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In Peace Amid The Chaos ~ Tarot for 11 June 2017

I ordered a new Thoth Tarot deck, this one larger than the first one I bought. I typically use a magnifying glass when looking at the cards anyway, but the larger cards provide a better look at Lady Frieda Harris’s interpretations of Crowley’s work. From the colors used to the flow of the cards, her impressions bring forth an emotional resonance unlike any other deck I own.

Swords and Cups comprise today’s reading along with two cards from the Major Arcana as well as one Court card. The overall numerology is 5 or change. Elemental Air and Water are represented signifying our intellectual and emotional presence. The two cards from the suit of Swords involve the astrological sign of Libra, beginning with the 2 representing the Moon in Libra, and ending with the 3 representing Saturn in Libra, moving from peace to sorrow with a Knight and two Majors in between, a change of some kind possibly in awareness taking place.

I like the suit of Swords given that my astrological sign is Libra and because it represents balanced intellect and clarity. The 2 of Swords in the Thoth deck depicts two swords piercing a blue rose as they cross in balance. Two daggers appear above and below, one piercing an upward turned crescent moon, and the other the glyph for Libra. Four geometric symbols appear behind the sword suggesting an evolving intellectual process while angels in prayer adorn both swords’ hilts. The card’s title is Peace illustrated by the swords in balance. A decision has been made and peace and calm have returned.

A winged Knight bursts forth on a white steed holding a golden chalice with a crab balancing on its rim. A peacock appears on the right-hand corner of the card, its tail feathers extending out fully behind it. The Knight of Cups represents an individual who is both self-disciplined and a thrill-seeker. He can be loving and wise as well as insensitive and shallow. Somewhat passive-aggressive, the Knight’s vacillates between a focus on self and others, wishing to do the right thing, but at times becoming caught up in the drama of the moment finding it difficult to let go of what no longer serves.

Card nine from the Major Arcana, The Hermit represents Thoth, Hecate, and the Creator within. He stands on the mountain top in retreat from the world, receiving wisdom from the divinity we all possess within. In alignment, his light of wisdom extends to all.

In the position of hidden influence, The Fool stands ready to take the leap of faith into his journey through form. The Fool represents our infinite potential and the development of the individual through life. He has no expectations as he lives in the present moment, eagerly embracing the diversity of new experiences.

And then we come to the outcome card, the 3 of Swords. Crowley titles this card Sorrow as we see three swords tearing apart a rose, piercing its center. A serpent coils around the handle of the largest sword, offering the possibility of rebirth and renewal, yet the dark colors suggest a lack of clarity or confusion exists. A drama triangle may be represented but the chance of rebirth suggests an opportunity for clarity exists if we balance our intellect with our emotions. As the geometric shapes appear to break around the main sword, the scene suggests that in alignment, the deceptive agendas around us will fall away, replaced by understanding and substantially more dignity than when we began.

We each make a choice when incarnating to either live in service to self or in awareness of our greater unified presence. We make every attempt at living peacefully but occasionally others enter our lives providing a catalyst for something more interesting and at times, confounding and upsetting. Truth is like that. It may not always be pleasant, but it’s far better to live in truth than to continually be drawn into lies and deception.

If ego drives the human experience then the drama becomes real instead of something to merely observe and experience for the lessons it has to teach. The Hermit teaches us to see the world through a higher perspective, experiencing life without judgment. Remaining aligned amid the chaos of the world allows us to experience the world as observers instead of reactors.

We begin in peace and balance, but as time goes on, our innocence is threatened by the drama around us. Alignment in higher self-awareness assures peace amid the chaos as we calmly navigate our experiences irrespective of how emotionally charged they may be. Although the outcome of these experiences can certainly be sorrow, in alignment sorrow falls away, replaced by clarity and vision.

Blessed Be

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Where We Find Our Peace ~ Tarot for 9 May 2017

Where We Find Our Peace ~ Tarot for 9 May 2017

Wow. Lots happening today culminating with the new guy firing the Director of the FBI, James Comey. Although firing someone who is investigating him seems to be a trend with this impulse-challenged overgrown child pretending to be our president, the timing seems odd as well as its roll out. It doesn’t appear the new guy thought firing the guy who was investigating him was important enough to do so in person. Instead, Director Comey learned of his dismissal while giving a speech.

We’re circling the drain in this country. Our shared values are being annihilated before our very eyes replaced by a pull it out of his ass mentality, our integrity be damned.

Like many witches, when a situation is unclear, I use divination tools such as runes and tarot cards to gain insight.  The Moon, The Star, and the 8 of Cups comprise today’s tarot reading. Aleister Crowley’s Thoth tarot deck is my favorite tarot deck to use. It’s not conventional, but then neither am I. Lady Frieda Harris’s depiction of each card is so beautiful that it’s easy to become lost in the flowing symbolism of each card, particularly those of the Major Arcana.

