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Some Thoughts on Using Magick Squares and Seals

Some Thoughts on Using Magick Squares and Seals

Witches and magicians utilize gods and goddesses along with other entities in their magickal workings, rituals, and ceremonial magick. Enochian magick is one such example where angels are summoned for this or that purpose. The entities called by King Solomon were not actually demons but in my opinion interdimensional beings. Still, witches and magicians down through the ages include these entities in their magickal workings for one reason or another and I’m no different. We also use sigils in our magickal workings including magick squares and seals as well as other forms of sigil magick using various runic or angelic scripts.

Using magick squares in ritual sets things in motion and aligning with the various Mansions of the Moon as well as planetary hours creates a vortex of sorts from which to cast one’s intention. Planetary seals, on the other hand, created from the squares bring situations to an end. I use planetary seals during a magickal working to reduce problematic behavior or situations. But if a witch really wants to effect change, a planet’s magick square or one associated with angelic presence helps influence change from a proactive standpoint instead of always reacting to an existing situation. In other words, create the space for a new perspective to emerge from that person. Using a planetary magick square, a connection of influence can be established in the nonphysical realm with the respective planetary influences providing a supportive foundation for change to occur.

When teaching Kenpo, we had a saying that action beats reaction. It wasn’t a saying solely attributed to Kenpo, but it’s relevant to this discussion nonetheless. While we certainly want to halt unwanted forces, at some point we may find in necessary to influence in such a way that the unwanted forces no longer occur. That’s where acting before something happens makes more sense, a sort of getting out in front of the situation, and using a magick square associated with a planetary or angelic influence adds strength and power to the working.

Planetary Seal of the Sun

So if we were going to try to influence say leadership skills in someone in whom they are sorely lacking, we could draw the square of the Sun and its numbers during ritual, focusing on the influence we wish to have. Or conversely, if someone’s ego had run amok, we could incorporate the planetary seal of the Sun to stop that runaway train. Mars could also be used, but I prefer a more enlightened approach and Mars feels somewhat controlling which may not be what the individual needs.

Corresponding influences in support of the magick square can include invoking during the 10th or 13th Mansions of the Moon involving the strengthening of buildings, love, and benevolence, and protection of enemies along with gain, voyages, harvests, and the freeing of captives respectively. The 3rd Mansion can also be used if applying to sailors, hunters, or alchemists.

Several hours of the day or evening can be appropriate for the ritual but 8 pm is designated to improve or increase basic leadership skills. 2 am can also be used if the primary issue is negativity; 7 am if insights and an improved perspective are in order. 8 am is useful if a conscious change is needed, but if all else fails, 11 am can be used if the changed needed seems completely impossible. Add whatever candles and crystals or other corresponding altar items that seem appropriate if you use those sorts of things.

Anyway, while drawing out the square, we focus our intention for improved leadership skills as each number is written, and if it’s a tyrant’s behavior we seek to subdue, we would place the planetary seal of the Sun over the square, speak our words, possibly in the form of a binding spell, and cast our intention to the collective consciousness.

Needless to say, squares and seals can be worn or carried as talismans or simply used during ritual. I tend to use runes for that purpose in the form of a bindrune, but squares and seals are appropriate as well. I love using sigil magick but magick doesn’t have to be all that involved unless we want it to be. Truly, sometimes I simply center, gather and focus my intention, and then cast it to the universe. But in my opinion, using correspondences and sigils add some extra power to magickal workings and besides, it’s fun. We add a little bit of this and a little more of that and before we know it, we’ve summoned a demon or an angel or Goddess knows who. I’m aware of one entity who reportedly appears only when he feels like it and one we can’t call more than three times or he gets really upset and although performing rituals like that are interesting, sigil magick is much simpler.

Especially if someone forgets to chant the license to depart. Then I have a houseguest.

Blessed Be




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Ritual For Unity Of Purpose

Ritual For Unity Of Purpose

Sometimes we become scattered, each one of us off on our own path, unable to come together in unity with others. And yet we instinctively know that together we can accomplish far more than we can alone. Even when we have a clear responsibility to each other, we still find it difficult to come together in unified purpose. So I decided to do a ritual for unity of purpose, offering the energy of that intention to the collective consciousness for anyone who might find it useful.

