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The Perilous Silencing of Women

The Perilous Silencing of Women

The silencing of women has begun in earnest on the floor of the Senate.

Be seen and not heard. That’s what I was told by my parents while growing up. I was precocious in their view and my truthful comments weren’t welcome. An empath, my awareness made them uncomfortable. Sorta like the republicans in the Senate last night who prevented Elizabeth Warren from reading a letter from Coretta Scott King regarding Jeff Session’s suitability to become a judge. In this case, the position is the Attorney General, and Session’s record of racism precludes him from such a position. At least in the minds of sensible people.

When McConnell shut Senator Warren down from reading Mrs. King’s letter, she went outside the chamber and read it before a camera just outside the door. Two additional male Senators continued to read Mrs. King’s letter concerning Sessions, Jeff Merkley one of them. He’s one of my Senators and I couldn’t be happier that he did so. Sessions will be a nightmare for justice in this country and as a cannabis patient, his past attitudes have me concerned.

The truth seems to be a rare commodity in this new administration. It’s not a new thing for republicans in Congress to have trouble with the truth, but the so-called new guy seems to have unleashed a new level of lies. And it doesn’t seem to matter how many facts are presented, they willfully ignore them moving full steam ahead to gut established and needed programs and laws that actually help people.

Women marched the day after the inauguration and will continue to do so while this fool is in office. His immigration order has spawned not only judicial decisions against him but an outpouring of support for immigrants arriving at airports around the country. Sanctuary cities are popping up as well in defiance of the threats of no funding from the so-called new guy. Or is the real president the white nationalist at his side who managed to get his boss to sign off on an executive order placing him on the National Security Council supposedly after not even reading it first. Or at least that’s what he now says happened. But with the problem he has with the truth, how can we really ever know?

Silencing Senator Warren will not end well for these men. Silencing women will never work in the end. We’ll wait, observe, and plan. And then we’ll act. It’s what we do. We’re so much better than men at this. You see, women have had to work around and in spite of men all of our lives. So this is nothing.

Women have a wonderful way of seeing the larger picture. We have to. It’s how we make ends meet on the crappy wages we earn. It’s how we put food on the table and have clothes for our children when there isn’t enough. We go without so everyone else has an equal chance at happiness.

It’s what we do.

Somehow men became confused as to their role in life. It was never to lord over anyone but to live in equality with all. We can debate the origins of this destructive thinking, but at this point, the real issue is the ultimate effect on the security of our people. Removing a law that prevents health insurance companies from overcharging or not covering health issues is cruel. They believe that healthcare isn’t a right in this country. Survival of the fittest when the very people who need it the most don’t make a living wage enabling them to become anything close to the fittest because it takes money to be healthy in this country.

But lest we think it’s only republican men who are the problem, it’s women as well. Take the new Education Secretary. The outcry over this woman was massive, yet she was still confirmed. Time will tell how much of our public school system she’ll be able to defund. But she’s clear on what it takes to defend children from grizzly bears.

And just to be clear, you don’t have to be religious to homeschool. It can be a wonderful experience for you and your children. You can use an unschooling approach and let your children follow their own interests. I was more of a facilitator than a teacher when our boys finished their education at home. Now they’re college graduates and are working in their chosen fields. Homeschooling is an option that works. Kids naturally want to learn and before you know it, they’ll be devising their own curriculum. Mine intended to go to college so some of their curricula centered on that end. And I have to say that it was the best thing ever and to have that time with my boys was priceless.

When I both trained in and later taught karate, it always struck me how female students in our karate school had such a quiet intensity about them. I could see it in their eyes in the dojo during class. They were already fighting a perception by some of the male students in class who struggled with their own sexist views of women. Never mind they could defend themselves against any guy there, but it was hard for some of the younger guys when a young girl won a sparring match against one of them.

Although I was the only woman in the school to earn a Black Belt, I watched other women from other schools as they advanced in rank, their quiet strength and resolve pushing them on. The survival of the species is contained within us. Women are the defenders of all. We clean up the messes brought about by narrow-minded thinking. We press on irrespective of the struggle. And we will not be silenced by misogynistic, racist, and sexist people, men and women alike, who wish to further the agenda of a few at the expense of the rest.

What Senator Warren experienced last evening is disgraceful and beneath the dignity of the Senate. McConnell should be censured for his actions if not removed entirely as Senate Majority Leader. And it goes without saying that Jeff Sessions should never have the chance to be our Attorney General.

It may be morning in the so-called new guy’s America. But we’re still here.

Blessings to all as we unite as one family, secure in the knowing that love will always trump hate.

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Allowing Truth To Resonate ~ Rune & Tarot for 17 Nov 2016

A Transformational Focus

Court cards are interesting in that they can represent either the individual on the card, or the qualities thereof. If several are present, observing their placement in relationship to the others can also be interesting to consider. Are they looking at each other perhaps in conversation, and so forth. The youthful Princess of Disks (Pentacles or Coins in other decks) represents the earthy part of Elemental Earth. She is studious, self-disciplined and gracious, reliable and conscientious. She has always been careful in her life, observing, taking in everything around her. The Page in other decks, this card can also indicate the bearer of news. But at the heart of this card from Crowley’s Thoth tarot deck is the Princess as she gathers information together for a purpose greater than herself.

