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In The Quiet Place Of Spirit ~ Tarot for 4 June 2017

In The Quiet Place Of Spirit ~ Tarot for 4 June 2017

Never let it be said that Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot deck is cheery. Something tells me he was far too caught up in the negativity of the world at the expense of Spirit. Still, Lady Frieda Harris did his interpretations justice because her cards resonate with Elemental influences and her designs and color choices are stunning.

Today’s tarot reading begins with the Knight of Wands, the 7 of Swords, and Death in the general influences section, with the 6 of Disks in the position of hidden influence and the 3 of Swords as the outcome. Fire, Air, and Earth are represented with Water absent and the overall numerology of the reading is 11 or the Master number for illumination and our connection to the subconscious realm.

Cool. Inner work.

The Knight of Wands begins the reading illustrating a valiant Knight blazing into battle on his noble steed. His wand explodes with flames, his cape alive with energy and passion. The King in traditional decks, the Knight of Wands represents an individual full of generosity and optimism. Resolute and creative, the Knight excels at negotiation, transcending the mundane for more creative solutions. He is both a warrior who can be cruel as well as a mentor who can be supportive and loving.

Futility is the title of the 7 of Swords. Six swords point downward toward a larger sword which points upward toward the moon with planetary glyphs adorning each hilt. This card suggests that deception is occurring, either from others or possibly from the self. It encourages us to think outside the box and to understand that we give everything the meaning that it has. It’s easy to become confused when so much is coming in on us, but I don’t see futility as much as a need to look inward for answers.

Death is a busy card in the Thoth Tarot deck. The Grim Reaper with his scythe appears to dance a jig as he symbolizes rebirth and renewal. The snake and the lobster both indicate cycles of renewal and regeneration with new opportunities in store. Change and transformation are assured when Death appears. We’re to let go of what no longer serves clearing the way for a new outlook or new experiences.

Success is the title of the 6 of Disks and illustrates life in harmony. Abundance and fairness are expressed in the 6 of Disks. Six represents the sacred layer of the Higher Self, and the one thing we can depend upon. Irrespective of what’s going on in our lives, at our core, we are Spirit, our bodies only an illusion of form. We are forever and expression of the Creator, in harmony with both self and others.

And with the 3 of Swords, we’re back to Sorrow. Although I’m not fond of the shade of yellow used, I actually love how Lady Harris drew this card. Three swords pierce the center of a yellow flower telling us that the bloom is off the rose. But sorrow is a choice. In alignment, we remain unaffected by the chaos around us as we accept reality allowing the process to unfold as it will.

Tarot reminds us of the choices we can make to live in awareness of Spirit or to become caught up in the drama of form. All answers are found within, in the quiet place of Spirit, where we exist in unified presence with all. If we remain focused on drama then sorrow is surely what we’ll experience. Instead, we should remember that life is cyclical in nature and that rebirth and renewal are always possible. Our inner harmony is compromised when we lose focus. The key is in remembrance of who we are as Spirit. It’s not a place we return to, but one that exists eternally within.

Blessings to all!


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In Healing Retreat and Reflection ~ Tarot for 8 Dec 2016

In Healing Retreat and Reflection

Snow is falling (and not just on the blog), I’ve been shopping, and now I’m ready to be stuck inside for the next week, although I hope it doesn’t come to that. I shuffled the cards of my Thoth deck and drew three cards, counting until I reached thirteen each time. Interesting that Death came first, the 13th card of the Major Arcana. Among other synchronicities, my birthday is on October 13th, and the edict issued  by King Philip to execute the Knights Templar was issued also on October 13th, 1307. Some were ancestors.

Rabbi Dr. Hillel ben David tells us that Thirteen is the number that bonds multiplicity into oneness.¹ Death itself suggests clearing away the old and embracing new opportunity. Change is upon us. Representing the Crone aspect of the Goddess, Death is about dying and becoming, rebirth and transformation. It binds multiplicity into oneness by bringing everything to a conclusion before beginning anew, the final moment of transcendence into something else. And in the Thoth deck, Lady Frieda Harris’s skeletal Grim Reaper appears to be dancing a jig, in joyful anticipation of new experiences.

The Queen of Cups is such a beautiful card from Crowley’s Thoth deck. A natural witch, Lon Milo Duquette tells us:

Her image is of extreme purity and beauty, with infinite subtlety; to see the Truth of her is hardly possible, for she reflects the nature of the observer in great perfection.²

Her reflection in the pond before her suggests she reflects or mirrors what others wish to see, standing in observance of all. She can be loving, less so if out of sorts. Cups reflect Elemental Water, therefore our emotional presence. Intuitive and empathic, the Queen of Cups looks out in dreamy observation, her true self hidden from everyone.

