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Some Thoughts on Using Magick Squares and Seals

Some Thoughts on Using Magick Squares and Seals

Witches and magicians utilize gods and goddesses along with other entities in their magickal workings, rituals, and ceremonial magick. Enochian magick is one such example where angels are summoned for this or that purpose. The entities called by King Solomon were not actually demons but in my opinion interdimensional beings. Still, witches and magicians down through the ages include these entities in their magickal workings for one reason or another and I’m no different. We also use sigils in our magickal workings including magick squares and seals as well as other forms of sigil magick using various runic or angelic scripts.

Using magick squares in ritual sets things in motion and aligning with the various Mansions of the Moon as well as planetary hours creates a vortex of sorts from which to cast one’s intention. Planetary seals, on the other hand, created from the squares bring situations to an end. I use planetary seals during a magickal working to reduce problematic behavior or situations. But if a witch really wants to effect change, a planet’s magick square or one associated with angelic presence helps influence change from a proactive standpoint instead of always reacting to an existing situation. In other words, create the space for a new perspective to emerge from that person. Using a planetary magick square, a connection of influence can be established in the nonphysical realm with the respective planetary influences providing a supportive foundation for change to occur.

When teaching Kenpo, we had a saying that action beats reaction. It wasn’t a saying solely attributed to Kenpo, but it’s relevant to this discussion nonetheless. While we certainly want to halt unwanted forces, at some point we may find in necessary to influence in such a way that the unwanted forces no longer occur. That’s where acting before something happens makes more sense, a sort of getting out in front of the situation, and using a magick square associated with a planetary or angelic influence adds strength and power to the working.

Planetary Seal of the Sun

So if we were going to try to influence say leadership skills in someone in whom they are sorely lacking, we could draw the square of the Sun and its numbers during ritual, focusing on the influence we wish to have. Or conversely, if someone’s ego had run amok, we could incorporate the planetary seal of the Sun to stop that runaway train. Mars could also be used, but I prefer a more enlightened approach and Mars feels somewhat controlling which may not be what the individual needs.

Corresponding influences in support of the magick square can include invoking during the 10th or 13th Mansions of the Moon involving the strengthening of buildings, love, and benevolence, and protection of enemies along with gain, voyages, harvests, and the freeing of captives respectively. The 3rd Mansion can also be used if applying to sailors, hunters, or alchemists.

Several hours of the day or evening can be appropriate for the ritual but 8 pm is designated to improve or increase basic leadership skills. 2 am can also be used if the primary issue is negativity; 7 am if insights and an improved perspective are in order. 8 am is useful if a conscious change is needed, but if all else fails, 11 am can be used if the changed needed seems completely impossible. Add whatever candles and crystals or other corresponding altar items that seem appropriate if you use those sorts of things.

Anyway, while drawing out the square, we focus our intention for improved leadership skills as each number is written, and if it’s a tyrant’s behavior we seek to subdue, we would place the planetary seal of the Sun over the square, speak our words, possibly in the form of a binding spell, and cast our intention to the collective consciousness.

Needless to say, squares and seals can be worn or carried as talismans or simply used during ritual. I tend to use runes for that purpose in the form of a bindrune, but squares and seals are appropriate as well. I love using sigil magick but magick doesn’t have to be all that involved unless we want it to be. Truly, sometimes I simply center, gather and focus my intention, and then cast it to the universe. But in my opinion, using correspondences and sigils add some extra power to magickal workings and besides, it’s fun. We add a little bit of this and a little more of that and before we know it, we’ve summoned a demon or an angel or Goddess knows who. I’m aware of one entity who reportedly appears only when he feels like it and one we can’t call more than three times or he gets really upset and although performing rituals like that are interesting, sigil magick is much simpler.

Especially if someone forgets to chant the license to depart. Then I have a houseguest.

Blessed Be




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Ritual For Unity Of Purpose

Ritual For Unity Of Purpose

Sometimes we become scattered, each one of us off on our own path, unable to come together in unity with others. And yet we instinctively know that together we can accomplish far more than we can alone. Even when we have a clear responsibility to each other, we still find it difficult to come together in unified purpose. So I decided to do a ritual for unity of purpose, offering the energy of that intention to the collective consciousness for anyone who might find it useful.

