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Spiritual Awareness ~ Full Moon Runecasting And Bindrune 9 June 2017

Spiritual Awareness ~ Full Moon Runecasting And Bindrune 9 June 2017

Tonight is the Full Strawberry Moon and I decided to do a runecasting prior to tonight’s Esbat ritual for a bindrune invoking spiritual awareness. As a side note, I harvested my first strawberry of the season out in my medicinal garden, tiny, but sweet and yummy and I also crafted a new set of runes from some Black Locust I have growing next to one of my ponds. We brought the trees in from my husband’s parent’s home before it sold years ago and now the trees are producing blooms that are so beautiful! I hadn’t yet crafted any runes from them and their blooms reminded me of that fact. So my husband kindly cut some rune stock from a branch he had pruned last year and I spent a couple of days sanding and wood burning until the runes felt right in my hands.

Runes have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Although I do buy runes made from stone, I always make my wooden runes. There’s something about a witch’s interaction between the wood itself and the sanding and engraving process that makes every set a reflection of the witch’s inner vision. I create them in the order established by the Elder Futhark, visualizing each rune’s meaning.

For this Full Strawberry Moon runecasting, I drew Perthro, Mannaz, Eihwaz, Jera, and Fehu. Runes have many influences and the well of Wyrd, rational thought, paradox, transformation and balance, and wealth are the primary influences contained within the runecasting. I derive the overall numerology of a runecasting from their numerical placement in the Futhark, so individually they are 14, 20, 13, 12, and 1 respectively, with 6, or the sacred layer of Higher Self presence, as the runecasting’s overall numerological influence.

Perthro is the rune of fate, the unknown, and the cup from which runes are cast. A Water Element rune, its numerology of 5 reinforces the elemental influence of change. Also known as the childbirth rune, Perthro also represents birth if pointing to the right or death if pointing to the left. It reveals memories and can be visualized in meditation to experience past lives. Perthro represents the simplicity of cause and effect on the physical plane as well as the alignment of our nonphysical aspect of Self.

Intuition is balanced with our rational mind with Mannaz, the 20th rune of the Elder Futhark. An Earth rune, Mannaz represents humanity’s need for partnership and helps us understand our role in the greater community or society at large. It teaches us to live our lives in the present moment and to understand that we are part of a greater unified presence.

The 13th rune of the Elder Futhark, Eihwaz provides the connection between physical and nonphysical aspects of Self, the link between realms. It provides both structure and transformation, infusing Spirit into form and creates movement from one energetic state to another, eliminating stagnation that prevents clarity.

Another Earth rune, Jera is the rune of transformation and balance, fertility, and positive change. It’s useful to hang in the garden as part of a bindrune for growth as well as to bring harmony and alignment to relationships. Luck, prosperity, and the cycles of life are among Jera’s influences.

We end with Fehu, the sending rune representing wealth and traditionally, cattle. A Fire Element rune, Fehu begins the Elder Futhark and increases wealth and abundance as well as the witch’s ability to send energetic intentions. As the final rune of the runecasting, I believe it’s there to organize and send the collective energy of the runes above it.

Perthro opens us to experiencing the partnership of Mannaz while Eihwaz infuses that spiritual awareness into our daily lives. Jera further transforms our relationships into a conscious, unified presence with all. And Fehu provides the catalyst necessary to cast the intention of unified presence to the universe.

I created a bindrune along with a planetary sigil using the magick square for Jupiter and burned both onto a piece of juniper to invoke spiritual awareness of our unified presence. I like working with both types of sigils and have been using them together lately. The sigil from the magick square uses the letters associated with each rune to obtain their numerological equivalent and I drew the sigil from there.



I blessed and consecrated the sigil with the following chant. I used the Latin version:

  • I bind these runes     (Circum nos imbuit)
  • Blending energies within     (Melicos intra resonantia)
  • Bringing balance without    (Componere sine)
  • Infused with immanence     (Splendido immanentia vestiganda)
  • I bless and consecrate this sigil     (Benedico et consecrare hoc sigil)
  • In alignment with Goddess     (In noctis per Dea)
  • It is done     (Consummatum est)

Sigil magick is great to use when you want to create a symbol for a collective influence or intention. It can be as complicated or as simple as you like; it’s all a reflection of your own process. I wrote a book called Magick and the Aligned Witch in which I discuss working magick from an aligned state. Magick worked from an aligned state is less about consequences or trying to create the space for one thing or another to happen and more about creating the space for remembrance of who we are. We’re not here to judge others or expect them to live in accordance with our respective comfort levels. And casting our intentions when aligned in Source Presence allows us to see all as extensions of Self and the Creator and experience the truth of their perfection.

Now in the time of ascension, many are awakening to the truth of who they are and magick that creates the space for that process to happen in perfect love and perfect trust is the primary focus of this witch. Witches stand in observation of the world around them, secure in their knowing that all of it is an illusion of form. We can participate within that subjective, ego-based structure or reflect one that engages from an awareness of Higher Self. The choice is ours.

