The Price of Blogging: $66.21

I opened my cable bill and it was much larger than it typically is. I had an internet overage for the month of November in the amount of $66.21. Then it dawned on me. National Blog Posting Month. I’d NaBloPoMo’d myself to the tune of $66.21. It didn’t occur to me that I might need […]

I Did It!! #NaBloPoMo Day 30

I did it! I’ve written every day of National Blog Posting Month. I’ve learned about search engine optimization, and I renamed my blog at the beginning of the month. The old name really didn’t apply anymore. I had written a post entitled Stepping Aside which explained some realizations I had arrived at over time. Women in […]

Witch Notes: Priorities, 29 Nov 2015

  Priorities. I always need something when I’m snowbound. I planned for the event by shopping the day before. We had no idea how much snow would ultimately fall. With a long driveway and a low to the ground car, driving through snow can be a challenge. My Camry has a very cool spoiler on the front which I […]

Synchronicity, Numerology and a Tempest in a Teapot

Synchronicity is amazing, isn’t it? Feathers appearing before me on my path, random shiny pennies found while on a walk, I feel surrounded by the energy of the universe. I love when I look at the time and see master numbers appear. 11:11 is common, but anything with 11 or 22 is significant. Of course […]

In The Home Stretch #NaBloPoMo Day 27

We’re in the home stretch. Day twenty-seven of National Blog Posting Month. It’s my first time at this, and I’ve written every day so far. I’ve had my blog for almost three years now, and I’ve never written every day. I typically let a few days pass unless inspiration happens to hit sooner. So #NaBloPoMo […]

Gratitude and Thanksgiving #NaBloPoMo 26

  It’s said that expressing gratitude changes your life. I tried having a gratitude journal, but it felt false somehow. But in reality, it was probably just my reluctance to give up focusing on nonsense. And now that another Thanksgiving has arrived, I feel compelled to express some gratitude. I’m grateful that I’ve learned how […]

In Staying Mad, The Past Is Alive

I can’t stay mad at you. I like today’s Daily Prompt over at WordPress. It refers to our focus. Are we focused upon the present, or the past? Staying mad at someone keeps your focus on your perception of what they did. That’s past tense. I know because I’m currently studying Latin and I’m learning once again about […]

As Winter Covers Me, The Seasons Change

It’s snowing! Winter has finally arrived on the High Desert, just in time for Thanksgiving. I’m trying a new rub for the turkey using some cannabis-infused coconut oil as a base along with herbs I grew this summer. I’m cooking my standard Butterball turkey in my new convection range. The oven is purple inside and […]

Witch Notes, 11/21/15: Gunshots and Face Cream

The week began with gunshots and ended with face cream. I know, but I promise, I’ll get from one to the other. The poster child for the NRA lives next door to me. I made my husband walk down the fence to see if there were any holes. We heard voices and there were flashlights. Fortunately, […]

A Train, Of Course

It was a choice between trains, planes and automobiles in today’s Daily Post prompt. I’ve taken trips in the latter two, but never a long distance trip via train. The idea of going cross country in a plane is exciting. I have no idea how I would fare, but I would be able to see […]