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Strength and the Feminine Divine

Strength and the Feminine Divine

Venus of the Willendorf represents the Goddess as the Mother of Cups. Known as the Queen of Cups in other decks, Hermann Haindl paints her in her donii form, her abdomen bulging with life, her breasts full of milk. She is the loving Earth Mother, the matriarch who, aligned in Source Presence, guides her family and the community at large. She observes in quiet reflection, her intuition her guide.Venus of Willendorf

The stone artifact depicted on the card was unearthed by an Austro-Hungarian archaeologist by the name of Josef Szombathy in 1908 near the village of Willendorf, Austria and has been determined to have been carved between 28,000 and 25,000 BCE during the paleolithic time in our history. Artifacts such as this one are believed to depict the Goddess as Mother and were carved in reverence to her blessed Divinity.

Yes, believe it or not, there was a time when women were actually revered instead of what we experience now.

The 2 of Cups continues the emotional presence of the Mother with a peacock lovingly gazing at two golden chalices made all the more magickal by the seven stars arising from each. A sense of things to come, perhaps children in the future are felt with this card. The magick of love heals everything. But also, this card is about balancing the masculine and feminine nature within, a balance that’s sorely missing in today’s world. Are we in service to others, or service to self? It’s not that service to self can’t be a rewarding and loving experience, but when it turns to the oppression we experience today, then it’s clear our balance has been lost.

The 10 of Stones, Pentacles, Coins, or Disks in other decks, is called Richness. This suit of Elemental Earth indicates the richness of our foundation. Depicting ten stones in balance, the card reflects strength and prosperity as well as legacy. When in balance, we create a successful outcome for all. When we’re not, then we fail to see the larger picture and the strength that unity provides. Instead, we seek to oppress others in an effort to be a winner as our upcoming president is fond of saying.

Win at all costs. Never for one minute be responsible for the lies it takes to win, just do whatever it takes to win. Find strength in the oppression of others because it’s all about the money and control you believe you have.

The cards today suggest another approach. A return to the strength of the Feminine Divine in all. Love is the only way forward. The 2 of Cups fully illustrates this with the promise of richness ours when the Mother presence is respected.

The numerology is 2 and 10, resulting in 3, or the principle of unity. Mother and Father unite in creation of a child, thereby expressing their unified presence. We’ve lost that these days, the creation becoming far less than it could be.

Today’s reading illustrates that a loving and balanced presence is our only way out of the nightmare we’ve created. Disunity must give way to our fundamental unity in Source. We are one in Source Energy. That doesn’t change while while appearing in individuated form.

When we oppress others, we oppress our own Selves. All are a reflection of the Creator, of Source Energy, and although we may appear different, we are in fact one infinite vibration of love.

Go within and remember.

Blessed Be

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Venus of Willendorf 

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The Legacy Built From Earthly Power ~ Rune and Tarot for 20 Nov 2016

Linking Higher Consciousness With Earthly Power ~ Rune and Tarot for 20 Nov 2016

Of all the 4 of Disks cards in all the decks I have, this one from my Thoth deck is my favorite. We see a castle, towers rising in each corner surrounded by a moat, each tower representing one of the four elements. The castle’s structure is strong, and sits safely away from danger. The yellow area surrounding the castle while energetic in feeling, also gives a sense of balance or structure. A card of Elemental Earth the 4 of Disks denotes wealth that’s building with financial gains assured. It represents our legacy built from earthly power.

The rune Eihwaz also appears in today’s rune and tarot reading, a rune of both Elemental Fire and Air, representing a connection between physical and nonphysical aspects of Self. Providing strength, Eihwaz guards against self-destructive behavior and assists in fulfilling our goals. For the hedgewitch, Eihwaz assists her in hedge riding or shamanic journeying as it’s also called. The witch moves easily between physical form and astral presence and can transmute energy from one state to another using Eihwaz.

The 13th rune of the Elder Futhark, although I consider 13 as a Witch number therefore of the Master variety, if I reduce it down the resulting number is 4. Like with the 4 of Disks, Eihwaz represents structure as the link between realms and is one I use frequently in bindrunes to bind the runes together into form. Adding both together, we reach 8, representing strength. Both 4 and 8 also represent Gaia energy with Eihwaz providing the link between Earth and Source Energies.

It would seem that awareness of our Source Presence both provides and reinforces the strength and structure of our lives. A legacy founded on spiritual awareness is stronger and more powerful than any created from egoic entitlement. Drawing from our Source Presence, we let strength and power flow through us, creating the success and ultimate security that brings.

On a broader level, awareness of who we are collectively as Source Energy should guide our choices in the days ahead when things seem so bleak. Do we create a legacy born of hate and division, or one of love and compassion? A course has been set by those who would prefer the former to the latter. But Source Energy is more powerful than anything the ego has to throw at us. The light of love and truth will shine through all of it, our collective Source Presence illuminating our way.