To cast my intention, I chose Thursday (today) during the 7 pm hour. I chose black and white candles for balance and a blue lapis lazuli merkaba and candle for positive Soul communication. Additionally, I created a sigil for unity of purpose using the Square of Jupiter. The planet corresponding with Thursday, I also chose Jupiter for its expansive influence as well as its teaching qualities. Sometimes a little education is required so that people understand the wisdom of unified purpose, so using that particular square to create a unity sigil made sense.

I chose 7 pm as the appropriate time for the ritual as its correspondences include diversity, care for others, and healing differences. Amethyst as well as various quartz pieces, fluorite, and selenite also appear on the altar to bring in energies of Higher Consciousness to the ritual. Frankincense is the incense that I used.

After lighting the incense and candles, I cast the circle, performed the Blessing of the Norns as well as the Pentagrams of Protection before the actual ritual.

Blessings of the Norns

  • Face East and visualize rays of light moving through you as in the symbol for Awen
  • Dea
  • Beo existere, Verdandi
  • Beo existere, Skuld
  • Beo existere, Urdh
  • Perfectus in caritate
  • Et fiduciam
  • Awen

Pentagrams of Protection

  • Face East, drawing a banishing pentagram in each quarter
  • Dea Aradia…erigo navitas   (east)
  • Dea Brigid…erigo navitas   (south)
  • Dea Tiamat…erigo navitas   (west)
  • Dea Elen…erigo navitas    (north) 
  • Coram animus imperium
  • Tergo aqua imperium
  • Dextera incendium imperium
  • Laetrosum terrenus imperium
  • Cinctus excandesco stellae
  • Voluntate servavit et Dea benedictus

Repeat the Blessings of the Norns

Come to alignment and place right hand over the sigil and say:

  • ab initio     (from the beginning)
  • ab intra     (from within)
  • ab origine     (from the Source)
  • alea iacta est     (the die has been cast)
  • audemus jura vostra defendere     (we dare to defend our rights)
  • et simili animos     (and bring like minds)
  • unum est in proposito     (in unified purpose)
  • concilio et labore     (by wisdom and effort)
  • concordia cum veritate     (in harmony with truth)
  • consummatum est     (it is completed)

Repeat the chant three times or as many times as you feel necessary and then close the ritual in your preferred manner. Witches are as individual as the next person and working magick or performing rituals are the same so feel free to begin and end the ritual in a way that makes sense. My rituals begin and end with establishing the circle or sacred space and include various correspondences including the day, hour, moon phase, color, etc. But I don’t belong to a coven or subscribe to any one tradition so I do what resonates for me.

I like sigils whether they’re made using magick squares or circles, or runes. I like how they flow and combine energies in service to a greater purpose and I use them often in magickal workings. I made a smaller version of today’s sigil to be carried in a pocket when communicating with others to help align and unify the moment. Sigils can be drawn on any surface, or carved above a doorway, or in the sand at the beach. I like to draw sigils in the sand and then observe the ocean absorb their resonance, all of Gaia becoming one with my intention.

I offer this ritual with love, my intention only to create the space for unity to exist. It’s a choice that we make, to live in service to self or in loving awareness of Self in others. Unity is our natural state of consciousness, but so many have forgotten that truth. Let this ritual for unity of purpose serve as a reminder of who we are to each other and allow its blessings to fill us with love and joy.

Blessings to all!

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A Witch Needs No Explanation

White versus Grey versus Black. Last time I looked, a witch needs no explanation. Look, I understand identifying with a title that references your tradition. I identify with Druidry, Hedgewitchery, and the Völur. Typically I call myself a Hedgewitch if I’m pressed to define myself. But I don’t identify with white, black or grey, although the way other witches define grey probably covers Hedgewitchery.

White apparently indicates purity or positive-oriented magick, black the dark arts, and grey a hodgepodge of whatever you want. And it’s not that I necessarily think a color reference is any different than any other title, but that it feels like a judgment is associated with it which leaves me uncomfortable. So I have to ask, why would any of us define ourselves as white, black, grey, or any other color of the rainbow? Is it a statement? If so, to whom?

