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Spiritual Awareness ~ Full Moon Runecasting And Bindrune 9 June 2017

Spiritual Awareness ~ Full Moon Runecasting And Bindrune 9 June 2017

Tonight is the Full Strawberry Moon and I decided to do a runecasting prior to tonight’s Esbat ritual for a bindrune invoking spiritual awareness. As a side note, I harvested my first strawberry of the season out in my medicinal garden, tiny, but sweet and yummy and I also crafted a new set of runes from some Black Locust I have growing next to one of my ponds. We brought the trees in from my husband’s parent’s home before it sold years ago and now the trees are producing blooms that are so beautiful! I hadn’t yet crafted any runes from them and their blooms reminded me of that fact. So my husband kindly cut some rune stock from a branch he had pruned last year and I spent a couple of days sanding and wood burning until the runes felt right in my hands.

Runes have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Although I do buy runes made from stone, I always make my wooden runes. There’s something about a witch’s interaction between the wood itself and the sanding and engraving process that makes every set a reflection of the witch’s inner vision. I create them in the order established by the Elder Futhark, visualizing each rune’s meaning.

For this Full Strawberry Moon runecasting, I drew Perthro, Mannaz, Eihwaz, Jera, and Fehu. Runes have many influences and the well of Wyrd, rational thought, paradox, transformation and balance, and wealth are the primary influences contained within the runecasting. I derive the overall numerology of a runecasting from their numerical placement in the Futhark, so individually they are 14, 20, 13, 12, and 1 respectively, with 6, or the sacred layer of Higher Self presence, as the runecasting’s overall numerological influence.

Perthro is the rune of fate, the unknown, and the cup from which runes are cast. A Water Element rune, its numerology of 5 reinforces the elemental influence of change. Also known as the childbirth rune, Perthro also represents birth if pointing to the right or death if pointing to the left. It reveals memories and can be visualized in meditation to experience past lives. Perthro represents the simplicity of cause and effect on the physical plane as well as the alignment of our nonphysical aspect of Self.

Intuition is balanced with our rational mind with Mannaz, the 20th rune of the Elder Futhark. An Earth rune, Mannaz represents humanity’s need for partnership and helps us understand our role in the greater community or society at large. It teaches us to live our lives in the present moment and to understand that we are part of a greater unified presence.

The 13th rune of the Elder Futhark, Eihwaz provides the connection between physical and nonphysical aspects of Self, the link between realms. It provides both structure and transformation, infusing Spirit into form and creates movement from one energetic state to another, eliminating stagnation that prevents clarity.

Another Earth rune, Jera is the rune of transformation and balance, fertility, and positive change. It’s useful to hang in the garden as part of a bindrune for growth as well as to bring harmony and alignment to relationships. Luck, prosperity, and the cycles of life are among Jera’s influences.

We end with Fehu, the sending rune representing wealth and traditionally, cattle. A Fire Element rune, Fehu begins the Elder Futhark and increases wealth and abundance as well as the witch’s ability to send energetic intentions. As the final rune of the runecasting, I believe it’s there to organize and send the collective energy of the runes above it.

Perthro opens us to experiencing the partnership of Mannaz while Eihwaz infuses that spiritual awareness into our daily lives. Jera further transforms our relationships into a conscious, unified presence with all. And Fehu provides the catalyst necessary to cast the intention of unified presence to the universe.

I created a bindrune along with a planetary sigil using the magick square for Jupiter and burned both onto a piece of juniper to invoke spiritual awareness of our unified presence. I like working with both types of sigils and have been using them together lately. The sigil from the magick square uses the letters associated with each rune to obtain their numerological equivalent and I drew the sigil from there.



I blessed and consecrated the sigil with the following chant. I used the Latin version:

  • I bind these runes     (Circum nos imbuit)
  • Blending energies within     (Melicos intra resonantia)
  • Bringing balance without    (Componere sine)
  • Infused with immanence     (Splendido immanentia vestiganda)
  • I bless and consecrate this sigil     (Benedico et consecrare hoc sigil)
  • In alignment with Goddess     (In noctis per Dea)
  • It is done     (Consummatum est)

Sigil magick is great to use when you want to create a symbol for a collective influence or intention. It can be as complicated or as simple as you like; it’s all a reflection of your own process. I wrote a book called Magick and the Aligned Witch in which I discuss working magick from an aligned state. Magick worked from an aligned state is less about consequences or trying to create the space for one thing or another to happen and more about creating the space for remembrance of who we are. We’re not here to judge others or expect them to live in accordance with our respective comfort levels. And casting our intentions when aligned in Source Presence allows us to see all as extensions of Self and the Creator and experience the truth of their perfection.

