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In Centered Presence ~ Runecasting and Bindrune for 16 April 2017

In Centered Presence ~ Runecasting and Bindrune for 16 April 2017

In centered presence, we align with the Creator within. It is our natural state and reflects awareness balanced with will. We extend ourselves in full awareness of who we are unfazed by the varied expressions of form around us. When we’re caught up in our reaction to life we lose sight of the control we each have to create a happier experience if we could only remain aligned in centered presence.

Bindrunes work well because they blend runic energies together creating a greater focus or intention. I set the intention for a bindrune for centered presence and then drew Thurisaz, Othala, Hagalaz, and Inguz  from my bag. Will, sacred space, fixed structure, and the desire within comprise the bindrune’s influences.

Protection and defense along with catalytic change and renewal are among the interpretations of Thurisaz. But at the heart of this rune is the expression of will and the ability to avoid impulsive reaction.

Othala is considered the rune of sacred space because of its energy of ancestral inheritance. It’s said to possess the power of all runes in the Elder Futhark and balances order and chaos. Our essential unity is expressed by Othala as the repository of our Akash.

Reinforcing the rune of sacred space, Inguz represents not only our genetic inheritance but our focus into form itself. Inguz expresses the desire within for expansion and growth. Invoking inner will, Inguz focuses and releases energy with intention promising a successful outcome.

Hagalaz is the ninth rune of the Elder Futhark and its numerology suggests completion. Considered a witch rune, Hagalaz provides a fixed structure from which magickal workings unfold. It extends blessings and facilitates hedge riding and shamanic journeying. Like the witch, Hagalaz can bring a disruptive influence prior to positive change providing the right influence and structure to the bindrune for centered presence.

                   Centered Presence Bindrune

The stone that appears in both pictures is a hag stone I found at the Oregon coast the weekend our oldest son was married. I turn sixty in October and I’ve never found a hag or holey stone, ever. That weekend, I found the motherlode. Needless to say, it was a magickal experience. I use this smaller one frequently because it has a nice feel to it. Hag stones are a divination tool for witches, divining the future as we look through one of the holes. I use hag stones in ritual or magickal workings to add a Crone influence.

Three is an important number for a witch as it represents triple aspects such as the Triple Goddess as Maiden/Mother/Crone, creation/divinity/fate, past/present/future, and mind/body/Spirit. The three thorned twigs in each picture are from one of my hawthorn trees reinforcing thorny Thurisaz. Hawthorn is considered a tree of the fae folk and is revered by witches as well. I’ve crafted wands from hawthorn as well as the runes used in the runecasting. The bindrune itself is from a larger piece of juniper that we had pruned from one of our juniper trees and its protective and purifying energies allow for its use as a container to gather and hold the runes’ enhanced magick.

Othala directly includes Inguz and is suspended within the framework of Hagalaz. From there, Thurisaz extends downward aligning as above so below. Another expression of triplicity, Awen illuminates above Thurisaz and in Inguz/Othala’s center signifying the flow of inspiration and Spirit. Three points appear in the lower half of the bindrune linking Awen with physical presence.

If we accept the premise that the universe is a projection of the Creator in an effort know more, then we can view our experiences as far more subjective than we do. We make everything so serious, so absolute in form when nothing could be further from the truth. The world we experience now could look very different if enough of us collectively made a more loving choice. Instead we believe this must happen or that must change or a particular leader has the answers when everything comes down to how and where we place our focus.

The pathways or channels of thought we engage in create the life we live. Staying aligned as much as possible in centered presence keeps our vibration high and our thoughts going in a positive direction irrespective of what’s going on around us. Using a bindrune as a focus in ritual or magickal workings or to carry along with us as we go about our day helps us emanate from within instead of reacting from without allowing us to stay positive and in control.

Maybe I should tweet this to the so-called new guy. He could use a little centered presence in his life.


