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Life Bends Toward Love

Life Bends Toward Love

Marine Le Pen is running for President of France and if she wins, she will be their first female President. She has nationalist beliefs and not everyone is comfortable with that ideology. With any luck, she’ll lose and France will be spared the nonsense our country is experiencing. It would be sad if nationalist fervor swept the entire world. Enough people are suffering as it is and if France has to wait a while longer for a female President, then so be it. Compassion and unity of purpose are more important than whatever nationalist policies Ms. Le Pen has to offer anyway.

Gender issues aside, it’s clear that white nationalism and racism have taken hold, at least in our country, and its insidious nature is destroying lives. It’s become all too easy to dismiss entire groups of people if it furthers the agenda of those in power. Several news outlets have reported that our new attorney general believes that child tax credits are going to ‘mostly Mexicans’ and can pay for the wall. He’s not kidding. Everything this man says and does reflects his racist beliefs. Everything. And his presence in tandem with the current occupant of the White House will threaten civil rights protections that have taken years to put in place.

As I’ve written many times, I believe that the Creator is All That Is and that we all comprise that greater loving Presence. We each make a choice to live out our lives in unity with others or with a self-oriented focus, the nationalistic, fascist, racist ideology that’s gaining strength right now a reflection of the latter. And if left unchecked, there will be no positive outcome.

But while all of this is going on there’s an awakening happening around the planet. Unity with others isn’t simply a practical solution to our collective problems but is, in fact, our fundamental reality as one collective consciousness. Continued efforts by the vested interest of a few to keep everyone in some predetermined place doesn’t reflect who we are. If it did, it wouldn’t be a struggle. We’d go quietly.

And yet, resistance is growing to oppressive ideologies that do nothing but cause pain.

Still, some fervently believe they’ll have control over the side on which they’ll be placed when it’s all said and done. The disconnect is shocking and I wonder what their reaction will be when they can no longer turn a blind eye to who and what they’ve supported as they fall victim to the divide and conquer strategy that’s unfolding.

However, as our awakening continues, the momentum built by our unified presence is creating a tipping point and in time light will overtake the darkness. This is a given. Life always bends toward love. Always. And love will win in the end.

Many blessings to our one family as we find our way back to each other once again.



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An Imbolc Runecasting ~ 4 Feb 2017

Today’s runecasting has an Imbolc feel to it. I’ve been drawing the same tarot cards the last day or so and switching decks doesn’t seem to be helping reset things so when I began drawing male Court cards today, I knew I had enough. Court cards are odd to interpret sometimes. The interaction between Court cards is important as is determining whether or not they’re people or the qualities thereof. With all the extreme personalities the world is currently dealing with that seem to influence tarot readings of late, I need a break. And now that the snow is indeed melting (YAY!) I decided to set up an Imbolc altar and cast the runes there.

Imbolc fell on February 1st this year and signifies the beginnings of Spring. With the snow beginning its break up today Hagalaz, Ehwaz, Berkano, and Inguz are significant runes to draw. Although Phil has spoken and we’re in for six more weeks of winter, maybe the runes have a different perspective on the matter.

I can begin the reading with Hagalaz or Berkano, but I think I’ll start with the witch rune. Appropriate as its also known as the cosmic ice egg, Hagalaz, the 9th rune of the Elder Futhark and a rune of Elemental Water brings positive change. Like the witch, Hagalaz disrupts the existing framework and casts a protective influence. It’s chaos crystallizing into form.

From there, Berkano, the 18th rune, signifies fertility and healing. New beginnings and growth are influenced by this rune of Elemental Earth. It reflects Goddess as Earth Mother, invoking Gaia energies of rebirth and healing. Like Hagalaz, its numerology reduces to 9 or completion.

Ehwaz binds Goddess energies in partnership to bring change that is significant if not abrupt in nature. The 19th rune of the Elder Futhark, its numerology is 10 reducing from there to 1, or new beginnings. It suggests overcoming obstacles and safe travel and represents the merkaba or vehicle of our etheric presence. As such it’s useful in trancework as well as hedge riding or astral travel.

garden bindrune
garden bindrune – front/back sides

The 22nd rune of the Elder Futhark, Inguz corresponds to the master builder number and as the seed, it signifies the sudden release of energy. Interesting in that another way of drawing the rune is to draw two X’s, one above the other resembling DNA. Life emerges from the seed. Inguz completes the energy of Berkano, as it focuses the energy of fertility into form. It governs sexuality and conception and the promise of a successful outcome. This makes it a wonderful rune to use in the garden, alone or as a bindrune to hang around the garden or greenhouse to promote growth and a successful harvest. The bindrune to the right shows front and back sides, the front side depicting a witch rune for a successful harvest.

Growing up in Alaska, the snow melting was known as the break up, an experience that seemed to take forever. Days grew longer and signs of life would begin appearing everywhere. The high desert of Central Oregon feels a little like my childhood with the snow still here after two months. Typically we get a break between storms. This is the first time in the 35 years we’ve lived here that snow has stayed this long and at this depth. Of course, it’s only melting because our snow blower arrived the other day. But with melting, there’s hope of actually doing a walk. So I’ll take what I can get.

The process begins with the witch as Goddess who brings life back to the earth. She casts her intention, bringing new life into being, her desire within invoking inner energies of expansion. Everywhere, life springs into being. The final numerology is 5 or change but if I leave out the 22 as the Master Builder number, the numerology becomes 10, reducing further to 1 or new beginnings.

Ultimately this Imbolc runecasting describes the cyclical nature of life, intelligent and self-sustaining. Winter gives way to Spring, with all its beauty and benevolence, the Sun’s rays fostering growth through Summer into Fall’s bountiful harvest, returning once again to its Winter slumber.

But what it also tells us is that we will continue irrespective of the challenges we experience for we can never assume they are insurmountable. Life always finds a way and with Goddess blessings so shall we.

Blessed be.