Now in the time of ascension, many are awakening to the truth of who they are and magick that creates the space for that process to happen in perfect love and perfect trust is the primary focus of this witch. Witches stand in observation of the world around them, secure in their knowing that all of it is an illusion of form. We can participate within that subjective, ego-based structure or reflect one that engages from an awareness of Higher Self. The choice is ours.

Our focus can no longer be on what separates us, but in fact, the awareness that we are one unified presence. We can no longer afford to be confused about this truth allowing hate and division to drive the conversation. We are so much more than we have been led to believe. We are the Creator, focused into the fabric of space/time, in collective creation of the universe.

My dear family, we are so much more than we thought, and it’s time to awaken to that truth.

Blessed Be


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The Sacred Space Of Home ~ Runecasting for 10 May 2017

The Sacred Space Of Home ~ Runecasting for 10 May 2017

Last night was the Full Flower Moon. Symbolic of mystery and emotional presence, witches everywhere stand in observance of the Esbat ritual by drawing down the Moon and communing with their Goddess of choice. I’m partial to Hecate and Brigid but typically I stay more generic, reserving specific Goddesses for Dark Moon ritual.

We set the altar and cast the circle, defining our spiritual workspace if you will. From there, witches may meditate or ride the hedge, or perform magickal workings if needed. I view the Full Moon as a time of purification and alignment with Goddess presence. I also cast the runes, creating a bindrune if energies align which I did for last night’s ritual.


Runes of higher consciousness, openings, and sacred space comprise today’s runecasting. Runes from the Elder Futhark are divided into three groups or Aetts and today’s runes, Algiz, Kenaz, and Othala, are from each aett dealing with practical issues, psychological aspects of self, and universal law.

Representing Air, Fire, and Water, Algiz is our connection between physical and nonphysical aspects of self. Like the horns of the elk, Algiz fosters safety and protection and as the rune of higher consciousness, a connection with the divine resonance within.

Kenaz continues as the rune of openings. Also known as the torch, Kenaz represents the light of truth, healing, and love, revealing secrets by increasing intuition. Transformation and enlightenment are among Kenaz’s primary influences as it lights the way to truth.

Othala is an interesting rune in that rune casters are divided as to its placement in the Elder Futhark. It’s traditionally placed at the end but some switch it with Dagaz, placing that rune as the final rune of the Futhark. I’ve vacillated back and forth on the subject and now I’m back to placing it at the end. Othala is said to contain all energies of the runes as it balances order with chaos, and represents the sacred space of our Akash and universal cosmic law.

A bindrune can be created like the one in the picture above combining the energies of the three runes into a synchronous intention that can then be cast or carried with you like a talisman, bringing the aligned vibrations with you throughout your day. I use bindrunes for both purposes.

What’s nice about this runecasting and bindrune is that it acknowledges our true nature as Source Energy, in unified presence with all. It asks us to remain open to that truth and mindful that all are on the same path to awakening and enlightenment. Some choose a more self-oriented focus while others remain aware of their greater nature as one with all. Either focus is acceptable but one is more challenging than the other. Our perspective while in physical form determines how we see and respond to either choice we make.

When the Moon is full she’s in her full presence reminding us to do the same. During these dark days, we need as much light as we can project to see the truth of what’s going on. This runecasting suggests that perceiving from our higher consciousness allows us to remain open to truth, irrespective of what that might be, secure in the understanding that everything around is a collective projection and as such, subjective and illusory. Finally, Othala reminds us that our sacred space is still safe, protected from the chaos that may be surrounding us. As the Creator, how could we be anything less?

We’re at our best when we stand in our power together as one. The magick of the bindrune is in its synchronicity, both with the runes themselves as well as with our unified presence. We are inextricably bound together, our one family, whether we come together in unity or remain at odds with each other.

Isn’t it time we realized this truth?

Blessings to our one big beautifully messy family! Our underlying love for each other, realized or not, will provide the light necessary to show us the way home.


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A Circle Of Protection To Bind Their Fate

A Circle of Protection To Bind Their Fate

Protection can take many forms. It can be defensive or offensive in nature as with martial arts, or it can be born of inner awareness. Rune magick is a method of bringing runic influences together in sigil form for a specific purpose. It can be divination-oriented, or it can bring about a change of some kind. I use sigils in general because they represent a focused intention. I like how they organize my thoughts around whatever situation I’m concerned with. Lately, my thoughts have been on protection.

I was listening to a woman speak today on a podcast who was talking about how unsustainable it is to provide financial assistance to people in our country. She had a Darwinian bent and appeared to believe that survival of the fittest was the best way to solve our problems. I don’t share her premise or perspective because I know that we’re one collective consciousness and how we live should reflect that truth.