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Protection Magick with Mjolnir ~ Runecasting for 12 April 2017

Protection Magick with Mjolnir ~ Runecasting for 12 April 2017

Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir, offers the basis for today’s runecasting and bindrune for strength and protection. The sky around my home has been filled with the sounds of fighter jets over the past couple of days and with the new guy in charge, it’s anyone’s guess what this is about. But it can’t be good. Even during the Iraq war, we didn’t experience this, so I decided a bindrune would be in order.

After bringing my energy back into alignment, I drew five runes, placing them in the shape of Mjolnir, a symbol that now represents Asatru. I have Druid heritage and I find anything related to that practice fascinating and for some reason, I’ve been laying out both runes and tarot cards in this same design. It’s clear to me that difficulties lie ahead and protection will be necessary.

I began drawing the lower three runes, Laguz, Wunjo, and Ansuz followed by Uruz in the center, and then Eihwaz at the top. Our strength and power are best derived from a balance between physical and nonphysical aspects of self. The outside lower runes represent influences which are receptive and projective in nature, with their state of balance in the center. The top rune reflects Higher Self influences while the center rune manifests that unified presence into form. Together the runes cast combine to influence the strength and power of Mjolnir assisting us to not only stand in our own power but to also support us when speaking truth to power itself.

Beginning at the top with the thirteenth rune of the Elder Futhark, Eihwaz, as the rune of paradox, this rune of Fire and Air connects the physical and nonphysical aspects of Self. Representing the power and strength of the Yew tree, Eihwaz protects and removes obstacles from our path and prevents self-destructive behavior.

The strength of aurochs influences as the second rune of the Elder Futhark, Uruz, appears in the center of the runecasting. A Water element rune, Uruz represents an archetypal pattern of creation as its horns point downward in the manifestation of form. Like Eihwaz, Uruz increases both inner and outer strength and courage, but with this rune, the force of will is involved.

Laguz appears in the receptive or feminine influence position of the lower three runes. Another rune of elemental Water, Laguz purifies and cleanses our Spirit increasing our clairsentience and life force. As the rune of the occult, it influences our intuition and empathic awareness and brings awareness of the cyclical nature of life. One of the runes associated with witches, Laguz can assist in accessing the nonphysical realm and drawing down Moon energy. It can be used to gather and invoke magickal energy and intention and helps us maintain an emotional balance.

Moving past the center lower rune, Ansuz, the fourth rune of the Elder Futhark represents the projective/masculine influence of the runecasting. Considered the rune of Odin, Ansuz represents the mind and mouthpiece of a god, therefore the Air element. But in truth, the only god exists within, so Ansuz is the rune that we use to align with or channel the Higher Self. Spiritual awakening is a proactive process, one that each of us feels compelled to experience. It’s the natural order of things and Ansuz brings us clarity.

Wunjo holds the receptive and projective side of Self in balance. The eighth rune of the Elder Futhark, this Earth element rune grounds us in harmony and joy. It represents fellowship, peace and conscious interaction with others. As the happily ever after rune, Wunjo expresses its power by granting wishes, and bringing success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Bindrunes are a form of rune magick whereby various runes are drawn or selected from a bag, arranged together in a sigil, and then blessed and consecrated for a specific purpose, in this case, protection magick. Occasionally I select runes for a bindrune but typically I allow the runes to appear as they will. Each rune has its own vibrational resonance and they’ve never steered me wrong so I let the runes guide the magickal working.

For this protection bindrune, Eihwaz establishes the connection between physical and nonphysical aspects of Self, providing the essential structure of the intention. From there, Uruz manifests Spirit into form allowing the strength and protection of unified presence to sustain our will. Wunjo holds our receptive and projective aspects of self in harmony and balance. With our emotions and intellect in balance, we derive our power and strength from clarity and vision instead of through arrogance and control.

