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Strength From Unified Presence ~ Rune and Tarot for 15 June 2017

Strength From Unified Presence ~ Rune and Tarot for 15 June 2017

Strength from unifed presence is what comes to mind as I look at today’s tarot and runecasting. 13 represents the numerology for the tarot cards. I can also reduce that to 4 but I prefer to consider 13 as a Master Witch number. The numerology of the runes reduces to 3, or unification and wholeness and together with the tarot numerology, the overall numerology for the combined reading is 7, or divinity and intuition. 7 also happens to be a number that represents magick.

Two cards from the Major Arcana along with one from the suit of Cups comprise the tarot portion of the reading. The Empress, the 6 of Cups, and The Emperor create a lovely balance with the result of their union represented by the 6 of Cups in the center with its multicolored roots extending in an as above so below manner. Cups represents Elemental Water and our emotional presence, our intuition, and relationships with others. Its direction is West and is represented by the chalice or cauldron signifying receptivity and fertility, as it transmutes Air and Fire into form.

Mannaz, Raidho, and Perthro are today’s runes representing Earth, Air, and Water elements respectively and support the interplay between The Empress and her consort, The Emperor. Take notice of their order in the deck. She appears first and from her flows the entirety of creation signifying her greater importance, the current patriarchy having no place in the equation.

Looking at The Empress and Mannaz first, we see a beautiful white pink-tipped tree with a crescent moon in the night sky above. The Empress represents love, beauty, abundance, and happiness. She is the Goddess in her Mother Aspect, receptive and fertile, and the essence of feminine creativity and the subconscious realm. Mannaz brings into the reading the influence of mankind’s fragility. In disunity, our partnership is threatened, with Mannaz encouraging us to seek assistance from others, understanding that we are part of a greater consciousness with harmony our fundamental goal.

Raidho and the 6 of Cups both discuss the journey we take in form, Raidho signifying harmony and right purpose, the 6 of Cups denoting family and fulfillment. The Wild Unknown Tarot uses animals and trees in its depictions and in the 6 of Cups we see an as above so below expression with the tree above and its massive root system below. Positioned between The Empress and The Emperor, the card reflects all that they create together in balanced unified presence. Raidho indicates rhythmic motion in partnership with others, attuned to a higher purpose.


Finally, The Emperor stands tall representing structure and leadership. Fatherhood and the conscious realm along with benevolence and stability are among this card’s influences. He provides a certain kind of balance to The Empress although without her he would not exist. Boundaries, protection, and order are felt with The Emperor as he assists The Empress in providing the structure for success. Perthro represents the mystery of fate and is thought of as the childbirth rune. Perthro points to correct action, something The Emperor needs to stay in balance. Healing and understanding are among Perthro’s influences and provide The Emperor with a window into the unknown.

Our strength is found in unified presence with the collective consciousness. We are not the bodies we inhabit but in fact, the Creator personified into form. While we understand the idea that our bodies have to work in harmony in order that we continue to live, we miss that application to humanity as a whole. In harmonious union with each other, our roots run deep and provide all the strength we need for an abundant experience.

While the future is unwritten, we instinctively know that in unity, our success is far more assured than when we’re at each others’ throats. It was nice to see both sides of the aisle come together after the shooting yesterday of a Republican Congressman, two Capitol Police officers, and a Lobbyist who were practicing for today’s game. Irrespective of our differences, it’s clear that the only thing to do now is to come together.

The insanity of this moment requires that we pause and remember that we’re one family, no matter how things have been between us of late. It’s time to remember who we are and let the strength of our love guide us forward.

Blessings to all!


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Spiritual Awareness ~ Full Moon Runecasting And Bindrune 9 June 2017

Spiritual Awareness ~ Full Moon Runecasting And Bindrune 9 June 2017

Tonight is the Full Strawberry Moon and I decided to do a runecasting prior to tonight’s Esbat ritual for a bindrune invoking spiritual awareness. As a side note, I harvested my first strawberry of the season out in my medicinal garden, tiny, but sweet and yummy and I also crafted a new set of runes from some Black Locust I have growing next to one of my ponds. We brought the trees in from my husband’s parent’s home before it sold years ago and now the trees are producing blooms that are so beautiful! I hadn’t yet crafted any runes from them and their blooms reminded me of that fact. So my husband kindly cut some rune stock from a branch he had pruned last year and I spent a couple of days sanding and wood burning until the runes felt right in my hands.

Runes have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Although I do buy runes made from stone, I always make my wooden runes. There’s something about a witch’s interaction between the wood itself and the sanding and engraving process that makes every set a reflection of the witch’s inner vision. I create them in the order established by the Elder Futhark, visualizing each rune’s meaning.