It would be like expecting each cell in our bodies to survive on its own without the integration required so that our bodies exist and function properly. The same concept is true in a bee colony. I’m someone who is kept by bees. I’d say I’m a beekeeper, but bees don’t need a keeper so it feels odd to call myself that. Anyway, the hive wouldn’t survive long if a survival of the fittest attitude swept the colony. Then they probably would need a keeper. You know, like the so-called new guy seems to need.

Today’s runecasting centers around protection. But it doesn’t necessarily reflect the intention of protection against something or someone. Sometimes our greatest protection involves how we interpret what’s happening around us. As A Course in Miracles tells us, we give everything we see the meaning it has. Now the bulk of humanity may agree with our assessment, but we’re still giving everything we experience the meaning it has.

If we can look dispassionately at situations that are concerning, then we’re better able to view them with more clarity than when we’re caught up in our reactions to whatever is occurring. So in a real sense, protection should also involve our choice of reaction.

Additionally, our state of mind, be it loving or not, should also influence our feeling of protection, again reflecting that dispassionate view that helps keep us centered and aligned. So when I was looking at some bindrunes I’ve created over the last few months, I selected those that protected, aligned, extended love, and invoked a centered and unified presence to surround today’s runecasting creating a greater a circle of protection to support its message.

Othala, Gebo, and Hagalaz are today’s runes and bring influences of our Akash and ancestral heritage, balanced energy exchange, and then a little destruction in preparation for impending change with some hawthorn twigs rounding out the protection influences. Othala represents our collective nature, both in physical and nonphysical form. It asserts that our greatest achievements are accomplished together, Darwin be damned.

Moving deocil around spread, the witch invokes change and Hagalaz as the witch rune accomplishes this task. It provides the balanced structure necessary for positive change to unfold and provides blessings to speed the process.

Gebo reflects both inner and outer balance and teaches us to live in harmony with each other. Again, Darwin’s not finding a home here. Using the example of our bodies again, when the body is not in balance then disease or ill health results. If the imbalance is left unchecked, the body may not survive. It’s the same with humanity. We won’t survive if we don’t bring our polarities back into balance. The masculine has run amok and the feminine has had enough. The answer is a more balanced approach but the masculine energy disagrees and here we are now, in need of some protection.

But we don’t need a savior, even if he’s back from vacation. We need clarity. We need truth. And when we have that, the answers will be clear. But until that happens, we need to remain as aligned as possible in Higher Self awareness, viewing what’s unfolding with discernment, taking a dispassionate stance.

Disinformation and distraction seem to be the mantra of the new regime. But in time the proverbial man behind the curtain will be revealed and then heads will roll, the circle of protection binding their fate. We’re being shown a future that few anticipated or wanted. A country reflects everyone within. The people make up its heart and vitality, its blood supply extending life to all.

We’re not a business decision, a deal to be made, or a company to be closed. We’re the very life force without which this country would not even exist and we have always been more than the sum of our parts. We cannot be dismissed as irrelevant because we most certainly are not.

We see you, in all your predatory ugliness. We know what you’re doing and you’re not going to get away with it. You believe you can strip mine us into oblivion all while making a buck off of the deal.

But then you’re a fool.

You’ll create a mess that you won’t be able to clean up. But don’t worry. The rest of us, in our unity of purpose, in the protection of all that we have co-created together, will be happy to do that for you.

Blessed Be

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The Mystery of Fate ~ Runecasting for 17 April 2017

I saw a set of runes the other day made from acorns. The oak tree is sacred amongst witches signifying strength, longevity, endurance, and protection. My husband and I planted an oak tree a couple of years ago but it’s growing slowly and it was on a walk one day that we found some acorns on the ground and stuffed our pockets full. So when I saw the set of runes made from acorns, I remembered the ones we found and got out my wood burner.

Usually, I draw the runes first on whatever wood I’m using but this time I burned them free hand and for whatever reason, I didn’t have to redo any. I only had so many acorns so it was risky but it went effortlessly. Maybe it was the sacredness of the runestock in play.

Hagalaz, Isa, and Perthro comprise today’s runecasting. All are Water element runes so I used shells to surround the runes emphasizing emotional presence. Hagalaz and Isa are both Norn runes representing Urdh (past) and Verdandi (the present), while Perthro represents fate and the well of Wyrd from which the Norns revealed the runes to Odin.

Establishing the framework from which the runecasting flows, Hagalaz as the cosmic ice egg representing hail and winter levels the playing field as it destroys our existing foundation so that change can take hold. Like the witch, Hagalaz creates a fuss then disappears as if never there.

Isa continues the preparation for change as the center of the the hailstone creating the stillness necessary to align in Source Presence. Development of the will is expressed by Isa as we bring an end to destructive forces affecting our life.