Regarding The Moon, from Crowley’s The Book of Thoth as referenced in Duquette’s Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot:

Let the Illusion of the World pass over thee unheeded, as thou goest from the Midnight to the Morning.¹

Isn’t that amazing? Let the Illusion of the World pass over thee unheeded is the key to navigating life in this odd, chaotic experience we’re creating together. Even if we believe we’re victims, ours is a participatory experience. Harris depicts the traditional symbolism of The Moon somewhat differently, including Anubis in dual form, each aligning with a darkened tower. The Moon appears to be spilling into the horizon below as if pouring its secrets into our consciousness. A scarab, an Egyptian symbol for eternity, appears below, its antennae enclosing a golden orb, a gift of clarity and rebirth from The Moon above reminding us that we are indeed an eternal unified presence and we should allow the illusion of the world to pass over…unheeded. In other words, observe what’s happening without becoming caught up in illusion itself.

Preceding The Moon in the Major Arcana, The Star represents our visions and dreams becoming reality. She is the Goddess, the Blessed Conduit between physical and nonphysical aspects of self. Lady Harris illustrates the Goddess pouring blessings from above, her back turned to the world. The star above spirals around her, our energy vortex into form. The Star’s blue, rose, and golden hues suggest peace and calm are possible when our focus is in alignment with our unified presence.

Finally, we come to the most blasé card of the Thoth tarot, the 8 of Cups. Water rather dribbles from lotus blossoms to four cups below. Four of the cups appear to be empty, and the others sparse at best. Indolence is this card’s title suggesting emotional stagnation and a feeling of nothing left to give, a sense of exhaustion dominating the card. We’re counseled to let go of what no longers serves when this card appears in a reading.

Major Arcana cards are considered soul archetypes and when they appear in a reading we’re to take special notice, particularly when more than one present. Given that The Star and The Moon appear consecutively in the Major Arcana, the 17th and 18th cards respectively, together their numerology reduces to the Saturnian number of 8 or structure, manifestation, protection, and discipline.

The overall numerology of the reading is 7 or divinity, intuition, and wholeness. When ill-dignified, 7 can reflect our shadow side of self. Seven reflects the balance we strike between self and other awareness or the choice we make between a self-centered focus or one that embraces and includes others. Together with the 8, do we navigate this life alone or do we manifest our lives in full awareness of our unified presence with all?

Both The Moon and The Star rely on inner vision born from alignment with our Source Presence and suggest that we find our peace in that awareness. Those who choose a self-oriented focus will do anything to continue that choice undisturbed and undeterred. The hidden influence of The Moon may be suggesting that much is happening behind the scenes, the new guy’s recent actions appearing as a response to that activity.

They’ve truly gone as far as they can go with their deception and avarice. Their brazenness will be their undoing in the end, our ultimate peace a welcome relief from the chaos.



  1. DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 146). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.
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In Love With Bees

In Love With Bees

I installed a new package of bees in the Warré hive today. The queen was moving around in her small cage when I pried out the cork in the end replacing it with a small marshmallow, only then placing her in her new home. We shook the bees from the container into the hive and put a feeder along with a small pollen patty on the top of the frames to give them some food while they become accustomed to their surroundings.

We lost all four hives last winter. It happens more than beekeepers wish but sometimes there’s nothing we can do when the snow’s so deep we can’t reach them. The colonies just got too cold. They went into winter healthy and never came out again. I was devastated.

So today, when the bees were climbing all over us I was thrilled. I missed them so much and I finally got to experience their trust and unified resonance once more. Growing up, my mother taught me to be afraid of bees. I stepped on a bee in our chicken coop thirty some years ago and received my first bee sting. Six weeks later it happened again. Although my husband has always wanted bees, I couldn’t quite get there until a couple of years ago.

Now beginning our third season as beekeepers, with each year my comfort level grows. The first year I hung back primarily assisting Jerry but by the second year I had purchased the Warré and a horizontal hive and any fear I had was gone. And when I got the call yesterday that the package was in my tears flowed.

You can’t know what it’s like to pull weeds in the garden with bees only inches away, all of us doing our own thing, in synchronicity with the garden itself. The next best gardening companion is a chicken. I used to have one that would come running the minute I began weeding. She loved to help.

But as the fruit trees began blooming this Spring, only local pollinators were visiting, with only a few bumblebees around. The sound of honeybees simply wasn’t there and although I knew that the package and nucs we ordered would eventually be here, I had no idea if they would be here in time to place their essence on the trees. Because it’s a give and take between bees and the plant life that sustains them, there’s nothing like a colony of honeybees to make everything bloom!

