A Change In Perspective ~ Tarot for 27 November 2017

A Change In Perspective ~ Tarot for 27 November 2017

A change in one’s perspective is necessary especially when loving communication is no longer possible. We want to blame everyone else when in truth, the conflict begins within. Decisions regarding others are made, harsh judgments levied, with schisms the result. At some point, when these things keep happening, it makes sense to look inward at […]

Outside or Inside, It’s A Matter of Focus

Am I on the outside looking inward, or is it the other way around? All of my life I’ve felt on the outside of things. Until I understood what it meant to be an empath, I felt as if I didn’t belong anywhere. Life can be so confusing if empaths spend their time reacting to […]

It’s Within You Now

Perspective matters. It drives everything we think, do and say. If your perspective begins with your physical presence in the world, then it begins in subjectivity. Everything is open to interpretation. But we’re not only our physical presence in the world. That’s the smallest part of who we are. In fact, we’re actually extensions of […]