The power of the Norns to determine the fate of men is Perthro’s influence. Position is relevant with Perthro. Known as the cauldron of transformation, when open to the right, it indicates the womb and birth, to the left, death. At the end of a runecasting, Perthro is telling us to embrace a new direction. Although change is in store there is still much that is unknown but given the influences of both Hagalaz and Isa, it promises to be transformational in nature.

Sometimes the runes divine a greater truth and sometimes they’re simple and straightforward. My youngest son and his wife are having their first child and our first grandchild. Our lives are about to change when our little grand-witchling is born and we couldn’t be happier.

For all its destructive power, Hagalaz is also considered the blessing rune for marriage and partnership and provides the positive structure necessary for a new family dynamic to emerge, one that centers on new life and love. It was fate when they met, something in each that trusted the mystery before them and allowed a great love to spring forth. And now they’re gifting us with the most precious gift of all, the love of a grandchild.

Like the oak, a mighty family will grow from seeds lovingly and carefully sown which began long ago. We’ve come full circle, with life beginning anew. And when she arrives this summer we’ll be forever over the moon!

And to our son and our beautiful daughter-in-love:

Thank you!




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In Centered Presence ~ Runecasting and Bindrune for 16 April 2017

In Centered Presence ~ Runecasting and Bindrune for 16 April 2017

In centered presence, we align with the Creator within. It is our natural state and reflects awareness balanced with will. We extend ourselves in full awareness of who we are unfazed by the varied expressions of form around us. When we’re caught up in our reaction to life we lose sight of the control we each have to create a happier experience if we could only remain aligned in centered presence.

Bindrunes work well because they blend runic energies together creating a greater focus or intention. I set the intention for a bindrune for centered presence and then drew Thurisaz, Othala, Hagalaz, and Inguz  from my bag. Will, sacred space, fixed structure, and the desire within comprise the bindrune’s influences.

Protection and defense along with catalytic change and renewal are among the interpretations of Thurisaz. But at the heart of this rune is the expression of will and the ability to avoid impulsive reaction.

Othala is considered the rune of sacred space because of its energy of ancestral inheritance. It’s said to possess the power of all runes in the Elder Futhark and balances order and chaos. Our essential unity is expressed by Othala as the repository of our Akash.

Reinforcing the rune of sacred space, Inguz represents not only our genetic inheritance but our focus into form itself. Inguz expresses the desire within for expansion and growth. Invoking inner will, Inguz focuses and releases energy with intention promising a successful outcome.

Hagalaz is the ninth rune of the Elder Futhark and its numerology suggests completion. Considered a witch rune, Hagalaz provides a fixed structure from which magickal workings unfold. It extends blessings and facilitates hedge riding and shamanic journeying. Like the witch, Hagalaz can bring a disruptive influence prior to positive change providing the right influence and structure to the bindrune for centered presence.

                   Centered Presence Bindrune

The stone that appears in both pictures is a hag stone I found at the Oregon coast the weekend our oldest son was married. I turn sixty in October and I’ve never found a hag or holey stone, ever. That weekend, I found the motherlode. Needless to say, it was a magickal experience. I use this smaller one frequently because it has a nice feel to it. Hag stones are a divination tool for witches, divining the future as we look through one of the holes. I use hag stones in ritual or magickal workings to add a Crone influence.

Three is an important number for a witch as it represents triple aspects such as the Triple Goddess as Maiden/Mother/Crone, creation/divinity/fate, past/present/future, and mind/body/Spirit. The three thorned twigs in each picture are from one of my hawthorn trees reinforcing thorny Thurisaz. Hawthorn is considered a tree of the fae folk and is revered by witches as well. I’ve crafted wands from hawthorn as well as the runes used in the runecasting. The bindrune itself is from a larger piece of juniper that we had pruned from one of our juniper trees and its protective and purifying energies allow for its use as a container to gather and hold the runes’ enhanced magick.

Othala directly includes Inguz and is suspended within the framework of Hagalaz. From there, Thurisaz extends downward aligning as above so below. Another expression of triplicity, Awen illuminates above Thurisaz and in Inguz/Othala’s center signifying the flow of inspiration and Spirit. Three points appear in the lower half of the bindrune linking Awen with physical presence.

If we accept the premise that the universe is a projection of the Creator in an effort know more, then we can view our experiences as far more subjective than we do. We make everything so serious, so absolute in form when nothing could be further from the truth. The world we experience now could look very different if enough of us collectively made a more loving choice. Instead we believe this must happen or that must change or a particular leader has the answers when everything comes down to how and where we place our focus.

The pathways or channels of thought we engage in create the life we live. Staying aligned as much as possible in centered presence keeps our vibration high and our thoughts going in a positive direction irrespective of what’s going on around us. Using a bindrune as a focus in ritual or magickal workings or to carry along with us as we go about our day helps us emanate from within instead of reacting from without allowing us to stay positive and in control.