To cast my intention, I chose Thursday (today) during the 7 pm hour. I chose black and white candles for balance and a blue lapis lazuli merkaba and candle for positive Soul communication. Additionally, I created a sigil for unity of purpose using the Square of Jupiter. The planet corresponding with Thursday, I also chose Jupiter for its expansive influence as well as its teaching qualities. Sometimes a little education is required so that people understand the wisdom of unified purpose, so using that particular square to create a unity sigil made sense.

I chose 7 pm as the appropriate time for the ritual as its correspondences include diversity, care for others, and healing differences. Amethyst as well as various quartz pieces, fluorite, and selenite also appear on the altar to bring in energies of Higher Consciousness to the ritual. Frankincense is the incense that I used.

After lighting the incense and candles, I cast the circle, performed the Blessing of the Norns as well as the Pentagrams of Protection before the actual ritual.

Blessings of the Norns

  • Face East and visualize rays of light moving through you as in the symbol for Awen
  • Dea
  • Beo existere, Verdandi
  • Beo existere, Skuld
  • Beo existere, Urdh
  • Perfectus in caritate
  • Et fiduciam
  • Awen

Pentagrams of Protection

  • Face East, drawing a banishing pentagram in each quarter
  • Dea Aradia…erigo navitas   (east)
  • Dea Brigid…erigo navitas   (south)
  • Dea Tiamat…erigo navitas   (west)
  • Dea Elen…erigo navitas    (north) 
  • Coram animus imperium
  • Tergo aqua imperium
  • Dextera incendium imperium
  • Laetrosum terrenus imperium
  • Cinctus excandesco stellae
  • Voluntate servavit et Dea benedictus

Repeat the Blessings of the Norns

Come to alignment and place right hand over the sigil and say:

  • ab initio     (from the beginning)
  • ab intra     (from within)
  • ab origine     (from the Source)
  • alea iacta est     (the die has been cast)
  • audemus jura vostra defendere     (we dare to defend our rights)
  • et simili animos     (and bring like minds)
  • unum est in proposito     (in unified purpose)
  • concilio et labore     (by wisdom and effort)
  • concordia cum veritate     (in harmony with truth)
  • consummatum est     (it is completed)

Repeat the chant three times or as many times as you feel necessary and then close the ritual in your preferred manner. Witches are as individual as the next person and working magick or performing rituals are the same so feel free to begin and end the ritual in a way that makes sense. My rituals begin and end with establishing the circle or sacred space and include various correspondences including the day, hour, moon phase, color, etc. But I don’t belong to a coven or subscribe to any one tradition so I do what resonates for me.

I like sigils whether they’re made using magick squares or circles, or runes. I like how they flow and combine energies in service to a greater purpose and I use them often in magickal workings. I made a smaller version of today’s sigil to be carried in a pocket when communicating with others to help align and unify the moment. Sigils can be drawn on any surface, or carved above a doorway, or in the sand at the beach. I like to draw sigils in the sand and then observe the ocean absorb their resonance, all of Gaia becoming one with my intention.

I offer this ritual with love, my intention only to create the space for unity to exist. It’s a choice that we make, to live in service to self or in loving awareness of Self in others. Unity is our natural state of consciousness, but so many have forgotten that truth. Let this ritual for unity of purpose serve as a reminder of who we are to each other and allow its blessings to fill us with love and joy.

Blessings to all!

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Reiki Self-Alignment Ritual


Reiki is our universal life force or Source Energy. Invoking it, the Reiki master or practitioner expands the intensity of her focus into form, allowing that universal life force to flow through for others to take as they will. Reiki is nothing that a practitioner does to anyone. We only provide an expanded channel for Source Energy to flow.

Although a Reiki practitioner receives Reiki while channeling Reiki for others, it’s always a good practice to perform a daily ritual to realign our disparate energy. I decided to create one for self-balancing or self-alignment for daily use.

Because I have trouble with curious entities coming close to me, I begin by casting a circle followed by a derivation on the Three Pillars of Reiki: Gassho, Reiji-ho, and Chiryo. It’s a form of centering that I learned in Reiki training that relies on an intuitive approach to offering Reiki. Mu-shin Gassho is the less formal version of Gassho and I use it to begin the ritual. I like it because it includes reciting the 5 Reiki principles as meditative affirmations. Since I’m performing the ritual on myself, I alter Reiji-ho and Chiryo somewhat for self-use.