The garden flourishes now, prolific and abundant, made so by the bees who visit. And I await the moment when I sit out in the gazebo where a curious honeybee hovers in greeting a couple of inches from my face. It first happened only a day or so after our first colony arrived. She hovered a few inches from my eyes, looking at me. I sat there while she and I sized each other up, and then she was gone. But in that moment, I fell in love and my devotion to the colony has grown exponentially.

Although I regularly perform Reiki on the colonies, today I took a 432hz tuning fork out to the colony after they had settled in for a bit to align with their resonance, essentially tuning the biofield of the hive. As I struck the fork on the puck and moved it around the hive their resonance changed a bit and they seemed to settle down even more. The bulk of the colony was inside the hive surrounding their queen. They may have already eaten through the marshmallow I placed in the opening to her small cage and when she’s released and ready, she’ll take her maiden flight to breed with drones. She takes this flight only once creating millions of bees over the remainder of her life.

An empath, I feel the resonance of the colony, their hum and their unified presence. Performing Reiki with or without the tuning forks is an experience like no other. So it’s as much for me as it is for them. There’s so much stress in the life of a colony with pesticides and parasites and other problems our world forces them to contend with. All they want is to sustain life. They’re an integral part of our lives and yet are at such risk so I do what I can.

But without them, there is no us. The sound of bees is the sound of love and joy. We have an emotional connection to this unified presence if we would only stop and listen to their message. They survive together, never working at cross purposes but only in the preservation of the colony. A beekeeper sits next to her hive, listening to, learning from, and loving these incredible creatures. Their reverence for one another as well as for their queen is astonishing to observe.

Saving them, in turn, saves us. So how about we do that.


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Peace Within The Unified Self ~ Tarot for 7 March 2017

Peace Within The Unified Self ~ Tarot for 7 March 2017

Overall factors along with a hidden influence result in the final outcome of Peace in today’s tarot reading. I’ve been working with this particular spread for the last few days and I really like it. The top three cards represent overall influences, significant in nature. I laid a fourth card horizontally below the upper three to indicate an influence that’s either unconscious, hidden from view or an inner truth that should be considered. A fifth card represents the outcome.

Two cards from the Major Arcana along with one card each from Disks, Cups, and Swords comprise today’s reading. Earth, Water, and Air are the elements represented and the overall numerology is 1 corresponding with new beginnings, self-development, wholeness, and unity. We come full circle with the number one with renewal and rebirth its message.

Infinite manifestation in balance is represented in the 2 of Disks by a snake coiled about in a symbol for infinity. Jupiter in Capricorn are its astrological influences, expansion balanced with a more serious focus, also reflected in the two yin-yang symbols within the circles. Fire balances with Water in the upper symbol while Earth balances with Air in the lower symbol.

An Earth card, the 2 of Disks suggest seeking an inner balance that fosters financial stability. We may be juggling things and a decision is necessary. This card asks us to trust our inner knowing and allow change to unfold.

Thoout, Thoth Deux fois Grand, le Second Hermés, N372.2A, Brooklyn Museum

I love The Hermit in any deck but the Thoth version is so cool. He has the same head as Thoth himself, ibis-looking and regal. The Hermit wanders in retreat from the world, his path illuminated by his sun-lit lantern. He is surrounded by a field of grain with a symbol for sperm down in the left-hand corner suggesting the creative aspect of Self. Cerberus, the three-headed dog follows at his heel, both in devotion and protection of the ancient guardian. He is the Creator personified, aligned on his spiritual retreat, and when he appears in a reading we’re to go within to gain insight and wisdom.

The alchemy of the creative principle within is felt with Art, the fourteenth card from the Major Arcana. Called Temperance in most decks, Art describes the alchemical process of creation blending fire with water to bring our creative and emotional aspects of Self into balance. The Goddess mixes fire with water in the cauldron below transmuting the qualities of the beasts below into a shared experience. The lion’s nature becomes balanced and transformed by the influences of Elemental Water while the eagle experiences the same alchemical exchange as he embraces his newfound creative aspect of Self.

At times our inner balance becomes off and when Art appears in a reading it’s telling us to check that inner balance and find a more peaceful alignment. In balance, Fire and Water give us both the creative and emotional presence necessary to achieve a positive outcome. With Fire out of balance, we may become argumentative and oppressive. If Water is out of balance then we may become overly emotional and not see the bigger picture so aligning in our Unified Self is appropriate.

So what we have so far is the idea that our balance is off and now it’s time for reflection in order that we find a better balance with self and others. We possess all that we need to accomplish this task, we need only allow ourselves the opportunity.