Our focus can no longer be on what separates us, but in fact, the awareness that we are one unified presence. We can no longer afford to be confused about this truth allowing hate and division to drive the conversation. We are so much more than we have been led to believe. We are the Creator, focused into the fabric of space/time, in collective creation of the universe.

My dear family, we are so much more than we thought, and it’s time to awaken to that truth.

Blessed Be


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Life Bends Toward Love

Life Bends Toward Love

Marine Le Pen is running for President of France and if she wins, she will be their first female President. She has nationalist beliefs and not everyone is comfortable with that ideology. With any luck, she’ll lose and France will be spared the nonsense our country is experiencing. It would be sad if nationalist fervor swept the entire world. Enough people are suffering as it is and if France has to wait a while longer for a female President, then so be it. Compassion and unity of purpose are more important than whatever nationalist policies Ms. Le Pen has to offer anyway.

Gender issues aside, it’s clear that white nationalism and racism have taken hold, at least in our country, and its insidious nature is destroying lives. It’s become all too easy to dismiss entire groups of people if it furthers the agenda of those in power. Several news outlets have reported that our new attorney general believes that child tax credits are going to ‘mostly Mexicans’ and can pay for the wall. He’s not kidding. Everything this man says and does reflects his racist beliefs. Everything. And his presence in tandem with the current occupant of the White House will threaten civil rights protections that have taken years to put in place.

As I’ve written many times, I believe that the Creator is All That Is and that we all comprise that greater loving Presence. We each make a choice to live out our lives in unity with others or with a self-oriented focus, the nationalistic, fascist, racist ideology that’s gaining strength right now a reflection of the latter. And if left unchecked, there will be no positive outcome.

But while all of this is going on there’s an awakening happening around the planet. Unity with others isn’t simply a practical solution to our collective problems but is, in fact, our fundamental reality as one collective consciousness. Continued efforts by the vested interest of a few to keep everyone in some predetermined place doesn’t reflect who we are. If it did, it wouldn’t be a struggle. We’d go quietly.

And yet, resistance is growing to oppressive ideologies that do nothing but cause pain.

Still, some fervently believe they’ll have control over the side on which they’ll be placed when it’s all said and done. The disconnect is shocking and I wonder what their reaction will be when they can no longer turn a blind eye to who and what they’ve supported as they fall victim to the divide and conquer strategy that’s unfolding.

However, as our awakening continues, the momentum built by our unified presence is creating a tipping point and in time light will overtake the darkness. This is a given. Life always bends toward love. Always. And love will win in the end.

Many blessings to our one family as we find our way back to each other once again.



  1. Ortiz, Gabe. Racist-as-all-hell Sessions: Child tax credits going to ‘mostly Mexicans’ can pay for the wall. Daily Kos. April 24, 2017.
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The Illusion of Separation ~ Demographics Be Damned

The Illusion of Separation ~ Demographics Be Damned

Any separation between us is such an illusion. I remember as a child becoming terrified when racist comments were made. I couldn’t handle it. It felt as if the ground was shifting under my feet and something terrible was about to happen. So when I read several articles about Rep. Steve King spouting off about controlling the demographics in our country, I felt that same shifting, only this time it was my stomach.

Hate is an interesting thing. It’s the basis for viewing certain people as the other. Entitlement factors in resulting in the sort of regime in place in our country that we’re now experiencing. No one knows what the final outcome will be but with hate at its core we’re all certain that the casualties will be many.

Investigations into how Russian operatives may have altered the presidential election results are continuing all while the US Attorneys have been fired. It’s not that it’s an uncommon happening for the so-called new guy to want his own people in those positions, but given their stature and experience as attorneys and the investigations under way, the timing seems craven at best. They evidently know more than the so-called new guy is comfortable with so they have to go.

The so-called new guy knew just what to say and how to deliver that message while on the campaign trail. I couldn’t listen to him, his vitriolic and dishonest message simply too much for me. I remember hearing the constant crooked Hillary Clinton meme, almost in a sing-song fashion. His voice was hypnotic, the cadence manipulative, and his supporters responded exactly the way he intended, the brainwashing complete.

It was sickening to hear and watch. I had to mute any news programs that featured him because I couldn’t hear that voice without knowing the truth behind it, and I wasn’t the only empath who experienced this. I wonder what it was in the heart of his supporters that responded so willingly to his racist and sexist mantra. How could any of them vote for a man who views women in such a degrading manner? How could they vote for someone who clearly had ties to Russia? Are they fine with all of the taxpayer dollars this grifter is fleecing all of us out of? Are they fine with a two-faced dictatorial asshole who will renege on all of his magical promises? Are they fine with losing their health insurance? Should we be calling all of them Comrade by now? Or were they simply duped?

The individual nature of our lives is the only way we can experience all of this. But in spite of our differences, we’re all the same Creator personified into individuated form. Any difference should be embraced and cherished, not feared. Because when we see everyone as the other we find every reason in the world to keep them at a safe distance instead of coming together in unified purpose.

The picture at the top of the post shows a geese pair who return each year to nest on my dock. They returned not long ago and have settled in to rebuild the nest and graze in yard and field. I chose it because of the as above, so below witchy tree in the pond illustrating the continuity of family. The geese could go anywhere to create life but they choose to come here. They’re unafraid of us and allow us the blessing of knowing their young. Separation, my dear friends, is an illusion. We are now and forever will be one family. All are simply reflections of our own Self.

