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Temperance and the Creator Within ~ Tarot for 9 Feb 2017

Temperance and the Creator Within

I’ve been researching the Law of One series, a five book series that contains channeled information regarding the Creator within from a nonterrestrial sixth density social memory complex called the Ra entity group. This extensive channeling began after years of preparation on January 15, 1981 with Carla Rueckert as the channeler, Don Elkins as questioner, and Jim McCarty as scribe. Don Elkins was a UFOlogist, as well as a Physics and Engineering professor, and this extensive channeling is a transcript of their fascinating twenty-six sessions together.

The Ra entity group describes itself as the humble messenger of the Law of One and has contacted us at various points in our development to bring this message of oneness and unity with the Creator. They were here during Egyptian times, appearing in our history as Ra, but their message was perverted by the priest caste so some left, believing their intention to help us becoming more destructive than helpful. Apparently, some of their group settled in other areas of Earth while this particular group left, but now that ascension is here and humanity is moving from what’s called third density to fourth, they’ve come back to help us understand who we are and what our experience in form is all about.

I bring all of this up because in the fourth book of the Law of One series the tarot is mentioned in greater detail. Its precursor was brought to Egypt by the Ra group to illustrate soul archetypes in the same manner as the Major Arcana now describes. Life in third density is a time of choice and we’re given free will to choose a focus of service to self or service to others. Those who choose service to others actually serve the self as well, but it’s a better balance than those choosing the service to self path.

The Law of One tells us that the Creator is all that is. Everything that we see is the Creator in individuated form. The energy or vibration of the Creator is love. Nothing more, nothing less. We tell ourselves that we’re separate from the Creator, but that’s a fallacy. Anything negative we experience is a choice we make to view our experiences through human eyes instead of seeing all as the Creator and therefore what the Ra group refers to as our other-selves. There is only love from the Creator. No judgment, no vengeance, only love. So it follows that as the Creator, love in all its forms is what we should express as well.

The duality that’s expressed in physical form is of our own creation, and not that of the Creator within. It’s the illusion of separateness that we struggle with, not the love and protection found in unity with all. We feel so justified in choosing illusion over love when our unity in the Creator is eternal. So it seems that the Ra group is counseling us to remember who we are, to permeate the veil of forgetting, and begin to live from our point of origin as the Creator personified, abandoning the separation and hate which has plagued our existence for so long.

In today’s tarot reading, the 2 of Swords describes a choice or decision that we need to make. A woman sits blindfolded before tumultuous waters, her hands holding two swords crossed in front. She goes within, seeking alignment with Source Presence, taking the dispassionate view in her decision.

The 6 of Wands represents the Fire element and our creative and catalytic presence. The rider and his steed are back from battle, a wreath atop his staff and on his head, while a crowd holding five more staffs celebrate and support his arrival. His steed prances forth, all danger left on the battlefield. The six denotes the spiritual side of self as well as love, balance, and community with others.

Now with the 10 of Wands, we see a man carrying a burden, alone and leaning forward from its weight. He’s walking toward the castle in the distance but appears to be working too hard to get there, the struggle his own making. Ten reduces to one and represents new beginnings so this card suggests that we rethink the choice we’ve made in lieu of a less overwhelming one.

Finally, Temperance, the only card from the Major Arcana in today’s reading appears as an angel symbolizing the ideal of moderation and balance in our lives. It’s not a divine intervention that the angel brings, however, but a divine remembrance of who we are. The angel blends elemental Fire with Water in conscious alchemical creation reminding us to balance our emotional and creative aspects of self in harmony. The irises remind us of both the beauty and fragility of our lives, seeds sown bringing us ever closer to awareness and truth.

The bindrunes on either side of Temperance invoke justice and manifestation of Higher Self. The choice between service to self and service to others is so clear. In service only to self, our burden can be difficult to bear without the support from our other-selves. However, in service to others, as we see with the rider returning home after defending home and hearth, he’s surrounded by love and cheering from friends and family.

The dispassionate view of the woman in the 2 of Swords suggests that we make our decisions without judgment, of self or others. If we could view the chaos of the world from a more dispassionate perspective, then we’re less likely to become engaged in the drama. Engagement keeps the negativity alive so which choice or decision do we support?