The unspoken presence in the runecasting is Thurisaz, the rune that actually represents Mjolnir. Its catalytic energy protects and defends, breaking through difficult situations with ease. Thurisaz both stimulates change and prevents situations from becoming out-of-control. The power of Thor’s Hammer turns things around, creating new beginnings, but as the Thorn, it can also cause great destruction. Used wisely and with clarity, however, it serves a higher purpose and why I chose its symbol for the shape and intention of the runecasting.

Vulnerability is difficult to experience particularly when solutions aren’t easily found and all we can do is stand in witness. A feeling of protection empowers us to speak our truth, to stand in our own power, and to rise up on behalf of others. Using the bindrune at the top of the runecasting as a talisman or in ritual creates a focus for protection as we align and draw strength from the Unified Presence, extending that blessing to all.

Blessed Be



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Alignment In Higher Consciousness ~ Runecasting for 9 April 2017

Alignment In Higher Consciousness ~ Runecasting for 9 April 2017

When we think about higher consciousness it may feel as if it’s unreachable, confusing the body we inhabit with the truth of who we actually are. In truth, each one of us is our higher consciousness and it’s to that reality that many are awakening to now. I like to use the shape of runes themselves when laying them out in a spread or pattern. Algiz, or the rune of higher consciousness, is one rune that I use frequently in alignment rituals. The last rune I drew from the bag was, in fact, Algiz itself reinforcing my choice of spreads. With everything that’s happening around the world, it seems that the Unified Presence has something to contribute to the conversation.

Magick can take various forms primarily dependent upon a witch’s focus or perspective. Some witches get involved in responding to this or that concern with anything from healing spells to love or prosperity magick. Some curse and some prefer instead to bind. Magick can further be delineated into magickal workings focusing on the shadow side of self or blessings of love and light. Some witches invoke angelic presence into their spellcraft, and some prefer to control demons.

Traditions influence as does the need to push beyond boundaries. The overall story of our lives influences as well which is where I make my own departure from the traditional narrative. I’ve always believed that the Creator/Source/God/Goddess is All That Is. As such, I don’t believe in a Creator that’s separate from the creation because the Creator is the creation. I believe that although our bodies are a creation over time by visitors to Earth, our higher consciousness remains one in unified presence with all as the Creator personified. Our bodies are only vessels that we inhabit for a time, our higher consciousness driving the bus so to speak.

We incarnate into form with an overall theme or purpose with others in agreement with their own participation. We’re interwoven together in the fabric of creation, separation from each other impossible. And because of this belief, my magick has changed considerably over the years. I’m more apt to allow things to unfold around me without becoming involved in any of it. It’s not that I won’t perform a binding spell if I really think someone or a situation is spinning out of control, but I’ve realized that at least some of my response is predicated on believing my perception of what I see.

If I stay away from judgment, then it’s easier to observe and then move on. It’s less reactionary that way. In Magick And The Aligned Witch, I discuss performing magick from an aligned state. The hazard of performing a binding spell is that I could be preventing the full expression of something that was chosen before incarnating. After all, experience can be our best teacher, so why would a witch interfere with another’s process?

Much of my magickal workings now focus on aligning in higher consciousness or unified presence. Now that ascension is in full swing, aligning and raising frequency allows everyone else to experience awakening’s resonance, our natural state. Runes are similar to the Major Arcana in tarot in that they represent archetypal influences reminding us of who we are. In essence, they keep us on track and are useful in aligning with higher consciousness.

Runes are similar to the Major Arcana in tarot in that they represent archetypal influences reminding us of who we are. In essence, they keep us on track and are useful in aligning with higher consciousness.

In today’s runecasting, I drew Gebo, Othala, Thurisaz, Isa, and Algiz and placed them in the Algiz pattern for higher consciousness. Gebo, a Water element rune, creates balanced energy exchange with others. Also known as the gift, Gebo promotes generosity and mutual benefit with all.

Othala is the rune of sacred space and our Akash. It’s said to combine all runic energies into one providing protection, peace, and prosperity. Othala balances order with chaos and its focus is on the greater community at large.

