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Power Over Respect ~ Tarot for 5 March 2017

Power Over Respect ~ Tarot for 5 March 2017

Power over respect seems to be the theme of the so-called new guy. We’ve always experienced that imbalance to some degree in our country, but what’s happening now is far more extreme than anything I’ve seen before. Not that I’ve seen everything, but what’s going on now seem so unnecessary, as if it’s a distraction from other more nefarious agendas at work. If he keeps us upset about one thing, then we might miss the really big stuff he’s pulling. It’s the bait and switch approach to governing. Or it’s the ignore the man behind the curtain approach. Either way, we can all agree that huge changes are quite possibly in store unless some truth is revealed that stops him in his tracks.

I confess that I rarely know what spread I’m going to use when I begin drawing cards. As I shuffled my Thoth deck I really didn’t have a question or focus so I decided to let the cards tell me what I needed to know. Right away I drew three cards from the Major Arcana, The Universe, The Emperor, and The Chariot. Their overall numerology is 32 reducing from there to 5 which can indicate change or an instinctual/material focus. Given their archetypal influence, powerful change is occurring.

From there I added two more cards, the Prince of Disks for hidden or underlying influences and the 2 of Cups as the final focus or outcome. Looking ahead, it’s nice to see that Love is the outcome. Adding the numerology of the 2 to the numerology of the Majors we arrive at an overall numerology of 7, or divinity and perfection. Seven is the number for magick and intuition and can also represent the shadow side of self.

Beginning with the final card in the Major Arcana, The Universe, we see the Triple Goddess in the center of a vortex assisting all in their return to the Unified Self. She has manifested the world around her drawing strength from the All Seeing Eye above. However, it’s not just the end of a cycle that this card signifies but also the beginning of something new. The head of the snake points downward as it emerges from the Eye’s golden rays, coiled in rebirth and regenesis providing support for the Goddess during the awakening and ascension process.

As the Goddess guides all toward ascension, she prepares as well for the new universe to come. Awakening and enlightenment give way to love and understanding transforming and raising the vibrational frequency of all.

The Emperor sits on his throne in all his fiery presence, two rams looking inquisitively over each shoulder. He holds a dark round globe in one hand and a ram’s head scepter in the other. Interestingly, he doesn’t look forward or to the right but to the left, suggesting a focus on past concerns.

One interpretation is that he’s gazing at his Empress but we don’t really know for sure. If so does that mean he finds his strength in another instead of within himself? His legs are crossed in the same manner as the Hanged Man suggesting a triple aspected focus which would align with The Empress as the third card of the Major Arcana. Perhaps his fiery nature is in need of balance that only the Empress can provide.

Although he is pragmatic and structured and capable of great compassion and reason, when ill-dignified The Emperor can be arrogant and out of control, his authority either protecting or oppressing others. The choice is his.

Movement, mastery, and receptivity are signified by The Chariot. The seventh card of the Major Arcana, this card asks us to know when to take control of the reins and when to surrender that control to others. It can also indicate alignment in Source Presence. The Knight is well-prepared for whatever is coming, dressed in gold armor, a round piece of amethyst his shield, four sphinx protecting him on his journey.

The Chariot represents balance and control over the material aspects of Self. When it presents in a reading we’re to push past obstacles irrespective of our feelings knowing that we have the inner resolve to succeed.

Prince of Disks
        Prince of Disks

In the unknown or hidden influence position sits the Prince of Disks on his own chariot pulled by a bull. He holds the world in his left hand, a staff in the other, ready for new adventures and experiences. Integrity and trustworthiness are the qualities of this card along with a sense of responsibility to others. He is practical and realistic and when this card appears, things really are moving along well.

Our answer, of course, is found in the 2 of Cups, or Love as it’s titled. A beautiful card depicting Venus in Cancer, the waters of emotional fulfillment flow forth from a lotus blossom upon two entwined pinkish dolphins with golden fins. From there while a small amount of water flows into the lower lotus blossom from the dolphin’s mouths, the majority continues on, filling the two golden chalices below to overflowing. Love is the way. Love is the answer.

I’ve written the beginning of the interpretation section several times because it was feeling somewhat redundant. But then I let myself off the hook a bit and realized that the world is in chaos and it makes sense that the cards would reflect that. The reading gives us a glimpse of who we are and what the answer is to the ridiculous place we now find ourselves.

In The Universe, we see the cycle of birth, return, and renewal. It’s an example of the awakened Unified Self. And it’s not something we have to wait until we die to experience because it’s our true reality. During this time of ascension, many are experiencing this elevated resonance of awakening to their divine Self, experiencing their essential oneness with all.

