The Blessed Conduit

The Blessed Conduit

My first love in divination is rune divination and magick. So it’s nice when I can use a runic spread to define a tarot reading. Algiz is the rune I’ve used today and represents protection and a connection with Divine Presence. Known as a guardian rune, its top three branches represent Elemental Air, Fire, and Water […]

The Perilous Silencing of Women

The Perilous Silencing of Women

The silencing of women has begun in earnest on the floor of the Senate. Be seen and not heard. That’s what I was told by my parents while growing up. I was precocious in their view and my truthful comments weren’t welcome. An empath, my awareness made them uncomfortable. Sorta like the republicans in the Senate […]

A Transformational Focus

Allowing Truth To Resonate ~ Rune & Tarot for 17 Nov 2016

Court cards are interesting in that they can represent either the individual on the card, or the qualities thereof. If several are present, observing their placement in relationship to the others can also be interesting to consider. Are they looking at each other perhaps in conversation, and so forth. The youthful Princess of Disks (Pentacles […]

When Truth Matters Not

  I’m surrounded by liars. When truth matters not, liars live their lives by whatever gets them through the moment. And they care nothing about the impact of their lies on others. Oh they can be told of their impact, but they all give that deer in the headlights look. You know the one. Where they […]

A Little Honesty Would Have Been Nice

Apparently the federal government is not yet ready to remove cannabis from the Federal Drug Register. NORML is reporting that the Feds aren’t going to reschedule cannabis after all. Never mind that a profit motive put it there, because it was never about truth. I guess they’re going to allow universities to “study” it now. […]

Explain Yourself To No One

What do we hold on to? What keeps us in the same place, doing the same thing we’ve always done, reacting the same way we always have? It’s easy to see when others are stuck in some fashion, riding the same wave they’ve always ridden. It’s much more difficult to see ourselves in that same […]

Dear Hillary: We HAVE Research..We NEED Legalization

You know, I really love you. I really do. And I’ll vote for you if you’re the nominee. But girlfriend, we really need to talk. You said on Thursday that you support state efforts at legalization but that more research needs to be done before any legalization federally happens. But with all due respect, my […]

We Forget To Create

It really is about each one of us. Really, it is. It’s about how each of us sees this collective creation we call life in physical bodies. Because we interact with each other and the world at large, we forget to create, instead reacting to everything else that’s happening. We let others take control of […]

Our Vote Matters..Protect the OMMP

So the listening tour is over and now the real work begins. Except that Oregon is now beginning to look as confused as Washington State. Although measures were taken to protect the OMMP, legislators on the other side of the equation want to change the program, affecting potentially any patient who doesn’t grow for herself […]

It’s Within You Now

Perspective matters. It drives everything we think, do and say. If your perspective begins with your physical presence in the world, then it begins in subjectivity. Everything is open to interpretation. But we’re not only our physical presence in the world. That’s the smallest part of who we are. In fact, we’re actually extensions of […]