The numerology of the reading is 5 or change. The focus on service to self has brought chaos to our world. The so-called new guy has opened up a powder keg with his authoritarian and dictatorial attitudes. His lack of impulse control is fostering all sorts of nonsense at home and abroad. The resistance is in full swing as racism, sexism and all other forms of oppression are increasing. We may have needed change in this world, but if the end result of all of this isn’t to become fully aware that this isn’t it, then I don’t know what will ever wake people up.

Our world isn’t going to improve until we come together in unity. Hate and all the isms it fosters won’t bring us together and create the heaven on earth that we all seek because a change of awareness is what’s needed. The Ra group tells us that the earth is already a fourth density planet and that this time of choice is giving way to a fourth density of love and understanding. The chaos we’re experiencing will end replaced by love and understanding of all and by all. The choice we make determines how we experience that transition.

This is a natural process that all sentient life experiences. Anything to do with hell is just silly. We are never separate from the Creator because we are the Creator. And that’s the point of the tarot, runes, astrology, or any other symbology used to describe who we are. It’s there to remind us of our true nature, of our true focus as the Creator, as Source Energy.

We are not now, nor have we ever been, separate from each other. We are one family. It’s time to know that truth and to return to who we are.

Blessed Be



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The Inexhaustible Well of Source Presence ~ Tarot for 6 Jan 2017

The Inexhaustible Well of Source Presence

The hexagram on the 10 of Stones defines today’s reading. Gua 48, or The Well, represents replenishment and nourishment, or in my view, the inexhaustible well of our Source Presence. From The Complete I Ching:

The well supplies replenishment but is never exhausted.¹

Two cards from the Major Arcana are also included, The Hermit and The High Priestess. The numerology is 10, 9, and 2 reducing to 3 or Triple Aspects, creativity, and joy. A Fire element number, three is catalytic and expansive. In addition to the hexagram, Isa and Uruz appear on The Hermit and the High Priestess respectively suggesting inner work.

Ten stones appear suspended on the 10 of Stones with a sun shining in the distance. Haindl calls this card Richness and I agree. His use of large stones to depict the suit of Pentacles fully illustrates the power of Elemental Earth as our foundation, the below of as above, so below. A feeling of legacy and blessings is reflected in this card along with wealth and prosperity.

The Hermit and The High Priestess supply the as above aspect of the reading. In The Hermit we see a robed man standing on a mountain top, white beard flowing, arms outstretched in supplication. He holds his staff in his right hand and a lantern in his left. The lantern shines bright, illuminating his path. Birds surround him suggesting spiritual influence. Gnomes appear in the rocks to symbolize elemental energies. The All Seeing Eye of Source appears within a pyramid, reinforcing the numerology of the reading. He draws down moon energies from above, gaining wisdom from her divine blessings. The Creator personified, he retreats from the world, supported by the influence of Isa, seeking alignment and clarity.

The High Priestess manifests secret knowledge. Uruz provides the impetus for change. She is the Feminine Divine, the Triple Goddess. She is our memory, our gateway to the unconscious and inner wisdom. The High Priestess stands with her arms upraised, like The Hermit, in supplication to the moon reflecting inner mysteries. She speaks to us in dreams giving us wise and inspiring counsel. When she appears in a reading, we’re to go within and know. Our intuition is strong at this time and going within to know truth is essential.

The cards are suggesting that we go within to find our solace and comfort as well as our truth. Our strength of spirit will sustain us as we draw from the inexhaustible well of Source Presence, that eternal place of Self. As we go within we draw from the foundation we’ve built over a lifetime lived, guided by our compassion and integrity.

Unlimited reaction such as that we are seeing from the new guy only causes problems. He would do well to go within and seek his own divine counsel. He would find that his focus is on self at the expense of others. He would know that all are an expression of the Creator, of Source Energy, and that a course correction is necessary in order that he fulfill his true purpose.

We’re here to remember who we are as the Creator personified. It’s from this truth that we drink from the inexhaustible well of Self, of Source Presence.

Our purpose is remembrance. Go within and know.

Blessed Be



  1. Huang, Taoist Master Alfred. The Complete I Ching — 10th Anniversary Edition: The Definitive Translation by Taoist Master Alfred Huang (Kindle Locations 6820-6821). Inner Traditions/Bear & Company. Kindle Edition.