The catalytic colors alone of The Emperor card tell us that something big is happening particularly with The Emperor’s refusal to look directly at us or to the right in anticipation of the future. His refusal to look us in the eye denotes deception. The placement of the card reinforces this giving the impression that he’s looking at a process he cannot control, preferring distraction over responsibility. A sort of look over there and not at me approach.

The Chariot reminds us that working with others typically brings a better outcome than going it alone produces, something that seems to elude The Emperor. His life as a Prince was too privileged resulting in a lack of compassion and responsibility for others. His lack of integrity and honor prevent him from seeing the bigger picture which is detrimental to the country he pretends to govern, all while spending every weekend on the golf course.

It’s easy for the rich and powerful to forget that most people don’t share their experience. Ours is a different one. One that now is a risk because of an ill-dignified Emperor with no clothes. However, we will not find our solution when we’re at odds with each other. It must be found by coming together in a unified presence, making ourselves heard whether he wants to hear us or not.

We ALL matter that much.

At some point, we’re going to all have to agree that the so-called new guy lied to his supporters. They put their faith in a guy who spoke to their concerns in a manner that resonated. It is what it is. Now we have to move forward in love and unity and stand firm in demanding the truth. We deserve at least that much and in truth, so much more.

Enlightenment is a funny thing. Sometimes it happens when we’re given the gift of struggle by someone so awful that we finally learn that the only way forward is together. Whatever all of this was will come out in the end and we’ll know how this lunatic won the election. But until then, we must keep the pressure on so that the truth comes out sooner than later because Goddess knows we can’t afford the golf course trips. And would you please tell that ridiculous blonde lady to get her fucking feet off of the furniture? It’s the fucking Oval Office. Have some respect.


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Taking Back Control ~ Tarot for 24 Feb 2017

Taking back control is the theme of today’s DruidCraft tarot reading. Even though I’m a solitary witch and not Wiccan, I dearly love my DruidCraft tarot deck. I have Druid ancestry so it’s always resonated with me giving me a feeling of heritage or ancestry when I look at them.

Two cards from the Major Arcana influence two cards from the Minor Arcana in today’s reading. The 2 of Cups and the Ace of Swords along with the High Priestess and Cernunnos give us the feel of inner work giving way to new thought. The overall numerology of the reading is four or structure and Gaia energy reflecting issues of foundation in our lives. The elemental energies are Water and Air or emotions and intellectual presence.

Looking over the reading it appears to represent a  progression of thinking or unfolding awareness. The woman in the 4 of Cups is draped over a gnarled tree branch deep in thought. Three empty cups are placed before her with one overturned while another cup remains hidden from her view. She cannot see what she still has as her focus is elsewhere. The Four of Cups can typically mean a fallow period or a time for respite but in this case, it feels more definitive.

While the woman is lost in thought, she invokes The High Priestess within. In the second card of the Major Arcana, we see a priestess with her arms raised in supplication to the crescent moon above. Her eyes are closed suggesting an inner focus or presence. Her grimoire is placed before her on a stone table, a pentagram appearing on its front. Clouds and stars are above suggesting inner mysteries. A cat appears to her left on a rock by the dark water signifying intuition, perception, and awareness.

Cernunnos, or the Devil in other decks, reflects the egoic potential of form. We see Cernunnos himself, large and imposing, looking on while the lovers sleep below on the ground, satiated and at peace. While this individual can take on a negative aspect when he appears in a reading he can also indicate that relying upon our instincts might be in order. The woman may feel bereft from a lost or troubled relationship, her own needs too great perhaps to sustain it. Or the appearance of Cernunnos may indicate that she feels controlled by an outside force greater than herself.

A brilliant sword rises from the water, a new idea manifesting from pure consciousness. The sun rises in the distance with the promise of clear skies in the future. The Ace of Swords cuts through illusion allowing us to begin anew in balance and clarity. New ideas foster new beginnings as we see clearly both what is and what can be.

When our thoughts become focused on things beyond our control, we can become stuck and unable to move past the situation. A new perspective is needed. Like the woman in the 4 of Cups, we may be unable to see any value in what’s before us. Lacking clarity, The High Priestess tells us to go within and access our inner knowing.

The value of instinct is strongly reflected in the presence of Cernunnos. Are we allowing another to control our thoughts and emotions or are we choosing the state of being that we now experience? Either way, it’s still our choice to react either way.

Letting go and moving on isn’t always easy particularly if loose ends exist. But irrespective of how upsetting or annoying it all is, at some point, we have to pursue new experiences. In the final analysis, the reading is asking us to embrace our intuition and instincts and allow for the possibility of new experiences to enter out lives.