Fehu, the first card of the Elder Futhark, centers on wealth and money matters. As a Fire Element rune, Fehu is considered the sending rune as it can be utilized to send intention in combination with other runes in rune magick. Success is achieved with the energy and influence of Fehu, a positive outcome assured with its presence.

As Fehu is also associated with cattle, its energy of abundance and wealth seems to be of a tangible nature. But is it always so? The studious nature of the Princess suggests an inner, spiritual focus. It’s not just about gathering information, but aligning with who she is. It’s there that true transformation is found. We find that quiet still point within and allow our truth to resonate, using the energy and influence of Fehu to send that truth to the universe. Filled with hope for the future, the Princess extends that hope to all.

The numerology of the reading is 1, or new beginnings. Development of Self is felt with the number one as we begin anew in some fashion. Interestingly, the numerology of the day is 9, or completion. So there’s a sense that we’re ending one phase and beginning another. And if the Court Cards were numbered, the Princess would be an 11, or illumination. As the Princess aligns within, she draws from her Source Presence, the well of illumination if you will, with Fehu bringing an intensity to that alignment.

Whenever I draw the Princess of Disks, I feel the energy of youthful potential. The future is still unwritten for all of us. We’re experiencing uncharted territory and many have cause for concern. But the potential for success is still ours. My mother used to say, this too shall pass, to her oh so impatient daughter. And she’s right. What may come may be difficult but it is as it is. The light of truth will replace whatever nonsense we have to endure.

Blessings to all.

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When Truth Matters Not


I’m surrounded by liars. When truth matters not, liars live their lives by whatever gets them through the moment. And they care nothing about the impact of their lies on others. Oh they can be told of their impact, but they all give that deer in the headlights look. You know the one. Where they look at you expressionless as if they have no clue when in reality they’re only trying to come up with another lie.

The election is fraught with lies. The lies told about Hillary began years ago. I guess those in the position to fabricate all of this nonsense could see the threat she would become so they began demeaning and lying about her early on. The crazy man running against her just has to speak and he’s his own undoing. He lies constantly and still got the nomination. But that’s a reflection of the lack or moral compass that seems to have settled in and taken root.

The DEA has once again decided that lies are more important than truth and they’re continuing the Schedule 1 classification of cannabis. Most activists are telling them to talk to the hand and have even put it in a hashtag which of course I’m using. As long as the government holds Patent No. 6630507 they can go fuck themselves as far as I’m concerned. As a patient who has healed using cannabis, this decision, although not exactly surprising, is insulting to all of us who have done so. So we all know what this is about. Money. Profit. What it’s never about is the health of any of us.

As an empath, I really struggle around people who lie. I’m not talking about people who are simply guarded and private. I’m referring to people who look me in the eye and lie through their teeth. These people take creating the reality they see to a destructive level. I know that it’s happening, but sometimes they’re so adept at lying that I’m not always sure that’s what I’m sensing.

I tend to give others the benefit of the doubt. I know a woman who lied directly to me, and I knew her energy had shifted when she did it, but I wondered if it was just that she was in a new setting and was a little uncomfortable. Over the course of the last eight years or so, she has behaved in such a vile fashion toward me, but again, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and assumed it was a personality clash.

And then I found out the truth. And it was worse than I ever thought. As it turned out she was lying, not just to me, but to others as well. But then fraud is like that. All because truth mattered not.

But it strikes me how what happens on a personal level extends to our community at large. When truth matters not, people make it up as they go along, pulling whatever they need out of their asses, all with an innocent countenance. It’s disgusting to watch and even more so to experience. I can tell you when I found out this woman had lied to me, I felt so foolish. I knew all along that something was terribly wrong with this woman, but I didn’t listen to my inner sense of things and look further. Instead, I waited until doing something about it relied on others, some of whom seem just as morally bankrupt as this woman. So time will tell how her bullshit will find its remedy.

It’s critical to listen to one’s inner voice, particularly when that voice screams inside you the way it does for me. And particularly today, when so many in positions of power over us lie so easily. And it’s sad that we all have to worry about this now. But clearly we do. And for proof, just turn on the news, where we’re inundated with so-called pundits who can’t even seem to give praise to the women athletes competing at the Olympics who win without referencing their husbands or boyfriends, or suggesting that Simone Biles’ grandparents who adopted her are not her parents.

We all know better than this. Truth matters. Respect matters. Lots to think about during Full Moon ritual tomorrow. And with that..

Blessed Goddess

As the Full Sturgeon Moon begins your Maiden expression tonight, as we draw down your fullness as Mother tomorrow, allow us to embrace wisdom gained as your Crone aspect follows.

Allow us to listen to our inner wisdom, our knowing, our awareness of Self.

Allow us to raise our frequency, our vibration, stepping aside from the egoic expression of the physical realm.

And allow blessings to flow freely to all as we embrace our truth, willingly and lovingly.

We are, so blessed be.

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A Little Honesty Would Have Been Nice

Apparently the federal government is not yet ready to remove cannabis from the Federal Drug Register. NORML is reporting that the Feds aren’t going to reschedule cannabis after all. Never mind that a profit motive put it there, because it was never about truth. I guess they’re going to allow universities to “study” it now. As if that’s never happened in kitchens across this country, or in Israel and other countries around the world. Evidently Americans aren’t capable of using cannabis responsibly, whatever that means. At least not without years and years of “acceptable” research.