After reciting the 5 Reiki principles, I visualize the symbol for the Fire Serpent moving downward from the Crown to the Root and then back up again to the Crown, cleansing my chakras. It’s at that point that I take my C and G tuning forks, also known as body tuners, strike them on the activator and bring them up to my ears. Their harmonics produce a perfect fifth, opening a channel to higher consciousness.

Tuning forks are an interesting addition to a Reiki session. My husband just loves them, especially up and down his spine and around the lower back area where he has most of his issues. Listening to and breathing in the resonance of the C and G forks creates a harmonic balance to the nervous system and helps me to relax prior to beginning the ritual and I like to begin and end a Reiki session with them.

Many Reiki masters and practitioners make use of both traditional and non-traditional symbols when offering Reiki. These symbols hold special meaning and power and are useful as both a focus for the practitioner and as a means for transmuting specific energy dealing with power, emotion, healing the past, chakra cleansing and others. They can be drawn on the practitioner’s hands, in the air, on a surface such as paper, or visualized. It’s up to the practitioner as to whether or not he or she uses them, but given my love of runes, I use Reiki symbols in my Reiki sessions. They’re particularly effective when performing distance healing.

While using the body tuning forks, I visualize the two halves of a merkaba, one above me and one below me, observing them as they spin opposite to each other. I visualize them moving together with me in the middle as they become the vehicle for my Source Presence. As the merkaba forms, I reach for my Pineal tuner, strike it on the activator and then hold it a half inch away from my Third Eye.

As I listen to the sound and feel my pineal gland as it vibrates, I visualize three Cho Ku Rei symbols, the Reiki symbol for power, above my head and moving downward through my chakras, one followed by the other.

I then visualize three Sei He Ki symbols, the Reiki symbol for emotional and mental healing, surrounding me as I let all of my worries leave my awareness.

To heal any past issues, I visualize three Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbols, the Reiki distance healing symbol, to assist me in letting go of the past and to stay in the present moment.

Lastly, I visualize Dai Ko Myo, the Reiki Master symbol, above and below, coming together and imbuing the merkaba with healing Source Energy, the final step in creating a healing sacred space from which to continue my ritual.

Setting down the Pineal tuner, I continue with the Three Pillars ritual by holding my right hand over my Crown chakra and my left hand at my Root. I find that my receptive or non-dominant hand is best for scanning auras, so I begin scanning upward from the Root with my left hand, meeting my right hand up at the Crown.

From there, I use both hands and scan downward, feeling for any changes in density along the way, stopping and letting Reiki flow to any areas that seem off or dense. If I feel the need then I can also perform a full Reiki session at this time, stopping at all the typical target points.

When I feel I’m done, I bring my hands back to Mu-shin Gassho position and sit in quiet resonance. From there I pick up my C and G tuners, strike them on the activator, bring them to my ears, listen and breathe in their resonance while visualizing the merkaba separating as the Reiki symbols disappear. And when I’m ready, I bring my hands out in supplication to Goddess, closing the circle and ending the ritual.

How we perform or practice Reiki truly is a personal issue so we should always feel free to create what feels right to us. Reiki is such a versatile practice that it can be incorporated into any other modality. Of course I put a slightly witchy spin on it, and I’m really enjoying including tuning forks which I could do more of in this ritual if I felt I needed it. Weighted forks are used directly on the body so if I wanted to treat one of my numerous problem areas, I could do so. I’ve included the merkaba in many of my meditations so it felt right to include it here. Sometimes I’ll even use it as a shield if I’m having trouble with vampiric energy bothering me.

We actively align with Source Presence every time we invoke Reiki, and each time we do, our alignment is felt in the souls of everyone. It tells the Collective Consciousness that our flow is returning, that resistance to our Source Presence is ending. Definitely worth creating a ritual or two for.

Blessed be.

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When Truth Matters Not


I’m surrounded by liars. When truth matters not, liars live their lives by whatever gets them through the moment. And they care nothing about the impact of their lies on others. Oh they can be told of their impact, but they all give that deer in the headlights look. You know the one. Where they look at you expressionless as if they have no clue when in reality they’re only trying to come up with another lie.

The election is fraught with lies. The lies told about Hillary began years ago. I guess those in the position to fabricate all of this nonsense could see the threat she would become so they began demeaning and lying about her early on. The crazy man running against her just has to speak and he’s his own undoing. He lies constantly and still got the nomination. But that’s a reflection of the lack or moral compass that seems to have settled in and taken root.

