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And Now It Hits Home

And Now It Hits Home

And now it hits home. A racist piece of shit stabbed three valiant heroes who tried to protect two girls riding on a MAX train in Portland. Two have died and one is still in the hospital. One girl evidently wore a hijab and the other was African American which was justification enough in this racist shitheel’s mind to begin hurling racial slurs and threats to both girls.

Ben Jacobs, a reporter from The Guardian, was assaulted by an asshole running for office in Montana. Of course the fuckwad won and rumor has it he included an interesting “apology” when giving his acceptance speech. But even if he goes to jail, the governor of Texas was heard talking about shooting journalists, so it’s all good. Not to worry, unless you’re a journalist, that is.

Trump rallies are famous for violence erupting against anyone who they decide is against their guy with Trump himself egging his supporters on. And it doesn’t make any difference if it’s voters or journalists, the response is the same. People get hurt.

No one is safe in this country. No one. Not as long as the so-called commander in chief gives cover to this violence. But then we can’t expect him to have the sort of integrity that Barack Obama had. He would have never put up with this crap from anyone. Even when supporters booed at a campaign rally, he would respond with, don’t boo, vote.

Decorum and civility has vanished, replaced with hate and vitriol with some violence thrown in for good measure. I don’t even recognize this country anymore. I’ve never seen a group of people so intent upon destroying the lives of so many. Everything they are doing is either destroying our social safety net or giving away classified secrets as bragging rights.

But to not be able to ride a MAX train in Portland without fear of assault as well as death? That’s just fucked up. Those girls were minding their own business when the worst thing happened and the lives of everyone involved will never be the same again. Portland’s diversity is one of the reasons it’s a beautiful place to be. This level of hatred that would cause a man to stab these saviors who were only protecting the innocent does not reflect who any of us are. Our country will never be what it can be as long as we see others as the enemy, this truth made all the more evident when a killer was willing to take a life or two on a MAX train all to protect his racist views.

Years ago when my husband and I had our karate school, one of our students was in a bad accident and he ultimately lost one of his legs below the knee. He was flown to Portland to a trauma center for the surgery and we drove down to see him while he was recovering. But at the time, there was a sniper who was shooting at random cars on the Banfield freeway, so we had to take a different route to the hospital. Our kids were with us and it was frightening.

So it’s not that Portland doesn’t have its problems but since the campaign more and more violence is happening and it’s hard to believe that it’s not related to the so-called new guy, particularly when he continues to hold campaign rallies where more nonsense occurs. He’s keeping it all going with no regard for those who are hurt.

Even in our area, would-be bikers hung out in front of our congressman’s office while little old ladies stood outside exercising their Constitutional right to protest peacefully. We can all draw whatever conclusions we want to about all of that, but I view it as harassment. The protesting seniors took it all in stride and resolved to return again and again. But I still think it’s shameful.

This us versus them mentality never leads anywhere positive. As long as we continue to view others who think or look differently as the enemy, the violence will continue.

I remember reading an article a few months back about an official following a woman back to her office and putting his hands on her. After all, if it was good enough for Trump, then it was good for him. He got in some trouble for that, and with luck the new guy in Montana who was charged with assaulting Ben Jacobs will do some time and lose his seat. But I’m not holding my breath.

Evidently, this is how Republicans now roll.

I became a Democrat in 2008 so that I could vote in the Democratic primary. I had always been registered as No Party Affiliation, but I had always voted for Democrats, so I felt comfortable making that commitment. I’m not saying that was a mistake necessarily, but if I had it to do over, I think I would have stayed neutral.

I don’t like the infighting. And I didn’t appreciate the division and vitriol between Bernie’s and Hillary’s supporters. Invariably someone on social media would try to pull me into their drama if I posted something about either one of them. I liked them both, but ultimately I voted for Hillary, telling because I’m basically a Democratic Socialist at heart. But I didn’t like the bullshit then and I don’t like it now.

Mr. Trump, you need to resign. And take that ridiculous Mike Pence with you. Odds are, if the charges stack up, you’ll both be doing time anyway, so I would suggest that you both spend what little time left you have left somewhere else. I’d suggest spending time with your families, but it looks like Jared might need a cellmate, so it might make for difficult dinner conversation. And with your wife reluctant to even hold your hand in public, she’s probably washed her hands of your sorry ass.

And Mr. Trump, as far as I’m concerned, whether the killer voted for you or not, you caused those deaths, you unhinged overgrown man-child, egging your supporters on like you do. You have no clue about how to govern and you can’t keep your mouth shut. You’re a braggart and a fool and that’s the last thing our country needs.

