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Dark Moon Rune and Tarot ~ 23 June 2017

Dark Moon Rune and Tarot ~ 23 June 2017

Some people begin the new month at the beginning of each month; I begin mine on the New or Dark Moon. Magicks of decrease, banishing, intuition, and dark power are worked at this time. I also like to do a full rune and tarot reading to see what I should pay attention to during the coming month. Two cards from the Major Arcana, The Lovers and The Star, along with the 4 of Wands comprise the tarot portion of the reading while Tiwaz, Raidho, and Othala are the runes. The numerology of the cards is 9 and for the runes the overall numerology is 1. Together, they both reduce to 1 or wholeness and new beginnings. So there’s some synchronicity between the numerology and the fact that it’s a new moon. The moon happens to be in Cancer, so home and health issues are favored.

I created a bindrune from the runes for soul journeying allowing for an unfettered experience. We become too focused and stuck in our experiences believing in their reality instead of the illusion that they are. Ours is not a journey to salvation, but one of remembrance. Tiwaz deals with justice and sacrifice along with an expression of higher ideals. Raidho represents our soul’s journey through life, stressing the process over the goal. It also directs energy for a specific purpose and helps us attune to Higher Self presence. Finally, Othala represents our Akash and is known as the rune of sacred space. The remembrance we seek is of who we are as the Creator personified, with sacred space existing anywhere that we are. The bindrune can be carried as a talisman or placed on the altar during ritual in remembrance of who we are. We are beings of light and should live in unfettered joy. It’s our Othala, our sacred space as well as our birthright.

Looking at the cards, The Lovers describes the balance between our receptive and projective aspects of self, represented by two geese flying in harmony while the sun’s rays radiate around them, the rays reflecting balanced elemental energies. The 4 of Wands also reflects balance as well as respite. Behind the crude wands in a balanced pattern, energies expand in all directions, contained by the angled lines that frame the scene. Much is happening while we find our focus. Lastly, The Star extends its blessings downward into creation indicating positive experiences are in store. A new day is dawning, one replacing all illusion with complete clarity and vision. Our perspective is changing and we’re less likely now to accept a life out of balance.

With all the chaos that’s going on our government, we need to stay focused on our own creative presence. It’s fine to keep one eye on the nonsense because the fallout is severe if we don’t. But at the end of the day, we have to go on with our lives. The fear created by this guy will only interfere with our soul’s journey and that’s the last thing any of us needs.

It’s only a matter of time until he’s gone. Until then, breathe.

Blessed Be

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The Sacred Space Of Home ~ Runecasting for 10 May 2017

The Sacred Space Of Home ~ Runecasting for 10 May 2017

Last night was the Full Flower Moon. Symbolic of mystery and emotional presence, witches everywhere stand in observance of the Esbat ritual by drawing down the Moon and communing with their Goddess of choice. I’m partial to Hecate and Brigid but typically I stay more generic, reserving specific Goddesses for Dark Moon ritual.

We set the altar and cast the circle, defining our spiritual workspace if you will. From there, witches may meditate or ride the hedge, or perform magickal workings if needed. I view the Full Moon as a time of purification and alignment with Goddess presence. I also cast the runes, creating a bindrune if energies align which I did for last night’s ritual.


Runes of higher consciousness, openings, and sacred space comprise today’s runecasting. Runes from the Elder Futhark are divided into three groups or Aetts and today’s runes, Algiz, Kenaz, and Othala, are from each aett dealing with practical issues, psychological aspects of self, and universal law.

Representing Air, Fire, and Water, Algiz is our connection between physical and nonphysical aspects of self. Like the horns of the elk, Algiz fosters safety and protection and as the rune of higher consciousness, a connection with the divine resonance within.

Kenaz continues as the rune of openings. Also known as the torch, Kenaz represents the light of truth, healing, and love, revealing secrets by increasing intuition. Transformation and enlightenment are among Kenaz’s primary influences as it lights the way to truth.