For this Full Strawberry Moon runecasting, I drew Perthro, Mannaz, Eihwaz, Jera, and Fehu. Runes have many influences and the well of Wyrd, rational thought, paradox, transformation and balance, and wealth are the primary influences contained within the runecasting. I derive the overall numerology of a runecasting from their numerical placement in the Futhark, so individually they are 14, 20, 13, 12, and 1 respectively, with 6, or the sacred layer of Higher Self presence, as the runecasting’s overall numerological influence.

Perthro is the rune of fate, the unknown, and the cup from which runes are cast. A Water Element rune, its numerology of 5 reinforces the elemental influence of change. Also known as the childbirth rune, Perthro also represents birth if pointing to the right or death if pointing to the left. It reveals memories and can be visualized in meditation to experience past lives. Perthro represents the simplicity of cause and effect on the physical plane as well as the alignment of our nonphysical aspect of Self.

Intuition is balanced with our rational mind with Mannaz, the 20th rune of the Elder Futhark. An Earth rune, Mannaz represents humanity’s need for partnership and helps us understand our role in the greater community or society at large. It teaches us to live our lives in the present moment and to understand that we are part of a greater unified presence.

The 13th rune of the Elder Futhark, Eihwaz provides the connection between physical and nonphysical aspects of Self, the link between realms. It provides both structure and transformation, infusing Spirit into form and creates movement from one energetic state to another, eliminating stagnation that prevents clarity.

Another Earth rune, Jera is the rune of transformation and balance, fertility, and positive change. It’s useful to hang in the garden as part of a bindrune for growth as well as to bring harmony and alignment to relationships. Luck, prosperity, and the cycles of life are among Jera’s influences.

We end with Fehu, the sending rune representing wealth and traditionally, cattle. A Fire Element rune, Fehu begins the Elder Futhark and increases wealth and abundance as well as the witch’s ability to send energetic intentions. As the final rune of the runecasting, I believe it’s there to organize and send the collective energy of the runes above it.

Perthro opens us to experiencing the partnership of Mannaz while Eihwaz infuses that spiritual awareness into our daily lives. Jera further transforms our relationships into a conscious, unified presence with all. And Fehu provides the catalyst necessary to cast the intention of unified presence to the universe.

I created a bindrune along with a planetary sigil using the magick square for Jupiter and burned both onto a piece of juniper to invoke spiritual awareness of our unified presence. I like working with both types of sigils and have been using them together lately. The sigil from the magick square uses the letters associated with each rune to obtain their numerological equivalent and I drew the sigil from there.



I blessed and consecrated the sigil with the following chant. I used the Latin version:

  • I bind these runes     (Circum nos imbuit)
  • Blending energies within     (Melicos intra resonantia)
  • Bringing balance without    (Componere sine)
  • Infused with immanence     (Splendido immanentia vestiganda)
  • I bless and consecrate this sigil     (Benedico et consecrare hoc sigil)
  • In alignment with Goddess     (In noctis per Dea)
  • It is done     (Consummatum est)

Sigil magick is great to use when you want to create a symbol for a collective influence or intention. It can be as complicated or as simple as you like; it’s all a reflection of your own process. I wrote a book called Magick and the Aligned Witch in which I discuss working magick from an aligned state. Magick worked from an aligned state is less about consequences or trying to create the space for one thing or another to happen and more about creating the space for remembrance of who we are. We’re not here to judge others or expect them to live in accordance with our respective comfort levels. And casting our intentions when aligned in Source Presence allows us to see all as extensions of Self and the Creator and experience the truth of their perfection.

Now in the time of ascension, many are awakening to the truth of who they are and magick that creates the space for that process to happen in perfect love and perfect trust is the primary focus of this witch. Witches stand in observation of the world around them, secure in their knowing that all of it is an illusion of form. We can participate within that subjective, ego-based structure or reflect one that engages from an awareness of Higher Self. The choice is ours.

Our focus can no longer be on what separates us, but in fact, the awareness that we are one unified presence. We can no longer afford to be confused about this truth allowing hate and division to drive the conversation. We are so much more than we have been led to believe. We are the Creator, focused into the fabric of space/time, in collective creation of the universe.

My dear family, we are so much more than we thought, and it’s time to awaken to that truth.

Blessed Be


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Dominion and Unity of Purpose ~ Tarot for 29 April 2017

Dominion and Unity of Purpose ~ Tarot for 29 April 2017

The hexagrams and the overall numerology of 11 provide the foundation for today’s tarot reading. Illumination, instinct, and our subconscious are 11’s influences suggesting that our answers are found within. From the hexagrams, we discover the focus of the reading.