Maybe I should tweet this to the so-called new guy. He could use a little centered presence in his life.


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Protection Magick with Mjolnir ~ Runecasting for 12 April 2017

Protection Magick with Mjolnir ~ Runecasting for 12 April 2017

Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir, offers the basis for today’s runecasting and bindrune for strength and protection. The sky around my home has been filled with the sounds of fighter jets over the past couple of days and with the new guy in charge, it’s anyone’s guess what this is about. But it can’t be good. Even during the Iraq war, we didn’t experience this, so I decided a bindrune would be in order.

After bringing my energy back into alignment, I drew five runes, placing them in the shape of Mjolnir, a symbol that now represents Asatru. I have Druid heritage and I find anything related to that practice fascinating and for some reason, I’ve been laying out both runes and tarot cards in this same design. It’s clear to me that difficulties lie ahead and protection will be necessary.

I began drawing the lower three runes, Laguz, Wunjo, and Ansuz followed by Uruz in the center, and then Eihwaz at the top. Our strength and power are best derived from a balance between physical and nonphysical aspects of self. The outside lower runes represent influences which are receptive and projective in nature, with their state of balance in the center. The top rune reflects Higher Self influences while the center rune manifests that unified presence into form. Together the runes cast combine to influence the strength and power of Mjolnir assisting us to not only stand in our own power but to also support us when speaking truth to power itself.

Beginning at the top with the thirteenth rune of the Elder Futhark, Eihwaz, as the rune of paradox, this rune of Fire and Air connects the physical and nonphysical aspects of Self. Representing the power and strength of the Yew tree, Eihwaz protects and removes obstacles from our path and prevents self-destructive behavior.

The strength of aurochs influences as the second rune of the Elder Futhark, Uruz, appears in the center of the runecasting. A Water element rune, Uruz represents an archetypal pattern of creation as its horns point downward in the manifestation of form. Like Eihwaz, Uruz increases both inner and outer strength and courage, but with this rune, the force of will is involved.

Laguz appears in the receptive or feminine influence position of the lower three runes. Another rune of elemental Water, Laguz purifies and cleanses our Spirit increasing our clairsentience and life force. As the rune of the occult, it influences our intuition and empathic awareness and brings awareness of the cyclical nature of life. One of the runes associated with witches, Laguz can assist in accessing the nonphysical realm and drawing down Moon energy. It can be used to gather and invoke magickal energy and intention and helps us maintain an emotional balance.

Moving past the center lower rune, Ansuz, the fourth rune of the Elder Futhark represents the projective/masculine influence of the runecasting. Considered the rune of Odin, Ansuz represents the mind and mouthpiece of a god, therefore the Air element. But in truth, the only god exists within, so Ansuz is the rune that we use to align with or channel the Higher Self. Spiritual awakening is a proactive process, one that each of us feels compelled to experience. It’s the natural order of things and Ansuz brings us clarity.

Wunjo holds the receptive and projective side of Self in balance. The eighth rune of the Elder Futhark, this Earth element rune grounds us in harmony and joy. It represents fellowship, peace and conscious interaction with others. As the happily ever after rune, Wunjo expresses its power by granting wishes, and bringing success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Bindrunes are a form of rune magick whereby various runes are drawn or selected from a bag, arranged together in a sigil, and then blessed and consecrated for a specific purpose, in this case, protection magick. Occasionally I select runes for a bindrune but typically I allow the runes to appear as they will. Each rune has its own vibrational resonance and they’ve never steered me wrong so I let the runes guide the magickal working.

For this protection bindrune, Eihwaz establishes the connection between physical and nonphysical aspects of Self, providing the essential structure of the intention. From there, Uruz manifests Spirit into form allowing the strength and protection of unified presence to sustain our will. Wunjo holds our receptive and projective aspects of self in harmony and balance. With our emotions and intellect in balance, we derive our power and strength from clarity and vision instead of through arrogance and control.

The unspoken presence in the runecasting is Thurisaz, the rune that actually represents Mjolnir. Its catalytic energy protects and defends, breaking through difficult situations with ease. Thurisaz both stimulates change and prevents situations from becoming out-of-control. The power of Thor’s Hammer turns things around, creating new beginnings, but as the Thorn, it can also cause great destruction. Used wisely and with clarity, however, it serves a higher purpose and why I chose its symbol for the shape and intention of the runecasting.

Vulnerability is difficult to experience particularly when solutions aren’t easily found and all we can do is stand in witness. A feeling of protection empowers us to speak our truth, to stand in our own power, and to rise up on behalf of others. Using the bindrune at the top of the runecasting as a talisman or in ritual creates a focus for protection as we align and draw strength from the Unified Presence, extending that blessing to all.

