Along The Path ~ Tarot for 25 January 2018

Along The Path ~ Tarot for 25 January 2018

Wands and Swords seem to be a recurring theme of the tarot readings of late. Emotions versus intellect, heart versus head with the High Priestess observing its exchange. An overall numerology of three is present signifying the catalytic nature of triplicity. Three aligns with the Divine Feminine, fertility, the expansive influence of its planetary correspondence […]

The Path Around Destruction

The Path Around Destruction ~ Tarot for 28 March 2017

Like the Elder Futhark, tarot decks are divided into three sections that describe the journey of self in form involving the inner self, self in interaction with others, and self in the greater unified presence. Twenty-two cards comprise the Major Arcana and deal with archetypal or foundational influences. The remaining numbered cards along with the […]

Reaching Ever Higher Toward Unified Presence ~ Tarot for 27 March 2017

A young boy reaches toward an open window while the girl fiercely protects her material possessions. The Devil represents the choice within between a focus on self and one that embraces the greater good. Each of the three initial cards, the 8 of Cups, The Hermit, and The Devil¬†reflect the choice to abandon emotions that […]