Hexagram or gua 62 appears at the bottom of the 8 of Stones and is titled Preponderance of the Small. The other hexagram appears on the 2 of Wands and is titled The Taming Power of the Great. Notice how each is an anagram of the other with 8 or strength as their numerological influence suggesting that we derive strength from self-discipline and our memories of shared experience.

A greater purpose is felt with this reading which makes sense given the instability of those now in power. Nothing makes sense anymore as power grabs continue. What was once thought of as criminal behavior has now become the norm. And now the hexagrams from the IChing are suggesting that we stay patient and focused on the details which are emerging. Power is being shifted into the hands of a select few who have only self-interest at heart. The safety and security of the tribe are being threatened daily, at the hands of people with no moral compass, and our task now is to stay as focused as possible on what’s actually happening. Details matter and can become lost in the fray and our vigilance is required.

Looking at the cards, Haindl titles the 8 of Stones, Knowledge. A card of elemental Earth, eight boulders are suspended in front of a stone structure. A narrow window appears in its center with a rock-like elephant appearing on the lower left. Strength and protection, memory and knowledge are this card’s influences.

The Moon appears next in the reading bringing hidden aspects to light. The lobster emerging from the water suggests both rebirth and protection while the incredible unicorn indicates our intuitive side. The rune, Othala appears in the upper right-hand corner signifying ancestral tradition and unified presence. This card from the Major Arcana is counseling us to find what may be hidden from view, with awareness and illumination our ultimate goal.

Odin is represented as the King of Cups, hanging upside down from the World Tree, offering an eye in exchange for the revelation of the runes. Self-disciplined yet tolerant and kind, the King is a wise counselor to the tribe, spiritual and compassionate. He may be the wild card in the reading, however, if ill-dignified becoming shallow and passive aggressive.

An eagle flies above a large round boulder, a rainbow arching overhead. The Ace of Stones, in the hidden position of the reading, suggests the genesis of material security and prosperity. Spirit and matter align in the Ace of Stonesas above so below its message. The rainbow itself suggests that difficulties are ending and all possibilities are available to us.

Balanced intention, courage, and the will to stand in one’s power are among the influences the 2 of Wands brings to the reading’s outcome. Two flamed-tipped spears are crossed in front of the entrance to an abandoned stone temple preventing our passage. Dominion is the card’s title counseling us to push past challenges toward new experiences.

So it would appear that we should remain focused on details which are emerging, remaining steadfast in our unity of purpose. It’s not the time to take our eyes off the ball. The security and stability of the tribe are too important. And when all has been revealed, we will stand together with the power of our integrity leading us toward our goal.

The so-called new guy apparently is whining about how hard the job is, preferring to spend his evening with supporters instead of journalists at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. I guess the jokes would be too much for his sensitive feelings. His friend Putin has been politely asked to resign¹ by protesters.

One hundred days in and he’s still whining. Any luck, and he’ll be gone before the next hundred.

Our shared experiences will sustain us in the days ahead. The way forward is together, irrespective of what the so-called new guy and his minions believe. We’ll undo the damage, together, that they do to us, adding that experience to those already shared. Our dominion requires unity of purpose. With what’s clearly at stake, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Blessings to all!


  1. Andrew Osborn and Svetlana ReiterRussians, in peaceful protest, call for Putin to quit. Reuters. Apr. 29, 2017.
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A Circle Of Protection To Bind Their Fate

A Circle of Protection To Bind Their Fate

Protection can take many forms. It can be defensive or offensive in nature as with martial arts, or it can be born of inner awareness. Rune magick is a method of bringing runic influences together in sigil form for a specific purpose. It can be divination-oriented, or it can bring about a change of some kind. I use sigils in general because they represent a focused intention. I like how they organize my thoughts around whatever situation I’m concerned with. Lately, my thoughts have been on protection.

I was listening to a woman speak today on a podcast who was talking about how unsustainable it is to provide financial assistance to people in our country. She had a Darwinian bent and appeared to believe that survival of the fittest was the best way to solve our problems. I don’t share her premise or perspective because I know that we’re one collective consciousness and how we live should reflect that truth.

It would be like expecting each cell in our bodies to survive on its own without the integration required so that our bodies exist and function properly. The same concept is true in a bee colony. I’m someone who is kept by bees. I’d say I’m a beekeeper, but bees don’t need a keeper so it feels odd to call myself that. Anyway, the hive wouldn’t survive long if a survival of the fittest attitude swept the colony. Then they probably would need a keeper. You know, like the so-called new guy seems to need.

Today’s runecasting centers around protection. But it doesn’t necessarily reflect the intention of protection against something or someone. Sometimes our greatest protection involves how we interpret what’s happening around us. As A Course in Miracles tells us, we give everything we see the meaning it has. Now the bulk of humanity may agree with our assessment, but we’re still giving everything we experience the meaning it has.