If we define ourselves as white witches, are we doing so to make others more comfortable with who we are? Or is it to make ourselves more comfortable with who we are? Is it to let others know the type of magick we perform? Because if so, why on earth would we ever tell them that? I seem to remember to keep silence (some say to keep silent) as one of the four powers of the witch and I would think it might apply here. And again, do we want others to know this so that they approve of us somehow?

I realize that it wasn’t so long ago that witches were persecuted and that it still goes on today. So a little discretion might still be in order. But for me, living in truth is more important than creating a moniker that makes others comfortable, so identifying as white, black, or grey wouldn’t work for me. Well, maybe grey. But it would still feel weird to do so.

I don’t mean to pick on white witches here but the dark arts witches seem to deal well with who they are as do the grey witches. And maybe the white witches do as well, but every time I hear someone refer to themselves that way, I immediately wonder why. I can’t help it. Although it’s actually none of my business what other witches call themselves, I typically decide that it’s because it resonates somehow, but I still wonder.

The last thing witches should do is respond or present themselves in a way that gives credence to fear-based viewpoints. I have to wonder if witches unwittingly do this when they self-identify as a white witch.

It would be nice if no one had to send any message that they’re okay to be around, witches in particular. Whether the magick we perform is all love and light, or it embraces the darker aspects of our craft, it’s all just energy that we move or affect with our intention. We might have various purposes that differ and some witches may engage in various levels of control when circumstances warrant, but in my opinion at no time should we make any of it palatable to others.

We’re witches after all. NO explanation necessary.

Blessed Be

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Alignment Magick: a Runecasting


In the center of the runecasting sits a witch rune. The Star represents desire, and since magick is desire made manifest, it seemed appropriate for this runecasting. The runes from the Elder Futhark surrounding the witch rune signify the energies required for casting her intentions. The three above the witch rune are nonphysical energies and the three below are energies of physical form. The witch stands in the center, aligned, ready to blend energies as she sees fit for her greater purpose.

Aware of her Source Presence, when performing a spell or ritual for alignment, the witch raises her own vibrational resonance. But in so doing, she also raises the resonance of all. All magick from an aligned state flows in nonresistance. Raising her own vibration seeks alignment with Source, her energy now fully focused on her intention.

Fehu, Ansuz, and Uruz comprise the nonphysical energies influencing the witch. All three runes are from the first Aett addressing the basic issues of form. Fehu, the sending rune, brings an intensity to her magickal alignment as she manifests her intention. A Fire rune and the first rune in the Elder Futhark, Fehu invokes the witch’s life force, increasing the spell’s effect.

Ansuz, as the Mind rune, is a witch’s source of inspiration. The fourth rune in the Elder Futhark and considered Odin’s rune, Ansuz is a creative force to achieve clarity and awareness as it assists the witch in channeling her Higher Self. Ansuz inspires the witch to communicate her intention to align with Self.

Finally, Uruz, the second rune in the Elder Futhark, as a creation rune increases the witch’s strength. A Water Element rune, Uruz is the rune of changes, assisting the witch in shaping and manifesting her desired outcome, her will strengthened by the manifesting power of Uruz.

The numerology of the nonphysical influences is interesting. Using their position in the Elder Futhark, we have 1, 4, and 2 which add up to 7, the number of magick.

The lower line of runes representing physical influences on the witch include Mannaz, Eihwaz, and Ehwaz. The 18th, 14th, and 17th runes of the Elder Futhark, their numbers reduce to 9, 5, and 8. From there, added together they equal 22, the Master Builder, a Master number representing innovation and success.

One rune, Eihwaz, is from the second Aett representing the emotional and psychological aspects of form. The remaining two runes, Mannaz and Ehwaz, are from the third Aett representing our relationships with others. Beginning with Mannaz, an Earth Element rune, we have influences of partnership and our own humanity, blending intuition with rationality. The witch’s intellectual presence is increased with Mannaz, assisting her in achieving balance and synchronicity.