May Rep. Cantaloupe Calves King’s demographics be damned…forever.


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Temperance and the Creator Within ~ Tarot for 9 Feb 2017

Temperance and the Creator Within

I’ve been researching the Law of One series, a five book series that contains channeled information regarding the Creator within from a nonterrestrial sixth density social memory complex called the Ra entity group. This extensive channeling began after years of preparation on January 15, 1981 with Carla Rueckert as the channeler, Don Elkins as questioner, and Jim McCarty as scribe. Don Elkins was a UFOlogist, as well as a Physics and Engineering professor, and this extensive channeling is a transcript of their fascinating twenty-six sessions together.

The Ra entity group describes itself as the humble messenger of the Law of One and has contacted us at various points in our development to bring this message of oneness and unity with the Creator. They were here during Egyptian times, appearing in our history as Ra, but their message was perverted by the priest caste so some left, believing their intention to help us becoming more destructive than helpful. Apparently, some of their group settled in other areas of Earth while this particular group left, but now that ascension is here and humanity is moving from what’s called third density to fourth, they’ve come back to help us understand who we are and what our experience in form is all about.

I bring all of this up because in the fourth book of the Law of One series the tarot is mentioned in greater detail. Its precursor was brought to Egypt by the Ra group to illustrate soul archetypes in the same manner as the Major Arcana now describes. Life in third density is a time of choice and we’re given free will to choose a focus of service to self or service to others. Those who choose service to others actually serve the self as well, but it’s a better balance than those choosing the service to self path.

The Law of One tells us that the Creator is all that is. Everything that we see is the Creator in individuated form. The energy or vibration of the Creator is love. Nothing more, nothing less. We tell ourselves that we’re separate from the Creator, but that’s a fallacy. Anything negative we experience is a choice we make to view our experiences through human eyes instead of seeing all as the Creator and therefore what the Ra group refers to as our other-selves. There is only love from the Creator. No judgment, no vengeance, only love. So it follows that as the Creator, love in all its forms is what we should express as well.

The duality that’s expressed in physical form is of our own creation, and not that of the Creator within. It’s the illusion of separateness that we struggle with, not the love and protection found in unity with all. We feel so justified in choosing illusion over love when our unity in the Creator is eternal. So it seems that the Ra group is counseling us to remember who we are, to permeate the veil of forgetting, and begin to live from our point of origin as the Creator personified, abandoning the separation and hate which has plagued our existence for so long.

In today’s tarot reading, the 2 of Swords describes a choice or decision that we need to make. A woman sits blindfolded before tumultuous waters, her hands holding two swords crossed in front. She goes within, seeking alignment with Source Presence, taking the dispassionate view in her decision.

The 6 of Wands represents the Fire element and our creative and catalytic presence. The rider and his steed are back from battle, a wreath atop his staff and on his head, while a crowd holding five more staffs celebrate and support his arrival. His steed prances forth, all danger left on the battlefield. The six denotes the spiritual side of self as well as love, balance, and community with others.

Now with the 10 of Wands, we see a man carrying a burden, alone and leaning forward from its weight. He’s walking toward the castle in the distance but appears to be working too hard to get there, the struggle his own making. Ten reduces to one and represents new beginnings so this card suggests that we rethink the choice we’ve made in lieu of a less overwhelming one.

Finally, Temperance, the only card from the Major Arcana in today’s reading appears as an angel symbolizing the ideal of moderation and balance in our lives. It’s not a divine intervention that the angel brings, however, but a divine remembrance of who we are. The angel blends elemental Fire with Water in conscious alchemical creation reminding us to balance our emotional and creative aspects of self in harmony. The irises remind us of both the beauty and fragility of our lives, seeds sown bringing us ever closer to awareness and truth.

The bindrunes on either side of Temperance invoke justice and manifestation of Higher Self. The choice between service to self and service to others is so clear. In service only to self, our burden can be difficult to bear without the support from our other-selves. However, in service to others, as we see with the rider returning home after defending home and hearth, he’s surrounded by love and cheering from friends and family.

The dispassionate view of the woman in the 2 of Swords suggests that we make our decisions without judgment, of self or others. If we could view the chaos of the world from a more dispassionate perspective, then we’re less likely to become engaged in the drama. Engagement keeps the negativity alive so which choice or decision do we support?

The numerology of the reading is 5 or change. The focus on service to self has brought chaos to our world. The so-called new guy has opened up a powder keg with his authoritarian and dictatorial attitudes. His lack of impulse control is fostering all sorts of nonsense at home and abroad. The resistance is in full swing as racism, sexism and all other forms of oppression are increasing. We may have needed change in this world, but if the end result of all of this isn’t to become fully aware that this isn’t it, then I don’t know what will ever wake people up.