If we can look dispassionately at situations that are concerning, then we’re better able to view them with more clarity than when we’re caught up in our reactions to whatever is occurring. So in a real sense, protection should also involve our choice of reaction.

Additionally, our state of mind, be it loving or not, should also influence our feeling of protection, again reflecting that dispassionate view that helps keep us centered and aligned. So when I was looking at some bindrunes I’ve created over the last few months, I selected those that protected, aligned, extended love, and invoked a centered and unified presence to surround today’s runecasting creating a greater a circle of protection to support its message.

Othala, Gebo, and Hagalaz are today’s runes and bring influences of our Akash and ancestral heritage, balanced energy exchange, and then a little destruction in preparation for impending change with some hawthorn twigs rounding out the protection influences. Othala represents our collective nature, both in physical and nonphysical form. It asserts that our greatest achievements are accomplished together, Darwin be damned.

Moving deocil around spread, the witch invokes change and Hagalaz as the witch rune accomplishes this task. It provides the balanced structure necessary for positive change to unfold and provides blessings to speed the process.

Gebo reflects both inner and outer balance and teaches us to live in harmony with each other. Again, Darwin’s not finding a home here. Using the example of our bodies again, when the body is not in balance then disease or ill health results. If the imbalance is left unchecked, the body may not survive. It’s the same with humanity. We won’t survive if we don’t bring our polarities back into balance. The masculine has run amok and the feminine has had enough. The answer is a more balanced approach but the masculine energy disagrees and here we are now, in need of some protection.

But we don’t need a savior, even if he’s back from vacation. We need clarity. We need truth. And when we have that, the answers will be clear. But until that happens, we need to remain as aligned as possible in Higher Self awareness, viewing what’s unfolding with discernment, taking a dispassionate stance.

Disinformation and distraction seem to be the mantra of the new regime. But in time the proverbial man behind the curtain will be revealed and then heads will roll, the circle of protection binding their fate. We’re being shown a future that few anticipated or wanted. A country reflects everyone within. The people make up its heart and vitality, its blood supply extending life to all.

We’re not a business decision, a deal to be made, or a company to be closed. We’re the very life force without which this country would not even exist and we have always been more than the sum of our parts. We cannot be dismissed as irrelevant because we most certainly are not.

We see you, in all your predatory ugliness. We know what you’re doing and you’re not going to get away with it. You believe you can strip mine us into oblivion all while making a buck off of the deal.

But then you’re a fool.

You’ll create a mess that you won’t be able to clean up. But don’t worry. The rest of us, in our unity of purpose, in the protection of all that we have co-created together, will be happy to do that for you.

Blessed Be

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Life Bends Toward Love

Life Bends Toward Love

Marine Le Pen is running for President of France and if she wins, she will be their first female President. She has nationalist beliefs and not everyone is comfortable with that ideology. With any luck, she’ll lose and France will be spared the nonsense our country is experiencing. It would be sad if nationalist fervor swept the entire world. Enough people are suffering as it is and if France has to wait a while longer for a female President, then so be it. Compassion and unity of purpose are more important than whatever nationalist policies Ms. Le Pen has to offer anyway.

Gender issues aside, it’s clear that white nationalism and racism have taken hold, at least in our country, and its insidious nature is destroying lives. It’s become all too easy to dismiss entire groups of people if it furthers the agenda of those in power. Several news outlets have reported that our new attorney general believes that child tax credits are going to ‘mostly Mexicans’ and can pay for the wall. He’s not kidding. Everything this man says and does reflects his racist beliefs. Everything. And his presence in tandem with the current occupant of the White House will threaten civil rights protections that have taken years to put in place.

As I’ve written many times, I believe that the Creator is All That Is and that we all comprise that greater loving Presence. We each make a choice to live out our lives in unity with others or with a self-oriented focus, the nationalistic, fascist, racist ideology that’s gaining strength right now a reflection of the latter. And if left unchecked, there will be no positive outcome.

But while all of this is going on there’s an awakening happening around the planet. Unity with others isn’t simply a practical solution to our collective problems but is, in fact, our fundamental reality as one collective consciousness. Continued efforts by the vested interest of a few to keep everyone in some predetermined place doesn’t reflect who we are. If it did, it wouldn’t be a struggle. We’d go quietly.

And yet, resistance is growing to oppressive ideologies that do nothing but cause pain.

Still, some fervently believe they’ll have control over the side on which they’ll be placed when it’s all said and done. The disconnect is shocking and I wonder what their reaction will be when they can no longer turn a blind eye to who and what they’ve supported as they fall victim to the divide and conquer strategy that’s unfolding.

However, as our awakening continues, the momentum built by our unified presence is creating a tipping point and in time light will overtake the darkness. This is a given. Life always bends toward love. Always. And love will win in the end.