The DEA has once again decided that lies are more important than truth and they’re continuing the Schedule 1 classification of cannabis. Most activists are telling them to talk to the hand and have even put it in a hashtag which of course I’m using. As long as the government holds Patent No. 6630507 they can go fuck themselves as far as I’m concerned. As a patient who has healed using cannabis, this decision, although not exactly surprising, is insulting to all of us who have done so. So we all know what this is about. Money. Profit. What it’s never about is the health of any of us.

As an empath, I really struggle around people who lie. I’m not talking about people who are simply guarded and private. I’m referring to people who look me in the eye and lie through their teeth. These people take creating the reality they see to a destructive level. I know that it’s happening, but sometimes they’re so adept at lying that I’m not always sure that’s what I’m sensing.

I tend to give others the benefit of the doubt. I know a woman who lied directly to me, and I knew her energy had shifted when she did it, but I wondered if it was just that she was in a new setting and was a little uncomfortable. Over the course of the last eight years or so, she has behaved in such a vile fashion toward me, but again, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and assumed it was a personality clash.

And then I found out the truth. And it was worse than I ever thought. As it turned out she was lying, not just to me, but to others as well. But then fraud is like that. All because truth mattered not.

But it strikes me how what happens on a personal level extends to our community at large. When truth matters not, people make it up as they go along, pulling whatever they need out of their asses, all with an innocent countenance. It’s disgusting to watch and even more so to experience. I can tell you when I found out this woman had lied to me, I felt so foolish. I knew all along that something was terribly wrong with this woman, but I didn’t listen to my inner sense of things and look further. Instead, I waited until doing something about it relied on others, some of whom seem just as morally bankrupt as this woman. So time will tell how her bullshit will find its remedy.

It’s critical to listen to one’s inner voice, particularly when that voice screams inside you the way it does for me. And particularly today, when so many in positions of power over us lie so easily. And it’s sad that we all have to worry about this now. But clearly we do. And for proof, just turn on the news, where we’re inundated with so-called pundits who can’t even seem to give praise to the women athletes competing at the Olympics who win without referencing their husbands or boyfriends, or suggesting that Simone Biles’ grandparents who adopted her are not her parents.

We all know better than this. Truth matters. Respect matters. Lots to think about during Full Moon ritual tomorrow. And with that..

Blessed Goddess

As the Full Sturgeon Moon begins your Maiden expression tonight, as we draw down your fullness as Mother tomorrow, allow us to embrace wisdom gained as your Crone aspect follows.

Allow us to listen to our inner wisdom, our knowing, our awareness of Self.

Allow us to raise our frequency, our vibration, stepping aside from the egoic expression of the physical realm.

And allow blessings to flow freely to all as we embrace our truth, willingly and lovingly.

We are, so blessed be.

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Rite of Awen and the Pentagram


I’ve always liked performing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. And then I found the book, The Celtic Golden Dawn  by John Michael Greer. In this book, Greer presents an Original & Complete Curriculum of Druidic Study. Well, I don’t have to tell anyone how cool that is. This is a great book by the way. He includes a derivation on the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram with a Druidic focus as well as a ritual he calls the Rite of the Rays¹ which I found wonderful. It resonates far more than the traditional Golden Dawn ritual, but I still felt that I could come up with something else that resonated even more. So, like any witch, I created my own.

Awen and runesGreer’s ritual focuses on the concept of Awen or flowing and inspirational life force. The three rays of the sigil project downward, reflecting harmony, light, and virtue. I decided to incorporate runes into the ritual, with the Norns of Fate, Verdandi (Isa), Skuld (Nauthiz), and Urdh (Hagalaz) serving as each ray. I also rewrote the LBRP to include the names of four Goddesses: Aradia, Brigid, Tiamat, and Elen who happens to be a great-grandmother in my ancestry.

This same ritual can be used for summoning or banishing. What defines that is the direction you begin drawing the pentagram in the air. To summon, I begin at the top of the pentagram on the left side and draw downward. To banish, I reverse that process and begin at the bottom left point. This particular pentagram reflects the Earth element. In fact, each element has it’s own direction and those can be also substituted if bringing in specific elemental energies are important to the working.