         The 10 of Cups

The 10 of Cups illustrates ten overflowing cups in the shape of the Tree of Life suggesting that we have all that we need to be happy and at peace. In alignment with our Unified Self, we tap into that loving resonance that sustains each one of us during our time in form. We need nothing else but the awareness that we are the Creator personified and as such we are a unified presence with all.

A sense of joy and contentment, of belonging and satiety, are felt with this card. The energy flows free and unabated, its love overflowing. The card’s numerology is 10 which reduces to 1, reinforcing the overall numerology of the reading as well as the sense that as the Creator, love is our foundation for peace and happiness.

Two ornate swords pierce a lotus flower as they cross in balance. Reflecting the Moon in Libra, Crowley titles the 2 of Swords Peace. Conflict has led to a peaceful outcome and balance has been achieved. This card can also reflect an inner struggle that if not completely resolved, at least is headed in the direction of clarity.

Our thoughts take us into some amazing places, not all of which are positive. The reading is counseling us that in order that we find peace, we must first control our thinking and focus. Where we place our focus matters. If on situations or memories that upset us, then staying in the present moment makes sense as a solution.

Our peace begins with each one of us. Irrespective of the crapola that’s occurring around us, pulling back into alignment with our Unified Self brings us a sense of peace and allows us time to achieve better clarity about the situation. With all the chaos and concern that we’re experiencing now, we may find meditation and inner work our only salvation as distractions abound.

The peace we seek, along with everything else, can be found within the Unified Self.

Blessed Be



  1. Thoth. Wikipedia.
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Finding Peace Within ~ Tarot for 11 Feb 2017

Finding Peace Within


Peace is our only choice in the end. And with emotions running so high these days, albeit with good reason, on last evening’s Full Snow Moon I decided to perform a ritual for peace. Magick can either be a response to one thing or another or it can be used to raise vibration. For this ritual, I decided raising vibration was my focuse and I performed some herb magick to assist in the process.

It’s interesting that peace came up in today’s tarot reading. I like doing tarot readings on the day after the full moon during its Crone phase for extra wisdom. Using my Thoth deck I drew four cards for today’s reading.

The Ace of Swords, 2 of Swords, The Devil, and The Moon comprise today’s reading. Two cards from the suit of Swords representing the Air element or our intellectual presence appear along with two cards from the Major Arcana. The numerology is 1, 2, 15, and 18 reducing to 9 or completion.

Beginning with the Ace of Swords, we have the root or foundation of the powers of elemental Air. A green sword rises upward from grayish clouds through a golden crown of light, a snake wound around its handle suggesting renewal and rebirth. The sun appears to be rising out of the clouds, a golden starfield above, consciousness arising from pure thought. The sword in its brilliance cuts through illusion, invoking balance and equilibrium.

The 2 of Swords represents Peace. Two swords pierce a lotus flower, crossed in balance. Two smaller swords appear in alignment, the upper sword piercing a crescent moon while the lower sword pierces the glyph for Libra, together representing the Moon in Libra. Angels with their hands in prayer adorn both swords’ hilts. Wisdom blends with clarity as the green color fades to yellow as a balance is struck, a peace born from conflict.

The Devil from the Thoth tarot is represented by a smiling three-eyed goat and is as phallic a symbol as you get. He stands above two round testes filled with potential life struggling to emerge. He is the ego personified, instinct and our primal nature representing the masculine or projective energy within. The Devil represents control over others and potential misuse of power and can suggest that we’ve become too focused on our desires at the expense of balance. A change in belief or attitude is needed when this card presents in a reading.

And then there’s The Moon, in all her glory last night. She lit up the night sky, her reflection making the snowy ground sparkle. In the Thoth deck, The Moon takes on an Egyptian feel:

Harris’s rendering is disturbingly haunting, but it is not too dissimilar to the traditional image. The path runs between two towers guarded by twin figures of the Egyptian god Anubus, god of embalming and guardian of cities of the dead. Poison blood drips from the dying Moon. The creature walking out of the water at the bottom of the card represents the scarab beetle, symbolic of the Egyptian god Kephra, who is the god of the Sun at midnight.¹

I love this card. The use of the scarab suggests emergence from nothingness, of transformation and rebirth. We look for what’s hidden when this card appears. But before we look without, we need to look within to find the transformative power we inherently possess. This card represents the realm of magick, of mystery and intuition. The Moon asks us to see the unconscious or shadow side of self and to let go of fears that are based on illusion.

There’s been so much chaos and concern over the recent election. The so-called new guy has abandoned all decorum, antagonizing other countries, and demeaning the presidency and our country in the process. He’s like a sugar-fueled toddler in a candy store. His gullibility and lack of impulse control is well depicted by The Devil illustrating his unrestrained desires overshadowing any intelligent action. More is coming out daily about his antics as well as the behavior of his cabinet choices with the impeachment word floating around.