The Ace of Swords counsels us to cut through illusion and to see what’s in front of us in clarity and balance. We foolishly give control to others, believing they’ve stolen it somehow. But while oppression from without certainly exists, our primary source of discontent lies within. It’s the choice we make to either move in resistance to our experiences or to allow the fullness of the present moment to be our foundation. for it’s in that awareness that our real power lies.

Choose the creative power within and let go of that which no longer serves.

Blessed Be



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Strength, Alchemy, and Justice ~ Tarot for 19 Jan 2017

Strength, Alchemy, and Justice

Under a crescent moon, the Priestess kneels in ritual, encircled by a snake rising upward from a pool of water. Her nakedness denotes strength born from Source Presence balanced with her earthly self reflecting the influence of as above, so below. She represents unconditional love and the wild wisdom of the Goddess, acting with courage, faith, and compassion. A card of Leo, the numerology of Strength is 8 or wholeness, structure, and abundance. Sowilo appears in the top right corner suggesting awakening and healing.

Alchemy is called Temperance in other decks and involves blending together elemental energies into the creation of something new. It also suggests restored equilibrium. The card splits into two sections, blending Elemental Water and Fire, the grail cup appearing on both sides. An image with horns appears in the bluish section depicting Spirit while a more angelic image appears in the reddish section, blending physical and nonphysical aspects of Self. A clown and skull appear below indicating the joy of rebirth. The moon and sun align together, our emotional and catalytic aspects in balance.

As the 14th card of the Major Arcana, its numerology is 5 or change. Laguz from the Elder Futhark represents a strong, assertive woman and as the rune of the occult signifies the witch as alchemist. Invoking her magick, the witch gathers her strength, her intuition, to cast her intentions to the universe.

The 11th card of the Major Arcana, the scales of Justice bring illumination and balance to the reading. The background is filled with peacock feathers finding their own balance. The scales are suspended on their own as if supported by unseen forces. A card of Libra, Nauthiz appears in the upper right hand corner, a Norn rune regarding the future and positive change. Justice encourages us to live in the present moment with integrity and honor.

If you soften your eyes a bit and look again at Alchemy, you’ll see in the background of the bluish section the partial image of a woman. She is the Priestess, the witch as alchemist, her magickal considerations before her. The witch aligns her will with her emotions as she casts her intention of balance and justice to the collective consciousness. In doing so, the witch aligns in her Source Presence, her will flowing freely.

The final numerology of the reading is 6 reflecting the Higher Self. In alignment with her Higher Self, the witch’s strength is found in nonresistance and away from judgment. She manifests her will in alchemical balance, her need for justice her only focus.

It seems as if justice has abandoned us. The world as we know it is about to change and time will tell if any justice is even possible, at least for the foreseeable future. If we manifest our will in direct response to everything we read or hear then our will is ultimately led around by others. It may be better in the long run to observe and gather as much information as possible before we take action, reserving our strength and will for when it can manifest the best outcome.

Influenced by a higher truth, we refrain from overreaction, waiting for events to play out. We may have more allies than we realize and given time they may reveal themselves. And as we know, we’re stronger together than when we work at cross purposes.

Justice BindruneI created a bindrune from the runes appearing on the tarot cards for some rune magick tomorrow. Sowilo, Laguz, and Nauthiz combine together in recognition of our intrinsic need for clarity, balance, and justice. The bindrune can be used during ritual to manifest these principles or can be carried or worn as a talisman or focus. I’ll use it tomorrow during a planned ritual. I can’t bear to watch any of tomorrow unfold, so it seemed best to spend my time with Goddess.

We each have the choice over whom we serve. Some may choose service to self over service to others, surrounding us in darkness in an attempt to control or destroy all that we’ve built. They never understand that it just feels better when we live in unity with each other, where we appreciate others and actually care about what happens to them. Alignment in Source Presence keeps our focus on the greater good, knowing that any beneficial change requires that awareness.

Kindness and compassion costs us nothing and gives us everything.

Blessings to all!

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Will Justice Prevail? ~ Tarot for 10 Jan 2017

Mourning, power and justice comprise today’s tarot reading. Three swords point downward, one separated from the others by a tear falling from a wound. Haindl calls the 3 of SwordsMourning, its expression solemn and simplistic. We have been wounded somehow and as depicted by the 33rd hexagram from the I Ching, we are actively in retreat. Oppression is suggested by the downward direction of the three swords. The lack of definition in the scene suggests confusion over what has transpired and we need to look within to not only gain clarity but to also regain a position of strength.