The 9th card of the Major Arcana completes today’s reading. The Hermit reflects Divine wisdom and discretion, retreat and withdrawal from the world. The Hermit accesses all realms of consciousness at will, reflecting aligned Source Presence. The lantern in his left hand gives the light of Divine wisdom to all, Hecate’s three headed dog, Cerberus his protection. From Duquette:

Wander alone; bearing the Light and thy Staff! And be the Light so bright that no man seeth thee! Be not moved by aught without or within: keep Silence in all ways!³

Here we have another reference to hidden. The Queen of Cups true nature remains hidden as she reflects aspects of others. And now Higher Self is counseling the Hermit to let his light of truth be so bright that is message is what’s felt. In retreat, he experiences enlightenment, the egg surrounded by a coiled snake and sperm suggesting regeneration and rebirth.

Well it appears that more Crone influence is in play today. It seems to be a running theme of late. Stepping back in reflection of all that’s going on seems to be the best choice of action. Change is happening whether we like it or not and it will be some time before we know how it will all shake out. But until then, observation along with moving around all that we can in nonresistance seems to be the right choice.

A Crone chooses her battles. She knows when to act and when to observe, when her assertions will be readily accepted, and when she’ll face resistance. And now as the snow falls, the Crone waits in observation, staying hidden until just the right time when she’ll have the greatest effect. It’s the time for strategy, not reaction.

The numerology of the reading is 13 and 9, reducing to 22, the Master Builder number. Of course I regard 13 as a Master Witch number and I rarely reduce it to four, but I could and it would reflect the energy of Gaia, our foundation and structure. 22 as the Master Builder manifests our dreams into a successful reality.

Through reflection and alignment we have the opportunity to observe events as they unfold without reacting in haste. As we heed the wise Crone’s counsel, we are mindful of the effects of our actions, choosing that which heals and unifies over that which destroys. And perhaps, like the number 13, we’ll bind our multiplicity back into oneness.

Blessed Be




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Keeping Our Silence ~ Rune & Tarot for 30 Nov 2016

The Hermit, the 9th card of the Major Arcana from Crowley’s Thoth tarot deck is one of the most magickal cards I’ve ever seen, flowing in nonresistance within the brilliant light of Source Presence. From Cerubus, the three-headed dog of Hecate to the representation of the sperm and egg, this card reflects the wisdom of the Ancient of Days. Lon Milo DuQuette shares this quote about The Hermit:

Wander alone; bearing the Light and thy Staff ! And be the Light so bright that no man seeth thee! Be not moved by aught without or within: keep Silence in all ways!¹

The card itself shows that The Hermit controls his presence, almost hidden behind the brilliant light of his lantern. He stands in observation of the world in full knowing of its needs.

The Hermit brings light to the world. He stands apart in withdrawal and retreat from the world of egoic expression. A wise and silent counsel in a chaotic world, The Hermit’s silence is felt in his alignment with Source Presence, never straying from that primal resonance.

Tiwaz, the 17th rune of the Elder Futhark, represents the god, Tyr, justice, and sacrifice. A rune of Elemental Air, Tiwaz upholds integrity, faith and right action. Victory arises from the strength of high ideals and self-discipline. A sense of what shall be is present with Tiwaz.

The numerology is 9 and 17. 17 reduces to 8 or strength and structure. 9 refers to completion. Together they add to 17 which again brings the final numerology of 8. Protection and self-discipline are also reflected in the number 8.

In quiet solitude, The Hermit possesses the strength and self-discipline of Tiwaz, his integrity reflected in his wise counsel for others. We’re being asked to go within and assess what’s occurring with clear sight. Our point of focus is in alignment with Self, everything about us manifesting from that sacred place. Free of reaction, going within allows us time for reflection. Extreme times may be ahead, and we need the inward focus demonstrated by The Hermit to see clearly because overreaction will get us nowhere.

We may endure some what shall be for a time, but the future is unwritten. Many probabilities exist and our collective intention can shift anything.

So until we cast our intention to the universe, we stand in observation, our focus inward, keeping our silence, in all ways.

Blessed Be




  1. DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 120). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.
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In Love and Partnership With Others ~ Tarot for Sunday, 16 October 2016



Severe weather accompanied this Full Moon in the Pacific Northwest. The Oregon coast sustained the most damage with two tornadoes touching down. We experienced high winds on the high desert but other than some debris, we fared far better than our coastal neighbors. But the clouds cleared and the winds abated somewhat for last night’s Full Moon ritual. Today’s tarot reading is from that ritual.