You’d think cannabis would be illegal because it’s dangerous and addictive. But all the hysteria surrounding cannabis’s so-called addictive nature was founded on a lie. Cannabis isn’t addictive, nor is it dangerous. It is, however, the source of healing for all sorts of people, myself included.

Cannabis is an effective treatment for autoimmune disorders (rheumatoid arthritis in my case), epilepsy, diabetes, pain, PTSD, cancer, and any number of other conditions that arise when our endocannabinoid systems have nothing to interact with. Our receptors need the cannabinoids found in cannabis so that our bodies can handle the stresses of daily life that all too often result in chronic illness. When the cannabinoid receptors are firing properly our bodies are healthy, when they’re not, illness results. So it would seem the issue is a simple one:

The government has lost its mind and still cannot find it.

It’s embarrassing, really, to think that we have some of the most intelligent people in the world working for our government yet the truth is still not important in the final analysis. Instead people are still arrested for a plant that heals. But then there’s no money in health, only chronic illness, because truth is irrelevant when profits are at stake. I mean, if we actually stopped locking people up for cannabis, we’d certainly see a reduction in the prison population, a job-killer for sure, so we can’t have that. What on earth would all those private prisons do without potheads taking up space?

CNN did an excellent three-part documentary series called Weed with Sanjay Gupta, but I guess a brain surgeon’s investigation isn’t enough to sway the DEA. Various states have legalized the recreational use of cannabis, my state included, and others have legalized medical cannabis use. I think half the country or better has done one or both. Every poll I hear about says that the majority of Americans believe cannabis should be legal, so how is it that the DEA can override respected scientists and the majority of citizens who want legal cannabis? They look like fools.

If alcohol and cigarettes are legal in this country, then cannabis should be as well. This notion of legalization with extensive restrictions isn’t legalization. It’s still control. Alcohol isn’t restricted, nor are cigarettes, and cannabis should be no different. If it’s legal, it’s legal. And in the case of cannabis, it’s safe to use unlike alcohol and cigarettes.

Aren’t we tired of crap that makes no sense? I sure am. And I’m pretty certain that everyone sitting in a jail cell for cannabis is as well. All the lives ruined by unnecessary prosecution and prison sentences, and for what exactly? Increased profits for Big Pharma? Asset-forfeiture? All over a little weed?

Cannabis makes us feel better. It heals not just our bodies but our emotions and our minds. There’s nothing like it and to think our government would rather lie about this plant than treat the American people with respect and dignity by telling us the truth is shameful and appalling.

Enough is enough. Come clean. Do the right thing by all of us. The American people will begin to heal and we’ll do that on our terms, not defined by and built upon a lie. Chronic illness will give way to actual health. I know because I healed with cannabis and I’m healthier now at 58 than I’ve ever been in my life. And that can happen for others.

All we need is a little honesty, a little truth, and then for our government to step out of our way.



  1. DEA Reaffirms ‘Flat Earth’ Position With Regard To Marijuana Scheduling

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Explain Yourself To No One

Explain Yourself To No One

What do we hold on to? What keeps us in the same place, doing the same thing we’ve always done, reacting the same way we always have? It’s easy to see when others are stuck in some fashion, riding the same wave they’ve always ridden. It’s much more difficult to see ourselves in that same process.

The rune, Hagalaz, is thought to be transformational energy that is structured in some way, as opposed to energy that flows at will. Also known as the witch rune, Hagalaz, like the witch, focuses energy for a particular purpose, in much the same way a spell is cast. Candles of a particular color, stones, incense are all utilized providing a structure or framework to focus or direct the witch’s intention.

But when does that framework or structure limit us? I think as humans we tie everything up with a nice little bow in an effort to make sense of our lives. Daily routines are an example of this tendency. We like the familiar in our lives. The problem is that we become stuck in that familiar routine creating a comfort zone that we we resist stepping outside of.

As witches, we must not be afraid to step out of our magickal comfort zones, embracing new ideas and change with childlike curiosity, jumping into the deep end with our clothes still on if necessary. Let no one draw lines in the sand, defining you with their limiting judgment. Move quickly away from those wishing only to judge, because instead of ignoring such negativity, judgment stops us in our tracks. And then we forget to witch up and stand in our own power, moving forward in what we know, not in what we’re told is true.

Maybe I see things differently because I’m in my Crone years now. I’ve been doing the work around for far too many years, moving around people who never have my best interests at heart. I couldn’t even earn a Black Belt without listening to endless disrespectful comments. As the wife of the instructor, of course my belt was given to me. Never mind I trained every day, attended every class, my own and others. Never mind a seventh degree tested me as well, reaffirming my husband’s decision. But time and again, going the extra mile to become acceptable has always been something I would do.

And then one day I stopped. I finally realized that in my effort toward acceptability, I kept myself from living authentically. Somehow, I had convinced myself that I could do both – live my truth and be acceptable to others. I didn’t realize that my mistake was in doing anything other than living my truth.

I told myself it was none of anyone’s business that I was a witch. I’m sure my choice was based on my life growing up as an empath in a dysfunctional family. I didn’t really understand that term when I was young, believing my awareness was because I was a witch, which was certainly true, but not the whole picture. That understanding would come later.

But a witchling develops her coping strategies early in life, and it is what it is. On a side note, an ancestor, King Edward III, came up with that saying, it is as it is. I’ve always had a strong connection with my Akashic Record, which may account for my unexplained obsessions with runes, sayings, Nova Scotia, Ireland (okay, my Grandmother was born there, but still), herbal medicine, Druidry, and divination.