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Strength and the Feminine Divine

Strength and the Feminine Divine

Venus of the Willendorf represents the Goddess as the Mother of Cups. Known as the Queen of Cups in other decks, Hermann Haindl paints her in her donii form, her abdomen bulging with life, her breasts full of milk. She is the loving Earth Mother, the matriarch who, aligned in Source Presence, guides her family and the community at large. She observes in quiet reflection, her intuition her guide.Venus of Willendorf

The stone artifact depicted on the card was unearthed by an Austro-Hungarian archaeologist by the name of Josef Szombathy in 1908 near the village of Willendorf, Austria and has been determined to have been carved between 28,000 and 25,000 BCE during the paleolithic time in our history. Artifacts such as this one are believed to depict the Goddess as Mother and were carved in reverence to her blessed Divinity.

Yes, believe it or not, there was a time when women were actually revered instead of what we experience now.

The 2 of Cups continues the emotional presence of the Mother with a peacock lovingly gazing at two golden chalices made all the more magickal by the seven stars arising from each. A sense of things to come, perhaps children in the future are felt with this card. The magick of love heals everything. But also, this card is about balancing the masculine and feminine nature within, a balance that’s sorely missing in today’s world. Are we in service to others, or service to self? It’s not that service to self can’t be a rewarding and loving experience, but when it turns to the oppression we experience today, then it’s clear our balance has been lost.

The 10 of Stones, Pentacles, Coins, or Disks in other decks, is called Richness. This suit of Elemental Earth indicates the richness of our foundation. Depicting ten stones in balance, the card reflects strength and prosperity as well as legacy. When in balance, we create a successful outcome for all. When we’re not, then we fail to see the larger picture and the strength that unity provides. Instead, we seek to oppress others in an effort to be a winner as our upcoming president is fond of saying.

Win at all costs. Never for one minute be responsible for the lies it takes to win, just do whatever it takes to win. Find strength in the oppression of others because it’s all about the money and control you believe you have.

The cards today suggest another approach. A return to the strength of the Feminine Divine in all. Love is the only way forward. The 2 of Cups fully illustrates this with the promise of richness ours when the Mother presence is respected.

The numerology is 2 and 10, resulting in 3, or the principle of unity. Mother and Father unite in creation of a child, thereby expressing their unified presence. We’ve lost that these days, the creation becoming far less than it could be.

Today’s reading illustrates that a loving and balanced presence is our only way out of the nightmare we’ve created. Disunity must give way to our fundamental unity in Source. We are one in Source Energy. That doesn’t change while while appearing in individuated form.

When we oppress others, we oppress our own Selves. All are a reflection of the Creator, of Source Energy, and although we may appear different, we are in fact one infinite vibration of love.

Go within and remember.

Blessed Be

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Venus of Willendorf 

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In Defining Our Sacred Space ~ Runecasting for 10 Dec 2016

Flow, alignment, and inspiration, the three rays of Awen represented by Hagalaz, Isa, and Nauthiz, sit below each ray of Awen, Herkimer diamonds placed between to amplify Divine energy. A piece of aqua aura quartz represents Higher Self presence. Typically if I have a significator, it’s only one, but today I thought I would use all three.

Othala, the twenty-third rune of the Elder Futhark, represents homeland, ancestry, and is considered the rune of sacred space. Some rune practitioners place Othala at the end, but I prefer Dagaz to have that position. Peace, security, protection, and ancestral tradition are felt with Othala.

Hagalaz establishes our foundation from which change flows; Isa represents our still point of alignment; while Nauthiz provides the friction needed for inspiration. We flow effortlessly into alignment, inspiration its genesis.

The runes are interesting in that they can be used for divination or in simple consideration of how they can influence our lives. Today’s runecasting asks us to consider how we use our flow, alignment, and inspiration to create our sacred space.

Where we begin matters. We not only begin as Source Energy, but eternally remain so while focused into form. When mindful of this truth, we radiate a positive, loving vibration. If we become caught up in the drama of physical existence, we then react to that drama rather than radiating or creating our own experience. We don’t begin in the body, even though it seems that way. We are always Source Energy and we have complete control over how we process our experiences.