Blessings to our One Family

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Assumptions Made


Assumptions are an interesting thing. We all make them, and sometimes we’re even correct when we do. But then there are the ones that go horribly wrong and that’s never a good thing. So maybe the best course of action is to ask someone if something is true for them instead of simply assuming that it is.

My beliefs are often misunderstood by others. I’m not sure if it’s something about me which resonates with their own beliefs or that they fail to look beyond what amounts to a glance and that’s when assumptions are made. Admittedly, I’ve been a student of A Course in Miracles for over thirty years so that may account for my funny way of seeing the world. It’s the belief that we give everything the meaning it has found in the Course that can be confusing. Plus I tend to verbally express my observations which, when they’re spot on, tend to be felt as belief when they’re actually not. My Human Design incarnation cross is the Left Angled Cross of the Clarion, so I can be a little chatty at times and with empathic awareness at my core, sometimes people think I believe things that I don’t.

Then there’s the fact that I’m a witch. That brings up all sorts of assumptions from others. Many assume I’m Wiccan, which I’m not. Wicca is a relatively new tradition created by Gerald Gardner and I’ve never felt the call to any organized tradition. Although paganism resonates, particularly with my Druid ancestry, I don’t refer to myself as pagan. I guess what bothers me about labels such as pagan or New Age and the like is that labels are inevitably limiting and as expressions of Source Energy, limitation doesn’t exist.

The various creation stories told are a perfect example of how labels can be problematic. Christianity seems to have dominated our collective agreement regarding how we all came to exist here, but then we listen to the indigenous peoples of the world and they have a different interpretation, as do other religions. Even during the early years of Christianity, Gnostic beliefs added another dimension to the story. The pagan creation story seems to sit somewhere in between the religious and the indigenous stories. And then there’s the extra-terrestrial creation story that blows everything else out of the water.

If we were actually genetically manipulated by the Annunaki (or any other visitor to this planet) as I believe we were, then our creation story is actually about that process and our subsequent interaction with them. Because we were more primitive, they appeared as gods and goddesses to the people of that time period with all of their technology and flying around in the sky like they did. Viewing Biblical stories from this standpoint, particularly Genesis and all the begats and such, the Bible takes on a different dimension which many people might find unsettling. But seriously. Ezekial did NOT see a wheel floating about in the sky. It was a space craft.

Yet, if we do indeed create the world we see around us, then we create our creation stories as well. Without a complete written record, it’s impossible to know what any of it looked like exactly, but we do have texts other than the Bible that can give us some idea of all of it. But still, the picture is only as objective as those who wrote it down.

If the gods and goddesses of pagan tradition were actually extra-terrestrial visitors to our planet or the result of their breeding with humans, then it affects the story pagans tell as well. So-called myth gives way to reality in a way that maybe some of us aren’t all that prepared for particularly if it involves honoring gods and goddesses that are actually aliens, although pagans are typically among the most open-minded people I’ve encountered so you never know.

One of the most interesting concepts from A Course in Miracles is that any separation we believe exists between us and God is an illusion. The Course uses the distinction between God or Source and humans as a teaching tool, but at the end of the day, we’re all extensions of Source Energy which is another way of saying that we are Source Energy so no separation is possible.

The creation stories of the past tend to reinforce the separation between God (or gods and goddesses) and humankind, as if there’s a Creator who gave birth to His Creation when that’s just not the case. I see this simply as Source Energy wishing to know more and when that happened, All That Is expanded and opportunities to experience more came into play. Those opportunities resulted in the universe around us as well as us, each one focusing in to experience a so-called “life” in physical bodies with the full presence and awareness of Source Energy as our impetus.

Our issues began when we forgot that we’re Source Energy and then we begin creating all sorts of us versus them situations that ultimately created the separation we experience. In other words, we begin judging everything and everyone. We forget to remain in the present moment, allowing past judgment to influence as a faulty lens through which we experience the present, with unhappiness as the typical result.

During my study of the Course it occurred to me that the only real way to live my life was to stay as aligned in Source Presence as I could, which I can tell you is not always easy to accomplish. Seeing others through Source Vision is tricky when it’s someone who isn’t the nicest person, but it’s essential if we’re to move past judgment.

From there, the whole creation story issue comes into play for me and the only thing I could think of to put that in perspective was to reject out of hand the existing creation stories and simply view myself as someone who is Source Energy experiencing life in physical form as a witch and an empath, living joyfully in the present moment, unconcerned with either the past or future. It’s not as big of a pipe dream as it sounds. It’s a process and one that I’m not all that great at, but it’s my goal nevertheless.

Our collective history is fascinating, irrespective of how much of it we believe. I’m related to people in history so looking at my ancestry has been an incredibly eye-opening journey for me, but none of it is happening in my own life at the moment. And if I narrow that down further, almost none of the issues I’ve experienced over my lifetime are happening currently. The only way they affect me is if I bring them into the present and allow their influence.