And as for the acceptability I desired, I’m not sure it ever happened. It’s like trying everything to improve a relationship only to find out that all your hard work was for nothing. Your partner was leaving anyway. So the day I stopped was the day I realized that no matter what I did, I had no control over what others believed about me.

At that point, it became about where I wanted to put my energy or my intention. I stopped paying attention to what was coming from others and began doing what I wanted when I wanted. And the more I did that, the more I realized that I’m here only for myself. After all, it’s my focus into physical reality. I didn’t come here in tandem with anyone else. It’s my life and I’ll live it as I choose. And that’s a really great thing.

Now, typically when people notice changes like this in a woman my age, witch or otherwise, it can be disconcerting for everyone concerned. Ignore them. They can say whatever they want, have whatever reaction they choose. It’s none of your business. Get on with things.

And the best part, tell no one you’re doing this. Just do it. Break out of the mold you’ve created and begin anew. Let no one interrupt your flow. You’ve arrived, finally. No apologies, no regrets. The past is over. It has no bearing on the present, on the Now. You owe no one and no one owes you. Doesn’t that feel fabulous? Ignore the naysayers. Regard them as the nosy busy bodies they are. Explain yourself to no one.

Let me repeat that last one: EXPLAIN YOURSELF TO NO ONE.

I mean, really, what witch does that anyway? It’s just that many of us just find the work around instead of not giving two fucks about what others think. Maybe I’m in a blessed place now, Cailleach and Hecate more relevant than Persephone or Demeter. When you step away from the self-imposed framework of your life, possibility gives way to actuality, a posse ad esse. Let the chaos continue around you. Stay in your centered still point. Your power is there.

Let your magick flow unfettered, unbound. It’s your birthright. It’s your calling. It’s your resonance. You’re an unstoppable force of nature.

And you already know that.

~Blessed Be the Witch





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Dear Hillary: We HAVE Research..We NEED Legalization

You know, I really love you. I really do. And I’ll vote for you if you’re the nominee. But girlfriend, we really need to talk. You said on Thursday that you support state efforts at legalization but that more research needs to be done before any legalization federally happens. But with all due respect, my sister, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The research is out there. Federal prohibition prevents states from moving forward on legalization. They use it as an excuse to defend the lie we’ve all lived under for the last 70 some years. People have and continue to serve time in prison for that lie. Does truth even matter to any of you who hold the power over the rest of us? Does it? Because from my perspective it does not.

When I became a cannabis patient in 2010, I was 52 years old and suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. When it exploded on the scene, it did so at an extreme level and stayed that way for thirteen years. I yearned for moderate RA. I never saw it. All the drugs the doctors prescribed did nothing but keep me in that place. Within three months of concentrated cannabis preparations, I was in remission. I began discontinuing my prescribed medicines in a responsible way and it’s taken until last September to finally be free of all of them.

I delayed stopping the Humira because I was worried about a return of symptoms. But when the Department of Defense decided to force me to use their mail-order pharmacy for my Humira, I refused. My husband is a disabled veteran and I have Tricare. When I don’t participate in their intrusive specialty pharmacy care program where I have to endure endless questions from nameless nurses who call me monthly to question me about my care, they don’t send my Humira on time. I’m supposed to inject every other week. If I don’t do their bidding, then I will NOT receive it in time for my injection. The last time I ordered it, it was over a week late. This is unacceptable, so when I got the letter informing me of the change I said no more. I informed my doctor and she agreed to monitor my progress. I’m a herbalist, so I supplement now with herbal formulas I prepare along with cannabis. It’s been over six months and I’ve had no return of symptoms. So, fingers crossed.

The research on the efficacy and safety of cannabis is in. In case you didn’t know, it’s been done extensively in Israel and other places in the world, as well as in kitchens across this country. Patients aren’t simply old hippies smoking pot. We’re everyone and we’re tired of lawmakers who don’t listen to the simple truth.

We all have an endocannabinoid system in our bodies. And if I’m any kind of an example, then it’s clear that we need cannabinoids for our bodies to properly function. Using the plant raw doesn’t result in any psychoactive effect, and is the best method, in my opinion, to heal using cannabis. But other methods are just as useful and need to be available to everyone.

Federal prohibition makes it more difficult for cannabis businesses to open because the banking and tax structure isn’t there for them to function in the same way as other businesses do and that’s a problem. The DEA isn’t known for listening to Presidents who tell them to back off of states where legalization in some form is in effect. In other words, patients still fear arrest. And for what? Laws based on lies?

Greed has caused all of this. Industrial hemp production was problematic for those corporate giants at the time who wanted their crop to be at the forefront. So hemp, and cannabis along with it, was made illegal. Cannabis was used extensively in medicine, but suddenly it wasn’t safe? All because someone else wanted to make a buck? They used racism and patriarchy to achieve their purpose and the country has suffered ever since.

So, you do none of us any favors when you say that more research is needed. Those of us whose lives have been saved with cannabis aren’t listening anymore. Instead, we’re talking, screaming if necessary, so that those in power will hear us.

Cannabis is safe. Cannabis is necessary. The lie has cost us everything. Please listen to our stories. They’re not just anecdotal; many come with X-rays and medical reports showing our progress and our healing. We’re depending on the progressive voices to stand with us and tell lawmakers that enough is enough. We want the right to heal our bodies with something that doesn’t cause additional problems which pharmaceuticals typically do.