Our ancestry, our homeland, feels tangible in nature. But that’s a projection of collective consciousness, and is not reflective of the eternal Self, our true home. Alignment in Source Presence allows unlimited expression, our focus steady and on our own creations.

The conflict and strife of the world seems less interesting with a focus on positive creation. Although right now, many of us are distracted by fear and anger over possible changes we may experience, collectively, we have the ability to raise our vibration to a level that the lower negative energies no longer find purchase.

But here’s the thing. These changes are only possible. Hagalaz, Isa, and Nauthiz represent the three Norns who traditionally direct the fate of men. But given that the Norns also represent the flow of our Source Presence, they illustrate that we have the power to direct our own fate when that power flows from our alignment. Collectively, we are one Source Energy, far more powerful in our focus together than individually. Together we can align our collective focus to cast the intention of love and unity. We can let that be our sacred space.

It was always meant to be this way, living in unity and peace. It’s not that there wouldn’t have been challenges, but to experience this level of separation is just not who we are. We are one Source Presence, irrespective of what anyone might believe. The numerology of the Norns is 3, or unified wholeness, and 5 for Othala, or dynamic change suggesting that there’s still time to collectively transmute the trauma and strife we’re experiencing into positive change. We’ve always been stronger together and today is no different.

And as we all flow effortlessly into our unified wholeness, casting our collective intention of love to the universe, know for certain that we are all so blessed be.


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Keeping Our Silence ~ Rune & Tarot for 30 Nov 2016

The Hermit, the 9th card of the Major Arcana from Crowley’s Thoth tarot deck is one of the most magickal cards I’ve ever seen, flowing in nonresistance within the brilliant light of Source Presence. From Cerubus, the three-headed dog of Hecate to the representation of the sperm and egg, this card reflects the wisdom of the Ancient of Days. Lon Milo DuQuette shares this quote about The Hermit:

Wander alone; bearing the Light and thy Staff ! And be the Light so bright that no man seeth thee! Be not moved by aught without or within: keep Silence in all ways!¹

The card itself shows that The Hermit controls his presence, almost hidden behind the brilliant light of his lantern. He stands in observation of the world in full knowing of its needs.

The Hermit brings light to the world. He stands apart in withdrawal and retreat from the world of egoic expression. A wise and silent counsel in a chaotic world, The Hermit’s silence is felt in his alignment with Source Presence, never straying from that primal resonance.

Tiwaz, the 17th rune of the Elder Futhark, represents the god, Tyr, justice, and sacrifice. A rune of Elemental Air, Tiwaz upholds integrity, faith and right action. Victory arises from the strength of high ideals and self-discipline. A sense of what shall be is present with Tiwaz.

The numerology is 9 and 17. 17 reduces to 8 or strength and structure. 9 refers to completion. Together they add to 17 which again brings the final numerology of 8. Protection and self-discipline are also reflected in the number 8.

In quiet solitude, The Hermit possesses the strength and self-discipline of Tiwaz, his integrity reflected in his wise counsel for others. We’re being asked to go within and assess what’s occurring with clear sight. Our point of focus is in alignment with Self, everything about us manifesting from that sacred place. Free of reaction, going within allows us time for reflection. Extreme times may be ahead, and we need the inward focus demonstrated by The Hermit to see clearly because overreaction will get us nowhere.

We may endure some what shall be for a time, but the future is unwritten. Many probabilities exist and our collective intention can shift anything.

So until we cast our intention to the universe, we stand in observation, our focus inward, keeping our silence, in all ways.

Blessed Be




  1. DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 120). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.
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Dark Moon Awakening ~ Rune & Tarot for 29 Nov 2016

Lady Frieda Harris’s impression of The Tower from Crowley’s Thoth tarot deck explodes with energy. Our world is torn asunder as the All-Seeing Eye of Source Presence watches from above. The tower is burning and imploding before our very eyes and nothing will ever be the same again. Our awakening is at hand.

Along side The Tower sits Dagaz, the 24th rune of the Elder Futhark reinforcing our awakening and enlightenment. We are one with Source Presence, with universal Consciousness, and a new day is dawning. We’ve gone as far as we can and in synchronicity with our creative force we stand on the precipice of something new.