Mr Trump, our home is all we have so leave now, before you destroy anything else. The leaders of the world see you for the fool that you are and one can only imagine the number who are lining up behind Putin to manipulate your puppet ass. How much are you into Vlad for? That you won’t release your tax returns gives us all the answers we need until Mueller completes his investigation. Or maybe will it be the possible RICO charges in New York that sends you off to prison. Either way, it’ll be just desserts.

Not of the chocolate cake variety, but just desserts nonetheless.



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The Illusion of Separation ~ Demographics Be Damned

The Illusion of Separation ~ Demographics Be Damned

Any separation between us is such an illusion. I remember as a child becoming terrified when racist comments were made. I couldn’t handle it. It felt as if the ground was shifting under my feet and something terrible was about to happen. So when I read several articles about Rep. Steve King spouting off about controlling the demographics in our country, I felt that same shifting, only this time it was my stomach.

Hate is an interesting thing. It’s the basis for viewing certain people as the other. Entitlement factors in resulting in the sort of regime in place in our country that we’re now experiencing. No one knows what the final outcome will be but with hate at its core we’re all certain that the casualties will be many.

Investigations into how Russian operatives may have altered the presidential election results are continuing all while the US Attorneys have been fired. It’s not that it’s an uncommon happening for the so-called new guy to want his own people in those positions, but given their stature and experience as attorneys and the investigations under way, the timing seems craven at best. They evidently know more than the so-called new guy is comfortable with so they have to go.

The so-called new guy knew just what to say and how to deliver that message while on the campaign trail. I couldn’t listen to him, his vitriolic and dishonest message simply too much for me. I remember hearing the constant crooked Hillary Clinton meme, almost in a sing-song fashion. His voice was hypnotic, the cadence manipulative, and his supporters responded exactly the way he intended, the brainwashing complete.

It was sickening to hear and watch. I had to mute any news programs that featured him because I couldn’t hear that voice without knowing the truth behind it, and I wasn’t the only empath who experienced this. I wonder what it was in the heart of his supporters that responded so willingly to his racist and sexist mantra. How could any of them vote for a man who views women in such a degrading manner? How could they vote for someone who clearly had ties to Russia? Are they fine with all of the taxpayer dollars this grifter is fleecing all of us out of? Are they fine with a two-faced dictatorial asshole who will renege on all of his magical promises? Are they fine with losing their health insurance? Should we be calling all of them Comrade by now? Or were they simply duped?

The individual nature of our lives is the only way we can experience all of this. But in spite of our differences, we’re all the same Creator personified into individuated form. Any difference should be embraced and cherished, not feared. Because when we see everyone as the other we find every reason in the world to keep them at a safe distance instead of coming together in unified purpose.

The picture at the top of the post shows a geese pair who return each year to nest on my dock. They returned not long ago and have settled in to rebuild the nest and graze in yard and field. I chose it because of the as above, so below witchy tree in the pond illustrating the continuity of family. The geese could go anywhere to create life but they choose to come here. They’re unafraid of us and allow us the blessing of knowing their young. Separation, my dear friends, is an illusion. We are now and forever will be one family. All are simply reflections of our own Self.

May Rep. Cantaloupe Calves King’s demographics be damned…forever.


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Regrouping For The Coming Struggle ~ Tarot for 28 Jan 2017

Regrouping For The Coming Struggle

Today’s reading gives the feel of everyone off doing their own thing, as if regrouping for the coming struggle. The 6 of Wands depicts a young knight returning home from battle. The crowd receives him with cheers as he carries his flag of victory. The crystal tip of his spear reflects the sun’s rays as they radiate over the crowd. Six represents the sacred layer of the Holy Spirit within. It governs our emotions, balance, harmony and love. The knight’s battle has been long but his victory is received with love and an sense of community.

The King of Cups has a different feel to it. The King sits off by himself, on a throne emerging from the ocean. A dolphin jumps out of the water while the King sits in quiet reflection with waves crashing and roiling about. A calmer ocean scene appears at the bottom of his robe suggesting a calmer emotional presence. He wears a fish talisman around his neck as Neptune’s trident adorns his crown.

Cups represents our emotional presence and it appears that the King is taking some time to regroup and reflect on his life. He seeks an emotional balance as evidenced by the yin/yang symbol on his chalice. The difficulty with this particular man is that he can be passive/aggressive in his interaction with others, so time in reflection may be what he needs to come to the center with his emotions.