Othala is an interesting rune in that rune casters are divided as to its placement in the Elder Futhark. It’s traditionally placed at the end but some switch it with Dagaz, placing that rune as the final rune of the Futhark. I’ve vacillated back and forth on the subject and now I’m back to placing it at the end. Othala is said to contain all energies of the runes as it balances order with chaos, and represents the sacred space of our Akash and universal cosmic law.

A bindrune can be created like the one in the picture above combining the energies of the three runes into a synchronous intention that can then be cast or carried with you like a talisman, bringing the aligned vibrations with you throughout your day. I use bindrunes for both purposes.

What’s nice about this runecasting and bindrune is that it acknowledges our true nature as Source Energy, in unified presence with all. It asks us to remain open to that truth and mindful that all are on the same path to awakening and enlightenment. Some choose a more self-oriented focus while others remain aware of their greater nature as one with all. Either focus is acceptable but one is more challenging than the other. Our perspective while in physical form determines how we see and respond to either choice we make.

When the Moon is full she’s in her full presence reminding us to do the same. During these dark days, we need as much light as we can project to see the truth of what’s going on. This runecasting suggests that perceiving from our higher consciousness allows us to remain open to truth, irrespective of what that might be, secure in the understanding that everything around is a collective projection and as such, subjective and illusory. Finally, Othala reminds us that our sacred space is still safe, protected from the chaos that may be surrounding us. As the Creator, how could we be anything less?

We’re at our best when we stand in our power together as one. The magick of the bindrune is in its synchronicity, both with the runes themselves as well as with our unified presence. We are inextricably bound together, our one family, whether we come together in unity or remain at odds with each other.

Isn’t it time we realized this truth?

Blessings to our one big beautifully messy family! Our underlying love for each other, realized or not, will provide the light necessary to show us the way home.


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In Defining Our Sacred Space ~ Runecasting for 10 Dec 2016

Flow, alignment, and inspiration, the three rays of Awen represented by Hagalaz, Isa, and Nauthiz, sit below each ray of Awen, Herkimer diamonds placed between to amplify Divine energy. A piece of aqua aura quartz represents Higher Self presence. Typically if I have a significator, it’s only one, but today I thought I would use all three.

Othala, the twenty-third rune of the Elder Futhark, represents homeland, ancestry, and is considered the rune of sacred space. Some rune practitioners place Othala at the end, but I prefer Dagaz to have that position. Peace, security, protection, and ancestral tradition are felt with Othala.

Hagalaz establishes our foundation from which change flows; Isa represents our still point of alignment; while Nauthiz provides the friction needed for inspiration. We flow effortlessly into alignment, inspiration its genesis.

The runes are interesting in that they can be used for divination or in simple consideration of how they can influence our lives. Today’s runecasting asks us to consider how we use our flow, alignment, and inspiration to create our sacred space.

Where we begin matters. We not only begin as Source Energy, but eternally remain so while focused into form. When mindful of this truth, we radiate a positive, loving vibration. If we become caught up in the drama of physical existence, we then react to that drama rather than radiating or creating our own experience. We don’t begin in the body, even though it seems that way. We are always Source Energy and we have complete control over how we process our experiences.

Our ancestry, our homeland, feels tangible in nature. But that’s a projection of collective consciousness, and is not reflective of the eternal Self, our true home. Alignment in Source Presence allows unlimited expression, our focus steady and on our own creations.

The conflict and strife of the world seems less interesting with a focus on positive creation. Although right now, many of us are distracted by fear and anger over possible changes we may experience, collectively, we have the ability to raise our vibration to a level that the lower negative energies no longer find purchase.

But here’s the thing. These changes are only possible. Hagalaz, Isa, and Nauthiz represent the three Norns who traditionally direct the fate of men. But given that the Norns also represent the flow of our Source Presence, they illustrate that we have the power to direct our own fate when that power flows from our alignment. Collectively, we are one Source Energy, far more powerful in our focus together than individually. Together we can align our collective focus to cast the intention of love and unity. We can let that be our sacred space.

