Synchronicity and the Miracle of Birth

Synchronicity and the Miracle of Birth

It’s no secret to anyone who reads my blog that I try to include numerology in tarot and rune divinations. I love numerology, maybe even more than astrology. I was listening to a program on Gaia which discussed the event known as the Miracle of the Sun. I perked right up when I heard the date, […]

Thoth Tarot: Aligned Energy Flow

Using my Thoth deck, I wanted to look at influences impacting my alignment for the next few days. The 4 of Swords, an Air card, sits in the middle of the spread as significator. It can also represent the beginning point of the energy’s flow. Along the vertical or nonphysical axis, The Hierophant is at […]

Synchronicity, Numerology and a Tempest in a Teapot

Synchronicity is amazing, isn’t it? Feathers appearing before me on my path, random shiny pennies found while on a walk, I feel surrounded by the energy of the universe. I love when I look at the time and see master numbers appear. 11:11 is common, but anything with 11 or 22 is significant. Of course […]

A Little Numerology

    I find numerology fascinating. I love when numbers show a synchronicity. I was playing around with our birthdays to see if anything stood out. Typically numbers are combined using addition to reduce them down to a single number. But when you’re trying to discover what challenges someone will face, subtraction is used. Since […]