We want off that roller coaster, that treadmill because we never seem to heal with it. Glen Frey is a more recent and shocking example of someone who died from rheumatoid arthritis. We think it can’t happen because it’s arthritis but it can. When I heard the news of his passing and why I couldn’t speak. I came that close to the same outcome. And in all this time, none of the doctors I had over those years ever asked me how I healed without them. None of them.

Hillary, I’m 58 now and in the best health of my life. I walk between five and nine miles daily, when before it was all I could do to walk from my chair to the bathroom. I used a cane for most of it, something I haven’t done in six years. And I have cannabis to thank for it. I even self-published a book on Kindle last January called Confessions of a Back Porch Herbalist, telling the story of how I healed. You can even read it for free with Kindle Unlimited. It’s not long and the cannabis part is at the beginning.

But whatever you do, please stop saying we need more research. We don’t. We need lawmakers who are willing to stand up for the truth and to stand with us. Women in particular need to stand together against the patriarchy that has caused us so much grief. Speaking the truth on cannabis is the right thing to do. You have that voice. You ARE that voice.


Jan Erickson

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We Forget To Create

2015-03-06 04.51.45

It really is about each one of us. Really, it is. It’s about how each of us sees this collective creation we call life in physical bodies. Because we interact with each other and the world at large, we forget to create, instead reacting to everything else that’s happening. We let others take control of our choices, of our self worth, and eventually we lose all track of who we are and what it was we intended to do here. We become caught up in everyone else’s drama and gauge our own place in the world by what’s happening there.

We forget to create.

For women in particular, we tend to live our lives for everyone else. Our spouse, our children, our job all become more important than our own needs. We’re shamed when, as little girls, we assert ourselves, calling us bossy and pushy. As we grow into adolescence, we’re shamed further as our bodies emerge into womanhood, so worried that we might experience the joy of sexual discovery too soon.

Too soon for whom?

Then, just as we become adults and believe that we call the shots in our lives, we enter the workforce after college, marrying soon after, begin having children, and lose all sense of ourselves in the process. We’re the wife. We’re Mommy. We’re the one that everyone depends on, but gives little attention to.

We fade into the mist.

Because our worth is now tied up in how good of a wife and mother we are, any job is secondary to both of those. I remember my mother telling me that although she was more than qualified for an upper management position, if not the top one at the company itself, she was passed over for the men because they had families to support. Mouthy little witch that I was, I responded with, but you’re a single mother, supporting two children, one of whom is in college and the other profoundly deaf. All she could do was what every woman out there does, give me that knowing smile.

I was the only one on her side.

I watched as my mother’s health deteriorated, finally passing away a month before she turned sixty-six. She worked hard all of her life, a Depression-era baby, and in the end, she died from COPD and congestive heart failure, unable to enjoy the retirement she worked so hard to prepare for. She was proud of both of us, the people we had become. She loved her grandsons and was surrounded by people who cared about her.

She didn’t expect that.

As I sit here, three weeks away from my oldest son’s wedding, I can’t help but look back on the direction my own life has taken. It appears that I chose to live according to others’ wishes, knowing full well that was self-destructive, while simultaneously trying to stay true to myself. Or at least I believed that I did. That actually doesn’t work out well because you exhaust yourself trying to be two different people at the same time. The chaos inside is debilitating, and I turned it inward, creating the space for rheumatoid arthritis to take hold. That went on for around fifteen years, excruciating pain 24/7, taking its toll. Cannabis brought me to remission, something prescription drugs never did. I was just sick of hurting and was willing to try anything at that point.

That leap of faith invoked long lost courage.

A funny thing happens when you use cannabis medicinally. And no, I’m not talking about getting high and getting the giggles. Your hold on the world shifts. Your focus softens. Oh, you can get just as caught up by things going on around you, particularly if you’re an empath like I am, but you settle out sooner. You can be angry about something, for example, but not lose yourself in that anger. In a sense, your approach becomes less projective and more receptive in nature. It’s easier to stay present. And amazingly enough, it’s easier to see what’s important in life.

Then we live our truth.

I never told my family I was a witch. They might have figured it out given the crystals, candles, incense, organic gardening, herbal medicines, past life regression, lucid dreaming, channeling..or maybe just by noticing the wand I wore on a chain around my neck for most of their lives. But for a woman in a house full of guys, and given that many can’t find their asses without a map, it may make a certain sort of male sense.

And then, I came out.

My husband wasn’t freaked out or anything, but in fact a little irritated that I never told him before. I introduced the idea slowly, first explaining about being an empath. He’s realized that he’s an empath as well, so having that conversation changed the way we relate to each other. He knows he can’t hide from me. No one can. And now he understands the dynamic of that process. He understands when he’s experiencing it himself and what it means.

At some point, I finally told him that I was a witch. I told him witches run through my family, sharing what I’d found on the ancestry website I’d been using. I haven’t found any who were burned in this country, but there were some during the North Berwick witch burnings in Scotland. Apparently all of my great-grandparents are royalty. From the Plantagenet line all the way back to Adam, I have Druid ancestry, Egyptian..and I’m even related to various Knights Templar and the King who ordered their execution, on October 13th no less. My birthday. Thanks, Grandpa for the legacy of that. Eleanor Plantagenet was also born on my birthday, and apparently one of my relations was the Wizard of Goblin Hall. Jaquetta of Luxembourg traces her line back to the Goddess Melusine, so I guess that accounts for my dragon obsession.