The catalytic energy of Thor’s Hammer is contained in Thurisaz. Protection and defense are this rune’s primary influence along with catalyzing change for the better. It can be used in weather and love magick, stimulating positive outcome. But along with protection, Thurisaz asks us to avoid impulsive and self-centered action, allowing anger to cool before responding further.

Isa brings stillness and alignment to the runecasting, allowing further development of the will. A rune of becoming, Isa represents Verdandi, the Norn of the static realm or present, securing our aligned focus until clarity is achieved.

In the final position, Algiz represents Air, Fire, and Water and the connection between the physical and nonphysical realms. Appearing at the bottom of the spread, it suggests that higher consciousness is our real foundation and our choices in life should reflect that truth.

The runes are arranged together in a sigil or bindrune bringing together the energetic influences of the runes contained within. They can be carried as a talisman for alignment throughout the day or used as a focus in ritual or magickal workings. The idea is to visualize the runic influences combining together into a greater resonance and then offer it to the unified presence by casting the intention for all to align if they choose. It’s like shouting out that there’s room over here at the table for anyone who wants to sit down.

Today’s runecasting is reminding us that instead of being in conflict with others, living in unity reflects who we are. When aligned in unified presence you realize that separation is an illusion. You’ll know that there is no other and that all are the Creator here to know more. The imperfections we see in others don’t exist outside of form, and when as witches we talk about living in perfect love and perfect trust, it really references our true reality as one with all. We feel the unified presence of creation. The bindrune is an expression of that truth.

Blessings to all!

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Protection Rune Magick

Rune Magick for Protection

Our brothers and sisters in the Oroville, California area have evacuated their homes due to a break in a spillway at the Oroville dam, so I thought some protection rune magick might be in order. My husband and I spent the first part of December in Clearlake and although it’s closer to the coast than Oroville, driving through California was so lovely and our hearts go out to everyone affected by this disaster.

Bindrunes are a form of rune magick whereby runes cast are arranged in a meaningful fashion. After aligning in Source Presence, I pose a question or think about a situation or individual and then reach into my rune bag and begin moving my hand through the runes, allowing them to fall through my fingers. Eventually, only one rune remains in my hand and I place it on the altar. I repeat the process until I feel I have enough runes, typically no more than five are used.

As I cast the runes a pattern emerges for the bindrune and today’s runecasting was no different. The first rune cast was Laguz. A rune of Elemental Water, Laguz sets the reason for the bindrune, in this case, excess water. With this rune, we cast our intention for additional protection and increased magickal energy and will.

Moving deocil, the next rune in the runecasting is Gebo, another Water rune. Again, as with LaguzGebo increases magickal power and creates balance. Gebo also indicates partnership and generous exchange with others, bringing equilibrium to the situation.

Next is Othala or the rune of sacred spaced and homeland. It represents peace, security, and protection of hearth and home. The greater community at large is felt with this rune and given the extreme nature of this disaster, the sacred space of the community is threatened.

In the final position, Wunjo as the wish rune brings success and fulfillment to the bindrune. Joyful contact with others is influenced by this rune suggesting that this tragedy will bring people together in unity of purpose to renew and restore not just the land but relationships as well.

It’s said that Othala contains all runes within. Some runecasters place Othala at the end of the Elder Futhark, but I prefer that Dagaz occupy that position. Complete enlightenment seems more fitting than the rune of the Akash, although the argument could be made for either viewpoint. In creating the bindrune, I used Othala as the foundation and then drew Laguz so that Wunjo was also created. Gebo is contained within Othala, so I left that alone. The completed bindrune appears in the center of the other runes.

The numerology of the bindrune is 5 suggesting change which is definitely in store for the Oroville area. And with the bindrune created, I cast the intention of protection for all as well as for the sacred space in which they live.

Blessings to all during this difficult time.