Of course, I translated what I came up with into Latin, such as that is. I do my best and I probably trust Latin translation software far too much, but it is what it is. So here’s what I came up with:

  • Stand, facing East. Cast your circle or sacred space
  • Visualize a white light above your head
  • With arms out in supplication, say: Dea
  • Visualize the white light above your head as it moves through your body into the Earth
  • Say: Beo existere Verdandi…Isa
  • Visualize the white light arcing downward and to the right, following it with your right hand
  • Say: Beo existere Skuld…Nauthiz
  • Visualize the white light arcing downward and to the left, following it with your left hand
  • Say: Beo existere Urdh…Hagalaz
  • Draw both hands up and out in supplication
  • Say: Veritas revelat..Salva veritate
  • Awen

Now you can stop after this, or use it to begin and end the pentagram ritual. A note on translation so far, beo existere means blessed be, veritas revelat means reveal truth, and salva veritate means with truth preserved. I’ll include the translation below for the pentagram ritual.

  • To begin the pentagram ritual, continue to face East and point your projective finger in that direction while visualizing blue flame extending from it. Draw the appropriate pentagram in the air, point to the middle and say: Dea Aradia.
  • Continue extending your projective finger in front of you, visualizing a line of blue flame extending from the Eastern pentagram to the Southern quadrant.
  • Draw the appropriate pentagram in the air, point to the middle and say: Dea Brigid.
  • Continue extending your projective finger in front of you, visualizing a line of blue flame extending from the Southern pentagram to the Western quadrant.
  • Draw the appropriate pentagram in the air, point to the middle and say: Dea Tiamat. 
  • Continue extending your projective finger in front of you, visualizing a line of blue flame extending from the Western pentagram to the Northern quadrant.
  • Draw the appropriate pentagram in the air, point to the middle and say: Dea Elen.
  • Continue extending your projective finger in front of you, visualizing a line of blue flame extending from the Northern quadrant back to the East. Say:
    • Coram animus imperium (The powers of Elemental Air before me)
    • Tergo aqua imperium (The powers of Elemental Water behind me)
    • Dextera incendium imperium (The powers of Elemental Fire at my right)
    • Laetrosum terrenus imperium (The powers of Elemental Earth at my left)
    • Cinctus excandesco stellae (As the pentagrams flame)
    • Penitus resplendo terci lumen de lumine (The rays of Awen shine within)

From there, I repeat the Rite of Awen to close the ritual.

I like the concept of Awen over more traditional religious language. It seems a better fit for a witch I think. And runes have been such a big part of my life that including them in the ritual is such a blessing. So try it and see how it feels, and then rewrite it to make it your own!



  1. Greer, John Michael. The Celtic Golden Dawn: An Original & Complete Curriculum of Druidical Study (Kindle Location 513). Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.. Kindle Edition.
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Full Crow Moon Tarot and Runecasting

Full Crow Moon


The Full Crow Moon was beautiful last night when I could see her that is. I set the table instead of the altar due to the wind that was blowing. I lit the candles and incense. I cast my circle, went through my usual invocations, and although the clouds were bright, she waited to reveal herself to me.

Full Crow Moon Thoth TarotI drew some tarot cards from my Thoth deck and then cast the runes. The tarot cards drawn were The Sun, The Hierophant, and The Star. For the Full Moon, I chose only cards from the Major Arcana for their archetypal energies given the last eclipse we all experienced along with this Full Moon. I used a three-card spread to suggest an overall focus between now and the Dark Moon.

Astrological depictions surround the ever-expanding energy of the brilliant Sun. The 19th card in the Major Arcana, nineteen represents spiritual attainment or fulfillment. Clarity, determination, success as well as rebirth and awakening are energetic influences of The Sun. The light is returning, and a new day is dawning.

The Hierophant is the 5th card of the Major Arcana, holding his sceptre, the key to mastery of all knowledge in his right hand. The number five represents Spirit controlling Elemental energies and the physical aspect of Self. Representing mastery of knowledge, tradition, and structure, the Hierophant embodies divine wisdom. Aleister Crowley further related this card to an enlightened teacher and the Holy Guardian Angel who assists us in seeking spiritual solutions while standing in our own power.

The final card in the tarot spread is the Star, the 17th card in the Major Arcana signifying illumination, meditation, and one’s inner voice. The Star represents the Blessed Conduit who bridges the abyss. Intuition, healing, openness, and inspiration are the Star’s influence. As we wish upon a star, we pray that our dreams become reality, letting hope guide our path.

Awakening, enlightenment, illumination coalescing from our alignment with Self seem to be the theme of this tarot reading. Nice after the complicated energy from this last of six eclipses. Libra was involved, my sign, so I felt its impact. Let’s just say that I’m glad it’s over.