Living in the present moment allows for each moment to begin anew. We bring very little forward into our awareness unless it builds upon some sort of positive framework. Many witches work with their shadow side. The idea is to work with it so that it can be transmuted into something better. They accept the darkness within as part of the dual nature of self. And when you consider only life in the body, then the duality of self begins and ends there, making it seem necessary to work with both sides of the personality. But when you believe we’re Source Energy, then where we begin matters. Are we the bodies we inhabit, or are we the Presence behind the form?

My issue with this idea of the dual nature of self is that since I experience life as an empath, I’m aware of my Source Presence. Duality for me is expressed then as the difference between nonphysical and physical aspects of Self. I don’t break it down any further. Otherwise life manifests as either/or, us/them, good/bad, right/wrong and full of moral judgment. When we manifest judgmental expressions of duality, we give our experiences more meaning than they really have, believing any of it matters. Which ultimately, it does not.

It’s funny, because my Bachelor’s degree is in Psychology so of course learning various methods to help others work through their problems was part of the curriculum. Working through issues in therapy, etc. was the generally accepted way people coped with their problems. But coping is just another way of saying focused intent. We focus on an issue and then try to deal with it instead of letting it go and moving on. We relive and relive and relive everything again and again and for what? Paying someone else for the experience? I’ve never let go of anything this way. Letting go means that we stop focusing on something that’s not going to be fixed anyway because it’s no longer happening. The dark side has no meaning when we do this. Unless you want the dark side, which I’m convinced some do.

I mean, does anyone honestly believe that Source Energy needs to cope with anything? And if we are indeed Source Energy, why wouldn’t we use some of that All That Is energy and move past these things as if they didn’t exist at all? Source Energy creates. It doesn’t ruminate or struggle or judge or live in anger or depression. Source loves and extends that love to all.

If we’re ever to move beyond the us versus them existence that has troubled all of us for so long, we must leave the past where it belongs and focus on extending love and compassion to all in the present moment. It’s how we move forward together in oneness. It’s our reality, after all.

We’re living in a time of awakening to Self, to our Source Presence within. And we have an opportunity collectively as we awaken to create a more loving experience for all. Letting go of the past as well as our assumptions, and staying in the present moment are an integral part of this process of awakening.

All we have is now. May we place our loving focus there.

Blessed Be


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Goddess Power Within: Thoth Tarot Aug 22, 2016

Aleister Crowley created the Thoth Tarot and when he did so he changed the order and a couple of Major Arcana card names. Strength became card number 11 and renamed Lust and Justice became card number 8 and renamed Adjustment. In today’s three card spread, it seems we have a choice to make. Focus on the pain and negativity of the physical world, or embrace our Goddess within and choose a more balanced energy flow.

Beginning with the numerology of the reading, we have 9, 2, and 11. The number 11 is a master number prophetic in nature representing instinct, intuition, and faith and is one we don’t reduce any further, although if we did it would reduce to 2 or balanced polarity. It’s interesting that 9 and 2 add up to 11. Balance will be key in this reading.

A card of Leo, Lust is an expression of loving power. On it we see a woman, naked and in control of the many-faced lion. She is the catalytic force that holds together the universe. She symbolizes purity and our return to awakening and consciousness. She represents our inner strength and fortitude. She is the Goddess as our genesis and it is to her we return.

The 9 of Swords and the 2 of Cups couldn’t be more opposite. The 9 is pure agony and the 2 overflows with abundance and love. Sword represents our reason and intellect. The issue with the suit of Swords, a card of Elemental Air, is that we can’t let our intellect overshadow our alignment with Source Presence. Thinking tends to give way to judgment, no matter how hard we try to stay objective and we can really get ourselves into trouble when we overthink. Negative thought gives way to negative emotions and before you know it, we’re an emotional mess.

The 9 swords are dripping the blood of perception, their points facing downward into physical presence. We’ve made too much of something and we’ve gone as far as we can with it, perhaps too far. A card of Mars in Gemini, the projective energy expressed by Mars along with the superficial influence of Gemini, leaves a feeling of reason run amok as we become our worst enemy.

Elemental Water governs the suit of Cups. Its energy is flowing and abundant. A departure from the suit of Swords, the challenge of Cups as with any of the suits is to remain in balance, not allowing our emotions to control our choices. And yet, this is precisely how we know when we’re not aligned in Source Presence, when our emotional state is anything other than joyous.

The 2 of Cups is a card of Venus in Cancer, two signs reflecting our emotional presence. The colors chosen by Lady Frieda Harris when designing Crowley’s deck suggest influences that are smooth, calm, and flowing. Balance is achieved with the 2 of Cups, our polarity of Self reflected in its flowing nature. All things flow from our Source Presence represented by the top lotus blossom. Source Energy flows downward into physical form combining and blending energy in the second lotus blossom. Finally, Source Energy moves into the creation of form, balanced and loving. It’s up to us to maintain that balance.