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Focus Bindrunes

focus bindrunes


Sometimes I cast runes to create a bindrune for one purpose or another. I had some larger pieces from a piece of juniper we pruned back and they were finally dry enough to do something with. So I created the three bindrunes above. I’ve been wanting some larger bindrunes to use as a focus for either hedge riding or other magickal workings and these seemed perfect. I love juniper. The wood is so distinctive and it smells wonderful when I’m burning in the runes.

Beginning on the left, I used Uruz, Berkano, Fehu, and Isa to create a bindrune for manifested will. This bindrune can be useful as a focus in any working to manifest your intention. Uruz’s downward pointing horns shape matter into form, therefore providing the witch with the catalyst necessary to manifest her desired intention. Berkano supports this creative focus by bringing the witch’s magickal will into being. Isa brings the witch’s focus to her still point. Fehu sends the energy of the bindrune on its way into the universe. This bindrune can be placed on the witch’s altar or workspace, or held during the working.

In the middle is a bindrune to achieve inner clarity. Sometimes we need to expand our vision outward in order that we understand what’s occurring. This bindrune incorporates Ansuz, Laguz, and Uruz to assist the witch in achieving clarity. Uruz sits in the middle, manifesting the witch’s desire. Ansuz and Laguz surround Uruz, their energies moving outward like rays, Laguz casting out for intuitive awareness and Ansuz bringing truth to bear. This is a powerful bindrune that assists the witch as she centers, aligns, and knows.

The last bindrune is for hedge riding. As a hedge witch and an empath, I’m more comfortable aligned in my Source Presence than in my body. Riding the hedge is similar to shamanic journeying or astral travel and it’s a lovely way to bring myself back into focus. Ehwaz represents our soul vehicle or merkaba. It provides the structure for the hedge riding bindrune. I chose Sowilo as a rune of Higher Self, providing spiritual clarity and protection along the journey. And finally, I chose Eihwaz, the link between physical and nonphysical presence to tie everything together. I really love this bindrune.

The idea behind bindrune creation is to blend runic energies together to create something greater than each individual rune. So when you arrange specific runes together, you create an intention that you can then cast to the universe. They can also be carried or worn as talismans or drawn on anything to create a particular effect. Sigils have been used forever to create magickal intention or to communicate information. But runes are special, given to us by Odin, and they’re my favorite divination tool.

I’ll consecrate these bindrunes on the Dark Moon, preferring the Crone aspect of Goddess for this ritual, where I’ll bind together the runes, blending energies within, bringing balance without, infusing with immanence, blessing and consecrating in alignment with loving Source Presence.

~Blessed be the Runes, their power mine

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Rune Magick: A Bindrune for Clarity and Truth

rune magick


The Full Moon arrives on the 21st and I wanted to create some bindrunes for consecration. In particular, I wanted to create a focus or talisman for clarity when interacting with guarded or manipulative people and I chose Hagalaz, Sowilo, and Kenaz for just that purpose. Hagalaz, the witch rune, provides the structure for this bindrune while Kenaz and Sowilo provide the energies for illumination and clarity.

As an empath, I know things. Awareness comes like a memory would, it’s just there without having to work for it. An empath feels in and is then able to get general impressions about what’s going on. From there, it’s not uncommon for the empath to get more specific details, giving her a more complete picture.

Typically I like to let awareness come to me without wanting to influence that process. But when I’m dealing with someone who is extremely guarded, or who outright lies, then I might need a bindrune as a focus so that I’m not distracted by whatever manipulation is happening. I find manipulation outrageous, and I tend to want to get into it with people who do it, if only to convince them to stop.

Another purpose for a bindrune like this one would be to influence the energies of a particular moment, in this case, to encourage honesty. Empaths and witches detest liars. They’re pathetic to begin with and we always know it’s happening, so why anyone interacts that way with us is beyond me, but they do it anyway. A bindrune to hold during the interaction makes it more likely that I’ll get to the bottom of whatever nonsense is going on. Not that it makes any difference, mind you, because most folks who lie aren’t interested in telling the truth anyway, but at least I know what’s actually happening. And that’s better than the alternative.

clarity bindruneSo in the making of the bindrune, I write out each rune that I’m going to use and then choose which one to use as a beginning point. In this case I chose Hagalaz. From there I drew Sowilo and then Kenaz.