Our world isn’t going to improve until we come together in unity. Hate and all the isms it fosters won’t bring us together and create the heaven on earth that we all seek because a change of awareness is what’s needed. The Ra group tells us that the earth is already a fourth density planet and that this time of choice is giving way to a fourth density of love and understanding. The chaos we’re experiencing will end replaced by love and understanding of all and by all. The choice we make determines how we experience that transition.

This is a natural process that all sentient life experiences. Anything to do with hell is just silly. We are never separate from the Creator because we are the Creator. And that’s the point of the tarot, runes, astrology, or any other symbology used to describe who we are. It’s there to remind us of our true nature, of our true focus as the Creator, as Source Energy.

We are not now, nor have we ever been, separate from each other. We are one family. It’s time to know that truth and to return to who we are.

Blessed Be



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The New Guy Isn’t Smart At All

Respect Seniors: Increase Funding For Meals On Wheels

Although it’s apparently difficult for the new guy to understand this, the American people actually care about human rights. Not mentioning Jews in his Holocaust Remembrance comments because other people died too is shameful and insensitive at minimum. Holding up every stinking executive order he signs undoing our country is childish. And putting a white nationalist on the National Security Council should get him impeached. And then he issued a ban on Muslims from certain countries. Certain countries and not all because he does business in some of these places, so we’ll let those people in. Can’t affect his bottom line, after all.

And then the most amazing thing happened. Scores of people went to airports across the country in protest of the Muslim ban. Attorneys from the ACLU went to court and overturned part of it at least. Members of Congress went to various airports and spoke with immigrants, making every attempt to help them enter the country. On social media, soldiers who served with Muslim interpreters, etc. posted pictures and comments telling the new guy that he’s only making things worse. That he’s actually causing more harm to this country. He wants ISIS contained and stupidly believes this is the way to do it.

Yes there are terrorists that want to hurt us, but evidently this ban won’t affect them, hurting instead people who are here legally. It’s unbelievable really. I’ve never understood the distorted thinking of people like the new guy. It’s the throw the baby out with the bathwater approach to problem solving. Get us involved in two wars and then refuse to fund the Veteran’s Administration because a black guy was our President. Then say because veterans aren’t getting appointments in a timely fashion it’s time to throw the baby out with the bathwater and privatize veterans’ health care. Never mind what this will do to veterans.

The Muslim ban illustrates the same sort of distorted thinking reflecting not truth but an agenda of Islamaphobia. We’re looking like the rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany, with government scientists forbidden from speaking to the American people without running everything through people like the unkempt white nationalist on the National Security Council who is regarded by some as the real president, the new guy more of a tyrannical emcee or game show host. The media has been all but shut out with lies becoming the norm, alternative facts now, which honestly may be their just desserts given their behavior in the run up to the election. Still, we need them to do their jobs and now they’ll actually have to go out and gather facts and such instead of relying on pressers and the like. The new UN Ambassador is already threatening people telling them to get on board or she’s taking names. For what, exactly? Does she want mine?

A mosque in Texas was set on fire and hate crimes are happening all over the country which is awful, but people turned out tonight to welcome immigrants to the United States. People turned out.

You see..we turn out for family. We turn out for justice and truth. We turn out and stand up particularly when oppression comes from the highest office in the country.

We turn out. We stand up. We will send the new guy and his minions packing and we will be victorious!

Blessings to all!

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Remembering We Are One

Remembering We are One

I’ve been studying the Law of One, a five book channeled series from the early 80’s, which reinforces the fact that all of creation is an individuated expression of the One Creator or Source Presence. Essentially this means that everything we see and experience is an extension of our One Self. There is no separate anything. It just looks that way so that we embark on the journey each of us takes to learn more about life in physical form. Source wanted to know more about Itself in a more tangible expression. So the Creator expanded into the form we now see as the universe comprised of everything and everyone.

The schism that’s developed from our recent election has left me at such a loss. I had hoped when we elected Barack Obama as our president that people would begin to come together, that the momentum would be strong enough to move us past the racism and hate that has plagued us for so long.

But, no. Instead, more isms have arisen in all their ugliness. It’s not that it’s the first time we’ve experienced any of it, but that it’s all become so brazen since the new guy entered the picture. Recently I read that a 71 year old Connecticut Republican, Christopher von Keyserling¹ was arrested for grabbing a woman’s genital area. Yes, another entitled asshole apparently thought it was fine and dandy now to no longer be politically correct and put his hand on a woman’s genital area telling her it was her word against his. Yes. Sexual assault has now been reduced to political correctness instead of the crime that it has always been.

According to the Westport Daily Voice:

She said he “looked back with a really evil look in his eyes and said, ‘it would be your word against mine and nobody will believe you,'” according to the warrant.³

And then I read that Elijah Cummings told Chris Cuomo on CNN:

“You’ve got to understand that we members of Congress have a lot of information that the public does not have. And I can tell you over the last week or two, the classified briefings that I have been to, and if the public knew what members of Congress know…”²

I think it’s fair to assume that we’re in some trouble now that the new guy has taken over. The world looked at us in amusement when the Supreme Court appointed George Bush as our president and couldn’t understand why we elected him a second time, but now they look on in horror at what’s just transpired. They already know who this guy is and China is already threatening (4) Goddess knows what. And according to Kevin Drum at Mother Jones, six agencies are investigating his ties with Russia(6) even before he takes office.