The reading suggests that a rational approach is needed with peace as its goal but that seems beyond his abilities as I read reports that he’s hung up on another country’s leader. China seems to understand how to deal with him, however. They became the parent in the room to the new guy’s toddler-esque attitude and stopped talking to him after more than a few belligerent tweets. They literally (and physically) turned their backs to the screaming toddler. Eventually, they spoke and he reportedly caved to their concerns. You’d think he’d be nicer to them given how much of his tasteless crap is made there. But arrogant posturing is all he can muster. And now Iran is doing their own saber-rattling in response to the so-called new guy’s outbursts.

For those who voted for this guy, the reading suggests a dark night of the soul moment is at hand. They didn’t look beneath the surface, their specific concerns more important than the greater picture. Some were even drawn to his racist and sexist banter and will have to come to terms with what that says about them.

The Ace of Swords indicates that we possess great creative power ready to cut through the illusion and nonsense we’re now experiencing to create the world that we desire. Irrespective of the efforts of the so-called new guy to derail the process, our momentum is outpacing his and like the scarab, the chrysalis of peace will emerge into being through careful intention.

It doesn’t reflect a weakness to care about others but in fact a strength of character. Look within and find what prevents you from embracing this fundamental truth.

Blessed Be


  1. DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 147). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.
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Infinite Power In Alignment With Source Presence

Manifesting will

Our true duality is expressed by our physical and nonphysical presence. We play out our perception of that duality while in physical form with our awareness of Self in the background, believing what we see is all that is. Our presence behind the form we take is there all along, however, whether or not we’re aware of it.

Because we play out the idea of duality in various forms, we’re of the mindset that our lives should be lived in balance. Another way of saying this is to remained aligned or centered. But what is it that we’re remaining aligned or centered to? I believe it’s our Source Presence that we align to. To stay within our Source Presence instead of focusing in so heavily on the world around us. Because if we do that, then we see the world through the compassion of Source Vision, rather than through the eyes of the ego. We’re not derailed by judgment so we remain at peace.

In today’s rune and tarot reading, we have Adjustment, Crowley’s version of Justice, and Uruz, the second rune of the first Aett of the Elder Futhark. Equilibrium and strength of will are the theme with Air and Water dominating the elemental influence. The numerology is 10, 8 + 2, reducing to 1 or new beginnings, corresponding to Elemental Fire. We’re experiencing the development of self as we find strength in alignment, our goal an uninterrupted flow of joy and delight.

This is difficult to accomplish when we’re focused on all the drama we’ve experienced of late. I think this rune and tarot reading is reminding us to find that place of inner stillness or focus and begin always from there. I feel more in control when I do that and I’m far more able to look at what’s going on dispassionately.

Adjustment, a card of Libra, is one of the cards that Aleister Crowley both reordered and renamed. Typically, this card would be named Justice. We see the Goddess standing between two scales, the blue colors evoking a peaceful and balance emotional countenance. Her eyes are covered, her head bowed, hands on the hilt of her sword, point facing downward, her presence controlling form. Her covered eyes tell us that we have the power to remained aligned irrespective of what’s happening around us. She takes the dispassionate view, allowing nothing to disturb her clarity. She stands within the two triangles of the Merkaba, one pointing up to Spirit, the other pointing downward into form, blending the wild with the civilized, expressing courage and strength.

Uruz is considered an archetypal rune as it indicates manifestation into form. A Water Element rune, change of some kind involving our manifested will is in play when this rune appears in a reading. Healing, overcoming obstacles, and strength are favored with Uruz. Representing the Aurochs, Uruz removes self-doubt, fosters courage, and increases our endurance.

If we spend all of our time reacting to everything we see and experience, we’ll have no time for our own creation. Adjustment and Uruz tell us that alignment with Self or Source Presence brings a strength that a sole focus on form can never achieve. It’s from our alignment in Source Presence that our will manifests into form, whether it’s an idea, a new project, or a new relationship. Everything we do and accomplish will benefit from alignment such as this. Without it, our will becomes scattered affecting our desired outcome, so taking time to find your inner focus makes sense.

It used to be that watching the news or reading a newspaper or magazine would give us the facts. Not anymore. Now the news is skewed to ratings, and it feels as if they’re telling all of us how to see and and what to feel about everything rather than just reporting what happened. It’s about their opinions now, not the truth. Pundits have replaced real journalists and now we’re told what to think. It’s become about stimulus and response, with the media controlling the narrative.

Sometimes we have to turn off the noise to regain our inner balance. Leave the television off, the laptop closed, our earbuds somewhere other than our ears and go outside for a walk. Listen to life unfolding around you. Take in the air and the sounds and smells around you and breathe all of it in. Your alignment is far more important that what just happened with the election. And if the next four years are as chaotic as the candidate was, we’ll need all the aligned focus we can achieve to stay on our own course.