Full Crow Moon RunecastingNow, the runecasting was just as interesting as the tarot spread. Moving deocil from the top, Eihwaz begins the casting followed by Laguz, then Thurisaz, and ending with Wunjo. Cool! This rune casting couldn’t be better!

Whenever I do a four-rune casting like this, I typically view it as elemental influences, but  I’m viewing Eihwaz from the standpoint of nonphysical presence, with Thurisaz representing physical presence. Wunjo and Laguz represent receptive and projective influences respectively.

A rune of Elemental Fire, Eihwaz represents the connection between opposites, the link between physical and nonphysical presence. In rune magick, Eihwaz assists in trance work and hedgeriding, and protects against negative forces.

Laguz suggests a lazy afternoon, moving around whatever disturbs our peace of mind. A rune of Elemental Water, Laguz is the rune of the occult and so aptly for this evening draws down moon energy. Laguz encourages us to center, align and know the way forward. Intuition and clairsentience are increased with this rune. In the more assertive, projective position of the casting, Laguz appearing here suggests that a non-resistive approach may be more helpful than a response that’s more overt.

In the physical presence position, the catalytic force of Thurisaz is felt with both the eclipse and the Full Moon. Representing both Thor’s Hammer and the thorn, breaks through barriers, catalyzing change for the better. As problems are neutralized by the influence of Thurisaz, new experiences, and positive outcomes are ahead.

Lastly, Wunjo is in the receptive position of the casting. Harmony, joy, and contentment are present with this rune. Living happily ever after is the energy and influence of Wunjo. In the receptive position, it suggests that it’s time to trust in Goddess and let things unfold as they will. Peaceful days are ahead.

Bee on Apricot blossomsI love when I use different divination methods and they agree with each other. Considering how tumultuous the last week was, some peace will be a nice change. The two new hives are in the apiary and the wire is on the apiary greenhouse so that climbing herbs, flowers, and vegetables will provide food for the three colonies that will forage all over them throughout the summer. A little breakfast before flying out to our fruit trees and the field of red clover that awaits. Our existing colony survived the winter intact, with new drones and nurse bees visible on the outside of the hive. Clearly the queen survived and is busy. We couldn’t be happier and in a few more weeks, our new bees will arrive and we’ll bring all 20,000 of them home in the back seat of my Camry, just like the others.

20,000 bees in my car. They can’t get loose, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. I suppose if I had to, I’d wear my bee suit. Wouldn’t that be a sight to see! A witch in a full bee suit, driving down the street in a black Camry Hybrid, with bees swarming around her. It’s not such a stretch, though. I used to have a Datsun 310 with a hatchback that I hauled a full-sized goat in, as well as 6 adult geese. Theodore was sweet, but the geese weren’t happy and crapped everywhere. At least, I had a tarp down for that one.

Anyway, after the divination and some other witchy stuff, I walked to a small grove of trees where I waited for the light of Goddess Blessings to come out from behind the clouds. I didn’t have to wait long, and then there she was. I drew down her blessings as I do each time, drawing in her wisdom, and becoming one with her Divine Love. This time, my neighbor’s cows were elsewhere so I didn’t scare the bejeezus out of them when I raised my athame into the air. Then the Full Crow Moon slipped back behind the clouds, my ritual complete.

And as we all go forward in the coming days, plant some flowers. Plant them everywhere. The bees will love you for it! And you just might help save the planet and us in the process.

~Blessed Bee

Full Crow Moon Altar





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Witch Notes: Knot Magick


I really like using knot spells. I prefer soft leather to anything else, otherwise I use hemp cord that’s been braided to create a cord of more substance. The number of cords I use ranges from one for something simple to more if I need to influence something more complex, weaving each together with the other cords. A simple knot can be used or something more complex. I prefer using figure eight knots unless I really need to focus, in which case I tie more complicated knots. The casting can be carried on your person as a talisman or charm. Or it can be burned or buried if the working requires it.

There are many versions of the chant that’s recited while tying the knots. A witch can use any order or pattern she likes as well as the type of knot she uses. Knot spells can be worked at any time but they have special significance and power for me if performed when the Moon is either Dark or Full. As with any spell, correspondences regarding day, hour, and time should be observed whenever possible as well as any other correspondences that are appropriate. Specific colors may be selected to enhance the casting.