We’ve gone to hell in a hand basket let by a tiny-handed elitist man-child who is laughing all the way to the bank. Because that’s who his supporters supported..the ultimate elitist of all. His alleged debts with the Russians will no doubt be forgiven as he gives Putin everything he wants at the expense of all of us. Will the so-called investigations be shut down? Will we ever know what happened in an election that made no sense from the outset?

All of this brings me back to the Law of One. What I find so fascinating about this series is the way the channeled entity Ra defines our essential polarity as the choice of service to self or service to others as a way to ascension into higher densities of vibration. It’s not as simple as masculine versus feminine aspects of self or any of the other polarities we establish to see another as the other. In their view, third density experience is about choice, hence the polarity we experience and name in various ways. But in truth, how we experience this life comes down to the choice between service to self and service to others.

It seems that our new president has taken a more service to self approach to his life experience. Ascension from third density to fourth is taking place irrespective of who sits in the white house, but according to the Law of One it’s an infinitely easier experience when we ascend in service to others. It’s a focus that loves and blesses all others as extensions of Self, of the One Creator.

When choosing service to others, it’s a choice that includes service to self as a blessing, for no one is left out of this perfect awareness of oneness. No one. The Law of One tells us that fourth density takes us into a vibration of love and understanding. We must let go of the vision of separateness and replace it with that of unity. Our world is united even though it may not appear so. Any disunity is of our making and therefore an illusion of ego.

Each one of us, including the new guy, can make a different choice, and see all as brothers and sisters, as family, being of help to others instead of standing in their way. We can turn our backs on oppression of all kinds and extend love and kindness to everyone.

This is our true purpose, to remember we are One. No matter what the shiny new tool in the white house has to say.

Blessings to my One Family! I love you beyond measure!



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Awakening As One ~ Tarot for 27 Dec 2016

The Queen of Disks, The Aeon and the 7 of Wands or Valour from the Thoth deck comprise today’s tarot reading. Both Earth and Fire are represented and the numerology for the reading is 9 or completion. Looking at the three cards, it seems that awakening is today’s focus, The Aeon in the center with the two surrounding cards bringing some information to the process.

Right away it’s easy to see that the surrounding cards bring a sense of peace and serenity with the Queen of Disks and the courage to stand our ground with the 7 of Wands. We balance the receptive or feminine aspect of self with the projective or masculine side. The Queen sits in quiet reflection, looking out over the land, holding her world in one hand and her scepter in the other. A ram looks in the opposite direction, keeping guard for his Queen. She’s practical and trustworthy, the Earth Mother who gives birth to creation. The wise Crone has learned to balance ambition with generosity, her connection to nature evident in the card as she reflects upon a life well lived.

On the other side of The Aeon sits the 7 of Wands. Crowley calls this card Valour with its six ornate wands crossed in a balanced pattern behind the single wooden wand of the adept, flames throughout depicting Mars’ catalytic presence. 7 is not only the number of divinity but also the number for magick. Strength is depicted in this card of valour, telling us to remain steadfast in our values and principles. We meet challenges with courage and honor, living our truth with love and dignity while avoiding destructive influences from others.

The Aeon asks us to see the bigger picture, to see beyond the drama and live with intention in the present moment. The tarot itself reflects the journey we take from the forgetting during incarnation to the eventual remembrance of our Source Presence. The Major Arcana gives us archetypal information to help us on our path of remembrance and awakening of Self as Source. When The Aeon presents in a reading, it indicates that a change of consciousness has either occurred or is about to occur.

A sense of duality is contained within our consciousness. We experience it in form and in the duality between the physical and nonphysical aspects of Self. Receptive and projective energies are referred to as feminine and masculine; we see separation and refer to that as self and others; and, we also reflect a self or other focus within. We divide things up as humans, male versus female the most obvious, catalytic versus receptive in nature, with judgment at its core. Either/or, us versus them.

Awakening is achieved when we realize that we are not separate from anyone, that in fact we are one Source Presence. Any appearance of separation is an illusion of form. We’ve learned over our lives to respond to all with love and compassion irrespective of present happenings, our catalytic presence driving us on to remembrance and awakening, our journey back to Oneness. We seek not to oppress others, but to lift them up in loving unity.

Our world has taken a dramatic turn and we don’t yet know the outcome. We’ve lost our balance and masculine energies have overshadowed the feminine resulting in such oppression and harm. But what I keep seeing with the cards I draw is the focus on unity and balance, not the drama and destructiveness that’s currently going on. I really don’t know how we deal with what’s coming other than to use our catalytic presence to stand our ground and continue building the unified world in which we wish to live.

Maybe we need this for our awakening, to be certain of what we already know. We’re stronger together than we are ever apart. In time, we’ll remember that. Goddess knows our next nutball in chief and his minions will give us plenty to be certain of.