Haindl views the 9 of Wands as arrogance and oppression toward others. Other decks view it as standing in one’s power and having strength through adversity. The hexagram is the 7th from the I Ching and gives us a clearer picture of what’s going on with the nine flaming spears. Its title is The Army, representing leadership that provides guidance and order, using proven patterns that lead us into the future. The six lines range from the administrator to the authoritarian suggesting an elected leader.

Finally we come to the only card present from the Major Arcana, Justice. A card of Libra, scales hang in balance in front of peacock feathers. The Hebrew letter, Lamed, meaning to push along or goad, is positioned in the top left while the rune, Nauthiz, meaning necessity, appears in the top right. We feel a natural pull toward Justice both in our relationships and in the greater world at large. We seek what’s fair and just from ourselves and from others, particularly from those in authority.

The numerology is both 11 and 3. Together they result in 5, but because Justice is card 11, that’s actually a Master number for illumination so I’m reluctant to include it with the others. Three is catalytic in nature, so it seems that it’s more of an impetus for the Master number of eleven, as if shining additional light on its message. Additionally, there’s the influence of another Master Number within the hexagrams. As the 33rd hexagram of the I Ching, Retreat brings in the influence of Christ Consciousness to the reading.

Again, the numerology and the hexagrams from the I Ching give the direction and flow of today’s influences. The recent election has left many feeling wounded and rightly so. The new guy represents a horrific choice, one that calls into question how our world will look when he’s finished dismantling everything that he can.

We gain strength by our withdrawal, awaiting clarity and gaining resolve. We do not yet know how the new guy will lead although what we’ve seen and heard so far has been chilling for anyone who believes in justice and democracy. Will he take this time prior to taking office to reassess his positions to reflect a more balanced and respectful tone? So far that seems unlikely to occur, instead firing everyone in sight including the eighty-nine year old Charles Brotman who has announced the presidential inaugurations since Eisenhower.

At times it seems that justice is elusive. If those in power have no checks and balances on their behavior then we give the keys to the candy store to children on a sugar high. To say they’ll run amok will be an understatement. Democracy isn’t supposed to be this way. And whether the new guy understands this or not, the scales of Justice stand ever ready to adjust his course.

On a weather note, it’s rumored that we’re getting another five to ten inches of snow tonight. I haven’t seen this much snow since living in Alaska during my childhood. My sixty-three year old husband has shoveled our nearly 800 foot driveway three times so far and he cleared off the roof the other day.

We’ll be buying a snowblower when they are back in stock..

Blessings to all!




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Power and Influence at Odds with Inner Truth ~ Tarot for 7 Jan 2017

Power and Influence at Odds with Inner Truth

Sometimes we’re faced with a choice when our inner truth outshines power and influence. Do we stand our ground, expressing our truth, or do we give it away to a power that is transitory in nature? The 2 of Wands, The Lovers, and the 6 of Swords comprise today’s tarot reading concerning our focus and decisions.

I’m going to begin with The Lovers, card 6 from the Major Arcana as significator for the reading. The glyph for Gemini appears at the bottom right hand corner, the rune for Ken or Kenaz on the top right, and the Hebrew letter Zain or sword on the top left of the card.

We see the two lovers, arms crossed behind a chalice in union with each other. Sexual union is indicated by the spear pointing downward into the chalice, projective and receptive energies as one. A red rose appears in the distance, a Star of David within, while a unicorn looks on in curiosity above. Her hair made of stones, she is Goddess, our ancient Mother, taking a consort to bring added dimension to her creation.

I draw Kenaz in a different way and the way this one is drawn reminds me more of the witch rune for woman which from the standpoint of the Mother influence, as the rune of openings, would be a similar interpretation for Kenaz. The 6th rune of the Elder Futhark, Kenaz as the torch purifies and awakens, strengthening well-being, as well as love and passion making it perfect for love magick.

The two remaining cards are from the Minor Arcana and represent the suits of Wands and Swords. Like in the Thoth tarot Haindl calls the 2 of Wands Dominion. The card depicts an old stone structure, a temple perhaps, reflecting a set of beliefs surviving amidst the ruin. Stone steps take the seeker through an archway and inside the temple. To the far right, another set of stone steps suggests a greater spiritual ascent, the interior past the archway hidden from view, an inner perspective perhaps revealed to the seeker.

The seeker has a choice to make as evidenced by the two crossed spears blocking the temple’s entrance. Does our dominion lie with the inner truth of self or the power and influence of the past? Do we give our spirituality over to others or do we look within in full awareness of Higher Self?  The path inside the temple appears easy while the path to inner truth reflects a tougher climb. The 2 of Wands asks which path will we choose?