Hagalaz begins the structure or framework for the rune magick. Sowilo brings illumination and Higher Self awareness to the witch. Kenaz, the rune of openings symbolized by the torch, represents to know, one of the four powers of the witch, and strengthens the witch’s intuition. With a bindrune such as this, the witch can remain aligned and undistracted as she knows the truth.

Bindrunes can be drawn on paper or on anything really. I like to use a wood burner and burn them on various pieces I’ve gathered from trees around my property. I also like drawing them in earth or sand, or carving them into candles for ritual. Protection bindrunes, or hexes, are often found painted on barns and homes. A witch can also draw them in the air with her finger, hand, wand, or athame, intoning each rune comprising the bindrune.

This bindrune can be carried or worn to bring clarity and truth to the interaction. The witch may also find the bindrune helpful in remaining unaffected by the goings on around her. Not everything requires a response. Sometimes it’s enough to simply observe…and know.

Blessed Be

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Runes & Rune Magick – Recommended Reading

I thought I would put up a list of some of my favorite books from my Kindle bookshelf. I just joined Amazon’s Affiliate program, and since I link to books on their site anyway, I thought I would put a more organized reading list together. Check them out over at my new Affiliate shop, A Witch in Store over at!

Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic by Edred Thorsson

Taking Up The Runes: A Complete Guide To Using Runes In Spells, Rituals, Divination, And Magic by Diana L. Paxson

Runcaster’s Handbook: The Well of Wyrd by Edred Thorsson

Odin’s Gateways – A practical handbook of Rune Magic & Divination by Katie Gerrard

The Rune Primer: A Down to Earth Guide to the Runes by Sweyn Plowright

Northern Magic: Rune Mysteries and Shamanism (Llewellyn’s World Religion & Magick) by Edred Thorsson

RUNES for: Divination (Advanced) by R. Briski

Seidr: The Gate is Open: Working with Trance Prophecy, the High Seat and Norse Witchcraft by Katie Gerrard

Seidways: Shaking, Swaying and Serpent Mysteries by Jan Fries

Neolithic Shamanism: Spirit Work in the Norse Tradition by Raven Kaldera and Galina Krasskova

Trance-Portation: Learning to Navigate the Inner World by Diana L. Paxson

The Book of Rune Secrets by Tyriel


I’ve found these books to be invaluable in my study of runes and rune magick. I recommend them highly!

And as always, Shop at!


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Exploring Rune Magick: Ansuz

rune magick - Ansuz


Ansuz, a rune of Elemental Air, is the rune of Odin and inspired communication. It teaches us to look at the entire picture and raises spiritual consciousness. It is the rune of wisdom and invokes divinity within. Diana Paxson tells us:

The rune ANSUZ is the most powerful mind-rune of all. It can be chanted, inscribed, or projected to stimulate eloquence and mental activity, and is a good rune for writers or anyone working in creative or intellectual fields.¹

And from Thorsson:

Ansuz is the mysterium tremendum of the rune row. The A-rune is instrumental in the creation of mankind. It describes two of the several spiritual gifts given to Askr and Embla (the primal man and woman) by the gods Ódhinn, Hœnir, and Lódhurr (a threefold aspect of the god Ódhinn). These gifts were önd or anda (breath, spirit, animating life principle) and ódhr (inspired mental activity, inspiration). This is the stave of Ódhinn as the numinous god of magic and of ecstasy.