Which is where we come full circle to the only card from the Major Arcana (still not using the T word, #ImWithHer after all, and he appears certifiable). Lust is our genesis, our Mother Gaia, our Goddess Presence, and unto Her do we return. But it’s not a return after a lifetime lived, but a return to awareness of our Source Presence. We always have the ability to realign with who we are.

After all, we never stop our focus into physical presence, into these bodies we inhabit. It’s not like we’re plopped out like an egg and left to fend for ourselves until we die and then we become one with the Creator. We’re one now. That reality never ends. And this is the point of today’s reading. We’re to maintain our alignment with our own Source Presence while we experience life in physical form. We can choose a focus that results in all sorts of chaos illustrated by the 9 of Sword when our minds get the better of us, or we can choose the flowing abundance of the 2 of Cups and effortless align with the flow of Source Presence.

True duality is that of physical versus nonphysical presence. If we make physical presence too real and forget that we’re just here to have a good time, then we manifest that duality in our daily lives instead of leaving it where it belongs. Then the chaos the mind is more than capable of takes over and we’re off and running, blood dripping from the swords we wield.

Stay in the loving flow of Source Presence, embrace Goddess power within, and see all through Source Vision. Become the genesis of your reality and extend that loving presence to all.

Blessed Be

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Coming Home To Our Source Presence

I love listening to people who channel. Although I typically channel my Higher Self somewhere around midnight much to the chagrin of my husband who would sooner be asleep, I’m not sure I’ve channeled any other energy or entity. But when it happens, everything becomes visually brighter, as if I’m experiencing an adrenaline rush. My eyes open wider, I feel a resonance that expands away from my body, and words flow effortlessly. It doesn’t feel as if another presence is there, only that my own becomes at its most expansive. There’s no sense of stepping away or retreating to the background. So unless it happened and I don’t remember, I’ve never experienced that type of channeling.

Last weekend I attended a Kryon event. The Kryon folks are accessible to everyone and the weekend had a loving and personal feel to it. There was lunch on both days and I attended a Lemurian Sisterhood gathering as well as a Despacho Prayer Ceremony. So it was more than just a channeling event and I had a wonderful time.

I’ve always known that the religious explanation of who we are and what we’re all doing here didn’t ring true, but it wasn’t until I found A Course in Miracles in the early 80’s that I began to find an explanation that resonated with what I already felt was true. Some time after finding ACIM, I was at the home of a friend and saw Seth Speaks² on the table. A book of channeling sessions with Seth, I couldn’t put it down and read about half of it before I left that day.

ACIM is a clarification of sorts along with an explanation of who we are with a Christian focus. The Workbook for Students helps retrain our thinking to understand that each one of us gives meaning to everything we see. Life in physical form is subjective and the goal is to reject that ego-based subjectivity and see all through Source Vision, as a brother or sister in Source.

While I wasn’t Christian, I was aware of most beliefs held, and I found the new interpretations made more sense than anything I had heard growing up. I realize my overly simplistic description does nothing to illustrate how life-changing A Course in Miracles can be for people, because it really was for me. But the Course itself is just a tool, which it acknowledges throughout the text. Forgiveness is also a tool and soon the student understands that there’s nothing to forgive because nothing actually happened. The premise of the Course:

Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God¹.

From the perspective of Source, the world we see is a projection of collective consciousness, hence its illusory nature. It could look any way we choose, so it’s temporary. Anything real remains in the eternal nonphysical realm of Source Energy. This was profound in that it reinforced my belief that my otherworldly experience as an empath began somewhere other than in my body.

I’ve always felt like my awareness hovers more around my body than inside my body. It’s like I don’t see from my eyes as much as through them from somewhere outside of myself, or like putting a toe in the water versus jumping in feet first. I know. It’s weird. But it’s how I’ve experienced life for as long as I can remember, with a sense of otherness I suppose.

What I like about the channelers of late is that there’s a basic agreement with everyone’s perspective about who we are as Source Energy. Each may have a different focus to the message they channel, but they’re in sync regarding who we are. Awareness of Self is part of the ascension in frequency we’re now experiencing. At some point, we have to progress spiritually in remembrance of our Source Presence. Clearing up some discrepancies is necessary and the channelers out there are doing just that.

On the morning of the second day of the Kryon workshop, I cast the runes to see what they had to say about the experience I was having. I drew Ehwaz, Inguz, and Othala and realized immediately it reflected the journey we take coming home to our Source Presence. Everyone was there for the same purpose. Everyone was on the same page. It was one of the most loving environments I’ve ever experienced aside from attending a lecture by His Holiness the Dalai Lama which was so cool. There’s nothing like the resonance of loving individuals to elevate one’s consciousness.