Today is the Dark Moon, the phase attributed to the Crone Aspect of the Goddess. As it’s also Tuesday, the colors for today are red, black, and orange. The Tower reflects the energy of Mars and Elemental Fire, and we are purified by their fiery and catalytic presence. With this influence we have the strength of our convictions as we stand in defense and protection of our ideals. We know that anything is possible as change for the better, even from conflict, is ahead.

In Sagittarius, this Dark Moon brings energies of expansion and inspiring debate, truth at the heart of everything we wish to experience. The challenge will be to deliver our point of view without negatively affecting the outcome.

The ground has shifted under us and the future is uncertain. But with our own all-seeing eyes of Source Vision, we proceed in synchronicity with our own Source Presence. And we will be victorious.

The Dark Moon is beneficial for new projects and forgiveness of self and others. Secrets may be revealed and although protection and banishing are often performed during the waning phase of the moon, I like to use the Dark Moon for protection spells when Mars is influencing. With the additional energies of Crone wisdom present, I have the clarity and purity of focus necessary to cast my intention of protection to the universe.

The numerology of the divination is 16 and 24, reducing to 7 and 6, and from there to 13. Either leaving it there or reducing it further to 4, as we bring energies into alignment, our magickal presence will provide the structure needed to secure our future.

The Tower suggests that fire cleanses and purifies. What no longer serves us is carried away by winds of change. But it also reflects a witch’s intention. When nothing moves, when everything remains the same, by her intention, the witch can disrupt and disturb. We protect self and others when no other options are left.

But as both The Tower and Dagaz counsel, awakening is ours if we choose. The wolf is at the door, and as we cast our collective intention, we send energies of protection and vision. Protection for obvious reasons, but vision so that we bring everything into alignment with Source Presence.

We are one family even though we forget that more often than we remember. Maybe the house has to fall into ruins before we realize all that we have built together. The truth is there for all of us to see. We are stronger together than we are divided, far stronger than the wolf at the door. It’s time to let go of our pre-conceived notions, of our feelings of otherness. It’s time to reaffirm our fundamental unity.

At 6:55pm I’ll be performing a protection spell. I would love it if others joined in, either using mine which you can find here or on the blog’s Facebook page or using your own. The blog post has the methodology for determining the time, so if you’re interested in that, click on the first link. Otherwise, a streamlined version is on the Facebook page.

I’m at such a loss about all that’s happened. All I can think of doing is casting my intention of peace and harmony to the collective consciousness. It may sound odd that I consider that to be a protection spell but I do. It reflects the when they go low, we go high attitude of our First Family. I’ll miss their positive and steady presence which we’ll sorely need in the days to come.

Today’s divination tells us that we are awakening to the fact that the power for change belongs to each one of us. And in unison, we can’t help but succeed.

Blessings to our One Family. We need each other now more than ever.




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Seeds of Transformation ~ Rune & Tarot for 25 Nov 2016

Growth and transformation are Jera’s influence in today’s rune and tarot reading. Bringing luck and prosperity, Jera is a favorite rune to include in a bindrune for fertility in the garden. Energy of a cyclical nature is felt as Jera’s gentle influence brings events to pass and promotes positive change. Relationship energy aligns with Jera as it fosters awareness and peace.

The Ace of Swords depicts the Great Sword of the Magus rising from the clouds, pointing upward through a brilliant crown of light, an idea arising from pure consciousness. Our intellectual presence, controlled and directed, cuts through illusion, triumphing over all odds.

When I consider Jera, I think about what seeds we plant, and how they’ll be tended so that they grow into something of benefit. With the Ace of Swords, we have the influence of Elemental Air, and the power of our intellectual presence to communicate our ideas and needs. With both Jera and the Ace of Swords, balance is encouraged so that we don’t get in the way of our intended goals.

The numerology of the reading is 1 and 12. Adding them together, we get 13, and from there, it reduces to 4. As this number has been coming up frequently, it tells me that Gaia has had just about enough of us. The earth’s very structure is threatened with climate change and war, and we need to change our ways or we’ll suffer untold consequences. Governmental changes are taking place that will threaten the safety and security of not only everyone in our own country, but around the earth by rejecting this fact.