Ansuz is the receiver-container/ transformer-expresser of spiritual power and numinous knowledge. This force is received from the AEsir and transformed in humanity to be reexpressed toward the multiverse in magical and religious acts


I use Ansuz in bindrunes to bring healthy communication and clarity. I’ve also used it in bindrunes for various blessings. It can be carried as a talisman when effective communication is needed. Quietly breathing in An, and breathing out suz is a wonderful focus for meditation and journeying. I instantly feel lighter breathing Ansuz and I’m able to align more quickly with Self. It’s also useful in stressful situations to breathe Ansuz, extending its energy outward so that all involved experience its blessing.

For the witch, Thorsson counsels that Ansuz will “increase of both active and passive magical powers and clairvoyant abilities, etc.”³ I include Ansuz on my altar during ritual to invoke Goddess energy into spellwork and divination, particularly when clarity or understanding are needed.

Runes are versatile in magickcal workings. Alone or together with others in a bindrune, they bring an added dimension to magick. I love them.

Next up, Raidho!

~Blessed be the runes!


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Exploring Rune Magick: Thurisaz

Exploring Rune Magick: ThurisazThe third rune in the first Aett, Thurisaz, the rune of Thor and his mighty hammer, and the rune of Giants. Catalytic in nature, Thurisaz, brings about new beginnings and controls volatile situations. Although protection and defense oriented, casting Thurisaz can also indicate that impulsive action may be a factor in the situation. From Thorsson:

Thurisaz is the directed cosmic force of destruction and defense. It is the archetypal instinctual will, without self-consciousness. The TH-rune is a symbol of lightning and thunder and is equated with Mjöllnir, the hammer of Thórr. (1)


The TH-rune is the container of the life-death polarity. It is the ultimate power to assimilate potential energy of two extremes of kinetic energy into a pattern of action. Thurisaz is a projectable form of applied power. (2)

In rune magick..

Tyriel tells us that Thurisaz is the innovative, problem-solution matrix that is constantly at work within humans (3). Thurisaz can be used in weather magick, protection spells, and spells for awakening and regeneration. It can also be used in love spells. Thurisaz may be drawn or carved and then worn as a symbol or talisman for protection.

However Sweyn Plowright warns:

Modern writers tend to agree on a meaning of focused power. This can be used to break through obstacles. It is also useful in curses. Like the thurses (giants), the force once unleashed may not be easy to control. (4)

Diana Paxson agrees:

THURISAZ is one of the most powerful runes for use in magic, but as Aswynn points out, it must be handled carefully. Like nuclear power, it is a force that can heal or destroy. The rune also acts as a catalytic force when paired with others and can be added to empower a spell.

Drawing THURISAZ on a sharp object such as a fossil tooth or arrowhead (or an actual thorn) enables it to be used as a focus for the evil being drawn out in shamanic extraction magic (curing elf-shot) or to scratch a spell on something, such as someone’s skin or a tree.

One use of this rune and of Thor energy in general is in weatherworking. Drawing it on one’s forehead will increase energy, and intoning it as a mantra will help summon or align one with the forces that bring storms. Be careful, however, to study the normal weather patterns for the area and work to strengthen them, or you may contribute to a dangerous imbalance. (5)

In divination..

In divination, Thurisaz indicates a proper use of force is necessary. A balance must be struck, whether regarding finances, health, or in your relationships. It can also indicate good luck is in store.

Katie Gerrard writes:

Is attack the best form of defence? How much damage do you do to those around you when protecting yourself physically or mentally? Who gets caught in the crossfire? Thurisaz is the sudden argument that comes from feeling vulnerable. Thurisaz is the pub fight caused by jealousy and pride. Thurisaz is the impulsive action that is meant to protect that which you feel needs protecting but ends up jeopardising it instead. (6)

Thurisaz is about mastery of self and the world around us. A delicate balance must be struck between force and nuance, with the ability to see the larger picture as an essential part of that balance. Use the energy of Thurisaz to your advantage or you’ll be experiencing its more volatile aspects.

Next up, Ansuz!

~Blessed be the runes!



