Humanitarianism Versus Passing The Collection Plate

Humanitarianism Versus Passing The Collection Plate

The rune, Dagaz, from the Elder Futhark indicates a new day arising from awakening and enlightenment. I thought I’d use its shape for today’s tarot reading. After the hurricane and the president that we currently have, we could all use a new day. But let’s see what the cards say. Sometimes I begin in one […]

All We Needed Was More Paint

I Love Dogs, But…

I was a dog owner all of my life until a few years ago. Part of my childhood was spent in Alaska where we raised sled dogs and I was devoted to them. I’ve also had an assortment of other animals including cats, ferrets, goats, cows, rats, and a variety of birds including cockatiels, chickens, […]

Assaulted And Harassed

Assaulted And Harassed

While at the grocery store earlier today, we ran into a guy who assaulted me a few years ago at a business we owned. We didn’t talk to him, but he yelled out to my husband like he does every time he sees us. It reflects the tendency amongst those men who view women as […]

Regrouping For The Coming Struggle

Regrouping For The Coming Struggle ~ Tarot for 28 Jan 2017

Today’s reading gives the feel of everyone off doing their own thing, as if regrouping for the coming struggle. The 6 of Wands depicts a young knight returning home from battle. The crowd receives him with cheers as he carries his flag of victory. The crystal tip of his spear reflects the sun’s rays as […]

20 Minutes of Rape

Another rape on a college campus, this time Stanford. In an article in the Washington Post, his morally bankrupt father referred to it as a “steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action.” Action? Is that what we’re calling rape now? Action? Would it have been rape in his estimation had it lasted 30 […]

Witch Notes: Priorities, 29 Nov 2015

  Priorities. I always need something when I’m snowbound. I planned for the event by shopping the day before. We had no idea how much snow would ultimately fall. With a long driveway and a low to the ground car, driving through snow can be a challenge. My Camry has a very cool spoiler on the front which I […]