Two cards from the Major Arcana along with a card from the suit of Cups make up this Full Moon reading. A black opal is placed beneath the cards. A stone of Libra, opal increases intuition, communication, creativity, and personal power. And at first blush, the reading appears to center around issues of love.

We’ve been witnessing behavior from a presidential candidate that has left many of us in shock. I was thinking about how we move past all of this when I shuffled my Thoth deck and drew these particular cards. The Lovers, The Priestess, and the 2 of Cups suggest that coming together in loving commitment to each other is one answer.

But with the 2 of Cups, we have the suggestion that a better balance between masculine and feminine energies are what’s necessary. Patriarchy is masculine energy run amok. It’s out of control and destructive. And it leads to the sort of behavior we’re hearing about from the male presidential candidate.

The 2 of Cups suggests that we find an emotional balance, that we see the benefit of reconciliation and partnership, of reciprocity. When patriarchy takes control, we lose that balance and the projective oppresses the receptive. So finding that balance again brings empathy into the masculine awareness so that they see the effects of this kind of behavior.

October full moonThe Priestess is considered the planetary Trump of the Moon and the counterpart to the Magus or Magician in other decks. She is the Triple Goddess, the Feminine Divine, and it’s her intuition and inner wisdom that rules our unconscious Self. She’s that inner voice of guidance, of the Higher Self. A veil covering her eyes, the Priestess relies on inner vision to know truth and the way forward. Her outstretched arms, in supplication to the Moon, her harp lying on her lap, she aligns in Source Presence, energies in balance.

Beyond the obvious suggestion of balance, understanding self in others is one of the ideas expressed in The Lovers, a notion reinforced by the 2 of Cups. When we come together in partnership, life is no longer simply about the individual. Maintaining a balanced perspective, we see our effect on that relationship, understanding that its success is assured by expressing ourselves in balance with our partner. How they feel matters to us as we surrender to the greater aspect of the relationship.

In light of the behavior we’ve been hearing about, it would seem that this individual has trouble with this kind of balance, preferring instead to force his will upon others. The Lovers stand before the Priest as he blesses their union. They’re in balance with each other, each bringing something to the new partnership that’s forming. A feeling of equanimity is fostered by this scene, with love as its premise. What we don’t see is one individual dominating and controlling the other.

full moon

Love and compassion will be what brings us together in the end. The odd man running for President will go back to wherever he came from and life will go back to normal. Because that’s what always happens. Things go back to normal. But should they? Because is that how we got here in the first place? Is it that nothing ever changes and that’s what accounts for this man?

Does this man represent a tipping point for us? Could it be that all of these disgusting reports we’re hearing about will shake us up enough that we pay closer attention? How men like this man behave should be horrific to all of us. It’s not locker room talk. It’s not a boy’s club mentality. It’s not, as one of his sons says, reflective of a successful alpha male.

For anyone to believe his behavior is appropriate is sad, for they’ve surely lost their way. As the cards tell us, we go forward together in love and balance, treating all with respect and dignity. We let our Source Presence guide us, listening to that inner voice each of us has.

We have a better future ahead than the existence of this man suggests.

Blessings to all!

October Full Moon

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The Queen in Charge: Tarot for Sunday, 9 October 2016



Queen of SwordsI love Court cards, particularly the Queens. Court cards either represent an individual or qualities thereof. For example, the Queen of Swords in the Thoth deck I’m using today depicts the Queen reclining on her crystalline throne surrounded by clouds, sword in her right hand, a head in the other. See what I mean? There’s nothing like a Queen.

In today’s three-card spread, Elemental energies of Fire and Earth are present in the 2 of Disks, 9 of Wands, and the Queen of Disks. Our catalytic presence is balanced by the more practical aspects of our life. The numerology is interesting in that 2 added to 9 equals 11, the Master number for illumination. Master numbers are not reduced further.

Combined with the Queen’s presence, change and strength suggested by the 2 and 9 cards appear to indicate that we may have the genesis of something profound occurring.  The Queen is many things. She takes charge with indifference. She’s in control, always. Her ram looks at us while standing guard on what appears to be a globe of some kind, as if defying us to interrupt his Queen’s thoughts. She looks out over a barren expanse, trees dotting the landscape,holding a globe in one hand, a scepter in the other. The browns and greens bring an earthy presence to this card of Elemental Earth. The Queen rules with a guarded presence, practicality and sensibility guiding her path.

Looking at the 2 of Disks, we see a snake, in oroborus fashion, coiled around in a figure eight, or in the shape of infinity, with its tail in its mouth. This is the card Aleister Crowley calls, Change. A yin/yang symbol sits within each circle suggesting balance and movement that is cyclical in nature. Change is a given.