Finding out that I’m of Grail lineage was humbling. Seeing the relation to Mary come up gave me such pause, although I’ve never been Christian. We don’t really see the grandeur that is our heritage until we see it drawn out this way. It’s our Akashic record, full of influence and grace.

We honor our ancestors when we live our truth.

I began my path as a witch when I was eight years old. I lived it in silence, expressing myself without definition, without a name. But then I remembered myself. I let all of that resonance fill me with all of the love and devotion alignment with Source brings. I have always been who I am, whether you call me a mystic, a shaman, a teacher, or yes, a witch. I embrace all of those names with all of the passion and love that I have in all other expressions of existence.

I am here to create.

It’s what I have to give.
It’s the love I have to share.
It’s the oneness that I emmanate.

I am, so Blessed Be

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Our Vote Matters..Protect the OMMP


So the listening tour is over and now the real work begins. Except that Oregon is now beginning to look as confused as Washington State. Although measures were taken to protect the OMMP, legislators on the other side of the equation want to change the program, affecting potentially any patient who doesn’t grow for herself (or himself). I understand that medical cannabis went elsewhere. But they could have redefined that at any time over the last seventeen years the program has been in place, reining in growers who had a more creative interpretation of the law. Why now, now that cannabis is legal in this state? Why move forward on something Measure 91 prohibits, while leaving the recreational program somewhere in the ether? How about doing the work necessary to implement the recreational cannabis program? You know, since you’re prohibited by Measure 91, now law, from affecting the OMMP.

The reason is, plainly, some lawmakers in Oregon do not believe that patients are truly patients. They must believe that we’re all a bunch of stoners who are only looking for a legal way to get high. They buy in to the lie that cannabis is a drug that we all need saving from. They don’t understand that they too have been lied to about this plant. Furthering on that lie only makes them look foolish, hurting patients in the process. Good Goddess, we finally get this amazing plant legal, and now they want to cause patients even more stress than we’ve been under all this time, worrying about getting arrested for only trying to get well. Some of us, like me, simply want to live. I can’t do that without cannabis.

Cannabis is safe. It never should have been prohibited. The listening tour should have been an educational tour, so that Oregonians who are still confused about the safety of cannabis could understand the truth about this plant. It may be a difficult conversation to have. That happens when laws are predicated upon lies. But we must have that conversation. We have no choice now. The truth is out now about cannabis. Even the Federal government is having a hard time ignoring the truth now. Parents in particular need to educate themselves about the efficacy of cannabis for treatment of ADHD, Autism, Epilepsy and other disorders that seem to respond well to cannabis medicine. Brave Mykayla is a child here in Oregon who successfully treated her cancer with cannabis oil. She’s doing remarkably well and has a promising future ahead of her that may not have happened without cannabis oil. Parents do NOT need to fear this plant, rather embrace it, grow it, if only to have on hand for medicinal reasons.

Researchers have found that we all have an endocannabinoid system in our bodies, helping to balance our immune systems and keeping us healthy. When the receptors associated with this system do not have any interaction, in other words, they’re not firing, our health apparently declines, giving rise to all the disorders and conditions we see today. Without the daily staple of dietary hemp, our health again suffers. At least we’re able to buy hemp hearts at the grocery stores now. But there’s no sane reason why industrial hemp was EVER made illegal. All kinds of things were made from hemp until some rich guy had a friend in DC who changed the course of history, ruining the lives of millions, all so his buddy could make a buck. Yes, it’s the same crap we’re facing now with Citizen’s United. When power goes to only a few, then we’re all screwed. Just ask someone in prison for cannabis.

People who use cannabis are not criminals, nor are they drug addicts. How can anyone be addicted to something that’s not addictive? Oh, you might convince yourself that you need it for one reason or another, and from the standpoint of your bored to death cannabinoid receptors, you certainly do need it, but not to feed an addiction. You need it to keep your body healthy. And you don’t have to get high to get the benefits from it. Use it raw in smoothies. Used raw, there’s no high with it, and you get the healing benefit of the plant acids as well. Those go away when the plant is dried. Then the THC comes into play, bringing in another aspect to the healing properties of the plant.

If we would just tell the truth about cannabis, then there wouldn’t be any need for listening tours, nonsensical committee meetings, or irritating legislative sessions, where no one knows where the conversation needs to begin. Begin in truth. Begin there. Begin with the fact that prohibition has been a scam on the American people. Begin there. Understand that we’ve been duped by people in power who made cannabis and industrial hemp illegal to stay in power, protecting only themselves.

Understand that..and maybe, just maybe, we might get somewhere. We voted last November to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Included in that were protections for the OMMP. A petition is circulating to recall some of the state legislators who are ignoring the will of the voters. They don’t deserve to represent us if they refuse to do so with integrity. None of them do.

Please stop all of this nonsense and do the job you were elected to do. Or you just might be looking for something else to screw up and ruin.

Oh and one last thing..cannabis oil is not hemp oil. Cannabis oil is sludgy, sticky and gooey. It’s made from the cannabis plant and takes about a pound of bud to make a quarter cup of oil. Hemp oil is made from industrial hemp (so only negligible THC content). It’s like any other oil you’d use for cooking, and it’s great to use as a carrier oil for infusing herbs. It’s legal everywhere. Cannabis oil is only legal in legal cannabis states. Be aware of the difference.