Ehwaz represents travel and partnership, the horse and its rider working in concert for a mutual end. But as a vehicle for the soul, Ehwaz represents the Merkaba, our more etheric vehicle, the partnership our nonphysical and physical aspects of Self, the only true expression of duality.

Inguz, or Ingwaz, represents our creative impetus into form in much the same way that a seed grows into a flower or a tree. It reflects our creative desire, our need for expansion and growth. Inguz is our genetic inheritance, with this runic version resembling not the diamond shape found in other rune sets but a section of DNA. In the case of this runecasting, I feel it has more to do with our origin as Source than our focus into form. As Source, we feel the need to expand into other awareness, and physical form is only one of those expressions, so I think considering the interpretation only from a the standpoint of form is limiting.

Lastly, Othala represents kinship or homeland. It’s said to contain the power of all the runes combined and is the rune of sacred space. Our Source Presence is the most sacred space I can think of, so again, I don’t think homeland or kinship refers to family in form. I believe it refers to our essential oneness in Source Energy which is our true Akashic inheritance.

akashic bindruneIt’s interesting that the runecasting expressed the message of Kryon that weekend. I created a bindrune to bring all the energies together, supporting the energy of everyone in the room who came together in loving oneness. A little rune magick to bind us together in remembrance of our One Self.

Bindrunes are wonderful in that they can be used as a focus or placed on the altar to bring energies into alignment. Arranged in a pattern that resonates, bindrunes are typically comprised of three to five runes which are either intentionally chosen or taken from a runecasting. Although I do choose runes intentionally for bindrunes, I’d rather use runes from a runecasting particularly if they resonate in an interesting way. There’s something about letting Higher Self choose the combination of energies that increases the effectiveness of the magick.

The bindrune means much more to me, however, as it represents the people in the room who I take with me as I return home. They’ve become part of my Akash, my home, my One Self. And they are irreplaceable.

Blessings to all as we each find our way home.



  1. A Course In Miracles
  2. Seth Speaks
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Daily Tarot: Illusion Versus Truth

tarot 732016

The Hierophant, the 10 of Swords, and the 6 of Cups make up today’s tarot influences. Swords is an interesting suit. It begins with the Ace as we manifest ideas from consciousness and ends with ten swords sticking in our back. And believe it or not, that’s actually a positive card.

Swords reflects our intellectual presence in the world, typically the aspect of Self that causes us the most difficulty. We think and then speak too much. And as the cards progress, the intensity of their message increases. It can be said that the even numbered cards reflect balance and the odd cards the need for such. But after the 6, things tend to go steadily down hill from there to the point where we’ve gone as far as we can go when we reach the 10.

In numerology, the 10 signifies completion. With the 10 of Swords, we experience the darkness before the dawn, the end of difficulty with a new day ahead. We see clearly now. The world of bodies is the world of illusion. Focus on form takes us out of alignment as we busy ourselves with irrelevant issues. Much has come at us over the progression of the suit. We learned early to act with integrity, to understand our dual nature, and to take the dispassionate view with the 2 of Swords. The direction of the swords has meaning, with most pointing downward. When pointed upward, it reflects alignment with our Source, downward reflecting our focus on the projection of form. When pointed downward, we experience the effect of the world by our eternal response to it. Pointed upward, we remain aligned in our Source Presence understanding the illusion for what it is. I see pentagrams in the same way, pointed up to Spirit, or down to ego or form.

We’re a constant focus into form. So our only real consideration we should make is where we put that focus. Do we focus on illusion or truth? Viewing ourselves as the creator of our own expression, we can put that focus to a creative use or we can become caught up in the machinations of others. Swords reminds us how easy it is to choose the second. And a choice it is that we make because all we need to do is to align with our Source Presence and everything becomes clear. The drama becomes unnecessary and we move forward in creative joy instead of trapped in the illusion of the egoic world. Collectively, we create the world we experience. We are the force behind everything we see. The Ace and the Two tell us to return to alignment, to return to Source Presence so that we’re not derailed by the ego’s destructive influence. Because by the time we get to the 10, we’re stabbed by everything they’ve got, broken and bleeding on the floor. And for what?

I think staying out of our heads is key. We name everything and then analyze it to the point of exhaustion. In the process, we find justification for all sorts of negative and hostile judgment of others, the entire process described in the suit of Swords.

The Hierophant signifies Divine wisdom and the enlightened teacher. Knowledge, structure, and tradition are reflected in the symbolism of the 3 shown with the Hierophant’s staff, hat, fingers, and on each column. Additionally, the 3 is found again when adding up the numerological values of the cards. 5 + 10 + 6 = 21 which when added together equals 3, reinforcing the influence of Divine wisdom and enlightenment. The Holy Trinity, intuition, and secret or hidden knowledge is present in the Hierophant card. Conformity and religion are also an interpretation of this card, but so is free will. The staff is pointing upward as is his right hand. Conformity is a choice and we’re encouraged to align with Source Vision, to think outside the box if you will. Step away from the norm of the egoic world and chart your own course.