The 9 of Wands shows layered wands depicting strength and protection. A single wand presents in front of the others, the sun at the top, the moon at the bottom. Although we may not realize everything about the change in store for us, we possess the inner strength and integrity to meet any challenges and the catalytic energy to create anew.

The barren expanse just beyond the Queen of Disks is her canvas. She will create as she sees fit, in balance, standing in her own power. She is Mother Earth, the Goddess of Creation, and she looks to the future, ready to embrace new endeavors with dignity and grace. The 11, our Master number for illumination, reinforces her power. From Hans Decoz:

The 11 symbolizes the potential to push the limitations of the human experience into the stratosphere of the highest spiritual perception; the link between the mortal and the immortal; between man and spirit; between darkness and light; ignorance and enlightenment. This is the ultimate symbolic power of the 11.¹

It’s this potential, this link between physical and nonphysical aspects of Self, that supports the Queen’s creative efforts. We are at our most intuitive when this number is present. The numerology of the reading actually provides the catalytic impetus to achieve our goals. And it’s interesting that if we did reduce the 11 to a 2, it brings us back to balance and change, a little synchronicity perhaps in play.

So as we go forward, blessings to all as we each stand in our own power, trust our intuition and embrace change with grace and dignity knowing that we have the strength and clarity to accomplish anything we choose.


  1. Decoz, Hans. Master Number 11 Numerology. The Most Intuitive.
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A Year of Initiation

We’ve had three 999 days this month where the date reduced to 999. Today, 9/27/2016 is the last of those days. 999 reduces to 27 which reduces to 9, the number of endings and beginnings, completeness and revelation. And since Jupiter has moved into my sign of Libra, balanced expansion is in the offing. It’s as if the universe is giving us a boost of sorts, asking us to explore and create, and since it lasts approximately 13 months, in this year of initiation, all possibilities are on the table.

For today’s reading I used my Thoth deck and drew Death, The Star, and the Two of Disks. Two cards are from the Major Arcana and one from Disks, an Earth Element card. Crowley calls the Two of Disks Change. When Majors appear, they tell us that our Source Presence is talking to us and we need to pay attention. Archetypal in nature, the message of the Majors applies to our overall progression through life, our soul journey if you will.

But I think I want to begin with the Two of Disks because the Two speaks to our inner balance. We see a snake coiled around in the shape of a figure eight, its tail in its mouth, a crown sits atop his head. A yin/yang symbol is positioned in each circle. This card tells us to remain aligned in our Source Presence so that we approach new endeavors supporting and balancing our passion with our creativity. The sky’s the limit during this time period, so it makes sense to be prepared for anything.

Whatever is coming our way, whatever unfolds before us, our inner voice guides our choices and our path. It’s tempting to interpret the cards from the standpoint of life in these bodies, but we must remember that our Source Presence is what should be guiding us and not our reaction to the world around us. It’s there that our creative focus lies, not in the mind. The balance suggested by the Two of Disks is Source based and from that harmonious state, anything is possible. It occurs before we ever do anything. The body is only a vessel to be used by our Source Presence to experience life in physical form. Any choices we make begin most reliably from that inner voice.

Death and The Star are the two cards from the Major Arcana in this reading. The numerology for each card is 13 and 8 respectively with 13 reducing to 4. 8, as a multiple of 4, reinforces the necessity to take the time we need to consider the structure and practical concerns surrounding our lives. Apropos for our year of initiation. Together they add up to 12, reducing from there to 3, the number for creation and manifestation. Well now. And when you add that to the 2, we arrive at 5, or change and initiation. Spirit controls matter so we have an abundance of energy here for initiation of new projects.

Death is an interesting card in the Thoth deck with lots of swirls suggesting movement and change. Death stirs up life. Along with the Two of Disks it suggests an interplay of sorts. Transformation is at hand; a genesis is upon us now. We’re clearing away the unnecessary making way for new ideas to take hold resulting in new opportunity and growth. Death may seem like a problem card but it’s actually positive in nature. Death is dancing in front of us, challenging us to make the most of our lives by embracing change and new endeavors.

The Star tells us to let our dreams become our reality. Open and optimistic, the woman represents the Goddess as she brings Source Vision into our awareness. She is the witch as Blessed Conduit between physical and nonphysical aspects of Self, keeping us aligned in our Source Presence. She embodies as above, so below, offering clarity and vision as we embrace new beginnings.

