Just Don't Start?

Just Don’t Start?

Here we go again. Donald, you’re channeling Nancy. Only now, instead of just say no, it’s just don’t start. Wow. That’s so easy. Donald, do you understand that a significant part of the opioid crisis involves prescriptions written by doctors? I’m certain that most doctors don’t want anyone to become addicted, but to ignore this aspect of the […]

Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis With Cannabis

Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis With Cannabis

I really shouldn’t read articles about Rheumatoid Arthritis anymore and I absolutely should NOT read any comments that might be posted. Even when my RA was severe, I could only handle so much time on forums because it was too depressing. Rheumatoid Arthritis sucks. When it took over and became severe, which it remained for […]

Healing With Cannabis Is Worth The Risk

Healing With Cannabis Is Worth The Risk

It felt as if my body wasn’t my own. I had retained so much fluid that it felt as if I was sloshing about in boiling hot water. My thirteen-year nightmare with rheumatoid arthritis was surreal. It exploded into my life preventing any further training in Kenpo. Although my husband and I had closed our […]

Comfrey and My Possibly Broken Toe

I won’t bore anyone with the picture of my toe. It’s on my Facebook page and anyone can see it there. I confess I unintentionally kicked a stool that I didn’t see was in my way after listening to a clip on the television from that crazy guy running for President. I’m a Democrat and […]

cannabis and coconut oil

Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

It’s time again to make some cannabis infused coconut oil. It’s one of the concentrated forms of cannabis that I make and use to keep my rheumatoid arthritis in clinical remission. I used to ingest the infused oil in capsules, but that’s messy to do even with the capping tray I have. I’ve tried all […]

Liver cleanse tea

Liver Cleanse Tea

My knee was hurting this morning so I decided to make a tea to help with that. Years ago, when my rheumatoid arthritis was severe, I fell, tearing my inner meniscus on my left knee. Many years earlier, I had done the same on the outside meniscus of that knee while teaching karate. So I […]

Medicating with Cannabis – an Update

  I thought I would do an update on how I’m medicating with cannabis. I’ve been a patient now for almost six years and over that time, I’ve modified how I use cannabis for my rheumatoid arthritis. I’m in remission now and I don’t need to use as much as I once did. As a […]

Chronic Illness is Unacceptable

The world has lost some cool people in the last few days. First it was David Bowie, then Alan Rickman, Mic Gillette from Tower of Power, and now Glen Frey. Shocking, all of them. But Glen Frey’s death hits close to home for me. I suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for around fifteen years, thirteen of […]

Walk A New Path..A Joyful Challenge

It’s always nice to change up the walk route. My husband and I have been walking daily for almost three years now. The new route is nine miles. The old route was eight miles, but the new one has fewer cars to contend with, and it’s more secluded. We trek to the pollution control plant and […]

Back Porch Herbal: Dandelion and Plantain

My two favorite herbs cost nothing at all other than time and presence. Dandelion and plantain grow prolifically around my property because I never use herbacide. And I view them not as noxious weeds, but as herbs necessary for my health, so they are welcome. Used internally, both contain diuretic properties, but dandelion, a natural […]