tunnel vision

A Higher Point of Origin

If we all decided tomorrow to wake up and be nice to everyone from that point forward, our world would change in an instant. Completely. Gone would be the hateful comments we hear daily in the media. We would elevate others instead of denigrating them. Oppression would end. The happiness of others would be a […]

The Power of Touch

Touch is powerful. Not everyone is comfortable with being touched. When performing Reiki, unless the person wishes otherwise, I prefer to hold my hands slightly above the person’s body instead of making contact. I like the feeling of Reiki moving out through my hands. It feels different when I lay my hands on someone. I feel […]

From A Martial Arts Family, A Son Shines

Martial Arts has been a constant presence in my oldest son’s life from as soon as he began watching Kung Fu movies with his dad at two years old. He couldn’t take his eyes off the screen. He called today just to chat with Dad about his training. He switched martial arts styles from Kenpo […]

Solitary Wicce

It’s not that I don’t like groups or anything, but I began my life as a witch, or wicce, as we were called in old Europe in solitary fashion. I was eight years old, and without a built in coven in my family, I had little choice in the matter. I prefer that term, wicce, because it […]

Energy Work

  My first real job after college was as a work activities counselor in a sheltered workshop. It was interesting, but not really what I wanted to do. From there, I went to work as a psychiatric aide at a mental hospital. My bachelor’s degree was in Psychology, and I wanted to see the so-called […]

Presence is Resonance

I’ve been practicing letting things go for a while now, putting them in the rear view mirror as it were. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to let go of some really big stuff, life changing stuff. I could have engaged with any of it but the only thing that would have happened was more drama, […]

Runecasting – True Destiny

I like to draw things out. I find it helpful to see patterns when thinking about energy flow. Various katas I created for my Brown and Black Belt tests were both written and drawn out over most of the mirrors in the dojo. The students were accustomed to filtered viewing of themselves during class, after […]

Point of Origin

Point of origin is a concept taught in Kenpo that essentially means the point at which your weapon moves into action. So, if your weapon is your fist, and it’s down by your side, it moves from that point into either a defensive or offensive motion in response to a perceived threat. Kenpo, along with […]