It was always meant to be this way, living in unity and peace. It’s not that there wouldn’t have been challenges, but to experience this level of separation is just not who we are. We are one Source Presence, irrespective of what anyone might believe. The numerology of the Norns is 3, or unified wholeness, and 5 for Othala, or dynamic change suggesting that there’s still time to collectively transmute the trauma and strife we’re experiencing into positive change. We’ve always been stronger together and today is no different.

And as we all flow effortlessly into our unified wholeness, casting our collective intention of love to the universe, know for certain that we are all so blessed be.


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Runecasting: A Witch’s Focused Presence



Today I drew the runes and cast them intuitively without using an existing spread. Initially, I drew Dagaz, Isa, and Othala followed by Berkano, Sowilo, and Thurisaz. Because it felt like there was a connection missing, I drew Fehu to place in the middle. Fehu is considered a sending rune in that it is catalytic in nature and sends energy or intention. Directionality isn’t really a factor in this reading because Fehu can send it in either direction. In a sense, it becomes the center of Dagaz, the pivotal point where energy reaches it’s completion and becomes something new. So I think I’ll interpret this runecasting from that standpoint…energy moving from completion into something new, but I’ll begin first with some definitions so we know what we’re dealing with.

From Grimoire of a Crone:

Dagaz means day and represents complete enlightenment. All doors are open. All options are available. One phase is ending and other beginning. The witch stands in the middle, the in between, holding the balance, as witness, as observer. The rune of the present moment, Dagaz may used to achieve balance, clarity, and alignment.

 Isa means ice or stillness. Representing Verdandi, the Norn of the static realm, Isa halts undesired situations, shields negative energy, and assists in the development of the will. Isa represents our inward focus, giving us time to center and achieve necessary clarity.

Othala represents kinship and ancestral land. It’s our inheritance and the rune of sacred space, balancing order with chaos. Magickal workings may center on protection, balance, prosperity, Akashic memories, and sacred space.

Fehu represents wealth, abundance, and life force. Energy is manifested with this rune and it’s useful in increasing the effect of other runes.

Berkano represents the birch tree and fertility. New beginnings, ideas coming to fruition, and motherhood are influences of Berkano. Magickal workings involve healing, protection, and fertility.

Sowilo represents the Sun and is another rune of Higher Self. Victory, confidence, and illumination are among Sowilo’s influences. Its energy is useful in meditation and hedgeriding, and it strengthens all other workings.

Thurisaz is the hammer of Thor, representing giants and chaos. The rune of catalytic energy, Thurisaz brings new beginnings and renders opposition useless against you. It can be used in weather and love magick as well as protection and defense.

Looking over the descriptions of each rune, it feels like this casting may be more about creating our sacred space within than creating something new, although it could also suggest our center, our alignment from where all creative energies flow. With Berkano and Sowilo in the casting, this seems to support the notion of something new on the horizon, catalyzed by the power of Thor’s hammer with the appearance of Thurisaz.

We can view Berkano, Sowilo, and Thurisaz as influences from the physical realm and Dagaz, Isa, and Othala as influences from our nonphysical presence, balanced by Fehu as it sends energies in reciprocity, our nonphysical presence energizing our physical aspect of Self, and our physical presence informing our nonphysical aspect of Self. In truth, this is the only real polarity or duality that exists. Any other duality felt is based upon subjective definition.

Isa, a Norn rune, represents stillness and focused will. It stands in the center of Dagaz and Othala, bringing forth the energies of enlightenment and our Akash, our inherited awareness of Self, with Fehu sending it into the physical realm. Berkano brings that creative energy into focus, breathing new life and energy into new endeavors. Fehu sends Isa’s focused will downward, infusing Sowilo with Higher Self awareness, strengthening our creative process. Thurisaz catalyzes the process, ensuring a successful outcome.

This is a really interesting runecasting. It illustrates the inner strength and focus brought by our Source presence as it energizes into physical expression. For a witch, this is particularly significant as she becomes the sending energy of Fehu, casting her intention to the universe.

The witch is sacred space. She is the pivotal point from which all intention flows. She gathers her magick, focuses her will, and all things are possible. This runecasting illustrates this process beautifully! A bindrune of the casting is below and can be used as a focus during magickal workings.

Blessed be the witch!

~ Jan