Well this is certainly a positive reading. And once again, alignment is our focus as we move forward into our year of initiation. We draw from our inner awareness, our Source Presence, allowing new ideas to unfold without judgment. We’re ready to explore new projects with all signs pointing toward success. Distractions are kept to a minimum when we align first before doing anything else, giving ourselves the best chance possible for a successful outcome. So it looks like our year of initiation is going to be filled with an abundance of energy to accomplish anything we choose.

I’ve been trying to allow my life to unfold rather than directing everything that happens. Allowing the unfolding feels better than controlling the outcome so that’s how I’ll spend my time of initiation.

How will you spend yours?



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The Moon, The Priestess, and the Magus ~ Tarot for 16 Sep 2015

A penumbral lunar eclipse that I won’t be able to watch will accompany tonight’s Full Harvest Moon in Pisces. Given the emotional nature of this Full Moon, sensitivities may be enhanced now. From the Thoth tarot deck for today’s tarot reading I drew The Moon, The Priestess, and The Magus, all three cards from the Major Arcana. The numerology of the reading is 3, the number for Spirit, mastery, and synthesis. And with all cards from the Major Arcana, this reading along with tonight’s special Full Harvest Moon promise both completion and new beginnings that bring both awareness and truth.

Drawing three cards from the Major Arcana, particularly on a Full Moon, indicates that larger spiritual principles are at work, and with this moon’s Picean influence, this is surely the case. The Moon itself indicates the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess, as well as illusion, either from self or others. We’re asked to see what’s hidden and to confront our fears. As with the tides, The Moon represents the cyclical nature of our lives, suggesting that we embrace change without resistance, letting go of what no longer serves.

Continuing on with the Priestess, this card represents intuition, secret knowledge, and the Feminine Divine. She tells us to rely on our inner wisdom and our psychic awareness to assess our experiences. The Priestess reflects our Higher Self, our place of Source Presence, where all truth resides.

The Magus, the counterpart to the Priestess, allows us to consider the possibility of. He shows us how to visualize what we want, set our intention, and then to act upon that intention. He is our creative force, our inspiration, our willpower. With this energy, we find our balance in the world and realize our potential. It’s with the Magus that we manifest thought into form.

So, wow. Lots of information here. Let’s begin from the standpoint of our Source Presence. All there is is Source Energy. Everything we see and experience, including our own bodies, is an expression of that collective loving energy. We are all powerful and we create the world we see. Notice I used the word create rather than respond. When we respond to everything we see, we judge that response and that’s when our happiness flies out the window when nothing anyone else does should affect our happiness. Nothing.

When we create our reality, the responsibility for how that turns out is completely on us. It’s not anyone else’s fault if that creation blows up in our faces. Because whatever happens, in the final analysis, it’s just stuff that happened. We don’t need to judge it as good or bad. So if it blows up, so what?

The power of the Magus and the Priestess lies in our awareness of Self. As long as we understand that we create with the same power as the energy that creates the universe, we don’t fall in the trap set up by the ego, that strange side of us that seems to cause us so much unhappiness. But when we forget who we are, and give purpose and meaning to the ego’s view of the world, we begin responding to everything around us. We become resistant to our experiences instead of simply experiencing them.

We focus into form with a sense of possibility. We become these bodies, knowing who we are. We know we are all powerful, and then we become stuck in the illusion that we’re not. If this Full Moon in Pisces tells us anything, it’s that illusion begins with each one of us. We may experience it from others, but we must first ask if it’s our own perception that’s illusory. Are we really seeing clearly or is it an illusion from another we’re experiencing?

When we become stuck in our emotions, it can be difficult to achieve clarity, giving birth to the notion of the long dark night of the soul, suggested by The Moon. But it’s not our emotions that are the problem, it’s our focus. Are we creating or responding? The presence of The Magus would suggest that our very essence is the creative force. And the Priestess is our gateway to our inner wisdom. And it’s interesting that together they create the Mother aspect of the Empress, the third card of the Major Arcana, which also reinforces our creative aspect of Self.

So as we go forward into the next month, to what will we give birth? And will it be based in our creative presence or our response to what we see?

Stay present in the now. Stay focused on creating. And bring joy into every aspect of your being.

~Blessings to all!



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Dark Moon Influences: Runes and Thoth Tarot


Ehwaz, Dagaz, and Uruz align with three cards from the Thoth tarot, the Prince of Disks, the 7 of Wands, and Adjustment. Apologies for not posting this yesterday to honor the Dark Moon. My husband was having some dental surgery and I had just learned that my constitutional rights are in the crapper because I’m a medical cannabis patient. So I ranted a bit while waiting for him with yesterday’s post.