Eihwaz, the rune of paradox, is the witch’s connection between physical and nonphysical realms. Eihwaz, considered both an Air and Fire rune, removes barriers and aids in protection, moving and transforming energies as needed from one state to another.

Ehwaz, a Water rune, binds together energies for an intended outcome, moving the witch swiftly past obstacles as she transforms and elevates, a successful outcome assured.

With respect to ascension, the witch stands fully awakened to her path. She stands apart from the illusion of physical form, aligned and extending that alignment to others. She doesn’t play in the muck of physical form. Instead, she aligns with Source Presence and in doing so, raises her own vibration and that of those around her, effecting far more change than spells focused on specific behavior will ever accomplish.

Aligning and then casting that intention to the collective consciousness allows others to choose their way forward, awakening or not. The witch provides a tether, so to speak, to Self in the collective consciousness. Awakening to one’s Source within is the simplest thing anyone can do, yet from the standpoint of physical form, we’ve convinced ourselves that it’s something we must work our way back to. We don’t understand that all that’s needed is remembrance of Self.

The witch’s own alignment is felt by all as she raises her own vibration. Fehu increases the intensity of her alignment, Ansuz her clarity, Uruz her powers of manifestation. Balance and synchronicity are supported by Mannaz, Eihwaz transforms her magickal power and will, and Ehwaz brings the spell to fruition and a successful outcome. The numbers 7 and 22 bear this out, her magick a success.

The goal is not specifically changing someone’s behavior, but raising the vibrational resonance so that awakening takes place. Focusing upon specific behavior takes the focus there and applies resistance to the situation. Aligning with Source Presence, the need for destructive or chaotic behavior disappears like a weight removed from our shoulders. We feel lighter somehow, as if no longer held back from our real purpose.

When the witch aligns and then sends that intention to the collective consciousness, she creates the space for awakening to unfold for all. She doesn’t define the outcome for anyone, only the space for choice.

Blessed Be

~ Jan



8 5 9 1 22

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The Planning of a Spell

binding spells

I take days to plan a spell. Unless I don’t have the luxury to do so of course. But I like to think about what I wish to accomplish and to be certain of my motivation for doing it in the first place. Typically my spells focus on illumination or enlightenment. That and healing, although health problems can be something we choose before we focus into form.

Essentially our issues begin when we forget that we’re Source Energy. If we remembered that then it might be a little more difficult to cause each other so much grief. But forget we do and then sometimes a witch will address such imbalances with some spellwork.

Magick is manifested desire. So if I want someone to stop causing me harm, then I can either choose to place my attention elsewhere and ignore the fool, or if that’s not possible I can set an intention for a spell that either binds the person’s action and/or allows him or her to see the effects of their behavior. The idea with the latter is that when someone understands they’re being an ass, they stop. The first intention is always available if understanding is simply beyond the individual’s comprehension.

But a witch does what a witch does and sometimes taking the high road isn’t really an option. So when I’ve had enough of someone’s behavior and it’s clear they’re clueless, I prepare for a binding spell, if only to create the space for a time out, a sort of go to your room and think about it intention. I balance the spell with an intention of clarity because a binding spell that doesn’t create the space for enlightenment is a little revenge-y in my estimation and I’m not comfortable with that.

Because I believe we’re all expressions of Source Energy, I prefer to view myself from that standpoint. I’m not sure how I judge someone else who may have arranged for these experiences prior to incarnating just as I and everyone else have done.

Although many witches perform curses, I’ve never been comfortable with it, nor do I believe the notion that a witch needs to know how to curse in order to heal. I’ve been a healer all of my life. I don’t have to cause someone harm so that I know how to extend healing blessings or intentions. I don’t want to experience the kind of emotion necessary to do something like that. Again, I am Source Energy. The body and the world I temporarily inhabit is a projection of collective consciousness. I suppose I’m reluctant to make any of it too real. And it seems to me that one of my primary functions should be to see everyone and everything with loving Source Vision, so I normally prefer a do no harm approach.