Many blessings to our one family as we find our way back to each other once again.



  1. Ortiz, Gabe. Racist-as-all-hell Sessions: Child tax credits going to ‘mostly Mexicans’ can pay for the wall. Daily Kos. April 24, 2017.
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Revolution ~ Tarot for 11 April 2017

Revolution ~ Tarot for 11 April 2017

While we began in Ruin yesterday, we begin today experiencing Conflict leading to revolution. An oddly shaped rock structure rises in the background in the 5 of Wands, powerful yet worn. Competition and strife are felt by the five upward pointing spears, flames rising from each tip. A balanced hierarchy exists with the center spear in dominance. Its hexagram is titled Revolution based on higher principles instead of power. Without that aspect present on the card, we’re not really sure of the genesis of the conflict. In this case, it appears the conflict is in service of a greater good.

The High Priestess appears next in the reading illustrating a luminous goddess, her hands raised in supplication to the moon. A large bubble hides her countenance creating mystery and suggesting secret knowledge and inner wisdom. A camel appears below representing the Hebrew glyph on the above left reinforced by the rune, Uruz on the right representing the strength of the aurochs and manifestation of consciousness into form. A card of the Moon, The High Priestess represents the Divine Feminine, intuition, stillness, and alignment.

With inner wisdom as our guide, a conflict born of revolution, when focused on a higher purpose can yield the Richness depicted by the 10 of Stones. The blessings found in legacy built from community effort are felt with this card. Its hexagram is The Well representing the resources necessary to establish and preserve the needs of the community at large.

In the hidden influence position, The Fool reminds us that we’re forever on a journey to remembrance and awakening. We can always correct course and refocus in a more positive direction. A focus on the present moment releases expectations that seem to only hinder our progression, allowing us to develop our infinite potential.

We end with the 3 of Swords titled Mourning. Two swords are suspended with their tips pointing to the earth. A tear emerges from a wound in the background. A third sword is suspended to the side as if standing aside from the drama. Its hexagram suggests Retreat from a situation based on past conflict or hurt in an effort to gain a new perspective. Although the card suggests some pain is involved a running theme of the reading focuses on turning weakness or disadvantage into strength associated with a higher purpose.

Three can indicate a synthesis of some kind, in this case, understanding gained from the inner awareness that with unified effort revolutionary ideas can find their genesis, creating a stronger and happier future for all. The overall numerology of the reading is 2 or choice. And it’s clear that the choice that gives us ultimate joy is found in unity with others.

Those who wish only power will find that the rest of us have no intention of cooperating with their self-possessed agenda. They can change the narrative in any way they like but it will still come out the same. Deception and betrayal have a funny way of spawning revolution.

Humanity’s time has come. It’s time for the foolish ones to either get on board or step out of the way.

Blessed Be


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Unity of Purpose: The Path of Least Resistance ~ Tarot for 10 April 2017

Unity of Purpose: The Path of Least Resistance ~ Tarot for 10 April 2017

Resistance is felt as Ruin and Interference surround the Princess of Wands in today’s Thoth tarot reading. Swords and Wands along with The Devil from the Major Arcana comprise the spread. Swords, a suit of elemental Air, represents our intellectual presence and asks us to convey our essential truth. Wands, from elemental Fire, signify our moral compass and the creative side of self, catalytic and expansive. An Ace appears as well indicating the genesis of something new.

But we begin in Ruin with the 10 of Swords. A small heart appears behind 10 swords. Nine appear to target the tenth sword in the center, breaking it into numerous pieces. The use of fiery orange as a backdrop to the random geometric stars indicates a heightened conflict with random accusations being thrown about. Thoughts are in such disarray that they eventually find no purchase and begin to give way to some clarity about the moment illustrated by the orange giving way to yellow in the center of the card.

The heart is interesting in that its size represents its protection, safely tucked in the background knowing that the conflict is nearing its end. The numerology of the card is 1 or new beginnings reinforcing the darkest before the dawn feel of the 10 of Swords. Sometimes we overcomplicate things when listening to our inner voice would give us the clarity we need. The 10 of Swords seems to say that we’ve interfered with our process long enough and now it’s time to get on with things.

I’ll skip past the Princess and look next at the 8 of Swords. Interference is its title and again we’re blocking our own process only this time we’re in resistance instead of realization. There could be outside interference but given the appearance of the 10 of Swords, it appears that this is self-induced, particularly with Gemini as its planetary influence.

Our Princess of Swords has the tiger by the tail as together they ride the catalytic wave in pure energetic joy. She expresses a sense of allowing, experiencing life in nonresistance. Her focus is on the present moment, in full awareness of the power that it brings, uninhibited by past or future concerns. The Princess carries a wand adorned by a sunflower counseling us to stay positive and keep our vibration high.