But I’m back on track now, and after drawing the three cards from my Thoth deck, it felt like I should cast some runes as well to see if they resonated with the tarot cards or if they had something additional to add. The tarot cards reflect all elements as Disks (pentacles or coins in other decks) corresponds with Earth with a little Air thrown in as Crowley suggests that astrologically it blends Air with Earth. Wands corresponds with Fire, and Adjustment, a card from the Major Arcana, corresponds with both Air and Water.

The runes cast reflect Earth, Water, and although some rune masters call Dagaz a Water rune, to me it has a Fire feel to it and perhaps Air as well, so again, all elemental influences are present. I placed the runes on each of the cards as they were cast to see how they aligned with the tarot cards. Turns out, they aligned well.

Beginning with the tarot cards, the Prince of Disks is a Court card which can represent an individual, in this case, a young and vibrant Prince, or it can represent the qualities associated with that person. For this card, the qualities are integrity, responsibility, trustworthiness, and because it’s a card from the suit of Disks it may also indicate money or wealth. The Prince gives the impression that he controls and has mastered the world around him. He holds what appears to be the world in one hand, a staff in the other, controlling a bull with his arm. He sits patiently atop a black chariot impressing us with his strength, his quiet countenance on full display. The colors used are earthy and grounding.

Mannaz, an Earth element rune, represents humankind. It brings influences of social interaction and wealth potential into play. Mannaz represents our rational mind, and synthesizes our rational with our intuitive aspects of Self. It teaches us to live life to its fullest and reflects our place in society. In the case of the Prince, it reflects a higher station, perhaps one with responsibility over others.

Mars in Leo influences the 7 of Wands, and the card reflects the power of the Fire Element. Various options on the table with one less ornate wand standing in front of the others suggesting that we bring many influences into our creation. The wand in front expresses power drawn from the six standing in support. Crowley, on the other hand, views this card as more negative, as if chaos abounds and it will be through the actions of one that any victory will be had, understandable given the astrological influences, but I just don’t see it that way. Nor do I view odd numbered cards as so tragic, although it’s hard to put a positive spin on the 3 of Swords. It still looks like heartbreak no matter how you interpret it.

Dagaz, the rune enlightenment, sits on top of the 7 of Wands. The end of one phase and the beginning of a new one is the typical interpretation of Dagaz. The individual stands in the middle as energy completes and begins anew. Consciousness of Self is achieved. And in a sense, looking again at the 7 of Wands, the center wand appears as the individual in balance in the same manner as Dagaz, the left leaning wands depicting past endeavors, the right indicating the future. What stands out for both is the catalytic energy it takes to create.

In the last position of the tarot spread, Adjustment, a card from the Major Arcana, reflects the balance of Libra, a sign of Elemental Air. However, the blue shades used by Lady Frieda Harris when she drew and painted the Thoth tarot suggest a Water influence. Although the goddess stands in perfect balance, she presents a grounded strength depicted by her sword directed downward. Formerly titled Justice, Adjustment is a card that Crowley renamed and moved to become the 8th card of the Major Arcana. Her sublime countenance, which Crowley says is the “woman satisfied” also suggests nonresistance and a focus that is not derailed by any chaos around her, accounting for the Water influence.

Uruz continues that depiction of strength as the aurochs horns point downward, suggesting a force of will is in play. A Water element rune, Uruz is the rune of changes and shapes our focus into form. It governs our vitality and physical health. Placed on Adjustment, it follows the downward energy flow of the Magician’s sword, held by the goddess, the balance between Source and physical presence complete.

The goddess of Adjustment shows us our way forward in life, living as focused, creative Source beings, in equilibrium and balance. The only true duality that exists is the duality between physical and nonphysical presence. Any other expression is created while in physical form.

I’ve always viewed Goddess energy as that expanded energy of Source which creates the universe around us. And it’s also the impetus we use when focusing into bodies, so we are truly Goddess Presence incarnated. We utilize the creation energy of Uruz when we create anything, even ourselves. Like the Prince, we hold our world in our hands, managing its view and the meaning we give it. We utilize the catalytic energy of the 7 of Wands as well as Dagaz to both begin and complete our creative efforts, moving easily from one to the other. We are not deterred or derailed by anything going on around us as we stand in full focus and balance.

From the numerology of both the cards and the runes we have 7 and 8 (the Court Cards are not numbered) from the tarot and 20, 24, and 2 from the runes. 15 reduces to 6, and 46 to 10 to 1. Together they result in 7, the number of magick and spirituality, suggesting that we’re more than we think we are.