Blessings to all

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Solitary Wicce

2015-09-28 00.00.31

It’s not that I don’t like groups or anything, but I began my life as a witch, or wicce, as we were called in old Europe in solitary fashion. I was eight years old, and without a built in coven in my family, I had little choice in the matter. I prefer that term, wicce, because it lends a certain Akashic reality to it all, but witch is more current and understood. I have Druid heritage, and the terms volvur or volva as well as seidr resonate. These were seers, wand-carriers, typically women, although there were some men who felt this calling. They were revered by all and traveled the countryside offering divination and healing to whomever required it. They were the witches and shamans of their time, even guiding those in battle, instructing them on battle strategy and the best time for attack. Even Julius Caesar remarked that these women had an impact on battle planning. They were a welcome and necessary part of everyday life.

Then things changed and witches were demonized. Instead of viewing them as the necessary healers and midwives they all were, they were relegated to torture and death, brought forth by the church and the various royal families that participated as well. I have a foot in both camps, as it were. I’m related to some who burned, as well as to the royal blood line who ordered them killed. I have always, however, been as I am, so I would have found a way to continue on as many did, underground, but still providing healing to the community in which I lived. Witches/Herbalists are like that. We don’t go quietly and we always find a way.

I’ve always stood apart, so the idea of belonging to a coven doesn’t really interest me. Although it would surely be fun, and I know I would learn so much from everyone involved, I’ve been on my own for nearly fifty-eight years and I’m not sure that I would blend well with others at this point. Crones are like that. We’ve seen much and we have little patience for drama. Witches don’t suffer fools gladly anyway, but a witch in her Crone years, watch out. We’re a force to be reckoned with and you’ll never see us coming.

I’ve never quite understood having too much structure anyway. Wicca is lovely, and they’re a fountain of correspondence information, as are other traditions, and many of the invocations are so beautiful. As a Hedgewitch, the Green Witch tradition is similar to how I see myself given it’s herbalist roots. My focus has always been on herbs and knowing. An empath by birth, I’ve always seen everything at once, feeling in later for detail. Energy moves, and since we’re energy, we also move. Our thoughts move and focus into form on some level. Distance and time are an illusion. Whether we’re casting spells or invoking the Goddess, we’re connecting on an energetic level in order that our purpose is achieved.

The same premise is true of martial arts and energy healing techniques. In Kenpo as well as other styles, we move energy, ours and our opponent’s, when we defend ourselves. I remember the first time my chi was invoked. Everything came together in one motion and the next thing I knew, the other guy was on the floor, which in our first dojo was concrete. In our second dojo, we eventually had dense foam padding underneath carpeting which made falling infinitely nicer, but when things move in Kenpo, they really move and people tend to go flying or directly to the ground. When chi invokes, there’s little the other person can do to stop it except hold on for the ride. Parents experience it when their toddler wants down. It’s happening whether the parent wants it or not. Energy plus intention aligned with single minded purpose beats reaction every time.

With energy healing, Reiki in my case, energy is channeled through the practitioner, drawn by the recipient to wherever it’s needed. It’s cool because the Reiki practitioner receives a session as one is given, and frankly is something everyone needs to know how to do. We’re all extensions of Source Energy. We’re primarily nonphysical, unfocused energy, our bodies the smallest, focused part of who we are. There’s simply no reason why we cannot heal ourselves energetically. It doesn’t mean that you don’t use herbs, food, lifestyle or modern medicine, but that you bring a wholistic approach to your life. Healing should really be more about prevention and making good choices from the outset that promote health and longevity, instead of continually behind the eight ball, chasing healing that should be our normal state. Becoming a Reiki Master should be something everyone does. Reiki is universal life force. It’s who we are expressed into physical form. We are not separate from it and we channel it naturally.

When people ask us who we are, we typically respond with what we do. Who are you..I’m a school teacher, not I’m a happy, loving, honest, creative person. But I wonder if maybe what we do should reflect who we are. So many times we work in jobs that make us miserable, or stay in friendships that aren’t uplifting, or live in places that we don’t feel safe. Yet we do it all anyway, telling ourselves that we can’t get out of the situation we’re in, that we’re stuck somehow. We live outside our alignment with Source when we let this happen, when we don’t live consciously and make the choices we need to make in order that we’re happy. Because it really is okay to be happy. You don’t have to feel guilty or wait for one thing or another to happen, just live your truth and be happy now.

As a solitary witch, I’ve lived my truth in secret for most of my life. There were tells of course, but I don’t think anyone really put two and two together and came up with, oh she’s a witch or anything like that until I came clean about it a few years ago. Living one’s truth doesn’t necessarily involve the trappings found in other expressions. Sometimes it’s how you see the world as part of you, feeling its presence and your connection to it. It’s hearing the wind as it sings its song and knowing it was for you. It’s feeling the sun as it warms your face and the lifeforce it brings. It’s becoming part of the expansiveness of an ocean wave as it crashes to shore, its motion governed by the blessed Moon in all her majesty. It’s in the planting of seeds, tending them as they grow into nourishing fruits and vegetables, or herbs to heal our body and our spirit. It’s watching my children as they grew, becoming the men they are today. It’s watching the spider as she spins her web, and touching the bees in their hive as they vibrate with intensity and love.