In the position of hidden influence sits the Ace of Wands, its energy exploding from the wand’s tip. Appearing more club-like, this wand emphasizes the beginning of passion and the creative essence within. It can represent birth and one’s legacy as well as courage and virility. The Ace of Wands reminds us that this divine spark of Source Presence is our true legacy.

And with The Devil, we see that the choice we make decides the ultimate outcome. Are we here to experience life in self-absorption, stuck in never-ending perception and judgment? Because that’s certainly one option. The other option is to experience the clarity found in present moment awareness for in that awareness we’re in an eternal process of becoming, unhindered by past perceptions that only serve to keep us stuck instead of flowing in nonresistant joy.

The overall numerology of the reading is 7 or divinity, wholeness, intuition, and the shadow side of self. Seven is also about standing on the brink of choice as its structure breaks down to a representation of scales: 3 + 1+ 3. So the overall numerology reinforces the choice we make when incarnating into form between a self-oriented focus or one that includes compassion and respect for the needs of others, exclusion versus inclusion you might say.

We believe the battle is between the dark and light aspects of self when in reality it’s our choice of focus that influences how the rest of our story unfolds. A focus on the self can result in a belief in power and control over others, living life at their expense. The individual is unable to feel empathy for others unless it serves his or her individual agenda.

Allowing for the inclusion of others creates an other-oriented focus. A sense of shared purpose and mutual benefit is felt when allowance is made for the needs of all.

The choice to live in service to self is being played out with the so-called guy. He dines with visiting dignitaries not at the White House but at one of his golf resorts where he can make a profit from the dinner. For some reason, his Education secretary needs one million dollars per month for her personal security. Unable to contain his love for war, he authorized the use of fifty-nine Tomahawk missiles against a Syrian airbase which didn’t even take out the chemicals that were allegedly used on the Syrian people. Everyone there left after either removing or bunkering what they didn’t want to lose, given prior heads-up by the so-called new guy in advance of the bombing. He apparently didn’t even tell Congress, just Russia.

It’s become cliché to talk about living in the present moment. But life really is only a series of ever-unfolding creations in the now. The past is a memory based on our perception of what was. We argue with others over whose perspective is more valid with neither giving ground away to the other. So we remain stuck in dialogue surrounding past perception, the creative spark of Spirit left waiting for our remembrance.

Conflict is inevitable when agendas drive the conversation. We forget to listen to others who have as much at stake as we do. Caught up in our own opinions and perceptions we no longer see the bigger picture and our response reflects that narrow view.

Turning our backs to conflict and valuing joyful co-creation with others allows us to align in unified presence emerging in higher consciousness with all. We’ve been at odds with each other for so long that it’s hard to see how we can resolve our differences. And maybe that’s the point. When does the conflict become more about the experience itself and no longer about the original reason?

Living in the present moment allows us to create our lives anew in every moment of every day. Past concerns become a weight that keeps us from moving in the direction we wish to go. At some point, we’re going to have to put our wounds, both real and perceived, in the past and decide on a way forward that respects humanity as a whole.

No matter how much the so-called new guy said he’d put this country first, it’s clear he puts himself first. Besides, he misses the point. We are one unified presence. Building a wall to keep people out, or designating a child as a terrorist too dangerous to be given sanctuary instead of a refugee of war that she is, keeps all of this conflict alive when we should be creating pathways of love and unity with each other.

The choice we make isn’t carved in stone. We can always choose each other.

Blessed Be


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The Illusion of Separation ~ Demographics Be Damned

The Illusion of Separation ~ Demographics Be Damned

Any separation between us is such an illusion. I remember as a child becoming terrified when racist comments were made. I couldn’t handle it. It felt as if the ground was shifting under my feet and something terrible was about to happen. So when I read several articles about Rep. Steve King spouting off about controlling the demographics in our country, I felt that same shifting, only this time it was my stomach.

Hate is an interesting thing. It’s the basis for viewing certain people as the other. Entitlement factors in resulting in the sort of regime in place in our country that we’re now experiencing. No one knows what the final outcome will be but with hate at its core we’re all certain that the casualties will be many.

Investigations into how Russian operatives may have altered the presidential election results are continuing all while the US Attorneys have been fired. It’s not that it’s an uncommon happening for the so-called new guy to want his own people in those positions, but given their stature and experience as attorneys and the investigations under way, the timing seems craven at best. They evidently know more than the so-called new guy is comfortable with so they have to go.

