Just Don't Start?

Just Don’t Start?

Here we go again. Donald, you’re channeling Nancy. Only now, instead of just say no, it’s just don’t start. Wow. That’s so easy. Donald, do you understand that a significant part of the opioid crisis involves prescriptions written by doctors? I’m certain that most doctors don’t want anyone to become addicted, but to ignore this aspect of the […]

Another Batch of Cannabis Oil

It’s time again to make some cannabis oil. It’s that thick, sludgy resinous oil made from cannabis that saves lives. I know because it saved mine. I originally used a method described by Rick Simpson, but then I found an oil distiller that sits on my kitchen counter and I like that even better. With […]

The Life and Times of an OMMP Patient

I spoke with a very nice lady at the OMMP office today about the whereabouts of my renewal card. I’ve been a cannabis patient in Oregon since 2010. Cannabis saved my life when it put my rheumatoid arthritis in clinical remission. This happened within three months of medicating with more concentrated forms of cannabis which […]

cannabis and coconut oil

Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

It’s time again to make some cannabis infused coconut oil. It’s one of the concentrated forms of cannabis that I make and use to keep my rheumatoid arthritis in clinical remission. I used to ingest the infused oil in capsules, but that’s messy to do even with the capping tray I have. I’ve tried all […]

Understanding Immediacy, aka Free the Plant

  Sanjay Gupta’s third program in a series on cannabis aired tonight. Watching the previous two Weed episodes again right before it provided some continuity, along with tears and a little yelling at the TV. All three illustrated both how far we’ve come, and how far we’ve yet to go in bringing the truth about […]