The knots used…

Knots represent patterns to me. I like seeing how they’re constructed and the path the cord follows to its completion. The following are some of my favorite knots. The more complicated the knot, the more I use it for more involved intention and focus.Figure 8, Figure 8 Tuck

  • Single Figure 8 and Figure 8 Tuck – I use the Single Figure 8 the most. The Figure 8 Tuck is more difficult and I need more practice with that one, but it will be useful when a longer, more intense focus is necessary.


  • Celtic Button knot – Here is an example of a Celtic Button knot I’ve created. It Celtic Buttontakes a little longer than the Single Figure 8, so I use it when I really need a longer focus.




  • Figure 8 using 3 cordsSingle Figure 8 using three cords – This creates a Witch’s Ladder of sorts and beads can be added as well for magickal intent. If cast for protection as an example, the knot casting can be hung by a door, or placed on the altar, or carried as a talisman.



  • Oysterman knotOysterman knot – I like this simple knot. It looks more complicated than it really is.




  • Stevedore knotStevedore knot – This one is similar to the figure 8 but can be used at the end of a cord to prevent unraveling.



  •  Triangle knotTriangle knot – This knot can be tied in succession as shown in the picture or in an alternating fashion. 9 knots are tied in this casting.



  • Josephine knotJosephine knot – I love this knot. It can be used as a talisman or altar piece or carried for whatever purpose for which it was cast.



The words spoken…

There are various renditions of the basic knot spell. The idea is, if you borrow another witch’s written spell, modify it to make it your own. This is the one I use.

  • With the knot of one, my spell has begun
  • With the knot of two, my spell is blessed true
  • With the knot of three, my power flows free
  • With the knot of four, my intention is stored
  • With the knot of five, energy rising and alive
  • With the knot of six, my intention fixed
  • With the knot of seven, the spell has leavened
  • With the knot of eight, coalesce into fate
  • With the knot of nine, my desire, mine

Order matters..or not

Some witches use an order when tying knots. But if you don’t want to do that, you don’t have to. Some knot magick uses the typical 9 knots, but I also perform one that uses 13. Really, any number can be used because it’s all about the witch’s magickal will and intention. Knot magick can be used during Dark Moon ritual to set intentions for the Full Moon and untied at that time. That’s the best aspect of knot magick. You can truly make it your own. Adding beads or shells or other objects that have significance can also be part of the casting. It’s really all up to the witch how she uses knot magick in her craft. Below is the typical 9-knot order to use if you like.


When my boys homeschooled, I didn’t teach as much as facilitate their learning. I hesitate telling any witch how she should perform her craft. It’s part of the reason I’ve always been Solitary. I’ve never been part of a coven so becoming an initiate where someone else confers this or that grade or degree seems counterintuitive. And I’m not trying to suggest that choosing to belong to a coven is a bad thing because it surely is not. It just wasn’t for me. I think it’s great to share ideas and receive advice from others but at the end of the day, a witch decides how she expresses herself and should own that. When I was awarded my Black Belt, there was no one that could tell me I wasn’t a Black Belt. I didn’t need anyone giving me the belt, but it’s part of dojo tradition that a student tests for and is then awarded rank by the instructor or by a panel of instructors. I accepted that because it was expected and I figured that I gave tacit approval when I began training. But for someone to tell me how to be a witch? Yeah, right.

So if you haven’t worked knot magick, give it a try! It might become your favorite magickal tool. Witches who are skilled at macrame should have no problem. For the rest of us, I recommend starting with a simple knot or maybe the figure 8. Your focus needs to be on your intention instead of getting the knots right. If you have to refer to a diagram, it breaks your focus, so work the knot until you’re comfortable tying it without thinking about it. And if you don’t happen to have your cords with you when you feel the need for some knot magick, don’t worry. You can visualize the cord(s) as well as the knots as they’re tied.

So have fun with it!




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Dark Moon Reflections


Dark moon


I prefer the dark of the moon to it’s fuller expression. Banishing negative energies, beginning anew, what’s not to love? For me, it’s a way to anchor myself to my life in a more productive way. I evidently have an undefined root center according to my Human Design bodygram. That means I tend to ground through others’ energies. It’s not as weird as it seems, but for an empath, it explains much. My incarnation cross is left angled, so I’m here for others, also an empath trait. When I see what I see and know what I know, it all happens at once, in an exploding fashion. And if I understand this right, a left angle also seems to indicate the observer, which is what an empath should be.