Although patience may be necessary as well as timing, this reading suggests that seeds planted, if properly tended, will yield positive growth. Aces in tarot suggest new beginnings, and the cycles represented by Jera suggest we’re always in a flow of beginnings and endings. With our uncertain future, I suppose we can take comfort in that fact. As we all begin to experience the consequences of choices made by a few, we have to power to change course and reaffirm our unity not only as one country, but as one world.

Dark days may indeed be ahead of us. Stay aligned in Source Presence and let the light of clarity and truth guide your path, allowing your own seeds of transformation to grow into fruition.

Blessed Be.

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The Legacy Built From Earthly Power ~ Rune and Tarot for 20 Nov 2016

Linking Higher Consciousness With Earthly Power ~ Rune and Tarot for 20 Nov 2016

Of all the 4 of Disks cards in all the decks I have, this one from my Thoth deck is my favorite. We see a castle, towers rising in each corner surrounded by a moat, each tower representing one of the four elements. The castle’s structure is strong, and sits safely away from danger. The yellow area surrounding the castle while energetic in feeling, also gives a sense of balance or structure. A card of Elemental Earth the 4 of Disks denotes wealth that’s building with financial gains assured. It represents our legacy built from earthly power.

The rune Eihwaz also appears in today’s rune and tarot reading, a rune of both Elemental Fire and Air, representing a connection between physical and nonphysical aspects of Self. Providing strength, Eihwaz guards against self-destructive behavior and assists in fulfilling our goals. For the hedgewitch, Eihwaz assists her in hedge riding or shamanic journeying as it’s also called. The witch moves easily between physical form and astral presence and can transmute energy from one state to another using Eihwaz.

The 13th rune of the Elder Futhark, although I consider 13 as a Witch number therefore of the Master variety, if I reduce it down the resulting number is 4. Like with the 4 of Disks, Eihwaz represents structure as the link between realms and is one I use frequently in bindrunes to bind the runes together into form. Adding both together, we reach 8, representing strength. Both 4 and 8 also represent Gaia energy with Eihwaz providing the link between Earth and Source Energies.

It would seem that awareness of our Source Presence both provides and reinforces the strength and structure of our lives. A legacy founded on spiritual awareness is stronger and more powerful than any created from egoic entitlement. Drawing from our Source Presence, we let strength and power flow through us, creating the success and ultimate security that brings.

On a broader level, awareness of who we are collectively as Source Energy should guide our choices in the days ahead when things seem so bleak. Do we create a legacy born of hate and division, or one of love and compassion? A course has been set by those who would prefer the former to the latter. But Source Energy is more powerful than anything the ego has to throw at us. The light of love and truth will shine through all of it, our collective Source Presence illuminating our way.

Blessings to our One Family

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Infinite Power In Alignment With Source Presence

Manifesting will

Our true duality is expressed by our physical and nonphysical presence. We play out our perception of that duality while in physical form with our awareness of Self in the background, believing what we see is all that is. Our presence behind the form we take is there all along, however, whether or not we’re aware of it.

Because we play out the idea of duality in various forms, we’re of the mindset that our lives should be lived in balance. Another way of saying this is to remained aligned or centered. But what is it that we’re remaining aligned or centered to? I believe it’s our Source Presence that we align to. To stay within our Source Presence instead of focusing in so heavily on the world around us. Because if we do that, then we see the world through the compassion of Source Vision, rather than through the eyes of the ego. We’re not derailed by judgment so we remain at peace.

In today’s rune and tarot reading, we have Adjustment, Crowley’s version of Justice, and Uruz, the second rune of the first Aett of the Elder Futhark. Equilibrium and strength of will are the theme with Air and Water dominating the elemental influence. The numerology is 10, 8 + 2, reducing to 1 or new beginnings, corresponding to Elemental Fire. We’re experiencing the development of self as we find strength in alignment, our goal an uninterrupted flow of joy and delight.

This is difficult to accomplish when we’re focused on all the drama we’ve experienced of late. I think this rune and tarot reading is reminding us to find that place of inner stillness or focus and begin always from there. I feel more in control when I do that and I’m far more able to look at what’s going on dispassionately.