The 6 of Swords is called, Science and is expressed quite differently than in other decks. Oftentimes it depicts a family traveling over water suggesting a journey of some kind. In the Thoth tarot it’s referred to as directed intelligence. Either way, where we place our focus seems to come through. In Haindl’s deck he creates a barren look, with a leafless tree or vine arising from the earth. An old man with flowing white hair  reaches down from above toward the 6 swords at the front of the card. Four point upward to Spirit while two point downward into matter or form suggesting balance that’s weighted on the feminine or spiritual aspect within.

Like the flaming spears on the 2 of Wands the choice the seeker must make is catalytic in nature. Hexagram 28 on the card is named Great Exceeding or Preponderance of the Great. It asks us to use our intuition to assess whether or not the transitoriness of power and influence¹ is worth the struggle brought by engagement, the drama of form versus the strength and peace of Spirit.

Hexagram 61, Inner Truth, on the 6 of Swords suggests we feel compelled to resolve the individual tension to know.²  I would suggest replacing to know with to remember what we know, but I’m sure it’s implied. We feel compelled to know the truth about everything, particularly when so much is unclear.

The reading’s numerology of five supports the fact that the world is about to embark on a new journey where the effects of unrestrained power and influence will be in full view for all of us to witness. Although many are awakening to their Source Presence, others prefer to exert power and control over others with potentially devastating effect.

Clearly the 6 of Swords suggests a more spiritual choice. Our intuition awakened with the torch of Kenaz, we choose the longer, more challenging path to awakening and ascension, the path of inner truth our choice over the path of power and influence. But in truth, it’s an easy choice to make.

And in the process, that inner truth will guide us to choose our battles, wisely moving around the distractions that will no doubt be tossed in our path. Consumed with their own glory, those in power will tell us everything we need to know.

Blessings to all



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The Power Within ~ Rune and Tarot for 19 Dec 2016

The Power Within

The power within to transform the structure of our lives is represented by the Four of Stones. A suit of Elemental Earth, Stones represents our physical presence and relationship with the Earth. From the Haindl deck, it’s another in a varied expression of this suit, Pentacles, Coins, Disks among its other names. A generally positive card, The Four of Pentacles can refer to miserliness and greed, or to the structure to build wealth. In this deck, however, it refers to the overwhelming energy to manifest new ideas.

The power within - arousingThe small interpretation handbook states the rocks are in water, but I don’t relate to it that way. I see them as suspended, an expression of their great power. The card is titled The Power of the Earth and reflects the strength and power of manifestation. Tree roots are visible under the rocks, each rock representing the four elemental directions. Hexagram 51 from the I Ching appears in the upper left hand corner called The Arousing, or the drive to adapt our response to chaos and shock, gaining the inner strength to act.

Jera, an Earth Element rune, is considered the rune of transformation and balance. The 12th rune of the Elder Futhark, Jera, or year, brings events to pass and represents our unfolding spiritual awareness. Cyclical movement is felt with Jera as it speeds growth, particularly in the garden, and balances and improves relationships.

The numerology is 4 and 12, reducing to 7. the number for divinity, intuition, and magick. Transformation is felt with the seven as well. If I include card 51 from the I Ching, then we add 6 to 7, 13 the result, which although I view it as a Master Witch number, I’ll reduce it to 4, bringing us back to structure and power.

The Haindl tarot deck evokes such feeling. Hermann Haindl’s attention to detail along with some of the more hidden aspects of each scene really requires a magnifying glass and proper lighting to truly appreciate each card’s message. The 4 of Stones represents our power within to manifest anything we choose. Jera moves energy from one state to another, adding the power of Source Presence to our Earthly intention. As above, so below.

Today begins our transformation. Elemental energies flow in synchronicity, reinforcing our power of manifestation, transmuting the shock we’ve felt into alignment and joy. As we align our Earthly power with our Source Presence the collective consciousness feels and responds to that resonance raising the vibration of all.

It’s easy to react in fear to how our world is about to change given all that we’ve witnessed. Aligning in Source Presence allows us the clarity that reaction prevents. We’ll need that clarity in the days ahead. This sort of chaos or shock can propel us in any direction we choose, down in the muck or arising into Higher Self.

We change nothing if we remain in lower, chaotic vibration. It’s time we arise in alignment with who we truly are as Source Energy in response to the chaos of the physical world. Let that propel us into our collective shift in consciousness, love for humanity our only focus.

Blessings to all!