Women are told to assert themselves. Entire industries have been created in an effort to support this notion. And it’s not that we shouldn’t assert ourselves, we just need to understand when the timing is right for that to happen. If you’re a Generator, like me, then in order to live what they call our inner strategy, we have to wait before responding, instead of charging ahead and asserting ourselves. We may say or do exactly the same thing whether we wait or not, but it typically turns out better if we adopt a “sleep on it” approach to decision-making. Timing is the issue for any of the human design types and makes all the difference in the outcome. Generators need to sit back and wait for everything to come to them, something I find impossible.

I’ve always been the one to take care of everything, asserting myself all over the place, initiating this and that. I’m not sure how I would have done any of those things differently, but I know that when I wait to respond, I feel better about the outcome. As irritating as it is, trusting the flow of things is the way of the Generator. It’s for the Manifestor to initiate, not the Generator. Letting go of the need to do that is liberating. Life is never as difficult as a Generator makes it, and it’s okay to sit back and let others take the lead. We give up nothing in the process and life is infinitely more comfortable when we do. It’s just timing. It doesn’t mean we don’t assert ourselves, it’s only that we change the timing of it.

Something else weird happened while I was learning about human design. I read something about how we actually anchor into physical form. (Again, please forgive my interpretation of this..I’m incorporating all of it into my witch/empath sensibilities, so it’s a work in progress) Anyway, it referred to our magnetic monopole. Okay, I got excited at this one. Maybe it’s a witch thing, but I’ve always felt its existence within, that focal point creating the as above so below experience. It’s our connection between nonphysical and physical expression, our Eihwaz in runecaster speak. The monopole essentially drives us in life. But from a physical perspective, what happens when we don’t live our intended design? I noticed some things about myself that led me to a weird conclusion. I discovered when I’m initiating (not living my intended design to respond) I lean forward. In a sense, my monopole is leaning forward instead of sitting back, or staying upright if you will. Observing my posture then, I discovered that I’m far more relaxed and in control when my posture remains upright. My husband even notices the shift in my energy. Everything about me becomes calm.

Body alignment is key when doing yoga as well as martial arts, so as a Kenpo Black Belt, this made complete sense to me. I also feel more resistance in my body when I lean forward. Additionally, I’m one of those insane people who walk every day – typically eight miles. Rheumatoid arthritis has damaged my feet and I assumed that the problems I have had walking were due to that. When I stopped leaning forward, the problems I had with my feet disappeared. Leaning forward, even slightly, cause my toes to smash into the front part of my shoes, causing painful blisters and callouses that interfere with normal walking, so discovering this was amazing. It’d sure be funny if all of our problems in life were due to poor posture. It would also mean that mothers everywhere were right.

Trusting the process to unfold without my initiating input is a big one, I’ll admit. Life is a squirrels and shiny objects experience for an empath, and it’s easy to become caught up in all the interesting things happening around us, because they really are sooo interesting. It’s easy to enter the fray so to speak, to jump in and take control of things. My mind moves so quickly that it’s difficult to wait for events to unfold naturally. I see it all at once, so I want to get to the outcome now, not later, since I already know what’s going to happen. I feel the pressure to initiate, and I know I shouldn’t, but then I jump in with both feet and there it is. I’m a Generator masquerading as a Manifestor. My oldest son is a Manifesting Generator, so he can get away with it. I, on the otherhand, cannot.

So for this Dark Moon, I’ll meditate on living my design. I’ll relax into being, which is exactly how the energy of a Generator should be expressed. I’ll revel in my newly found freedom from initating, replacing it with allowing and nonresistance. And most of all, I’ll trust my life to unfold as it needs, observing the process with loving presence.

Blessings to all on this New Moon! Let Her Darkness envelop and bless you as she begins her awakening into fullness.

~Blessed Be!

One last thing..below are copies of my human design bodygram. I purchased the student version of the software, but there’s also an IPad app that’s inexpensive to get folks started. You can also go online and get a free bodygram done by someone else. It’s worth looking at, if only to learn a little about the IChing, which is really cool. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll find this endlessly fascinating. The notion that our design begins before we’re actually born and then that blends with influences at our time of birth is so interesting. Understanding the relationship between the two gives us tools to live our design strategy more effectively, so give it a look. See what you think. See if it doesn’t give you a new perspective on things.


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