A Magickal Legacy Of Love And Light

A Magickal Legacy Of Love And Light

We lost a brother the other day. Raymond Buckland passed through the veil leaving a magickal legacy that witches, Wiccan or not, will embrace for years to come. His was a life well-lived and I confess to owning a couple of his books, Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft as well as Wicca For One: The Path of […]

healing and unity

Spell for Healing and Unity

With tonight’s Full Cold Moon also a Super Moon, I wrote a short spell for healing and unity. I posted yesterday the drawing of the bindrune I’ll use for it, and today I created the actual bindrune for this evening’s ritual. Full Moons are the time for setting our intentions for the coming month, or […]

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This Is Our Will, So Shall It Be

It’s said that the Aces contain the foundation for the rest of the Minor Arcana. They represent genesis, potential, the pattern of Elemental energies, and therefore, life. In the Thoth deck, the sword depicted is the Great Sword of the Magus, representing Elemental Air, our intellect in its purest form. The Sword emerges from the […]

Samhain Altar

All Doors Open, All Options Available ~ Dark Moon/Samhain runecasting

It’s foggy, cold, and raining on the high desert so it’s doubtful I’ll head outside for a Dark Moon ritual, but I wanted to cast the runes regardless. In Scorpio, this new moon promises to be intense and transforming so it’s nice to have an idea where things might be going. I’m still canning tomatoes […]

Taking the Dispassionate View ~ Tarot for Aug 24, 2016

I love it when my three favorite cards show up in a reading! The 2 of Swords, The High Priestess, and the Queen of Swords appear in a three-card spread showing influences for today. I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot for today’s reading. It has a Celtic or Druidic feel to it that I like. […]

A Witch Needs No Explanation

White versus Grey versus Black. Last time I looked, a witch needs no explanation. Look, I understand identifying with a title that references your tradition. I identify with Druidry, Hedgewitchery, and the Völur. Typically I call myself a Hedgewitch if I’m pressed to define myself. But I don’t identify with white, black or grey, although […]

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The Planning of a Spell

I take days to plan a spell. Unless I don’t have the luxury to do so of course. But I like to think about what I wish to accomplish and to be certain of my motivation for doing it in the first place. Typically my spells focus on illumination or enlightenment. That and healing, although […]

thoth tarot

Thoth Tarot: The Empress As Guide

The reading begins with the Mother Aspect of The Empress. Love, happiness, beauty, pleasure, sexuality all reflect the abundance brought forth by this third card of the Major Arcana. She is elegant and gracious with a receptive presence. The Empress looks to the future, the essence of creativity and fertility. She reflects our emotional presence […]


Aligning With Goddess Presence: A Runecasting

I cast the runes this evening to look at elemental influences for the coming month. With Raidho as significator, Nauthiz begins the casting in the position of Spirit. Moving deocil, Laguz is positioned at Elemental Water, Jera at Elemental Fire, Othala at Elemental Earth, and Perthro at Elemental Air. Two bindrunes are placed above and […]

Maiden Moon

Witch as Reality, Not as Religion

For some witches, the practice of witchcraft is as much a religious practice as a personal reality. Others take issue with the word religious and would say it’s a spiritual practice. For witches such as myself, it’s simply a reality. But it’s interesting that some traditions in witchcraft or magick seem to center around a type […]