The so-called new guy knew just what to say and how to deliver that message while on the campaign trail. I couldn’t listen to him, his vitriolic and dishonest message simply too much for me. I remember hearing the constant crooked Hillary Clinton meme, almost in a sing-song fashion. His voice was hypnotic, the cadence manipulative, and his supporters responded exactly the way he intended, the brainwashing complete.

It was sickening to hear and watch. I had to mute any news programs that featured him because I couldn’t hear that voice without knowing the truth behind it, and I wasn’t the only empath who experienced this. I wonder what it was in the heart of his supporters that responded so willingly to his racist and sexist mantra. How could any of them vote for a man who views women in such a degrading manner? How could they vote for someone who clearly had ties to Russia? Are they fine with all of the taxpayer dollars this grifter is fleecing all of us out of? Are they fine with a two-faced dictatorial asshole who will renege on all of his magical promises? Are they fine with losing their health insurance? Should we be calling all of them Comrade by now? Or were they simply duped?

The individual nature of our lives is the only way we can experience all of this. But in spite of our differences, we’re all the same Creator personified into individuated form. Any difference should be embraced and cherished, not feared. Because when we see everyone as the other we find every reason in the world to keep them at a safe distance instead of coming together in unified purpose.

The picture at the top of the post shows a geese pair who return each year to nest on my dock. They returned not long ago and have settled in to rebuild the nest and graze in yard and field. I chose it because of the as above, so below witchy tree in the pond illustrating the continuity of family. The geese could go anywhere to create life but they choose to come here. They’re unafraid of us and allow us the blessing of knowing their young. Separation, my dear friends, is an illusion. We are now and forever will be one family. All are simply reflections of our own Self.

May Rep. Cantaloupe Calves King’s demographics be damned…forever.


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The Greatest Gift ~ A Runecasting for 9 March 2017

The Greatest Gift

We exist in a balanced energy exchange not only with others but also between physical and nonphysical aspects of Self. We may be unaware of that balance, believing we are only the bodies we inhabit, or we may remember that ours is a constant resonance. We don’t leave it behind when we incarnate into bodies.

Beginning at the top, Gebo, the seventh rune of the Elder Futhark, illustrates that balanced energy exchange we experience. As the gift, Gebo is a rune of Elemental Water fostering relationships of mutual benefit. A sense of equilibrium is felt with Gebo as it creates a link between our external focus and our divinity within.

From there, Thurisaz invokes the power of Thor’s Hammer, in dynamic and catalytic protection. The third rune of the Elder Futhark, Thurisaz represents directed strength while cautioning against impulsive action.

Ansuz represents divine inspiration and the ability to see all sides of an issue. Eloquence born from an inner wisdom allows us to speak from a position of strength and clarity. We channel Higher Self awareness when Ansuz appears in a runecasting and it’s telling us to align in that vibration for our greatest awareness.

Along with accessing Higher Self awareness, Nauthiz provides our inner catalyst for change. It’s experienced as the need within, pressing in nature. Nauthiz asks us to stop and reevaluate what we’re experiencing. Self-restraint may be in order when Nauthiz presents. The future is in question and a new beginning or approach may be in order.

The numerology of the individual runes is 7, 3, 4, and 10 resulting in a final value of 6 representing the sacred and the Higher Self. Ansuz directly aligns with this influence as does Gebo. Thurisaz gives us the strength to pause and avoid an impulsive reaction. And Nauthiz reinforces the same as it asks us to employ some self-restraint.

It’s easy to become distracted by the world around us. A projection of collective consciousness, everything we see is temporary while our Unified Self is eternal. If we take seriously everything going on around us, then that becomes our focus instead of continuing to create new experiences. A dispassionate view gives way to judgment and we jump feet first into the ensuing chaos, our peace of mind a distant memory if remembered at all.

The runecasting is reminding us that we exist as a greater unified presence with a piece of that presence experienced as our physical reality. Our engagement within our physical reality should reflect the remembrance of our greater presence so that awareness of our fundamental unity with all is placed before any thoughts of division.

Of course, the greatest test for alignment comes when emotions are running high as they are now for many. I put together a bindrune for all to use that can be carried or worn as a talisman, reminding us that strength can be found in a balanced exchange with others.

We sacrifice nothing by coming together in love and unity, instead gaining everything. The greatest gift we give others is to experience the Creator within them. To see them through the eyes of Source Vision, in perfect love and perfect trust, we extend that loving blessing to all.

Blessed Be



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As The Tower Crumbles ~ Tarot for 18 Feb 2017

As The Tower Crumbles ~ Tarot for 18 Feb 2017

Swords, Cups, a crumbling Tower and an expansive and brilliant Sun comprise today’s tarot reading from my Thoth deck. Our intellect as well as our emotions are in play today. The overall numerology of the reading is 16, 9, and 19 reducing to either the Master Number 44 or 8. If left as a Master Number, 44 is viewed in a variety of ways by numerologists including as a master healer, divine inspiration, and it suggests that we carefully consider our approach to challenges in our life. Structure, organization, and self-discipline are felt with 44. Strength of character is included as well. Twice the Master Builder number of 22, 44 reinforces how we manifest our material foundation.