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Witch Notes: Law of Attraction, 15 Nov 2015

I find the Law of Attraction confounding. I understand that my thoughts create my reality. I’m a witch. Of course my thoughts create my reality. An empath as well, I experience everything intensely. Everything is pure emotional resonance. All at once. How do I simply notice it all without feeling in? Because I think that’s where I get in trouble, the whole, feeling in part. It’s easy to get stuck in someone else’s emotional resonance without realizing that, in doing so, you’re activating the Law of Attraction. Then, all of a sudden, all sorts of weird synchronicities begin to happen.

Complete strangers tell me anything from something personal that they’re currently going through, to their complete life stories if we get stuck in the checkout line at the grocery store. I thank the Goddess that I finally figured out self-checkout. Otherwise, the Law of Attraction goes into overdrive. In self-checkout, everyone’s too busy doing their own thing there to even notice me. Grocery stores can be overwhelming for me. My aura is enveloping in nature, and too much disparate energy coming in on me all at once can leave me exhausted.

According to the Law of Attraction, if we think or talk about something, we draw more of it to us. Doesn’t matter what it is. We’re that powerful. We’d have to be, to focus part of ourselves into physical form. Each of us is creation energy made manifest. But my focus is mine. No one else’s. My husband’s focus is his. Not mine. The trick is not in how well we interact together, but in how well we stay in our own focus. Our experience here must be our own.

experience people. Empaths are to observe, instead of engage, or we get stuck in drama. So the answer to my dilemma is right there. My reason for being here is to experience my creative vision of things. If that happens to overlap with someone else’s vision fine, but it’s still my creative vision. If I focus in on someone else’s creative vision, then I derail my own. Then I live in resistance to what I truly want. Spending time trying to understand the other person’s vision typically proves fruitless. So there you go. Stay in my own lane.

I don’t have to spend my time merging energy with anyone. We’re already one in Source Energy, so I can go within to experience that reality any time I please. Experiencing another as who he or she truly is, instead of what is presented in form, is the real challenge. We believe what we see around us as the truth of things, when it’s only based on perception. Seeing all as holy extensions of Source Energy is the real truth we seek.

Everyone else is in the same position I am. Each person has his or her own path that they too decided beforehand. We all are in the process of creating our own respective visions of the world. To live successfully within that construct requires no judgment to enter in. And when we do allow our focus to shift, and become immersed in another’s vision, that’s when the drama begins. Emotional intensity is the attraction, and it’s hard to shift back to our own focus. All the more reason for each of us to remember who we are, and to stay in our own resonance. Applying this concept to the world at large, it’s easy to see how conflict both begins and continues.  Judgment keeps us from experiencing our vision as the free flowing extensions of Source that we are. Seeing another as a sister or brother in Source frees us to resume our creative focus.

We’ve been told from childhood forward to suppress our feelings. I remember my mother telling me that I had everything, so why on earth would I be depressed? Golly, I don’t know. I was an adolescent living in an abusive home. Do the math. So even when it was appropriate to feel depression, I was ridiculed for it. But it’s our emotional presence that we need to listen to. It’s our guide, our intuition. I experience negative emotion as dense energy in varying degrees. Things slow down and the emotional intensity of the moment swirls chaotically around me. That should be my cue to divert my focus back to my own, but then I want to help, and who knows when I’ll come up for air.

I know I’m aligned when I fraggle about. I loved Fraggle Rock on HBO. Convincing John, The Wise and All-Knowing Trash was awesome and my boys sat riveted every time it was on television. But that’s what happens when I’m in my alignment, my zone if you will. I fraggle about. I’m happy, centered, focused, aware of little else going on around me.

I write sometimes to figure things out. Today, I got a little closer to understanding how to make the Law of Attraction work for me, rather than against me. Below is a bindrune from Hagalaz, Nauthiz and Isa. A little rune magick to help stay aligned.

~Blessed Be

Law of Attraction: Stillness Within the Chaos