The 6 of Cups, a Water Element card, signifies a gift or sharing with someone you love. It represents family and friendship, a cup that is full. It illustrates what can happen when we simply love. We make things too difficult when we stay in our heads too much. Our focus is on the illusion of form, a temporary situation at best, that rarely brings us happiness. We control instead of allow. We define everything and everyone to the point that if they’re not exactly who and what we want them to be then our happiness is over. Done. Finished. We give over control of our own creative vision to someone else.

The Hierophant reminds us as he points upwards to remember who we truly are. We are Source Energy. We are not the bodies we inhabit. We drive the bodies we inhabit. We are the Thought behind everything. When we remember that, we move forward in joyful blessings, our sword pointed upward in supreme balance. Our cup runneth over with love and happiness.

The more I work with the Tarot, irrespective of the deck I use, the more I see the cards from the Presence behind the form. We have far more control over our lives than we realize because we have ultimate control over how we see it. Do we see with Source Vision, or respond with the ego’s subjective judgment?

It’s the choice we make that determines our experience.

Blessings to all as the Dark Moon approaches!

~ Jan

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Aligning With Goddess Presence: A Runecasting


I cast the runes this evening to look at elemental influences for the coming month. With Raidho as significator, Nauthiz begins the casting in the position of Spirit. Moving deocil, Laguz is positioned at Elemental Water, Jera at Elemental Fire, Othala at Elemental Earth, and Perthro at Elemental Air. Two bindrunes are placed above and below the casting for alignment, protection, and clarity.

Raidho represents the spiritual journey we take as our nonphysical presence manifests into form. An Air Element rune, Raidho assists us in alignment with Goddess Presence within. We maintain steady progress, understanding our process is more important than any goals we might realize. Justice and order are also present in Raidho as it directs energy into harmony, balancing chaotic or unstable conditions.

Beginning with Nauthiz. we have the Norn rune, Skuld, representing the future. In the position of Spirit, Nauthiz strengthens the will of the witch, linking nonphysical and physical aspects of Self, and may be used in binding spells, positive change, banishing, and cleansing. The catalytic presence of this rune of Elemental Fire increases the intensity of spellwork, assisting the witch in raising the energy necessary to achieve her intended goal. Overcoming obstacles, turning negative situations into positive, are other influences of Nauthiz. Resistance is felt with this rune, asking us to align with Goddess Presence, where all knowing flows, and all things are possible.

Also a rune of Elemental Water, Laguz represents clairsentience in all its forms. The rune of the occult, the witch uses Laguz to cast out for magickal influences as she draws down Moon energies, increasing her life force. The witch’s strength is born of aligned focus, as she balances her emotional presence with Laguz.

Jera, or year, in the position of Elemental Fire, is the rune of transformation and balance. A rune of Elemental Earth, I’ve included this rune’s energy for growth and fertility in creating bindrunes for my garden. Jera aligns relationship energy, promotes positive change, and represents the cyclical nature of life.

Sometimes appearing at the end of the Elder Futhark, Othala represents our Akash, inheritance, and is the rune of sacred space. Family and ancestral traditions are present in Othala, with protection of home and possessions an important aspect as it influences prosperity, security, and peace. An Earth Element rune, Othala aligns with its Earth position, strengthening its influence.

Perthro is in the position of Elemental Air representing the Norns’ power to determine fate. It also represents the womb. A rune of Elemental Water, Perthro represents change and the evolution of ideas, particularly in the understanding of the unknown. Some rune masters observe and interpret the directionality of Perthro, although I typically read it open to the right. When open to the left, some believe it represents death or an ending of some kind. To the right, Perthro represents birth or beginnings. But primarily, Perthro represents the unknown, or Wyrd, as we experience cause and effect balanced with our synchronous alignment with Goddess Presence.

So let’s look at what the witch has to help her through the next month. And please know that although I refer to witches in the feminine, I do so only for readability issues, and it’s not intended to exclude anyone. With Raidho representing the witch in the significator position of the casting, the focus is on the witch’s journey of self-discovery. We’re living through the time of ascension, where we begin to understand who and what we really are as extensions of Source Energy, and the witch’s presence is necessary to bring balance to a chaotic world.

All elements are present in this casting, with Earth and Water runes placed in their respective elemental positions, strengthening their influence. New ideas or directions may be in store for the witch this next month as Nauthiz catalyzes and intensifies her ritual and spellwork, particularly during Esbat rituals as Laguz increases the witch’s clairsentient abilities. Prosperity spells and spells to bring positive change are favored next month as Jera promises a positive outcome, and Othala aligns the witch with Akashic or ancestral influences.