There’s infinite power in our alignment with Source Presence. It overshadows any and all fear we experience and provides us with the strength and compassion to rise above all the noise and vitriol. Our inner peace matters that much.

Blessed Be

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Finding That Still Point

Book One

Energy swirls into manifestation. Everything amounts to thought in motion. Some view that as a spiral, some a vortex, but however you view it, energy moves. The universe and all within it is a projection of collective thought or consciousness. That collective thought is the Mind of Source Energy, the presence behind our form.

Now if we move from the collective to the individual expression, we experience a tangible world surrounding us, ourselves included. We sense our own presence behind form and the world we see, think about, and respond to comes from there. Each thought sends a a swirl of energy into the collective field surrounding us, a pathway or channel created between Self and whatever we’ve given our attention to.

It’s what we give our attention to that fosters the moods we experience. Instead of choosing our mood or state of mind before we give our attention to something, we give control to our reactions. Our attention stays on people or situations that cause us discomfort instead of giving our attention to something more positive. Apparently the drama is more interesting than maintaining our happiness.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but to me this feels like chaos. It feels like standing in the eye of a storm, winds swirling around me. And if my thoughts are on things that bring me unhappiness, then the winds swirl unabated. If I focus my attention on happy things, the winds die down to a calm breeze.

Alignment is like that. Letting go of negative thoughts and allowing our mind to calm and settle brings a sense of peace. From that point we can choose to engage or remain in our own space. Engagement with others from an aligned state fosters less reaction and allows us to remain in control of our experience.

We can jump head first into the chaos or we can step back, align and then observe before engaging. And in the end, it’s not really about the outcome but our experience within all of it that matters. And it seems that it’s how we feel about what’s happening that stays with us more than the experiences themselves. So staying in control of how we experience life, particularly when something doesn’t sit well with us, is key to our happiness.

Blessings to all as we find our still point, where the chaos ends, where the winds die down, where peace and calm reside.


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Seeing Otherness

Mother's Day

I’ve said it before, but life in physical form is tricky. Instead of feeling our oneness with each other, all too often all we see is the otherness. Today is an example of this as another lunatic with a gun killed more than fifty people and wounded fifty-three more in a local LBGTQ nightclub. And although he was evidently born in this country, he has a Muslim name so cue the inappropriate comments from the crazy guy with the funky hair.

Opportunism is apparently more important than sensitivity with the funky hair guy. We live in the United States of America. As I was typing that, I initially typed Untied instead of United. Maybe I should have left it that way, because our country feels increasingly untied these days. The venom amongst the progressives rivals the take back my country teapartiers of a few years back. It’s disgusting and I refuse to participate in it.

We have a woman who is more qualified than anyone we’ve seen in a long time running for President but do we all rally behind her? No. Instead, people believe the lies that have been orchestrated by the conservatives over the last twenty years or so. I read tweets on Twitter by younger folks that seem to parrot everything FOX Noise has said, thereby avoiding critical thinking at all cost. Because after all, if we hear a lie enough times it becomes true, no?

Better healthcare? Nope. She tried when her husband was president, but they vilified her. She was a terrific Senator and her staff loved her when she was Secretary of State, but do progressives rally around her? Nope. Instead they bring up Benghazi and then demand her arrest.

Because she understands Wall Street, she obviously must be in cahoots with them. She’s a woman, so she must be playing the woman card, odd then that so many top military leaders support her. Her husband dishonored her, so she must have been involved somehow. Their friend commits suicide, so of course she had a hand in it.

And if women support Hillary, then we’re doing it because we’re all girls. And it’s known everywhere that girls do everything together. Evidently no one is capable of independent thought. Right. Well, think what you like, but I’m with her.

Whether it’s women, gay people, people of color, old people, young people, poor people, uneducated people, or anyone else that doesn’t find themselves in the one percent of those who believe they hold all the cards, it’s the arrogance of the haves in this country that has cost everyone. For some reason, many in that long laundry list of people that I happen to belong to sometimes adopt this same arrogance that oppresses even them, something I’ll never understand.

It takes no time at all to find examples of otherness. We saw such an example in Orlando today. Look around and you’ll see it everywhere. But we have a chance to rethink, to regroup, when tragedies like this mass shooting occur. We can see past the otherness and see a friend, or family. We can see the Source Presence within all and experience the oneness that is our true essence.

But for now, we’ll hold our friends and family a little closer and extend love and blessings to those who have lost so much.

~Blessings to all as we find our way back to each other.


