Empath As Adversary

Empath As Adversary

I saw another article explaining why one should never mess with an empath. I tend not to read them anymore because I have a different take on who I am even though I understand why these articles are written. I’m turning sixty in October and I was born both a witch and an empath, so I understand the […]

Temperance and the Creator Within

Temperance and the Creator Within ~ Tarot for 9 Feb 2017

I’ve been researching the Law of One series, a five book series that contains channeled information regarding the Creator within from a nonterrestrial sixth density social memory complex called the Ra entity group. This extensive channeling began after years of preparation on January 15, 1981 with Carla Rueckert as the channeler, Don Elkins as questioner, and Jim […]

Remembering We are One

Remembering We Are One

I’ve been studying the Law of One, a five book channeled series from the early 80’s, which reinforces the fact that all of creation is an individuated expression of the One Creator or Source Presence. Essentially this means that everything we see and experience is an extension of our One Self. There is no separate […]