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The Crone: Transformational Power Within

You don’t look like a Crone, a friend on social media said. I smiled, knowing he missed the point entirely. As the Goddess has three aspects, so does a woman. We begin as a Maiden, emerging into the Mother phase either in our early twenties or when we have a child if sooner. When a woman enters menopause, she’s considered a Crone. Of course these are all arbitrary, because even though at fifty-nine I’m the right age, I’m fairly certain I was born a Crone. I think most empaths and witches probably are. Or at least it’s a strong energy that’s felt within.

But deviations aside, a woman emerging into her Crone phase is a beautiful sight to behold. We’ve lived varied lives, some electing to have children, some choosing their profession as their manifestation. Regardless of choice, a woman as Mother gives birth to new ideas and new possibilities, creating a lasting legacy for herself, her family, and friends.

And when the Crone taps us on the shoulder, we’re ready to feel and express her wisdom and loving presence. We’ve lived through much by this time in our lives, experiencing all that life has to offer. We’ve dried tears and raised hopes, stood firm when necessary and showed compassion for no reason at all. We understand what’s been and what’s to come. And we know when to step out of the way, to step aside, and let things unfold as they will.

The Crone knows all too well that experience is our best guide. It’s difficult to watch as things fall apart, knowing the pain it will cause, but knowing as well that sometimes it takes such things to make us pay attention to the obvious.

Hagalaz, considered the witch rune, provides a fixed structure allowing destruction in preparation for positive change. Also a Norn rune representing Urdh and the past, essentially Hagalaz represents the witch as Crone. The Crone has watched the continuous cycle of beginnings and endings, of birth and death, giving way to a rebirth of something better. She has the wisdom to let things unfold, watching as choices are made that further nothing but chaos and destruction, secure in her knowing that truth will remain when there’s nothing left.

Elders aren’t cherished in our society. We leave them wanting for much as we go about our lives, forgetting their counsel, ignoring their wisdom. The Crone witch was tortured and burned for not only her healing skills but for her wise counsel as well, particularly when truth threatened the mighty King.

As every Crone knows, sometimes our words are all we have. Oh, we’ll gladly step aside for you. We’ll step aside and watch as you create your havoc, staying ever ready to act when necessary. But the Crone chooses her battles wisely, saving her energy and commitment for just the right moment, when it will have the greatest effect.

You’ll never see the Crone coming because you pay no attention to us anymore. You’ve disregarded and dismissed our presence, ridiculed us into silence, never realizing you fuel our purpose even more. Underestimate the Crone at your own peril. She’s the Goddess personified. She’s the reason wisdom and compassion won at Standing Rock, and she’ll be the reason we survive.

Because in the end, women will lead us. There is no choice now. The schism that has happened will not be sustainable, it’s purpose not to unify but to further oppress. Crone wisdom will survive all of this and will lead us back into the balance we so desperately seek.

Women have been cleaning up messes created by men since the dawn of time. Sadly, these are the same men we give birth to. Maybe they get too big for their britches as my mother used to say. They’re on a roll and can’t face the consequences of their actions.

Maybe she’s right. Maybe what we’re witnessing is the last vestiges of patriarchy in all it’s ugliness. On display now for the whole world to witness, it can no longer be ignored.

Because at some point, we will all have had enough.

This Crone certainly has.

~ Blessings to all!

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The Power of a Queen

The Power of the Queens

A witch is drawn to places of power whether it be the mountains, the desert, or the ocean. We’re a curious bunch, and we notice all sorts of things when wandering about. One of the things we notice are rocks, particularly if they have holes in them. Every witch loves hag, or holey, stones. A divination tool, the witch looks through the hole to divine the future. A witch should never purchase a hag stone, instead we’re to find them on our wanderings. I suppose they can be a gift from someone, but it’s better for a witch to find her own. I found a Crone-load of hag stones at the Oregon coast last year while there for our oldest son’s wedding. I use them during ritual or if I need some Crone energy to influence a magickal working of some kind. Below the cards are two of the hag stones I found at the coast. In all of my life, I’ve never found one. But sometimes Goddess provides a windfall because that day, my gathering bag was full.

The Princess of Disks, the 4 of Disks, and the Queen of Swords from the Thoth deck are the cards for today’s reading. Elemental Earth energies dominate the reading with two cards from the suit of Disks. Pentacles in other decks, Disks suggest practical matters may be of concern to us today. The Queen of Swords, on the other hand, appears not to care about such things, or does she? The suit of Swords reflects Elemental Air and our intellectual presence in the world. Absent from the reading are Cups and Wands.

The numerology is easy because Court cards aren’t numbered, so the numerology of today’s reading is four, or Gaia energy. Synchronous with the energies of Elemental Earth, issues of foundation or structure are reinforced by the numerology of the cards.