The 9 of Pentacles finishes out the reading with a woman wandering in the garden with a hawk on her arm. As she picks some grapes, she smells the fragrant red roses along her path. An ornate gate rises up behind the garden, with eight pentacles arching over with the ninth pentacle crowning the top.

Pentacles represent our material presence in the world, the wealth we build, and nature. The woman’s clothing reflects a luxurious lifestyle, a sense of order surrounding her. She lives her ideals, enjoying the peace a solitary existence allows. The gate as well as the hawk’s hood suggest a retreat from the chaos of the world, in harmony and balance with nature. Nine represents completion and the alignment with Source Presence.

It’s the weekend and time to let go of any stress felt over events from the previous week. Not the easiest thing to do, but as we can see, we need a break from the chaos. Each individual depicted in the reading is involved in their own activity, their own process, and not involved with others. Even the knight stays on his steed, moving through the crowd instead of dismounting and visiting.

The numerology of the reading is 6 and as we know from above this represents the Holy Spirit within. The chaos brought about by the new guy and his minions won’t get better any time soon and we may find that impeachment is the only solution. But until then, aligning in Source Presence seems to be our only choice lest we allow reaction to rule reason.

The last week has given us all so much to think about and process. The new guy is causing an extreme level of disruption that doesn’t seem legal but in the interim lives are put in jeopardy nevertheless. Millions are closer to losing their health insurance, legal immigrants are in jeopardy, and veterans are getting the shaft once again.

But we’re getting a multi-billion dollar wall between us and Mexico, one that only a few of us seem to even want. Science oriented agencies have taken to alternative Twitter accounts to get out science facts since the new guy has insisted that they can’t talk to any of us anymore, at least not without running it by all the so-called smart people in his administration.

In the meantime, a mosque in Texas was set on fire and Jewish people are being harassed by neo-nazis in Montana.

It’s a new day, folks. Time to regroup for the next battle.

Blessings to all and by all means, feel free to hunker down, perhaps for the next four years.

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So You Want a Conversation?

We’ve all heard about the shootings of unarmed black men in this country. We’ve seen endless disrespect shown to protesters as they make their voices heard, and to media who cover these situations. The notion that a grand jury will indict a ham sandwich falls away as none of these officers are held to account for their behavior. SWAT teams can throw flash bang grenades into homes when raiding them, harming innocent children and nothing is done about it. Never mind that they never seem to find the person they’re looking for, and the families are left holding the bag.

It’s become an us versus them environment in some cities, pitting police against pretty much everyone. It doesn’t help when representatives of law enforcement appear on news programs spewing all kinds of disrespectful nonsense about the people involved. It also doesn’t help when the prosecutor in the Michael Brown case gives an interview where he glibly admits he knowingly put lying witnesses in front of the grand jury.

How is justice supposed to work in this country again? Did we not learn the lessons of the past? Racial animosity destroys everything. Any kind of discrimination does, regardless of the type. The Oregonian published a letter written by the Portland Police Bureau President about the shooting of the two NYPD officers, asking for the community to come together for a conversation. He wants everyone to talk about how we should be supporting our police better, and to acknowledge the positive work they do in the community. While I’ve known many police officers over the years and agree with him to a point, he must understand that it was police action that has brought us here. None of this happened in a vacuum. The letter he wrote seems to be missing that fact. It’s as if he wants to control the narrative of the conversations we’re all supposed to be having now, leaving out the one thing we don’t want to face in this country. Racism is alive and well, and to assume that’s not in play in at least some of these incidents would a lie. And we all know it.

The election of Barack Obama was a turning point for this country, and for all of us as Americans. It proved that we can move past racial barriers that should never have existed in the first place and elect someone qualified irrespective of skin color. But it also revealed much about who we still apparently are. And that’s uncomfortable. Instead of writing a letter saying that we need to come together and talk about how we support each other, the PPB President wants to talk about how we support and respect the police department. Probably should have left that part out of his letter.

I’m glad the police officers in Portland who were in visible support of Darren Wilson were told to stop. That’s a plus. I have no idea if the officers in question are racist, but neutrality should be in order given the emotional nature of this. That they had to be told to stop, however, is of concern.

Yes, we need a conversation. Yes, we need it now. However, if a culture of hatred exists toward the police in this country, as opined by the PPB President, it’s due to police behavior, not the media, or the public, or the politicians. We’re just the people you’re paid to protect. When you want to have that discussion, let us know.


Here’s a link to the Oregonian article.. Portland police union president blames ‘media, politicians, community activists’ for fueling anti-police hatred, shooting of 2 NYPD officers