Strength and the Feminine Divine

Strength and the Feminine Divine

Venus of the Willendorf represents the Goddess as the Mother of Cups. Known as the Queen of Cups in other decks, Hermann Haindl paints her in her donii form, her abdomen bulging with life, her breasts full of milk. She is the loving Earth Mother, the matriarch who, aligned in Source Presence, guides her family and […]

Linking Higher Consciousness With Earthly Power ~ Rune and Tarot for 20 Nov 2016

The Legacy Built From Earthly Power ~ Rune and Tarot for 20 Nov 2016

Of all the 4 of Disks cards in all the decks I have, this one from my Thoth deck is my favorite. We see a castle, towers rising in each corner surrounded by a moat, each tower representing one of the four elements. The castle’s structure is strong, and sits safely away from danger. The […]


Assumptions Made

Assumptions are an interesting thing. We all make them, and sometimes we’re even correct when we do. But then there are the ones that go horribly wrong and that’s never a good thing. So maybe the best course of action is to ask someone if something is true for them instead of simply assuming that it is. […]

Goddess Power Within: Thoth Tarot Aug 22, 2016

Aleister Crowley created the Thoth Tarot and when he did so he changed the order and a couple of Major Arcana card names. Strength became card number 11 and renamed Lust and Justice became card number 8 and renamed Adjustment. In today’s three card spread, it seems we have a choice to make. Focus on […]

Coming Home To Our Source Presence

I love listening to people who channel. Although I typically channel my Higher Self somewhere around midnight much to the chagrin of my husband who would sooner be asleep, I’m not sure I’ve channeled any other energy or entity. But when it happens, everything becomes visually brighter, as if I’m experiencing an adrenaline rush. My […]

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Daily Tarot: Illusion Versus Truth

The Hierophant, the 10 of Swords, and the 6 of Cups make up today’s tarot influences. Swords is an interesting suit. It begins with the Ace as we manifest ideas from consciousness and ends with ten swords sticking in our back. And believe it or not, that’s actually a positive card. Swords reflects our intellectual […]


Aligning With Goddess Presence: A Runecasting

I cast the runes this evening to look at elemental influences for the coming month. With Raidho as significator, Nauthiz begins the casting in the position of Spirit. Moving deocil, Laguz is positioned at Elemental Water, Jera at Elemental Fire, Othala at Elemental Earth, and Perthro at Elemental Air. Two bindrunes are placed above and […]

Abraham Hicks runecasting

A New Rune Set and a Visit With Abraham-Hicks

  Yesterday, Jerry and I attended an Abraham-Hicks workshop. It was the first time we’ve seen Esther Hicks in person and she is just lovely. Naturally funny, when she was present, she kept all of us laughing. She’s the embodiment of loving energy and I so appreciate that she makes the gift of Abraham available […]

tunnel vision

Empath Strategies: Tunnel Vision

  What if it was never about experiencing life in duality, but simply about experiencing life? Definition limits us. The more we define something, the more narrow the box in which it lives. What if we were never supposed to see the differences? Or at least not let what we see affect us? We’ve put […]

Full Moon Intention: Remembrance of Self

  Are we the bodies we inhabit, or is there more to who we are? We’re in a time where remembrance of Self, that awakening that many are experiencing, dominates our thoughts and conversations with others. The duality of form is a tricky place to live. We make it far more real than it actually […]