Sometimes people just lose their way or their awareness of their Source Presence. It’s with that in mind that I balance any binding spell with intentions for awakening and remembrance. I initially create a sigil from the individual’s name which I then bless. The idea is to create the vision I want to see about this person instead of the nonsense they’re creating. I spend a few days visualizing the individual awakening to the truth of their behavior and then wanting to make amends. During the spell itself, I see the situation as resolved and then cast that intention.

I love to balance energies, so consideration is made for the day of the week, the hour, moon phase, etc. For a binding spell I use black candles along with a candle or two reflecting the day of the week. I may use both black and white stones to balance binding with awakening, or I might use only white candles to support the idea of issue resolution. It all depends on the situation at hand.

After casting a circle, I perform a self-purification ritual followed by the Rite of Awen and the Pentagram. I like herb magick, so I’ll frequently grind herbs and resins to throw on a piece of charcoal burning in the cauldron, grinding widdershins for the purpose of binding or magicks of decrease, or deocil for magicks of increase. During the preparation for the spell, I either locate one I’ve already written or write a new one, and while chanting the spell, I cast the sigil I created into the cauldron, invoking Elemental Fire to increase the intensity of the spell.

I envision the situation with the person resolved. Understanding has been achieved and the individual is moving in a more positive direction. I see the individual as Source Energy, and in perfect love and perfect trust, I extend blessings of clarity and peace.

But here’s the thing. I only do a binding spell when nothing else works and something must be done. I would rather respect the individual experiences that we’re all here to have and to view the situation dispassionately with Source Vision. Because at the end of the day, performing a binding spell is a result of judgment. And sometimes I’m not sure if I’m binding a person’s behavior, or my own view of it. Unfortunately when safety is at issue or crimes are being committed and no one is doing anything, sometimes a witch must become the warrior who acts on behalf of self or others.

Although a binding isn’t a curse, it’s still something I do as a last resort. But that’s a decision each witch must make and I judge no witch for choosing something else. We each must define our own way, our own expression. Our will comes from within, from alignment with Source. And it’s up to each witch how that is manifested.

Blessed Be

~ Jan

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Aligning With Goddess Presence: A Runecasting


I cast the runes this evening to look at elemental influences for the coming month. With Raidho as significator, Nauthiz begins the casting in the position of Spirit. Moving deocil, Laguz is positioned at Elemental Water, Jera at Elemental Fire, Othala at Elemental Earth, and Perthro at Elemental Air. Two bindrunes are placed above and below the casting for alignment, protection, and clarity.

Raidho represents the spiritual journey we take as our nonphysical presence manifests into form. An Air Element rune, Raidho assists us in alignment with Goddess Presence within. We maintain steady progress, understanding our process is more important than any goals we might realize. Justice and order are also present in Raidho as it directs energy into harmony, balancing chaotic or unstable conditions.

Beginning with Nauthiz. we have the Norn rune, Skuld, representing the future. In the position of Spirit, Nauthiz strengthens the will of the witch, linking nonphysical and physical aspects of Self, and may be used in binding spells, positive change, banishing, and cleansing. The catalytic presence of this rune of Elemental Fire increases the intensity of spellwork, assisting the witch in raising the energy necessary to achieve her intended goal. Overcoming obstacles, turning negative situations into positive, are other influences of Nauthiz. Resistance is felt with this rune, asking us to align with Goddess Presence, where all knowing flows, and all things are possible.

Also a rune of Elemental Water, Laguz represents clairsentience in all its forms. The rune of the occult, the witch uses Laguz to cast out for magickal influences as she draws down Moon energies, increasing her life force. The witch’s strength is born of aligned focus, as she balances her emotional presence with Laguz.

Jera, or year, in the position of Elemental Fire, is the rune of transformation and balance. A rune of Elemental Earth, I’ve included this rune’s energy for growth and fertility in creating bindrunes for my garden. Jera aligns relationship energy, promotes positive change, and represents the cyclical nature of life.

Sometimes appearing at the end of the Elder Futhark, Othala represents our Akash, inheritance, and is the rune of sacred space. Family and ancestral traditions are present in Othala, with protection of home and possessions an important aspect as it influences prosperity, security, and peace. An Earth Element rune, Othala aligns with its Earth position, strengthening its influence.