Taking an overall look at the cards The Tower jumps right out with its chaotic and vibrant colors. The All Seeing Eye looks on as fire explodes from a mouth wide open, tearing asunder the castle’s tower. Geometric figures fall from the tower as it crumbles to the ground. A card of Mars, The Tower’s destruction is catalytic and final. A dove carrying a branch flies in the sky promising a new day is in store when the rubble clears away, a coiled snake signifying rebirth and renewal.

The Prince of Cups in the Thoth deck is beautiful. The shades of blue utilized by Lady Frieda Harris appear cold and somewhat frigid. The Prince sits on his chariot at water’s edge, his eagle pausing to drink. He carries a chalice with a snake coiling upwards in one hand and a flower in the other. Although the Prince can be passionate, he can also be vampiric in nature, preferring a secretive approach to actual honesty. Crowley views the Prince of Cups as:

“completely without conscience in the ordinary sense of the word, and is therefore usually distrusted by his neighbors.”¹

The 9 of Swords reflects cruelty in the Thoth tarot. Typical interpretations of Swords, particularly the odd numbered cards, reflect negativity of some kind. In this card, we’re bound by our perceptions and are now experiencing despair and sorrow. It’s another long night of the soul card that suggests we’re experiencing a difficult period in our lives. Sometimes it reflects the actions of others but primarily the 9 of Swords signifies our own descent into illusion. It reflects self-imposed fear and negative self-talk.

The last card of the reading is The Sun, another card from the Major Arcana suggesting humanity’s rebirth or awakening. A beautiful and enigmatic card, The Sun’s rays extend throughout, two cherubs suspended below, arms raised in celebration and supplication. The light of The Sun has returned providing success, clarity, and revelation.

It seems counterproductive to tear everything asunder in order that we bring change. But sometimes that’s what happens, particularly when we can do nothing to repair the current situation. However, it’s not required that we always take a destroy everything approach to try something new when in truth sometimes all that’s needed is a change of perspective.

The Tower illustrates that everything is crashing down around us, signifying the disruption of the material side of our lives or it can signify a release of old thinking so that a better approach can be used. Although it can seem like everything is out of control, in reality, it illustrates a willingness to take back our control from those who, like the Prince of Cups, may not have our best interests at heart, preferring to use and manipulate us for their own end.

However, the most important aspect of this reading is the 9 of Swords which is telling us to control our thoughts instead of allowing our thoughts to control us. Where we place our focus matters. In light of recent events, many of us are watching the horror show that is unfolding with the so-called new guy. His ratings have gone down and he’s at risk of cancellation so he’s in Florida this weekend getting his ego stroked by his supporters, the first of no doubt many campaign rallies he apparently needs to feel better about himself. He hasn’t even been in office a month and he’s already costing us more than President Obama did in his first year in office. And it doesn’t even address the lives lost in the botched raid he was goaded into approving, or the lives of immigrants now threatened by this overgrown man-child.

This particular expression of The Tower actually reminds me of his bloviating and arrogant bullshit, all orange and screaming at all his perceived enemies. But as he spins out of control, we need to control our thoughts and focus our intention on doing everything in our power to disturb his process at every turn.

The guy who he tapped to replace Flynn apparently referred to his regime as a shit sandwich and declined the offer to serve. I’d say that someone with integrity finally said no to his orangeness, but then that would be ignoring Sally Yates who was fired for telling this nutjob the truth and she deserves that position. And it’s lovely that people are posting on social media pictures of journalists who were killed doing their jobs after our bloviator in chief went after journalists with integrity for telling the truth about him.

However, The Sun tells us that this nightmare will end and the chaos will give way to our awakening and success, free from oppression and hate, united in our true purpose. It’s easy for the general public to be manipulated by those in positions of authority in our government. So much is kept from us that in turn keeps us at odds with each other. Those in power tend to want it that way so that we never see the truth of what they’re doing. Instead of focusing on the proverbial man behind the curtain, we turn on each other, assuring that the powers that be will remain in control.

As The Tower crumbles, separation and hate fall away allowing us to build our lives on a foundation of love and unity. If today’s reading tells us anything it’s that we have to be alert to the hidden machinations of others and to control our negative thinking. Separation and hate are our true enemies. The so-called new guy is just a shiny set of keys designed to distract us from the real threat we face.  But we’ll get through this as we always do. And with any luck, we’ll find our way back to each other in the process.

Blessed be



  1. DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 186). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.