Beginning with the Princess of Disks, we see a young woman whose focus is placed on practical matters. She stands silently, in deep concentration, her staff points downward to physical form. She is practical, generous, and reliable. The Princess is a student, her careful study transforming her future.

The 4 of Disks depicts the fortress of power, suggesting a strong foundation or structure. The four elements and quarters are represented in the scene, the strength of Elemental Guardians present. The 4 of Disks suggests wealth that’s building toward material or financial success.

And now for my favorite card, the Queen of Swords. She sits on her throne, reclined a bit, surrounded by clouds, her sword in her right hand, a head in her left. Clearly, she takes no prisoners, her effect final. The Queen cuts through illusion getting to the truth of the matter, suffering no fools in her path. She is intelligent and self-reliant, assertive yet graceful. Extraordinarily perceptive, the Queen of Swords prefers the solitary path, relying on her intuition as guide.

When Court cards appear in a reading, they can indicate either the individual on the card or their traits. An initial look at the cards really didn’t give me a feel for their flow. But as I began describing each one, it became clear to me what was going on here. Instead of seeing both Court cards in the same way, I decided to look at the traits of the Princess of Disks, and alternately, the Queen of Swords as an individual. I suppose we could see the Princess as the Queen when she was younger, but I think we’d arrive at the same place anyway.

There’s power in building the foundation for our lives. We seek out education in all forms, determined to learn all that we can, recognizing that the time spent in diligent, focused study will result in future success. We’ve learned from the Princess that transformation is possible with careful management of our resources.

But at the end of the day, the Queen reflects on wisdom gained over a lifetime lived. She’s paid her dues. The Queen uses her sword, balancing intellect with intuition to cut through illusion, finding the dispassionate solution. She lets go of what no longer serves, in this case, a severed head, suggesting it may be her own thoughts that she casts to the universe.

Typical Crone. Over time, we learn to choose our battles, eventually learning to ignore just about everything. In the clouds, she sits apart from the physical aspect of Self, aligning with her Source Presence as she releases her hold on the past. Her foundation is strong, the power of the Queen felt by all.

As women, we have far more power than we may realize. A lifetime of oppression is the cause, but all along, we’ve been building our strong foundation, our fortress. There is no one more determined than a woman. No one. We survive as we always have, with grace and dignity. And it’s time that we embraced that inner strength and resolve that has sustained us throughout our lives.

We’re worth far more than some in our country would suggest. And our time has come.

Blessed Be

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Patriarchy Isn’t Going Away Quietly

I watched part of the Commander-in-Chief forum last night, turning it off after Secretary Clinton was finished. I couldn’t watch the poor excuse for an interviewer give the next guy the pass he didn’t seem interested in giving Hillary. Even with all of her qualifications, he couldn’t be respectful enough to let her finish a thought. But then that’s how it is with powerful women. There are still men who apparently are so intimidated that they find any way that they can to make us look less than we are. Those watching last night witnessed just such a man. Well, two of them.

We’ve all lived under patriarchy for so long that it doesn’t occur to some that there can be anything else. But it’s never felt right to treat women as less than when we’ve never been anything like that. We’ve fought in wars, we take care of our families, we run companies, but we’re somehow less than our male counterparts. And now some of the more loony ones are fixated on a cough that Secretary Clinton had. A cough. President Bush choked on a pretzel and while there were jokes made about it, most people were just concerned that he was okay. These other people sound like complete nutjobs.

The other candidate has no ideas other than those which will derail our country further. Secretary Clinton, on the other hand, has all sorts of plans to make our country better, but media outlets are more interested in covering the crazy guy than listening to what she has to say. It’s probably why she doesn’t talk to them much. She’d rather talk to voters. Oh, the horror of it all.

She doesn’t smile; she doesn’t look presidential. Give me a break. This woman looks more presidential than even her husband did. Besides, it’s about governing, not about her own celebrity. Next they’ll be saying she’s not woman enough for the job. But then maybe that’s what the smile comments are about.

When we make it about the visual, we lose substance. An election is not a television show, irrespective of the fact that one of the candidates is akin to a game show host. I want to know how a candidate is going to govern and if he or she understands what people in our country deal with on a daily basis, regardless of who they are. I want to know that he or she understands the rest of world and our place in it. I want to know that he or she has a firm grasp on the issues we all face in this world and that wisdom will prevail over impulsive reaction.

When my parents were divorced, I remember my mom was up for a promotion to department head at the grocery store where she worked. I was in college and we talked about the fact that she might be able to be an Assistant Store Manager, but she would never be in charge of the whole place. That was a job reserved for men because they had families to take care of. My mother was now a single parent with a deaf son and a daughter in college, but apparently a man’s responsibilities were greater than my mother’s.