Perthro is in the position of Elemental Air representing the Norns’ power to determine fate. It also represents the womb. A rune of Elemental Water, Perthro represents change and the evolution of ideas, particularly in the understanding of the unknown. Some rune masters observe and interpret the directionality of Perthro, although I typically read it open to the right. When open to the left, some believe it represents death or an ending of some kind. To the right, Perthro represents birth or beginnings. But primarily, Perthro represents the unknown, or Wyrd, as we experience cause and effect balanced with our synchronous alignment with Goddess Presence.

So let’s look at what the witch has to help her through the next month. And please know that although I refer to witches in the feminine, I do so only for readability issues, and it’s not intended to exclude anyone. With Raidho representing the witch in the significator position of the casting, the focus is on the witch’s journey of self-discovery. We’re living through the time of ascension, where we begin to understand who and what we really are as extensions of Source Energy, and the witch’s presence is necessary to bring balance to a chaotic world.

All elements are present in this casting, with Earth and Water runes placed in their respective elemental positions, strengthening their influence. New ideas or directions may be in store for the witch this next month as Nauthiz catalyzes and intensifies her ritual and spellwork, particularly during Esbat rituals as Laguz increases the witch’s clairsentient abilities. Prosperity spells and spells to bring positive change are favored next month as Jera promises a positive outcome, and Othala aligns the witch with Akashic or ancestral influences.

But at the end of the day, it’s the witch’s clairsentience or intuitive awareness that will assist her as she casts her lots to the universe, Perthro influencing her awareness of the unknown. I’ve always viewed Hagalaz as the witch rune, but in many respects, it’s Perthro. The witch works in the in-between where the unknown is the norm. It sounds like over the next month, energies and influences will be favorable for illumination and clarity in addition to positive change and new beginnings.

The journey a witch takes is personal and life-affirming. Her relationship with the Earth is one of immanence and love. I chose these bindrunes to represent the energies of As Above, So Below, fitting for a witch’s pentagram runecasting. The bindrune above the casting includes Othala and Eihwaz, linking together our Akash or nonphysical aspect of self with our ancestral influences in physical form. The bottom rune binds together the Norns of Fate, Hagalaz, Nauthiz, and Isa, representing the witch’s influence in physical form.

Life can be a delicate balancing act for a witch, particularly in this odd world in which we all live. This runecasting suggests that the witch will have what she needs as she strives to remain aligned in Goddess presence.

Blessings to all!

~ Jan



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Witch Notes: Knot Magick


I really like using knot spells. I prefer soft leather to anything else, otherwise I use hemp cord that’s been braided to create a cord of more substance. The number of cords I use ranges from one for something simple to more if I need to influence something more complex, weaving each together with the other cords. A simple knot can be used or something more complex. I prefer using figure eight knots unless I really need to focus, in which case I tie more complicated knots. The casting can be carried on your person as a talisman or charm. Or it can be burned or buried if the working requires it.

There are many versions of the chant that’s recited while tying the knots. A witch can use any order or pattern she likes as well as the type of knot she uses. Knot spells can be worked at any time but they have special significance and power for me if performed when the Moon is either Dark or Full. As with any spell, correspondences regarding day, hour, and time should be observed whenever possible as well as any other correspondences that are appropriate. Specific colors may be selected to enhance the casting.

The knots used…

Knots represent patterns to me. I like seeing how they’re constructed and the path the cord follows to its completion. The following are some of my favorite knots. The more complicated the knot, the more I use it for more involved intention and focus.Figure 8, Figure 8 Tuck

  • Single Figure 8 and Figure 8 Tuck – I use the Single Figure 8 the most. The Figure 8 Tuck is more difficult and I need more practice with that one, but it will be useful when a longer, more intense focus is necessary.


  • Celtic Button knot – Here is an example of a Celtic Button knot I’ve created. It Celtic Buttontakes a little longer than the Single Figure 8, so I use it when I really need a longer focus.