Each moment we begin anew. We can choose Source Vision as our lens through which we see the world around us. We can choose equilibrium and balance and extend that energy to all. Dark Moon energies assist us in this task as we reflect on what’s been and what’s to come.

We really do create the world we see and experience. It’s up to each one of us what that looks like.

Blessed Be

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Goddess Power Within: Thoth Tarot Aug 22, 2016

Aleister Crowley created the Thoth Tarot and when he did so he changed the order and a couple of Major Arcana card names. Strength became card number 11 and renamed Lust and Justice became card number 8 and renamed Adjustment. In today’s three card spread, it seems we have a choice to make. Focus on the pain and negativity of the physical world, or embrace our Goddess within and choose a more balanced energy flow.

Beginning with the numerology of the reading, we have 9, 2, and 11. The number 11 is a master number prophetic in nature representing instinct, intuition, and faith and is one we don’t reduce any further, although if we did it would reduce to 2 or balanced polarity. It’s interesting that 9 and 2 add up to 11. Balance will be key in this reading.

A card of Leo, Lust is an expression of loving power. On it we see a woman, naked and in control of the many-faced lion. She is the catalytic force that holds together the universe. She symbolizes purity and our return to awakening and consciousness. She represents our inner strength and fortitude. She is the Goddess as our genesis and it is to her we return.

The 9 of Swords and the 2 of Cups couldn’t be more opposite. The 9 is pure agony and the 2 overflows with abundance and love. Sword represents our reason and intellect. The issue with the suit of Swords, a card of Elemental Air, is that we can’t let our intellect overshadow our alignment with Source Presence. Thinking tends to give way to judgment, no matter how hard we try to stay objective and we can really get ourselves into trouble when we overthink. Negative thought gives way to negative emotions and before you know it, we’re an emotional mess.

The 9 swords are dripping the blood of perception, their points facing downward into physical presence. We’ve made too much of something and we’ve gone as far as we can with it, perhaps too far. A card of Mars in Gemini, the projective energy expressed by Mars along with the superficial influence of Gemini, leaves a feeling of reason run amok as we become our worst enemy.

Elemental Water governs the suit of Cups. Its energy is flowing and abundant. A departure from the suit of Swords, the challenge of Cups as with any of the suits is to remain in balance, not allowing our emotions to control our choices. And yet, this is precisely how we know when we’re not aligned in Source Presence, when our emotional state is anything other than joyous.

The 2 of Cups is a card of Venus in Cancer, two signs reflecting our emotional presence. The colors chosen by Lady Frieda Harris when designing Crowley’s deck suggest influences that are smooth, calm, and flowing. Balance is achieved with the 2 of Cups, our polarity of Self reflected in its flowing nature. All things flow from our Source Presence represented by the top lotus blossom. Source Energy flows downward into physical form combining and blending energy in the second lotus blossom. Finally, Source Energy moves into the creation of form, balanced and loving. It’s up to us to maintain that balance.

Which is where we come full circle to the only card from the Major Arcana (still not using the T word, #ImWithHer after all, and he appears certifiable). Lust is our genesis, our Mother Gaia, our Goddess Presence, and unto Her do we return. But it’s not a return after a lifetime lived, but a return to awareness of our Source Presence. We always have the ability to realign with who we are.

After all, we never stop our focus into physical presence, into these bodies we inhabit. It’s not like we’re plopped out like an egg and left to fend for ourselves until we die and then we become one with the Creator. We’re one now. That reality never ends. And this is the point of today’s reading. We’re to maintain our alignment with our own Source Presence while we experience life in physical form. We can choose a focus that results in all sorts of chaos illustrated by the 9 of Sword when our minds get the better of us, or we can choose the flowing abundance of the 2 of Cups and effortless align with the flow of Source Presence.

True duality is that of physical versus nonphysical presence. If we make physical presence too real and forget that we’re just here to have a good time, then we manifest that duality in our daily lives instead of leaving it where it belongs. Then the chaos the mind is more than capable of takes over and we’re off and running, blood dripping from the swords we wield.

Stay in the loving flow of Source Presence, embrace Goddess power within, and see all through Source Vision. Become the genesis of your reality and extend that loving presence to all.

Blessed Be

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Accessing the Akash: a Tarot and Runecasting

Everything we are is contained within our Akashic Record. Whether collective or individual, since all are a reflection of Source Energy and of one Mind, it really doesn’t matter in the long run which information we access. So journeying with an Akashic focus can be general or specific in nature. With ascension upon us, accessing aspects from other expressions of Self can assist us in raising our collective frequency.