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Witch Notes & Transit Influences for Thursday, 28 January 2016

Jan - Transit 1282016I had intended to open with the standoff at Malheur being over, but apparently it’s not. I live two hours away, but on the east side of the state it’s similar terrain so it feels right next door. The Malheur Wildlife Refuge is amazing. And when all is said and done, and the mess is cleared away, it will return to the beautiful place that it is. I have ponds on my property and it’s not uncommon to see herons, cranes and other birds hanging out that no doubt visit or live there as well. For these people to destroy any part of that beautiful space is horrible. And to think they don’t even live here. But now it’s nearly over. And that’s a relief.

I had to purchase a new laptop. The other one would freeze continually and I can’t have that. So I’ve been trying to stay up with blogging while transferring things over to new computer. Note to self: write down login information every time.

Looking at my Human Design transits, I continue to work independently of others in a measured fashion. Two new channels are active today, Synthesis 49/19 and Discovery 46/29. Synthesis involves sensitivity and the energy for partnership. I interpret it also to mean the level of empathic sensitivity or awareness. Discovery increases perseverance, allowing me to succeed where someone else might fail.

Transiting Gate changes include the Sun, Earth and Moon followed by Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. Mars transiting at Gate 1, Line 1 brings the influence of special timing, always appropriate for this Generator Type personality. Jupiter’s influence brings into focus the energy of futility, but only as it applies to depending upon others.

The Sun supports the futility felt by Jupiter’s influence as the need for individuality is strong. So I think the sense of futility is only that I need to rely on myself more than others as I go through the day.

The Moon helps me pace myself, developing a better rhythm than my typical here, there and everywhere approach. Venus changes her Line today to a 3, helping me to take a more self-generating approach. Uranus changes its line to the same assisting me to think on my feet.

We’re not the bodies we inhabit. We’re the intelligence behind those bodies. The more I look at these influences, I keep coming back to that idea. I feel everything as an empath, and I feel that separation between my body and my Higher Self. In other words, for reasons no doubt decided before I incarnated, I have remained aware of my multidimensional nature. People think of it as having psychic ability, but it’s just an awareness of who I am. Of who we all are, because we’re all born this way. Empathic awareness simply reflects our true nature. And with ascension upon us, more of us will become aware of that truth.

I grant you that it’s an odd experience to be an empath. I experience transiting influences as energy currents that either sustain me or knock me off my game. It’s similar to walking with or against the wind. The same is true when I’m in another person’s aura space. But the idea is to keep plodding along, irrespective of the energy currents we encounter. And if I do that, then I’m less likely to be derailed by the energies of others or planetary influences that are occuring at that time.

We’re told growing up that we’re not to be selfish, to think only of ourselves. So in a sense, we’re shaped as children to lose that multidimensional awareness we’re all born with. Some of us don’t, however, despite extensive efforts by our parents, etc. to convince us otherwise. And it’s essential that we learn to stay in our own resonance. It doesn’t mean we don’t have compassion for others, but life really is about each one of us. Engaging with others is fine as long as everyone brings something positive to the experience. Otherwise, it’s a burden none of us needs, and it distracts us from our purpose.

Focusing purely on the expression of physical form as it unfolds around us, we react instead of create. It may sound simplistic, but that’s essentially what’s happening. If we visualize our life as a tunnel, reacting to what’s going on around us stops our forward progression through the tunnel. We stop moving forward. We stop creating our own life and become involved in someone else’s. So as we engage with others, we need to remember to stay focused upon our own creative force, and choose the stops we make more wisely.

So, I’ll amend what I said above and say that real futility is in not staying aligned. I do that, and my day goes more smoothly. And I’ve noticed that I remain blissfully unaware of everything else that’s happening around me. And wouldn’t you know it, nothing bad happens as a result.

With any luck, the dumbasses at the Refuge will be gone by tomorrow, and folks can survey the damage and begin cleaning up the mess. The birds will return to their sacred sanctuary; lives will return to normal, and children will stop being afraid. Those people had no right to threaten or intimidate anyone. Our neighbors in Burns are wonderful people. They work hard and they didn’t need their lives disrupted this way. Regardless of the situation that prompted it or how anyone might feel about it, these out of state people co-opted it for their own purposes and now one is dead, most sit in jail in Portland, and the four left at the Refuge are embarrassing themselves on video. It’s caused conflict where there wasn’t any. And for what?

They can never justify following residents home, sitting in front of their homes, scaring the crap out of them. And they call that peaceful protest? I had a situation happen at my home a couple of years ago where a neighbor’s friend decided to knock on my front door wearing a pistol strapped at his side. I had no idea who this guy was, only that he was huge and armed.

We have open-carry here in Oregon. I don’t really care so much about that unless of course you’re a huge guy standing on my porch at dusk when my porch light’s broken whom I’ve never met before. So, I screamed at him to leave, found my husband who, realizing who it probably was, headed over to the neighbor’s telling them all that no one had better ever do that again.