  • Figure 8 using 3 cordsSingle Figure 8 using three cords – This creates a Witch’s Ladder of sorts and beads can be added as well for magickal intent. If cast for protection as an example, the knot casting can be hung by a door, or placed on the altar, or carried as a talisman.



  • Oysterman knotOysterman knot – I like this simple knot. It looks more complicated than it really is.




  • Stevedore knotStevedore knot – This one is similar to the figure 8 but can be used at the end of a cord to prevent unraveling.



  •  Triangle knotTriangle knot – This knot can be tied in succession as shown in the picture or in an alternating fashion. 9 knots are tied in this casting.



  • Josephine knotJosephine knot – I love this knot. It can be used as a talisman or altar piece or carried for whatever purpose for which it was cast.



The words spoken…

There are various renditions of the basic knot spell. The idea is, if you borrow another witch’s written spell, modify it to make it your own. This is the one I use.

  • With the knot of one, my spell has begun
  • With the knot of two, my spell is blessed true
  • With the knot of three, my power flows free
  • With the knot of four, my intention is stored
  • With the knot of five, energy rising and alive
  • With the knot of six, my intention fixed
  • With the knot of seven, the spell has leavened
  • With the knot of eight, coalesce into fate
  • With the knot of nine, my desire, mine

Order matters..or not

Some witches use an order when tying knots. But if you don’t want to do that, you don’t have to. Some knot magick uses the typical 9 knots, but I also perform one that uses 13. Really, any number can be used because it’s all about the witch’s magickal will and intention. Knot magick can be used during Dark Moon ritual to set intentions for the Full Moon and untied at that time. That’s the best aspect of knot magick. You can truly make it your own. Adding beads or shells or other objects that have significance can also be part of the casting. It’s really all up to the witch how she uses knot magick in her craft. Below is the typical 9-knot order to use if you like.


When my boys homeschooled, I didn’t teach as much as facilitate their learning. I hesitate telling any witch how she should perform her craft. It’s part of the reason I’ve always been Solitary. I’ve never been part of a coven so becoming an initiate where someone else confers this or that grade or degree seems counterintuitive. And I’m not trying to suggest that choosing to belong to a coven is a bad thing because it surely is not. It just wasn’t for me. I think it’s great to share ideas and receive advice from others but at the end of the day, a witch decides how she expresses herself and should own that. When I was awarded my Black Belt, there was no one that could tell me I wasn’t a Black Belt. I didn’t need anyone giving me the belt, but it’s part of dojo tradition that a student tests for and is then awarded rank by the instructor or by a panel of instructors. I accepted that because it was expected and I figured that I gave tacit approval when I began training. But for someone to tell me how to be a witch? Yeah, right.

So if you haven’t worked knot magick, give it a try! It might become your favorite magickal tool. Witches who are skilled at macrame should have no problem. For the rest of us, I recommend starting with a simple knot or maybe the figure 8. Your focus needs to be on your intention instead of getting the knots right. If you have to refer to a diagram, it breaks your focus, so work the knot until you’re comfortable tying it without thinking about it. And if you don’t happen to have your cords with you when you feel the need for some knot magick, don’t worry. You can visualize the cord(s) as well as the knots as they’re tied.

So have fun with it!




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As Life Unfolds..A Runecasting

2015-10-20 22.06.23


I like elemental influences and using a pentagram spread is wonderful to look at the interaction between the runes themselves and the elemental position they occupy. Looking over the runecasting, it appears that partnership and new beginnings are what immediately stand out. That, and the fact that four of the runes represent Elemental Water. That suggests fluidity or changing circumstances.

Witches love correspondences. Everything is divine energy, therefore, everything has vibration. We consider them when looking at astrological influences as well as runic ones. We also use them in spellcasting, bringing like or complementary energies together to enhance whatever we’re trying to achieve.

Earth represents the physical/material plane as well as our physical presence within it. Stability, discipline, abundance, and prosperity are its primary qualities, with its influence in the area of money, employment, business and fertility. It suggests success in one’s endeavors. The direction of Earth is North; its season is Winter; and, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo are its astrological signs.