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It’s Within You Now

Perspective matters. It drives everything we think, do and say. If your perspective begins with your physical presence in the world, then it begins in subjectivity. Everything is open to interpretation. But we’re not only our physical presence in the world. That’s the smallest part of who we are. In fact, we’re actually extensions of Source Energy in the nonphysical realm, part of that greater essence of All That Is. There’s no individuation of self in the nonphysical realm. It’s just one big sea of home. No judgment, no anger, no oppression, no harm..just love. No belief in someone called Satan or the Devil, no angry God waiting to judge us when we die so we better behave ourselves here or else attitude, just the awareness and physical feeling that we’re one. Our perspective changes a bit when we focus into physical form here, and for some of us, it changes into something we no longer recognize and that’s when the separation from each other that we now all experience as real took hold.

Except it didn’t take hold for everyone. Enter the empath. The sense of oneness never leaves us. The sense of knowing is always present. We make people uncomfortable with that and given this subjective world we experience, dissonance happens and suddenly no one likes us, or maybe they do, but not really, and they can’t put their finger on it, yet will come up with amazing stories made up completely from whole cloth that justify their choice. They literally fill in the blanks with something that just isn’t true. It’s the most bewildering thing to experience, yet for the empath, it’s a constant companion. You get used to people being uncomfortable and then don’t have a clue what to do when they’re not, when the energy is easy and loving. And if there’s conflict, trust me, it feels like the end of everything.

It’s difficult as a child when you know everything. I saw a graphic on Facebook of a little girl and the caption was about all things she couldn’t be, so she decided to be a witch so she would know things. For the empath, and witch in my case because I was that little girl, you have no choice but to know things. It’s just there. You can’t help it. I remember many times the look of horror on my mother’s face when I would announce this or that and she had no idea how I knew that, except I think she really did know, but she didn’t know what to do with me, so instead she would accuse me of eavesdropping or snooping. I, being the precocious little witchling that I was, would insist that wasn’t true, reminding her of the obvious: I was in school when that happened. I wasn’t there. Mom, I just know..okay??? But it wasn’t.

So I learned to keep my knowing to myself. It was hard to hide it from friends, but we moved around so much, California, Alaska, then to Oregon where I’ve lived since almost eleven years old, so it was easy to not push through the uncomfortable feelings my awareness would create. I could simply leave. Well, my parents technically imposed that on me, but still, I achieved the same result. It’s tough when people think you’re a know-it-all. Combine that with feeling judged and relationships become distorted from there. They never understand that they have those feelings due to their own empathic realities. Fear then takes over and judgment wins the day. It’s not that an empath isn’t capable of judging, we’re in physical form after all, it’s just that when others feel that, they assume judgment when it’s not actually happening. Because when you’re an empath, you know that you can’t judge. I tend to describe things objectively, like in a psychology research project, which people find confusing. I don’t like conflict, so I never liked debating, but it’s a little like arguing the opposing side of the argument when it’s not your own. You try to be as objective as possible, but sooner or later, people take it personally. Witchcraft really wasn’t legal in this country until it achieved tax exempt status in the 70’s, so most witches were accustomed to keeping their silence as the Magus suggests. At some point, I figured it was just my plight in life.

It’s funny how we blend in with others, isn’t it? Some of us give away so much, and it’s not always women who do that. Power is an issue in physical form, where if we remembered who we are as extensions of Source, we wouldn’t do that to each other. We would accept and bless all as brothers and sisters, as the family that we are with each other. But many of us like the drama we create. It’s exciting and seductive. It pulls us in, that ego drama, into the eternal drama triangle we’ve come to call society. What we don’t realize is that all of that can change in an instant. All we have to do is believe something else. Suspend judgment and believe something else. That’s it.

See another as yourself, as one with you. See another as a holy extension of Source Energy, of God, of Goddess. Always. Especially when things get dicey and the other guy isn’t behaving so well. Love him anyway. Welcome the experience for the information it provides. It’s telling you that it’s the ego, the physical presence, that’s at work, and not Spirit. Spirit doesn’t behave that way, because Spirit knows only love. And since we’re actually Spirit, that’s all we really know as well.

The notion that we are in fact the dreamer of this dream of physical life that we’re all participating in doesn’t escape the empath. It’s where we live. That sense of “otherness” we feel is the inherent understanding that we’re not the physical bodies that we occupy. We’re something far greater that than. We’re part of the Creative Force that sustains us all, so in other words, we are what sustains us all.

Don’t go looking other places for heaven, because it’s within you now. Don’t depend upon others for your happiness because it’s a constant reality within you now. As A Course in Miracles counsels, we need do nothing. That may seem odd, but when we switch from reacting to creating, we then see the truth of that statement. A creative force is progressive. It doesn’t get stuck in the past and judge everything by that perspective. It continues to create unabated. And that’s the choice we make in physical form every day we’re in it. The empath, the highly sensitive person, the seer, the witch, exist to remind everyone of this fact, whether we do it directly or indirectly. We disturb the surrounding energy enough to suggest another focus. From there, we hold the resonance of Source.

Resonance, balance, alignment all provide the structure or point of origin that we need to experience life in physical form. We’re experiencing it to expand our collective knowledge about the human condition. At some point, the dissonance will end and the resonance will be all that’s know the heaven on earth we’re all waiting for. But as the empath knows, it’s all about perspective. In alignment, there’s truth, and infinitely more comfortable than engaging in drama. Anything else is a crap shoot, and aren’t we all tired of that?