But the attitude of my neighbor’s friend was that I was the problem. That I shouldn’t be afraid of some big guy wearing a gun strapped to his side simply because he said I shouldn’t. Well, let me disabuse everyone of that notion. Of course I’m afraid of a big guy wearing a gun on my front porch.

It’s like there’s a disconnect or something with folks who really, really, really value their 2nd Amendment rights. I value mine as well. I’ve owned guns forever, but I don’t feel the need to open carry. My neighbor’s friend apparently does, a choice he’s free to make anywhere but on my property. And I’m also free to feel uncomfortable seeing it.

I’ve never been in favor of bringing a gun to a conversation. Things like that rarely end well. Our 2nd Amendment allows us to have weapons. So have them. But adorning oneself with them as if they’re jewelry or something speaks to something else.

Why would any of us want to give anyone else cause for concern? Just because we can?

~Blessings to all at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge and to our neighbors in Burns. May Goddess protect and heal them as they go forward together in love and peace.


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Love, Tears and a Whole Bunch of Freedom


2015-06-30 11.34.30


Lots of things have happened in the last few weeks that make this liberal witch’s heart both proud and broken. On the proud side, SCOTUS effectively legalized same-sex marriage in all fifty states. Love won. Another proud moment: a Socialist/Independent is running for President as a Democrat and everyone knows about the Socialist part and he’s speaking to overflow crowds everywhere he goes. And about the whole Socialist aspect of his politics? Evidently the country has had enough of the hate filled conservative party, and might not be too certain of some in the Democratic Party either. We all harassed Liz, hoping that she’d jump in, but she’s busy taking care of the country as a Senator so at this point, her populist influence will continue to enhance the conversation. And then we have Hillary. Fabulous woman. So far, it’s been a joy to watch her toy with the media. This election will be a lesson on the power of women. Hillary is standing in her own power, and it’s a sight to behold. Bush has no idea what being a decider is. Hillary, not to minimize her success as an attorney, First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State, is a Mom, and now a Grandma. Best step out of her way.

My heart broke as we all learned of a mass murder at Mother Emanuel Church, an act of domestic terrorism on family, because that’s what we But then both a more nuanced conversation began happening as well as a more direct one surrounding race in this country. President Obama, while delivering his eulogy of Reverand Clementa Pinckney and the other blessed souls who gave their lives that day, suggested that the killer didn’t know God was using him for a purpose far higher than he intended. That boy just didn’t understand that, with all the hate spilling out of him. The families forgave him, something he also didn’t anticipate. I still cry at that one, spiritual teachers, all. And while state legislators were trying to decide when to have the discussion to set the time for the potential meeting to discuss the possibility of showing some respect for all those lives destroyed by racism, segregation, and slavery by taking down the confederate flag, a beautiful woman named Bree Newsome climbed the flagpole at the state capitol and took down that damn flag. She was immediately, and happily it seemed, arrested as she climbed down, all the while reciting scripture as she did. She stood up for what was right, and I applaud her.

It’s darkest before the dawn, it’s said. Black churches are burning. Protest rallies in support of flying the confederate flag will take place this weekend. Voter suppression efforts are continuing as the Supreme Court tells one state no. How that will affect other states’ efforts to control the outcome of future elections seems irrelevant at this point given that some of these same states are signalling they’re not interested in issuing same-sex marriage licenses. They’re only interested in outcomes that serve their own position.

On the freedom side of things, today is the first day when cannabis is legal in Oregon. Even with the bumpy road our state legislature has chosen to travel on the issue, irritating voters in the process (we’ll remember come the next election, folks), we can grow it, consume it, share it, and that feels pretty great. It doesn’t really affect me as an OMMP patient, but my husband is thrilled. The sun is shining on my girls, my bees are visiting them, and life is a whole lot more interesting in the garden.

Instead of trying to tear everything down, how about focusing on things that make everything better? What the voices of hate don’t understand, like the killer of the nine blessed souls at Mother Emanuel, is that the rest of us aren’t going away. We’re building in intensity and we’ll overcome everything you try to do. And we won’t stop until love replaces your hate. We’re on a roll. We’re climbing that flag pole and bringing down the hate filled ideology that’s kept this country from being all that our constitution defines it as. Liberty and justice for all means something. It’s not just for some, it’s for all. We need to let go of the division. We need to embrace unity. Our potential together is so much greater than apart.

We could start by legalizing cannabis federally. Trust me, you don’t feel like arguing with someone you’ve just shared a pipe with. Lots of smiling, good conversation, laughing…pretty soon, you discover you actually like each other…no telling where we might go from there..

~Blessed be our One Family