Blessed Be



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Alignment In Higher Consciousness ~ Runecasting for 9 April 2017

Alignment In Higher Consciousness ~ Runecasting for 9 April 2017

When we think about higher consciousness it may feel as if it’s unreachable, confusing the body we inhabit with the truth of who we actually are. In truth, each one of us is our higher consciousness and it’s to that reality that many are awakening to now. I like to use the shape of runes themselves when laying them out in a spread or pattern. Algiz, or the rune of higher consciousness, is one rune that I use frequently in alignment rituals. The last rune I drew from the bag was, in fact, Algiz itself reinforcing my choice of spreads. With everything that’s happening around the world, it seems that the Unified Presence has something to contribute to the conversation.

Magick can take various forms primarily dependent upon a witch’s focus or perspective. Some witches get involved in responding to this or that concern with anything from healing spells to love or prosperity magick. Some curse and some prefer instead to bind. Magick can further be delineated into magickal workings focusing on the shadow side of self or blessings of love and light. Some witches invoke angelic presence into their spellcraft, and some prefer to control demons.

Traditions influence as does the need to push beyond boundaries. The overall story of our lives influences as well which is where I make my own departure from the traditional narrative. I’ve always believed that the Creator/Source/God/Goddess is All That Is. As such, I don’t believe in a Creator that’s separate from the creation because the Creator is the creation. I believe that although our bodies are a creation over time by visitors to Earth, our higher consciousness remains one in unified presence with all as the Creator personified. Our bodies are only vessels that we inhabit for a time, our higher consciousness driving the bus so to speak.

We incarnate into form with an overall theme or purpose with others in agreement with their own participation. We’re interwoven together in the fabric of creation, separation from each other impossible. And because of this belief, my magick has changed considerably over the years. I’m more apt to allow things to unfold around me without becoming involved in any of it. It’s not that I won’t perform a binding spell if I really think someone or a situation is spinning out of control, but I’ve realized that at least some of my response is predicated on believing my perception of what I see.

If I stay away from judgment, then it’s easier to observe and then move on. It’s less reactionary that way. In Magick And The Aligned Witch, I discuss performing magick from an aligned state. The hazard of performing a binding spell is that I could be preventing the full expression of something that was chosen before incarnating. After all, experience can be our best teacher, so why would a witch interfere with another’s process?

Much of my magickal workings now focus on aligning in higher consciousness or unified presence. Now that ascension is in full swing, aligning and raising frequency allows everyone else to experience awakening’s resonance, our natural state. Runes are similar to the Major Arcana in tarot in that they represent archetypal influences reminding us of who we are. In essence, they keep us on track and are useful in aligning with higher consciousness.

Runes are similar to the Major Arcana in tarot in that they represent archetypal influences reminding us of who we are. In essence, they keep us on track and are useful in aligning with higher consciousness.

In today’s runecasting, I drew Gebo, Othala, Thurisaz, Isa, and Algiz and placed them in the Algiz pattern for higher consciousness. Gebo, a Water element rune, creates balanced energy exchange with others. Also known as the gift, Gebo promotes generosity and mutual benefit with all.

Othala is the rune of sacred space and our Akash. It’s said to combine all runic energies into one providing protection, peace, and prosperity. Othala balances order with chaos and its focus is on the greater community at large.

The catalytic energy of Thor’s Hammer is contained in Thurisaz. Protection and defense are this rune’s primary influence along with catalyzing change for the better. It can be used in weather and love magick, stimulating positive outcome. But along with protection, Thurisaz asks us to avoid impulsive and self-centered action, allowing anger to cool before responding further.

Isa brings stillness and alignment to the runecasting, allowing further development of the will. A rune of becoming, Isa represents Verdandi, the Norn of the static realm or present, securing our aligned focus until clarity is achieved.

In the final position, Algiz represents Air, Fire, and Water and the connection between the physical and nonphysical realms. Appearing at the bottom of the spread, it suggests that higher consciousness is our real foundation and our choices in life should reflect that truth.

The runes are arranged together in a sigil or bindrune bringing together the energetic influences of the runes contained within. They can be carried as a talisman for alignment throughout the day or used as a focus in ritual or magickal workings. The idea is to visualize the runic influences combining together into a greater resonance and then offer it to the unified presence by casting the intention for all to align if they choose. It’s like shouting out that there’s room over here at the table for anyone who wants to sit down.

Today’s runecasting is reminding us that instead of being in conflict with others, living in unity reflects who we are. When aligned in unified presence you realize that separation is an illusion. You’ll know that there is no other and that all are the Creator here to know more. The imperfections we see in others don’t exist outside of form, and when as witches we talk about living in perfect love and perfect trust, it really references our true reality as one with all. We feel the unified presence of creation. The bindrune is an expression of that truth.