But at the end of the day, it’s the witch’s clairsentience or intuitive awareness that will assist her as she casts her lots to the universe, Perthro influencing her awareness of the unknown. I’ve always viewed Hagalaz as the witch rune, but in many respects, it’s Perthro. The witch works in the in-between where the unknown is the norm. It sounds like over the next month, energies and influences will be favorable for illumination and clarity in addition to positive change and new beginnings.

The journey a witch takes is personal and life-affirming. Her relationship with the Earth is one of immanence and love. I chose these bindrunes to represent the energies of As Above, So Below, fitting for a witch’s pentagram runecasting. The bindrune above the casting includes Othala and Eihwaz, linking together our Akash or nonphysical aspect of self with our ancestral influences in physical form. The bottom rune binds together the Norns of Fate, Hagalaz, Nauthiz, and Isa, representing the witch’s influence in physical form.

Life can be a delicate balancing act for a witch, particularly in this odd world in which we all live. This runecasting suggests that the witch will have what she needs as she strives to remain aligned in Goddess presence.

Blessings to all!

~ Jan



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A New Rune Set and a Visit With Abraham-Hicks

Abraham Hicks runecasting


Yesterday, Jerry and I attended an Abraham-Hicks workshop. It was the first time we’ve seen Esther Hicks in person and she is just lovely. Naturally funny, when she was present, she kept all of us laughing. She’s the embodiment of loving energy and I so appreciate that she makes the gift of Abraham available to everyone. The room was filled with loving and engaging people hugging friends, both old and new. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Each time Esther would allow Abraham to enter her consciousness, my head felt full. We’re going to attend Lee Carroll’s Kryon channeling workshop next month so I’m eager to see if I experience the same with him.

crystalsArriving on Friday, I found a lovely shop in downtown Portland called The Fossil Cartel that had crystals so of course I went in. I purchased some spheres, another selenite piece, some opal, iolite, fuchsite, and a stromatolite rune set. According to the enclosed description, this particular stone is the “oldest known bacteria microfossil”. I had no idea there were such things. Made from Cyanobacteria, they form “mat-like” single-celled colonies that create the crystals, which ultimately helped create the ozone layer due to the oxygen it produces. Peruvian Stromatolites are thought to be 2.3 billion years old. This set is from Madagascar and is also called kambaba jasper. Follow the link above for The Fossil Cartel’s website because they offer online shopping as well. Very nice place and they know their stuff!

On top of all of this science, the runes are just beautiful! Given their origins, however, this set has a special significance and I couldn’t wait to draw some for a reading. I drew Raidho, Nauthiz, and Algiz for a three rune spread. We were about to take a spiritual journey with Abraham and these runes perfectly described this experience. A blending of Air with Fire and Water, cosmic harmony awaited us.

Raidho represents our soul’s journey through physical form, stressing our process rather than our ultimate goal. It encourages to direct our action in a specific manner, attuning to our alignment with Source. Our purpose is clear and our alignment with Higher Self sustains us.

Nauthiz, the Norn rune Skuld representing the future, guides us in achieving our goals and overcoming obstacles. It increases intensity, awakens our inner fire, and balances resistance as it shapes form. Nauthiz represents our needs and provides a link between forces of destiny.

Lastly, Algiz provides our link between physical and nonphysical realms. A blend of Air, Fire and Water Algiz comprises the BiFrost Bridge of consciousness, and as the Guardian rune of Higher Consciousness, it protects us from harmful forces and connects us with our divine essence.

This runecasting painted a picture of what was in store for all of us with Abraham. The theme as always was understanding who we are as extensions of Source Energy. We are always that extension, always that nonphysical aspect of Self. Our physical presence is such a small part of who we actually are. The runes suggest this same truth.

It’s easy to believe what we see around us. And yet, it’s only an projection of collective consciousness, a merging, if you will, of all expressions of Source Energy into this world, this universe that surrounds us. It keeps us in time. It keeps us in separation. But only if we believe we begin in physical form.

We stay too long in our attention to things, drama in particular. It’s interesting and it pulls everyone in. Then we argue for or against the situation in front of us, never acknowledging its temporary nature. We make almost everything more important than it is. We want everyone to validate our beliefs and experiences as if any of that is necessary. We’re here to create and not become all caught up in the lives of others and we give everything the meaning it has for us.

Experiencing life in duality, we ascribe that same duality to everything we see. Life ends up focusing on the either/or of things, when the only true duality is our nonphysical and physical aspects of Self. Anything else is judgment and only further separates us. Source Energy in physical form becomes fractured and accounts for the conflict we all experience.

A Course in Miracles tells us that we need do nothing but know who we are as expressions of Source Energy. Proceed from that point. See all with Source Vision and feel that resulting oneness with all. Because as expressions of Source Energy, how are we not one with each other? If our bodies are temporary and we return to the energy singularity of Source, how are we not?