The Element of Air focuses on our intellectual presence in the world. It represents communication, imagination and harmony, and suggests creativity, inspiration, and enhanced psychic ability. Its astrological signs include Aquarius, Gemini and Libra; its direction is East, and its season is Spring.

Elemental Fire illuminates and transforms. It’s our passion and enthusiasm for life, our catalytic presence in the world. Fire manifests in joy and love, and its strength and willpower assists us in resolving disputes. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are its astrological signs; its direction is South; and, its season is Summer.

Finally, representing the direction of West, Elemental Water brings our emotional presence to bear. Sensitivity, intuition and empathy reside in the element of Water, offering energies of healing, purification and friendship. Its season is Fall, and its astrological signs include Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

A pentagram spread is perfect for looking at elemental influences. The top of the star represents Spirit, bringing all elements into balance. From there, each point also corresponds to each pillar of the Witches Temple or Pyramid, also known as the Four Powers of the Magus. The point to the right represents Water, or To Dare, suggesting we dare to be strong, to refrain from fear. Emotions are fluid, and Elemental Water dares us to ride the wave, rather than succumbing to its influence. From there, Fire represents To Will and the discipline with which we embrace life and craft. Earth represents To Keep Silence. Some see this as To Keep Silent instead, but I think it’s the former that more accurately describes this concept. It’s our inner silence, our as above, so below connection with our Higher Self that’s in play here. Lastly, Air represents To Know, representing a witch’s intellect and reason. We are continually learning, continually a student, ever ready to explore new ideas and experiences. It also means to know one’s craft, spending time in study. It’s said that witches have veritable research libraries at their fingertips. I certainly have one and it explains my obsession over books..

Again, the top position of the pentagram represents Spirit. It’s where we begin, our essence, our reality. We are Spirit focused into physical form. We believe that we begin here, but we don’t. We exist eternally in nonphysical form, and only a small portion of that essence spends a short time in bodies as it were. Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse of the god Odin, is thought to represent Ehwaz, allowing the individual to move in synchronicity with the Higher Self. Astral travel, as well as regular travel, is also suggested by Ehwaz, but its primary meaning suggests partnership. There’s a partnership between rider and horse, with each one understanding the other, moving forward together in flowing synchronicity.

Moving to the right in the position of Elemental Water, Gebo furthers the notion of partnership with it’s influence of balanced energy exchange, bridging the physical and nonphysical realms. Our emotional presence is balanced with Gebo, furthering our ability to work in harmony with and have empathy for others.

Continuing the clockwise movement around the pentagram, in the position of Fire sits Isa, enhancing our inner stillness. Isa is our bridge to consciousness, and halts unwanted forces. We remain focused and steadfast as our creativity and inspiration flow.

In the position of Earth sits Berkano, the only rune that doesn’t correspond to Elemental Water, but in fact, Elemental Earth supplies its qualities. Fertility, new beginnings, and new projects are favored, along with the responsibility for such endeavors, the energy flowing from Water and Fire providing the impetus.

Finally, Perthro is positioned in Elemental Air. Representing the mystery of Fate, Perthro is the well or cup from which runes are thrown. The unknown is considered with this rune as it blends energies of the physical and nonphysical realms, cause and effect with synchronicity. As Elemental Air represents the intellect, communication, imagination, and harmony. All energetic influences combine stimulating creativity and inspiration while enhancing psychic ability with this elemental influence.

So it would seem that we have some new experiences unfolding before us, offering us opportunity to engage with others in harmony and partnership. It may also indicate that we’re experiencing a period of personal discovery, perhaps casting off what no longer serves and embracing something new that better suits. Although we are grounded by our sense of responsibilty to self and others, the situation remains fluid, so anything is possible as we remain aligned with our Higher Self.

I love when all possibilities are on the table..Perthro in a spread is pure magick! Desire made manifest. Precisely why I love runes so much. And I don’t remember a time when I haven’t studied them. They bring a clarity apart from the subjective viewpoint of the human, and they’ve provided me wonderful guidance over these many years. Their message is ancient. Their message is one of knowing. They provide the archetypal framework by which we progress through life, and they are amazing.

~Blessings to all..and Blessed Be the Runes!