Blessings to all!

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The Awakening Self ~ Runecasting for 22 March 2017

The Awakening Self ~ Runecasting for 22 March 2017

Awakening and enlightenment are the themes from today’s runecasting. Dagaz, Gebo, and Kenaz are today’s runes and a closer look shows us that Dagaz contains both Gebo and Kenaz within its structure. Gebo provides the center and Kenaz opens to all sides. Balanced energy exchange along with the bright light of clarity form the energy of awakening and enlightenment expressed by Dagaz.



The twenty-third rune of the Elder Futhark, Dagaz signals the ending of one phase and the beginning of another. We stand in the middle of the rune, one phase transforming into new awareness and experience. Perfection and synchronicity are attained with Dagaz in full remembrance of our Unified Presence.

We bring ourselves into balance with Gebo, the seventh rune of the Futhark that appears in the center of Dagaz. Aligning in our Unified Presence, we create a link between all. Gebo is the rune of partnership and gifts, fostering generosity and mutual benefit.

Kenaz follows as the sixth rune of the Elder Futhark representing light and clarity. Appearing on all sides of Dagaz as well as Gebo, it’s rays awaken and transform the creative self, intensifies intuition, and as the rune of openings, Kenaz reveals what others would keep hidden, providing the clarity necessary for awakening and enlightenment.

When other runes are visibly present in a given rune so are their influences. The clarity found in Kenaz influences the enlightenment achieved by Dagaz. Living in balance or alignment with our Unified Presence provides the structure necessary for enlightenment. So it’s easy to see how one rune influences the interpretation of another.

In rune magick, specific runes are combined together in a pattern meaningful to the runecaster, blessed and consecrated, and then used in magickal workings or ritual for casting a particular influence or intention. Individually, the runes carry all the magickal influence necessary for any kind of work, but together they become something more and the reason for their continued use by witches who also cast runes.

But typically, when we cast the runes, we’re asking for what influences are in play. At least that’s why I do it. I’m looking for a higher focus, one that doesn’t derive its interpretation from perception so I more often than not refrain from asking specific questions. Divination, from my perspective, should be reserved for what the Unified Presence wishes to share and not a question and answer session.

A bindrune isn’t necessary in this case because Dagaz can serve that purpose. It can be drawn on anything as a focus for clarity and can be worn or carried as a talisman to encourage positive exchange with others. Enlightenment is achieved when we understand and fully embrace the nature and resonance of Dagaz.

The overall numerology of the runecasting is nine or completion reinforcing the influence of our runecasting. It’s time for a new approach, one based on an awakened and enlightened presence. It’s the result of the ascension we now experience as we choose love over hate, peace over conflict, and unity over division.

Our lives in third density are all about choice. Do we choose a focus on self over a commitment to loving exchange with others? Is a focus on self really the best choice to influence our awakening to awareness of our Unified Presence?

The choice we make determines everything.

Blessings to our one family, united in purpose, enlightenment is assured!

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The Greatest Gift ~ A Runecasting for 9 March 2017

The Greatest Gift

We exist in a balanced energy exchange not only with others but also between physical and nonphysical aspects of Self. We may be unaware of that balance, believing we are only the bodies we inhabit, or we may remember that ours is a constant resonance. We don’t leave it behind when we incarnate into bodies.

Beginning at the top, Gebo, the seventh rune of the Elder Futhark, illustrates that balanced energy exchange we experience. As the gift, Gebo is a rune of Elemental Water fostering relationships of mutual benefit. A sense of equilibrium is felt with Gebo as it creates a link between our external focus and our divinity within.

From there, Thurisaz invokes the power of Thor’s Hammer, in dynamic and catalytic protection. The third rune of the Elder Futhark, Thurisaz represents directed strength while cautioning against impulsive action.

Ansuz represents divine inspiration and the ability to see all sides of an issue. Eloquence born from an inner wisdom allows us to speak from a position of strength and clarity. We channel Higher Self awareness when Ansuz appears in a runecasting and it’s telling us to align in that vibration for our greatest awareness.

Along with accessing Higher Self awareness, Nauthiz provides our inner catalyst for change. It’s experienced as the need within, pressing in nature. Nauthiz asks us to stop and reevaluate what we’re experiencing. Self-restraint may be in order when Nauthiz presents. The future is in question and a new beginning or approach may be in order.

The numerology of the individual runes is 7, 3, 4, and 10 resulting in a final value of 6 representing the sacred and the Higher Self. Ansuz directly aligns with this influence as does Gebo. Thurisaz gives us the strength to pause and avoid an impulsive reaction. And Nauthiz reinforces the same as it asks us to employ some self-restraint.

