The Journey of Experience ~ Tarot for 22 December 2017

The Journey of Experience ~ Tarot for 22 December 2017

Appearing on each card, bubbles abound throughout today’s tarot reading signifying grace, hope, and inspiration. Two cards from the Major Arcana, The Universe and The High Priestess, surround the 6 of Cups representing Earth and Water and have an overall numerology of eleven, or the Master number for illumination and our connection to the subconscious […]

The Sanctuary of Our Own Life: A Tarot Reading

  Well now, this is an interesting tarot reading. An expression of duality coalescing from the integration of four spiritual aspects of Self.  Three cards from the Major Arcana (somehow I can’t call them Trump cards anymore) along with two cards from the suit of Swords including one Court card, and one card from the Suit […]

Where We Focus

  Where we focus matters. I know that when my focus isn’t through aligned Source vision, my balance is upset until I realign. An empath often has an other-directed focus to her awareness. In other words, my focus moves in an outward direction. Empaths absorb the auras of everyone around them, and we don’t always realize […]

Thoth Influences of the Day

  The Thoth deck is my favorite. I love how the artist, Lady Frieda Harris, uses color to illustrate the energy flow of each card. Apparently this deck isn’t for everyone because typically tarot images are more pictorial in other decks and therefore more easily relatable and understandable. This deck takes a leap of faith […]

Runecasting..A New Day

  I put aside the Tarot and cast some runes. And then decorated the altar with some bind runes and Witch runes as well. There’s a wind advisory for our area and it feels like the winds are blowing much harder than 20 mph. I love the wind. It’s stirring things up, chaos in action. […]

Passive Aggression from an Empath’s Perspective, or Why it Pays to Not Get Involved

It’s a really common trait, passive aggression. We’ve all expressed ourselves this way at least once in our lives. For those who simply live that way, manipulation, minor or otherwise, is typically in play most of the time, expressed either aggressively or passively. Both are equally deceptive, but the passive side feels particularly uncomfortable to […]

Sunday Runecasting

  I made some garden bindrunes for both greenhouses. On one side is a witch rune for harvest. On the other is a bindrune that combines the energies of growth and fertility. Inguz (the seed) surrounds Uruz (strength) that sends growth energy downward into the earth, Jera for transformation, and Fehu to encourage growth and […]

Rune of the Day: Wunjo

  Divination is, first and foremost, fun. Runes are wonderful in that they describe our journey through life and offer wisdom to help us on that journey. They remind us of who we are, where we’re going and what our focus should be. Today’s rune is, Wunjo. The Law of Attraction rune, Wunjo resonates joy […]