It was bullshit then and it’s bullshit now. But that’s how the world was in the 70’s. For all the work feminism was doing, we hadn’t come very far, and listening to the crap that comes from men who should know better about this election, it tells me that we have so much more work to do. But it’s as disgusting now as it was then.

People wonder why so many older women support Hillary. Well, it’s because we’ve experienced patriarchy in all its ugliness. It’s not because she’s a woman, but because she’s qualified. Because if she wasn’t, none of us would be supporting her.

Here’s the thing. Women are intelligent, responsible people. We work hard, and we want an equal place at the table. And we shouldn’t have to ask for it or point it out. We THINK. We REASON. And we VOTE. And in November each one of us will make the best decision we can when we cast our vote.

But is it time for a woman in the Oval Office? Yes. And the fussy men out there who can’t seem to stop sticking both feet in their mouths need to sit down, shut up, and learn a thing or two.

Women aren’t the enemy. We just want to be treated with respect and dignity. And we want to be paid the same as our male counterparts. We don’t want to be defined by whether or not we smile enough. And just so men know, saying stuff like this makes you look so pathetic and small. Women are tired of being judged, period. Because it’s only there to keep women in a place defined by men who want control instead of fairness, preserving patriarchy instead of a more balanced engagement.

Any time change happens, those that want to preserve the status quo will spend their efforts on derailing that change. But a tipping point has been reached, and patriarchy is giving way to a more balanced, reasoned approach to how we relate to each other. We have to start somewhere. Maybe we begin by electing Hillary Clinton our first woman President.

A note about the picture at the top of the white cosmos. This little plant is a volunteer, began with one flower, and has been growing in my driveway all summer. Its beauty and tenacity speaks to the strength of a woman who stands in her own power in spite of any obstacles in her path. As women, like this flower, we’ve persevered in our becoming. And there’s no stopping us now.

Blessed Be

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Take the Risk

Take the risk


It’s risky for a woman who begins to live her truth. Not everyone in your life understands the change in you; not everyone will get on board. Some will even sabotage your efforts, your voice, your inner power. No one seems to understand that you have no choice. You’ve waited long enough. You’ve lived your life for your parents, your husband, your children, your co-workers, your friends, the neighbors, even the checker at the grocery store. Your voice has been used for others. There’s always more to do, more to take care of, more to fix, and when all is said and done, there’s nothing left for you.

At some point, you realize what an exercise in futility it’s all been and something begins to stir inside. Suddenly, you’re not so concerned with what other people think. You forget to fall in line. You begin to question everything. You stir up the room and the air within. You don’t cooperate anymore. You begin to take back control.

Some call what many are experiencing these days as ascension. The frequency of Gaia is rising and we’re becoming more aware of our multi-dimensional selves. I view it as Goddess energy awakening within, taking her rightful place, returning us to the collective balance we lost. As a result of patriarchy, our inner balance was suppressed, with projective energy favored over receptive. Oppression has ruled the day ever since. The return of the Divine Feminine is upon us and that’s causing all sorts of consternation amongst those who don’t wish her return.

The myth of creation is just that..a myth. There’s nothing wrong with myths per se as they typically contain the social norms, mores, and values we emulate. But something went horribly awry with the advent of Adam. Patriarchy began as a struggle for supremacy between Adam and Lilith. As a result of Lilith standing in her own power, Eve was created, our integrity of self oppressed, and women have been in trouble ever since. The life we’ve lived since has been based on the convenient lie that women should be subservient to men. It was never so before this, yet when Adam was created, Goddess was demeaned and rejected, replaced by a vengeful God who needed our complete compliance lest we be left to the fires of Hell. Goddess became God and women had to obey. And we haven’t been safe since.

We are equal, not subservient. We give you life; we are not subservient. We guide and nurture; we are not subservient. We are the heartbeat of the family; we are not subservient. Our effect is profound; we are not subservient.

To those who wish to sabotage, just stop. You won’t win this. The Divine Mother has returned and She will bring everyone back into her loving family. The time has come for reunion. It is our blessing. It is our birthright. We need no one’s permission because it’s our only way forward. We can no longer let our self-imposed separation rule the day.

Our collective polarity is balancing. The Divine Feminine, long ago suppressed, has returned to influence that process. So live your truth. Stand up. Step out of your comfort zone. Do not remain silent anymore. None of us is alone for the Goddess is here, enfolding us in her loving embrace.

Our time has come and we are a force to be reckoned with.

~Blessed Be