It’s time to move on, as they say. It’s time to return home, to return to our one family. The message is loud and clear, we can’t take the separation anymore. People are dying at the hands of those tasked with our protection. The division of wealth is only in one direction, to a chosen few. The rest are left on the side of the road to fend for themselves. I don’t really understand why we ever had to come to this point to see the truth, but evidently we got too caught up in the drama, lost all focus, all balance, all alignment, and here we are, with a government that spies, lies, and oppresses. Except it’s tied up with a neat little bow of freedom, so evidently we’re all supposed to shut up about it. Maybe it takes some anger to break through this morass of oppression we experience in one form or another, not only in this blessed country, but in the rest of the world where others are experiencing the same thing.

Energy will balance itself. It always does. The Tower card from the Tarot tells us that sometimes we have to destroy to create. But I think we’ve done enough of that. We’re powerful and creative beings. We could try living up to that potential in a positive way. Align, know, create.

~Blessed Be

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Get Over It

Oregon legalized cannabis last November. Prior to that momentous event, dispensaries were finally legalized, giving businesses already operating the ability to do so legally. It’s interesting when states legalize in some fashion. Cities think it means that they can still do as they please, preventing laws passed from the normal implementation that any other laws enjoy. Those who voted for these laws or worked to get them passed feel duped and ripped off as they see all their efforts stymied by attitudes that have no basis in fact.

Medical cannabis laws were the first to come into existence, but mostly providing only personal access. So patients had to either grow their own, or have someone else grow it for them. Legal dispensaries never seemed to be allowed for. Oregon passed our law in 1998, with various revisions and updates over the years, but only recently did dispensaries become approved. I always thought dispensaries were legal in California, but now I’m not so sure. It’s like the proverbial carrot on a string. It’s legal, but you can still be arrested. It’s like they gave patients enough rope to screw themselves over.

Oregon’s Legislature allowed cities to impose a year’s moratorium on dispensaries from opening and now that legalization has taken place, they’re still trying to figure out a way to do an end run around the law. I read today that Hillsboro, a city near Portland which already has a moratorium banning dispensaries in place, is trying to continue its circumvention by narrowing further the areas in which these businesses can open. At this point, it appears that little if no space will be available to them. There is only one city in Central Oregon that allows dispensaries and it will be interesting to see if any of the surrounding towns will continue their idiotic attitudes or finally look at the facts and stop all this nonsense. Time will tell if their machinations will succeed, but honestly, all of these histrionics are so unnecessary.

Washington State is trying to sort out recreational outlets versus medical outlets. Patients are at risk of losing their dispensaries in that state as some loud voices are trying to eliminate dispensaries entirely, folding them into the recreational market. At one point last summer it was also rumored that federally supplied water was to be cut off from cannabis farms.

You know, this all comes down to one thing. A long time ago, some idiot with a profit motive decided that hemp and cannabis wouldn’t increase his income as much as other things would, so deals were struck and hemp and cannabis were suddenly illegal. Just like that. Then the propaganda machine went into overtime and suddenly smoking cannabis became synonymous with jazz music and women having sex with black men. Trust me, the only time I’ve ever experienced any reefer madness was when the dog got into my stash and spread it all over the carpet. I don’t even get the munchies. Never have. Then, as people continued to ignore the propaganda and use cannabis anyway, the medical community was used to come up with things like growing man boobs and sterility to further control the masses. Notice how it all centers around men?

And then they went after parents and children. Oh my goodness. Parents watch as their children suffer endlessly with no cure in sight. They’re threatened with incarceration and removal of parental rights just for trying something, anything, to heal their precious child. Never mind that cannabis saves the lives of children with cancer. Never mind that cannabis stops seizures and controls rage in autistic kids. Never mind that anyone suffering (and suffering doesn’t even BEGIN to describe it) from PTSD finds peace and balance using cannabis. Never mind that it helps alleviate inflammation and pain. Never mind that it eases glaucoma. Never mind the truth of it all.

So here’s some truth.

Cannabis is safe to use, whether as medicine or to relax with. It’s cousin, hemp, should be a daily dietary staple. It contains more Omegas than just about anything and hemp hearts are bland enough to be added to smoothies, soups, stews, or toasted on salads..really it can fortify anything. The milk made from it is amazing and is so much better for people than cow’s milk.

Medical laws didn’t spring up all over the country to give hippies the ability to smoke pot. They were enacted to give people an alternative to regular medicine. Cannabis users have known forever about the medicinal efficacy of this plant. Why wouldn’t we want the truth to come out? It’s not about using it to get high. It’s about using it in some fashion to survive whatever illness we have. Can you just imagine the number of people with cancer who might have lived normal, healthy lives, instead of the alternative had they had cannabis as a treatment option?

Big Pharma is salivating at all the money to be made from cannabis; however, it still appears that we do a better job in our kitchens making our own medicine than anything synthetic can achieve. Which is how it should be anyway. It’s rather sickening to think that after all of the lies told, and all the lives ruined in the process, that some corporation can make a killing while we all suffered for so long.

Cities need to relax and enjoy the tax revenue cannabis businesses will generate. Opponents will eventually understand that their beliefs were based upon lies. If they don’t want to use cannabis, then don’t use it. No one says they have to. They just can’t lie anymore. And I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think we all deserve the truth for a change.