It’s knowing that we’re all one, that we’re all one in the love of Source and feeling that oneness, that unity, that resonance. A witch feels this.

And as it shall it be

~Blessings to all!

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For the Experience of Bees

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I attended my second beekeeper association meeting tonight, and once again, I was struck by the easy going, almost serene attitude amongst the long time beekeepers. They seem to view life with a certain level of amusement, the type that understands the indifference of the universe, yet is eager to continue on. Such is beekeeping. They say, “beekeepers need bees..bees don’t need beekeepers”, and I suppose that’s true. But it’s like they know a secret, or they’ve figured something out. I like the feeling there, with so many down to earth people with a love of bees that they’re so willing to share with anyone who wants to know.

A bee colony is an expression of oneness, of All That Is. I suppose that’s why I’m drawn to beekeeping. They work in unison for a common purpose..survival of the colony, of the whole. They don’t work at cross purposes. They don’t judge one another. They understand that each has its own role to play and they do it willingly, in harmony with each other.

As a side note, I was formally trained by my mother at an early age to be terrified of bees, complete with the waving of the arms (which I gave up almost immediately), and the screaming (that took longer). And that woman could sprint like no one else when a bee was chasing her. No thought of anything else, just fleeing as fast as she could. I was expected to keep up. I was twenty six when I received my first bee sting, to be followed by the second only six weeks later. One happened in the chicken coop, and the other, the backyard. I was barefoot both times and I stepped on them, and yes, I was in the chicken coop barefooted, which I heard about from my Mother, thank you very much. I was running after one of the kids and that’s where he went. But the point was, I now knew I wasn’t allergic, so at least I could cross that off the list of reasons I was supposed to be terrified of bees.

And now a funny thing happens when I get around the bees. I’m calm. True, I have a really nice bee suit that protects me. I spared no expense there (probably motivated by some residual mother-induced terror response), but honestly, once I’m next to the open hive, I’m so blown away by what I see that there’s no time for fear. I have to say, experiencing the colony as an empath brings a resonance I’ve never felt before. It’s really an unbelievably beautiful thing to see and feel, all those bees on each frame, doing all the work of the hive. Their vibration is profound. We’re more concerned about crushing one of them than anything they might do to us. We put a birdbath next to the hive with some water plants and sticks in it for them to land on. They can evidently drown without something in it, and I was devastated to find that we lost one. Marbles help as well, so I’ll add some to the birdbath.

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Bees are continually in the doing of, in the creation of, their collective survival as a colony. They live in the moment, remaining focused on their creative purpose. They fully experience their lives. When things go wrong, they don’t lament, they get to work bringing order back from chaos. They, like the long time beekeepers, understand the indifference of the universe, and survive in spite of it. The beekeeper watches this process unfold and I have to believe understands the greater application to our own collective consciousness. And what a lesson to take from them. Fully experiencing our lives as we continually create and then experience that creation, expanding our awareness as we do.

To be in this life solely for the experience of something. No judgment either way, just feel it, experience it. Somewhere, sometime, we forgot this idea and got caught up in the judgment of everything and everyone. Women in particular, expanded on this and began judging themselves and each other with a viciousness that supported the very patriarchy that has oppressed us for so long. But now, that appears to be changing. Women everywhere are feeling that pull to awaken their inner voice, their expression of the Goddess within. The momentum is there in support of this awakening.

Standing in our own power is difficult for many of us. Our strength is there, yet we’re distracted by negative voices, even our own. We emanate as extensions of Source. We emanate as extensions of Source. Believe that, for anything else is an illusion. All judgment reflects the ego. We are not ego. The ego separates us. In Source, we’re one. Like the bees. My son says that bees are really one organism. He’s getting married soon to a wonderful woman who’s becoming a neuroscientist. She also wants bees.

How awesome!

~Blessed be our greatest teachers, the bees

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It’s Within You Now

Perspective matters. It drives everything we think, do and say. If your perspective begins with your physical presence in the world, then it begins in subjectivity. Everything is open to interpretation. But we’re not only our physical presence in the world. That’s the smallest part of who we are. In fact, we’re actually extensions of Source Energy in the nonphysical realm, part of that greater essence of All That Is. There’s no individuation of self in the nonphysical realm. It’s just one big sea of home. No judgment, no anger, no oppression, no harm..just love. No belief in someone called Satan or the Devil, no angry God waiting to judge us when we die so we better behave ourselves here or else attitude, just the awareness and physical feeling that we’re one. Our perspective changes a bit when we focus into physical form here, and for some of us, it changes into something we no longer recognize and that’s when the separation from each other that we now all experience as real took hold.

Except it didn’t take hold for everyone. Enter the empath. The sense of oneness never leaves us. The sense of knowing is always present. We make people uncomfortable with that and given this subjective world we experience, dissonance happens and suddenly no one likes us, or maybe they do, but not really, and they can’t put their finger on it, yet will come up with amazing stories made up completely from whole cloth that justify their choice. They literally fill in the blanks with something that just isn’t true. It’s the most bewildering thing to experience, yet for the empath, it’s a constant companion. You get used to people being uncomfortable and then don’t have a clue what to do when they’re not, when the energy is easy and loving. And if there’s conflict, trust me, it feels like the end of everything.