Abraham talks about the Law of Attraction and how moving through life in physical form in nonresistance is the only way forward, with allowing the key to alignment with Self. We then take that alignment and create the world that we see around us. It’s really that simple. It just takes focus, a skill we all possess or we wouldn’t exist at all.

No matter how hard we might try, we cannot forget our spiritual nature. We are continually drawn to our aligned Presence, accounting for the inner conflict we experience. It’s not about right or wrong, good or bad, but about alignment versus derailment. We derail our progress when we don’t remained aligned with our Source Presence.

There is nothing else. Stay aligned and live your Source Essence. It’s your reality, your birthright. The rest is an illusion.

Love and Blessings!

~ Jan

Notes from the Abraham-Hicks Workshop
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Empath Strategies: Tunnel Vision

tunnel vision


What if it was never about experiencing life in duality, but simply about experiencing life? Definition limits us. The more we define something, the more narrow the box in which it lives. What if we were never supposed to see the differences? Or at least not let what we see affect us?

We’ve put interaction before our own presence. How often do we simply observe without judgment? The minute we engage with what we see around us then we become part of another’s creation. And that’s when our vision is limited to what’s in front of us. We either see it from the other’s perspective, or we judge the situation and form our own. Either way, we’ve stopped our own creative process in lieu of someone else’s.

If we never get into the either/or of something then we stay in nonresistance, effortlessly flowing through life. But we’re asked to have opinions and judged harshly when we don’t. It’s as if we’re viewed as someone who doesn’t participate in life. And to that I say, thank you.

The minute empaths feel something, we want to feel in and see what’s up. We’re all told to observe instead of absorb but we apparently haven’t figured out that to do that we have to stop feeling in all the time. Notice, but don’t stay. Develop tunnel vision. Ignore the folks that say you’re aloof or standoffish. It’s about survival and they don’t understand what you’re dealing with anyway.

Regarding that tunnel vision I mentioned, when you do this, you’ll find that you will shield much less. It takes engagement for much of the vampiric energy we experience to affect us. It’s the seeing of it that takes away our control. We look too long, feel in too much, and then there you go, we’re off and running in someone else’s experience. And as empaths we really need to see all of this as someone else’s experience if we want to stay in our own alignment. Trust me on this. Getting through the day is so much easier if we can stay aligned in Higher Self presence.

How others view us is none of our business because it’s their view. Even if it’s spot on, what difference does it make in the long term? It’s judgment and something we all need to stay clear of. Responding to it makes it real and why would we ever want to do that? It has nothing to do with the life we’re supposed to be creating for ourselves.

Yes we’re one in Source Energy. And it’s also true we’re still one in Source Energy while in physical form even though it doesn’t appear so. So if someone suggests that we’re out for ourselves, to that I say, yes we are. And it’s not selfish to say this. Instead, it reflects an understanding of our true purpose.

Although I know people who seem to enjoy conflict with others, I think most people aren’t comfortable with it. So can you imagine if we eliminated that type of engagement with others? What if our engagement with others centered around support and encouragement? I’d certainly rather do that than argue with someone or feel uncomfortable with their energy.

If life in physical form reflects a singular focus, in other words, we each exist in only one body, then pursuing that focus without derailing anyone else’s should be our primary goal. Take a day, or even five minutes, and try that.

You’ll feel lighter. A sense of peace envelops you. It’s addictive. You’ll want more.

We’re here to be happy. We’re here to create. And we are so Blessed Be.

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Full Moon Intention: Remembrance of Self



Are we the bodies we inhabit, or is there more to who we are? We’re in a time where remembrance of Self, that awakening that many are experiencing, dominates our thoughts and conversations with others. The duality of form is a tricky place to live. We make it far more real than it actually is and place an importance on it that it doesn’t deserve.

All there is is Now. There is no past or future, just Now. The choices we make are an illusion based upon this collective projection of consciousness for the purpose of experiencing said choices. So it’s not that our experiences aren’t valid, but that we need to see them for what they are. We’re here only to experience life in duality, not to judge it either way.

As Source Energy, each one of us experiences life in physical form, adding to the experiential database of our collective Source Essence. What if we all remembered that as we went about our day? What if, for even five minutes, we told ourselves that we are Source Energy, God if you prefer that term, and then from that perspective, we went about our day?

The shift in our collective vibration would be felt by everyone. We would remember that we’re family. That we are loving collective Source Consciousness. We become so wrapped up in our experience here that we seem to prefer it to remembrance of Self. And then we wonder why we’re unhappy.

So for this Full Flower Moon, my intention is this:

  • Let remembrance of Self guide my way
  • Bring loving focus to my day
  • In Goddess presence I remain
  • In alignment with Source, blessings rain
  • Above and below me
  • Within and around me
  • My will preserved
  • So shall it be

I invite all to join me in this intention. Collectively we are unstoppable. We can accomplish anything. Including remembrance of Self.

~Blessings as we go forward together in loving Source Presence