Message Of Care To Empaths

So, I published this on my YouTube Channel. Typically it’s videos of my chickens, but I’m trying something new…you’ll have to click below on the  Continue reading link to see it apparently…or click on the link above to go to my YouTube Channel.  

Dealing With Extreme Emotions ~ Empath Strategies

Dealing with extreme emotions, whether our own or others, can be challenging for any empath. For those empaths accustomed to this sort of experience, it’s easier to assess the ownership of the vibration. But for the less aware empath experiencing another’s intense emotions can be overwhelming. Outward expressions of anger are easy for most people […]

The Space Within

I don’t know why directionality is important to me, but it is. The same is true of point of origin. Given that directionality follows point of origin, I suppose it makes sense. I wrote something about shielding a while back where I talked about spreading my energy apart, allowing vampiric energy to pass through, instead of […]