It’s easy to become distracted by the world around us. A projection of collective consciousness, everything we see is temporary while our Unified Self is eternal. If we take seriously everything going on around us, then that becomes our focus instead of continuing to create new experiences. A dispassionate view gives way to judgment and we jump feet first into the ensuing chaos, our peace of mind a distant memory if remembered at all.

The runecasting is reminding us that we exist as a greater unified presence with a piece of that presence experienced as our physical reality. Our engagement within our physical reality should reflect the remembrance of our greater presence so that awareness of our fundamental unity with all is placed before any thoughts of division.

Of course, the greatest test for alignment comes when emotions are running high as they are now for many. I put together a bindrune for all to use that can be carried or worn as a talisman, reminding us that strength can be found in a balanced exchange with others.

We sacrifice nothing by coming together in love and unity, instead gaining everything. The greatest gift we give others is to experience the Creator within them. To see them through the eyes of Source Vision, in perfect love and perfect trust, we extend that loving blessing to all.

Blessed Be



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Our Unified Self ~ A Runecasting for 4 March 2017

Our Unified Self ~ A Runecasting for 4 March 2017

Life in form is the journey we take in remembrance of our unified Self. Like the tarot, runes illustrate that progression through life. I view both as archetypes and a reminder of who we are. Even though we appear separate from each other, I believe that each one of us is the Creator personified; therefore, we are in truth one with each other.

Prior to drawing any runes, I may pose a question or simply allow the runes to tell me what I need to know. Today I brought my awareness into alignment and allowed the runes to guide the divination. I drew DagazAlgiz, and Othala from my bag. Traditionally, Othala is placed at the end of the Elder Futhark, but some runecasters believe Dagaz should occupy that position. I happen to belong to the second group but now I wonder if its placement is correct after all. Either way, the overall numerology is the same. 15, 23 and 24 are the individual numerologies with 8 its overall influence. Turned on its side, we have the symbol for infinity so eight is a powerful number. It’s Saturnian, therefore earthy, practical and structured and also reflects manifestation.

Dagaz is either the twenty-third or twenty-fourth rune of the Elder Futhark depending upon the runecaster’s persuasion. The end of one phase and the beginning of another is probably why some of us prefer to put it at the end, but when I discuss Othala the reason for the different viewpoints might become obvious.

A Water element rune, Dagaz is the rune of the present moment. One phase is ending and a new one is beginning. We stand in the middle as change flows around and through us. We are awakened, enlightened and know fully who we are as expressions of Source Energy. We experience synchronicity with this rune and it expresses our perfection. Dagaz is an expression of total light and clarity. Our experiences have led us to the moment of complete awareness when Dagaz appears in a runecasting.

Algiz is the guardian rune of higher consciousness and establishes the connection between physical and nonphysical aspects of Self. It protects us from harmful forces and represents the influences of Air, Fire, and Water. Friendship and partnerships are strengthed with Algiz and it assists us in aligning in Source Presence.

Our unified Self is signified by Othala, the rune of sacred space. Our Akash or our ancestral inheritance is of influence when this rune is drawn. If left in the final position of the Elder Futhark, Othala expresses our remembrance of our true Self as one with the Creator and as such with all. Does that remembrance arise from the enlightenment experienced with Dagaz or is it that awareness of a unified Self that brings our enlightenment and awakening? At this point, I’m inclined to leave Othala in the final position as the result of enlightenment and awakening.

Dagaz expresses our infinite presence while Algiz links as above, so below aspects of Self. As our journey to enlightenment moves forward Othala establishes our unified Self. We may appear to take this journey separately but that’s an illusion we agreed to when having this experience. In truth, we are all one.

It’s difficult to remember that truth now, with all the chaos and uncertainty we’re collectively experiencing. We’ve agreed to this, some providing the catalyst for the growth of others. It’s not easy to remember when anger and fear dominate our conversation that we can accomplish much if we would only arise in unity.

The unified Self bindrune below combines the vibrational influence of the three runes along with the symbol of Awen. Draw it on any surface to send blessings of unity and love. Used in ritual it can be held while chanting words that invoke the unified Self. It can also be carried or worn as a talisman for the same purpose.

The runes that appeared did so to remind us of who we are, that we belong to each other because as the Creator personified, we are each other. As weird as that sounds, if you think about it, it’s true. And we cannot lose sight of this truth even as the chaos of the so-called new guy threatens to destroy the country. Our collective unified Self will survive this man-child even if it doesn’t seem so right now.

Dark forces cannot overshadow the enlightenment assured by Dagaz. No matter what our problems have been in the past they will never be solved by blowing up the country. The only way forward is together. We are now and forever will be one family. And it’s time the so-called new guy learned this truth.

~ Blessings to all!


                       Unified Self Bindrune