Samhain Blessings!

Samhain Blessings!

Blessed Samhain, everyone! My favorite holiday of the year! Three of the most beautiful cards from the Haindl Tarot appear in today’s tarot reading. All from the Major Arcana, each archetype suggests an ancient or foundational influence. Runes and Hebrew glyphs appear at the top of each card while their astrological correspondences appear below in the […]

New Moon 10302016

A New Moon in Scorpio ~ Finding Sacred Space

Tomorrow’s New Moon transits in Scorpio (9° Sco 25′ 29″) in the Ninth House. Emotions will be heightened and we take pleasure at the beauty that surrounds us. But as emotions run high during this time we should stay aligned in an effort to keep overreaction to a minimum. Just sit back, enjoy your process […]

The Crone..Blessed Mother, Wise Woman, Warrior

    I love Halloween. Samhain to witches and pagans. It’s my favorite holiday. Christmas is fun and it’s a wonderful time for families to get together, and I love all the lights so much that in lieu of a front porch light I keep them up all year long mixed in with my Halloween lighting. […]