An Interesting Reiki Session

An Interesting Reiki Session

Last evening I performed a modified Reiki session on my husband, Jerry. He was experiencing some neck pain while we were outside looking at the night sky for craft anomalies. We do that most nights and we’ve occasionally witnessed some sights we can’t explain which is cool. Last night, however, Jerry’s right hand began cramping […]


Now Offering Distance Reiki on Stepping Aside!

I finally decided it was time to add Distance Reiki to the blog. I was drawn to energy healing after graduating from college. I had a job at a mental hospital (my BA was in Psychology) and one of the supervisory nurses offered classes on Therapeutic Touch, basically another method of offering Reiki. She found that […]


Reiki Self-Alignment Ritual

Reiki is our universal life force or Source Energy. Invoking it, the Reiki master or practitioner expands the intensity of her focus into form, allowing that universal life force to flow through for others to take as they will. Reiki is nothing that a practitioner does to anyone. We only provide an expanded channel for Source […]

The Sounds of Healing

Sound resonates through me so I’ve always loved music. Whether it’s a full orchestral arrangement or a beautiful guitar solo, all music envelops me. And sometimes I’m not sure where the sound begins and I end. I taught myself how to play the guitar when I was a child, ultimately receiving a Martin D-28 for […]

When Energy Surrounds Me

  Sometimes energy surrounds me and doesn’t let go. It feels curious at best, but even so, it’s typically distracting and occasionally uncomfortable. Recently, however, I had an experience that was profoundly terrifying. My husband touched my back with his hand and the next thing I knew, it was as if an entity had surrounded my […]

A Reality Check

  Stepping Aside is a blog. I don’t keep lists of subscribers, nor do I contact anyone about anything. I might respond to an email if I think it’s on the level, or if it’s from someone I already know in some fashion, but I don’t use this blog for any purpose other than to […]

Solitary Wicce

It’s not that I don’t like groups or anything, but I began my life as a witch, or wicce, as we were called in old Europe in solitary fashion. I was eight years old, and without a built in coven in my family, I had little choice in the matter. I prefer that term, wicce, because it […]