It’s difficult as a child when you know everything. I saw a graphic on Facebook of a little girl and the caption was about all things she couldn’t be, so she decided to be a witch so she would know things. For the empath, and witch in my case because I was that little girl, you have no choice but to know things. It’s just there. You can’t help it. I remember many times the look of horror on my mother’s face when I would announce this or that and she had no idea how I knew that, except I think she really did know, but she didn’t know what to do with me, so instead she would accuse me of eavesdropping or snooping. I, being the precocious little witchling that I was, would insist that wasn’t true, reminding her of the obvious: I was in school when that happened. I wasn’t there. Mom, I just know..okay??? But it wasn’t.

So I learned to keep my knowing to myself. It was hard to hide it from friends, but we moved around so much, California, Alaska, then to Oregon where I’ve lived since almost eleven years old, so it was easy to not push through the uncomfortable feelings my awareness would create. I could simply leave. Well, my parents technically imposed that on me, but still, I achieved the same result. It’s tough when people think you’re a know-it-all. Combine that with feeling judged and relationships become distorted from there. They never understand that they have those feelings due to their own empathic realities. Fear then takes over and judgment wins the day. It’s not that an empath isn’t capable of judging, we’re in physical form after all, it’s just that when others feel that, they assume judgment when it’s not actually happening. Because when you’re an empath, you know that you can’t judge. I tend to describe things objectively, like in a psychology research project, which people find confusing. I don’t like conflict, so I never liked debating, but it’s a little like arguing the opposing side of the argument when it’s not your own. You try to be as objective as possible, but sooner or later, people take it personally. Witchcraft really wasn’t legal in this country until it achieved tax exempt status in the 70’s, so most witches were accustomed to keeping their silence as the Magus suggests. At some point, I figured it was just my plight in life.

It’s funny how we blend in with others, isn’t it? Some of us give away so much, and it’s not always women who do that. Power is an issue in physical form, where if we remembered who we are as extensions of Source, we wouldn’t do that to each other. We would accept and bless all as brothers and sisters, as the family that we are with each other. But many of us like the drama we create. It’s exciting and seductive. It pulls us in, that ego drama, into the eternal drama triangle we’ve come to call society. What we don’t realize is that all of that can change in an instant. All we have to do is believe something else. Suspend judgment and believe something else. That’s it.

See another as yourself, as one with you. See another as a holy extension of Source Energy, of God, of Goddess. Always. Especially when things get dicey and the other guy isn’t behaving so well. Love him anyway. Welcome the experience for the information it provides. It’s telling you that it’s the ego, the physical presence, that’s at work, and not Spirit. Spirit doesn’t behave that way, because Spirit knows only love. And since we’re actually Spirit, that’s all we really know as well.

The notion that we are in fact the dreamer of this dream of physical life that we’re all participating in doesn’t escape the empath. It’s where we live. That sense of “otherness” we feel is the inherent understanding that we’re not the physical bodies that we occupy. We’re something far greater that than. We’re part of the Creative Force that sustains us all, so in other words, we are what sustains us all.

Don’t go looking other places for heaven, because it’s within you now. Don’t depend upon others for your happiness because it’s a constant reality within you now. As A Course in Miracles counsels, we need do nothing. That may seem odd, but when we switch from reacting to creating, we then see the truth of that statement. A creative force is progressive. It doesn’t get stuck in the past and judge everything by that perspective. It continues to create unabated. And that’s the choice we make in physical form every day we’re in it. The empath, the highly sensitive person, the seer, the witch, exist to remind everyone of this fact, whether we do it directly or indirectly. We disturb the surrounding energy enough to suggest another focus. From there, we hold the resonance of Source.

Resonance, balance, alignment all provide the structure or point of origin that we need to experience life in physical form. We’re experiencing it to expand our collective knowledge about the human condition. At some point, the dissonance will end and the resonance will be all that’s know the heaven on earth we’re all waiting for. But as the empath knows, it’s all about perspective. In alignment, there’s truth, and infinitely more comfortable than engaging in drama. Anything else is a crap shoot, and aren’t we all tired of that?

It’s time to move on, as they say. It’s time to return home, to return to our one family. The message is loud and clear, we can’t take the separation anymore. People are dying at the hands of those tasked with our protection. The division of wealth is only in one direction, to a chosen few. The rest are left on the side of the road to fend for themselves. I don’t really understand why we ever had to come to this point to see the truth, but evidently we got too caught up in the drama, lost all focus, all balance, all alignment, and here we are, with a government that spies, lies, and oppresses. Except it’s tied up with a neat little bow of freedom, so evidently we’re all supposed to shut up about it. Maybe it takes some anger to break through this morass of oppression we experience in one form or another, not only in this blessed country, but in the rest of the world where others are experiencing the same thing.

Energy will balance itself. It always does. The Tower card from the Tarot tells us that sometimes we have to destroy to create. But I think we’ve done enough of that. We’re powerful and creative beings. We could try living up to that potential in a positive way. Align, know, create.

~Blessed Be