Insurance Coverage For Medical Cannabis

I read an article in the National Memo¬†describing how judges are beginning to issue orders regarding insurance coverage for prescription medical cannabis. It’s interesting that the rest of the world moves on while the Federal Government digs its head further into the sand on this issue. The rollout of cannabis legalization in states like Oregon […]

Witch Notes…7 November 2015

  This witch did a double take when reading that the new DEA chief believes that cannabis has no medicinal value, calling it a joke, yet also believes that it’s not as bad as alcohol, which is legal throughout the country. For the love of Goddess, when will we appoint people who can actually think […]

A Woman’s Voice #NaBloPoMo Day 3

. I blog to save my sanity. I had given to everyone, putting my own needs on hold. The blog was a space where I could express myself, where any filter was my own. I wanted to tell the world how cannabis saved my life. I had rheumatoid arthritis, and after thirteen years on prescription […]

Our Vote Matters..Protect the OMMP

So the listening tour is over and now the real work begins. Except that Oregon is now beginning to look as confused as Washington State. Although measures were taken to protect the OMMP, legislators on the other side of the equation want to change the program, affecting potentially any patient who doesn’t grow for herself […]

Cannabis is Almost Legal Now in Oregon, Right?

Although we legalized cannabis here in Oregon last November, it seems like various locales are trying to circumvent, control, or otherwise find some way to continue viewing cannabis as illegal, even though it no longer is. Wilsonville just extended the ban on dispensaries past the May 1 moratorium end date, and Tigard banned cannabis outlets […]

Understanding Immediacy, aka Free the Plant

  Sanjay Gupta’s third program in a series on cannabis aired tonight. Watching the previous two Weed episodes again right before it provided some continuity, along with tears and a little yelling at the TV. All three illustrated both how far we’ve come, and how far we’ve yet to go in bringing the truth about […]

Making Glycerin-based Cannabis Tincture

    I like tinctures. They’re fun to make and they are great to add to teas or anything else really. Sometimes they’re made with alcohol, but I prefer glycerin for my cannabis tincture. I’ve made it the other way, but I don’t typically consume alcohol, and the glycerin tastes better, so there you have […]

Get Over It

Oregon legalized cannabis last November. Prior to that momentous event, dispensaries were finally legalized, giving businesses already operating the ability to do so legally. It’s interesting when states legalize in some fashion. Cities think it means that they can still do as they please, preventing laws passed from the normal implementation that any other laws […]