I decided on a more complicated divination for such an important subject so I cast three runes as well as three cards from my Thoth deck to see what Akashic information it had to tell me. Three cards from the Major Arcana, The Magus, The Moon, and The Lovers bring an archetypal influence to the tarot portion of the reading, while Dagaz, Isa, and Laguz, three runes from the Elder Futhark, explore various levels of consciousness in the runecasting portion.

runecastingBeginning with the runes, Dagaz is the 24th rune of the Elder Futhark. Although some place Dagaz before Othala, it makes more sense to me as well as other runecasters to place it at the end of the Aett. Enlightenment is ours as we stand in the center at the end of one phase and the beginning of another with Dagaz, the rune of the present moment, as it teaches us to remain aligned in our Source Presence.

Isa, the Norn rune representing Verdandi, represents our stillness within. The 11th rune of the Elder Futhark, eleven is a master number representing instinct and intuition. Isa acts, therefore, as a bridge to our consciousness, teaching us that our strength is found in our alignment and concentrated will.

Lastly, Laguz, the 21st rune of the Elder Futhark, represents our clairsentience, life force, and the state of our emotional balance. As the rune of the occult, Laguz grants us access to the dream realm and magickal energy. It encourages us to step back and view situations with rationality, understanding that we have the power and the will to control our way forward.

All runes are of Elemental Water which suggests that above all, we stay on our path, moving around obstacles, in the nonresistant flow of our Source Presence. Numerology of the runecasting results in 24, 11, and 21. Because of its master number status, I’ll leave 11 as it is, but something interesting happens when we look at 21 and 24. 21 reduces to 3 and 24 reduces to 6, a multiple of 3. Together they add up to 9, another multiple of 3.

Three is mastery, the trinity, and creative synthesis; six represents the physical plane, balance, and serenity; and nine represents revelation and endings in preparation for beginnings, the meaning also behind Dagaz. It would appear that the runecasting is telling us that all power resides within, aligned in Source Presence. And it’s within that alignment that we raise our frequency for ascension.

Moving on to the tarot portion of our Akashic Record request, The Magus allows for the possibility of. The Magus, or Magician in other decks, and the first card of the Major Arcana (The Fool is zero), represents the infinity of Self, the creative force of our will as it manifests into form. We play a role in balancing the energies of the collective expression of the universe. We need only align, visualize what we want, and then extend that intention to the collective consciousness. We are not the bodies we inhabit, but Spirit manifesting those bodies with a conscious focus of energy.

The Moon, the 18th card of the Major Arcana, represents the Crone aspect of the Goddess. In a sense, humanity has moved out of infancy, adolescence, and adulthood, into the Crone phase of existence where it’s time to now put up or shut up. It’s time for all of us to become what we truly are, one in Source Presence. We understand now that as above, so below means exactly that. We are still expressions of Source Energy whether in body or out and the wisdom associated with that knowing will guide us in the future. We feel a restlessness now, eager for the frequency to rise to a more comfortable and honest place. Our psychic and spiritual awakening is at hand, and all things hidden will be revealed.

The final card is also from the Major Arcana. The Lovers, card 6, represents balance in all aspects. With this card we find our integration both with self and others as it teaches us to view all aspects of a situation. With respect to integration of self, it’s truly Self that we’re integrating with our physical presence. We always hear that duality is about black/white, dark/light, either/or. But I believe that although those and other examples like them are metaphors for duality, true duality is found in the idea of physical versus nonphysical aspects of Self. Any duality found in physical expression is so subjective that the only constant expression of it is found in our dual aspect of Self.

We would have no need for such integration if we could think of ourselves as our true Source Presence while incarnated into bodies, but until now, that’s been difficult for most. But awakening is a given and all will ultimately embrace the remembrance of Self. The numerology includes 1, 6, and 18, so we have another multiple situation here. I’m not sure if we can actually include the 1 in that, but it sorta fits. 18 adds up to 9; 6 plus 1 equals 7; 7 plus 9 equals 16 which in turn reduces to 7. Interesting synchronicity there. Seven is the number for magic, perfection, and spirituality.

We have the power, the will, to experience all that life has to offer. We need not become caught up in the drama of the old energy which only keeps us from our true expression of Self. Our worries, our fears, have nothing on our fullest expression of Self. It’s there that we find our joy, our wonder, our creative energy.

Our Akash is not only filled with a record of our lifetimes here on Earth, but it’s also filled with who we are as Source Energy. Accessing the Akash brings us into focus and aligns us with our true purpose. The influences expressed by both the runecasting and the tarot reading illustrate that in alignment lies our potential for the greatest joy and happiness. It’s time to let go of the old energy and be who we are.

Blessings to all as we navigate the energies of ascension with grace and joy.