch, I experience this same flow as immanence. We’re all connected by Spirit, whether we’re referring to people, the earth, animals, or tangible objects. It’s all an expression of thought made manifest in some way, and thought is an expression of Source energy. As above, so below is another expression of this alignment of divine energy. In ritual or spell work, balanced intention flows as energy is raised from our quantum field, our energy signature that extends outward from our physical bodies. It’s how empaths “feel in” to others’ energies. Our quantum fields overlap, and knowing or awareness simply is.

So point of origin then, begins far sooner than does whatever response we put forth physically. It’s intention of Spirit which signals the body to act, in an effort to survive. In Spirit, all is possible. It only gets murky when our point of origin is the body. Ego blocks the clarity acting from Spirit brings, so engagement of chi is negatively affected. Remove the ego, clarity is restored, and chi moves freely.

Can you imagine what the world would look like if we engaged our collective chi as one?

~Blessed Be!