Adjustment, a card of Libra, is one of the cards that Aleister Crowley both reordered and renamed. Typically, this card would be named Justice. We see the Goddess standing between two scales, the blue colors evoking a peaceful and balance emotional countenance. Her eyes are covered, her head bowed, hands on the hilt of her sword, point facing downward, her presence controlling form. Her covered eyes tell us that we have the power to remained aligned irrespective of what’s happening around us. She takes the dispassionate view, allowing nothing to disturb her clarity. She stands within the two triangles of the Merkaba, one pointing up to Spirit, the other pointing downward into form, blending the wild with the civilized, expressing courage and strength.

Uruz is considered an archetypal rune as it indicates manifestation into form. A Water Element rune, change of some kind involving our manifested will is in play when this rune appears in a reading. Healing, overcoming obstacles, and strength are favored with Uruz. Representing the Aurochs, Uruz removes self-doubt, fosters courage, and increases our endurance.

If we spend all of our time reacting to everything we see and experience, we’ll have no time for our own creation. Adjustment and Uruz tell us that alignment with Self or Source Presence brings a strength that a sole focus on form can never achieve. It’s from our alignment in Source Presence that our will manifests into form, whether it’s an idea, a new project, or a new relationship. Everything we do and accomplish will benefit from alignment such as this. Without it, our will becomes scattered affecting our desired outcome, so taking time to find your inner focus makes sense.

It used to be that watching the news or reading a newspaper or magazine would give us the facts. Not anymore. Now the news is skewed to ratings, and it feels as if they’re telling all of us how to see and and what to feel about everything rather than just reporting what happened. It’s about their opinions now, not the truth. Pundits have replaced real journalists and now we’re told what to think. It’s become about stimulus and response, with the media controlling the narrative.

Sometimes we have to turn off the noise to regain our inner balance. Leave the television off, the laptop closed, our earbuds somewhere other than our ears and go outside for a walk. Listen to life unfolding around you. Take in the air and the sounds and smells around you and breathe all of it in. Your alignment is far more important that what just happened with the election. And if the next four years are as chaotic as the candidate was, we’ll need all the aligned focus we can achieve to stay on our own course.

There’s infinite power in our alignment with Source Presence. It overshadows any and all fear we experience and provides us with the strength and compassion to rise above all the noise and vitriol. Our inner peace matters that much.

Blessed Be

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The Challenges of Empathic Awareness

Moon Over Sacred Space

I recently read a somewhat bleak piece on life as an empath. Although empathic awareness can be overwhelming at times, even when we understand what we’re experiencing, it doesn’t have to ruin our lives. As if an empath is so emotionally vulnerable that we’re unable to ever cope without tremendous support, when in truth, we have far more power than that.

It’s really about focus. Do we as empaths focus on the drama around us, or do we stay in our own focus? For me, staying aligned keeps me out of others’ energies.

It also means that we check in with ourselves frequently, how we’re feeling both emotionally and physically. Empaths tend to get into a flow of sorts and before we know it, we’re picking up on other energies that have already blended with our own. It’s at that point that we’re not always sure where we begin and others leave off. So check in frequently. If you’re suddenly experiencing a feeling that’s different, don’t automatically assume it’s yours. It could be coming from someone else..anyone else. It could be vampiric energy that’s feeling in. But if there isn’t any physical reason or environmental reason for your change in feeling, then assume it’s not yours.

If you can, take a moment to call back your energy field and align. Or shield. But honestly, aligning makes us aware of where we’re placing our focus. The minute it shifts to someone else’s energy, we’ve lost our alignment. Aligning brings it back. I look at it as not getting involved or minding my own business. But in this case, it’s really minding my own focus. Shielding works as well, but it’s still placing your focus in a direction that’s uncomfortable. I find it easier to not see it anymore.

We are not these bodies we inhabit, but the Source Presence behind our form. Empaths are simply people who have remained aware of this Presence while in physical form. And although life can be extraordinarily distracting to an empath, we don’t have to give our attention to everything that’s going on around us. When we become overwhelmed, it’s difficult to stay in our own focus, so staying fully present and in control is so important.

Empaths aren’t by default emotionally out of control. But it can feel that way if we allow other energies to take up residence with our own. Realize that you’re Source Energy. Your body and the bodies around you are vessels only. Realize your power. It’s greater than anything else you’re experiencing.

Blessed Be