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Spell for Healing and Unity

healing and unity

With tonight’s Full Cold Moon also a Super Moon, I wrote a short spell for healing and unity. I posted yesterday the drawing of the bindrune I’ll use for it, and today I created the actual bindrune for this evening’s ritual. Full Moons are the time for setting our intentions for the coming month, or longer if appropriate, for healing, and empowerment.

For the altar, I decided to use not only white candles but an assortment of smaller pastel colored candles to symbolize loving unity. Various quartz crystals are placed around as well as a selenite tower, wand, and sphere. A cauldron is burning and the bindrune is placed there for blessing and consecrating after which it will be used in the healing and unity spell.

healing and unityBindrunes are great to use for magickal workings because they blend archetypal energies together for a particular intention. This bindrune brings together the energies of Hagalaz, Jera, Wunjo, and Uruz to manifest healing and unity. Many have been torn apart from recent events by dark forces who care only about furthering their own agenda. But this lower vibration, this lower energy, that seems to want to control at the expense of all decency, can be transmuted by a collective resonance of love and unity. We have always been stronger together and it’s where our healing lies.

Ritual oils for full moon and healing can be used to dress the candles, or any other oil that resonates. I’ll be burning frankincense on charcoal in the cauldron, but any kind of incense can be used whether in a cauldron or not.

Begin your ritual as you like. I open mine by casting a circle, blessing the Norns, and then invoking the Pentagrams of Protection. You can refer to the protection spell I posted here for those rituals. And when you’re fully aligned in Source Presence, cover your bindrune with your projective hand and chant:

  • I bind these runes
  • Blending energies within
  • Bringing balance without
  • Infused with immanence
  • I bless and consecrate this sigil
  • In alignment with Source

Pass the bindrune through the smoke from the incense three times, repeating the chant again. Repeat it one last time while passing the bindrune over the candle flame three times.

Continue now with the spell by holding the bindrune in your receptive hand, your projective hand covering it. While still holding the bindrune, raise your hands to Goddess and chant three times:

  • Sanitas partum  (create healing)
  • Creare unum  (create unity)
  • Ligare nos  (bind us together)

Finish by chanting:

  • Veritas revelat  (reveal truth)
  • Desiderium patefactum  (my desire manifested)
  • Salva veritate  (with truth preserved)

At this point I typically have some other ritual work I do including drawing down the moon. But you can end your Full Moon Ritual as you like. I’m a solitary hedge witch, so my own tradition is ever-evolving. Others are part of covens who have their own lovely traditions and spellcraft that are filled with such meaning. And if you’re not exactly of the witchy persuasion and you’re joining in with this spell for unity and healing, I extend many, many blessings to you. You can end the ritual as you like or by stilling your presence.

Of course it’s lovely when you can perform the entire esbat ritual outside under the Full Moon, but as it’s going to be in the ‘teens tonight at this witch’s house, I’ll be doing most of the ritual indoors. However I will walk outside to perform the spell under the Full Moon, whether she’s visible or not. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow, so some Goddess Moonlight shining down will be so nice.

The dark forces that surround us will never have their desired effect as long as we collectively raise our vibration to one of love and unity. It’s through that presence that healing takes place. And through our healing the light of truth will resonate forth.

Blessings to all!

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This Is Our Will, So Shall It Be

rune and tarot 11182016

It’s said that the Aces contain the foundation for the rest of the Minor Arcana. They represent genesis, potential, the pattern of Elemental energies, and therefore, life. In the Thoth deck, the sword depicted is the Great Sword of the Magus, representing Elemental Air, our intellect in its purest form. The Sword emerges from the clouds, in full illumination and awareness, its point extending upward through the golden crown above. This is alignment in Source Presence, where each of us begins and our true nature remains. The Ace of Swords is directed intelligence, unity of purpose, thought in all its brilliance, manifested into form.

Our world is held in place by an agreement of sorts. A balance or tension exists that keeps everything in place, an esoteric form of gravity in a sense. Nauthiz provides that tension, that state of resistance, that alignment in Source Presence. Considered the rune of Skuld, the Norn of Fate representing the future, we utilize the energies of Nauthiz to bind and shape our experiences as Source Presence, experiencing life from an awakened state. Our physical and nonphysical presence remains in balance with Nauthiz as we use our will to create our solutions.

As we will it, so shall it be.

What binds us together, what binds within, is Source Presence. When our thoughts are scattered and given to manipulation by our ego, we forget that we belong together, that we come from one Source, from All That Is. Our thoughts turn to division and hate instead of love and community and we fail to live our true purpose.

The Ace of Swords asks what will our thoughts manifest? Nauthiz reminds us of our need within to stay aligned, knowing that it’s from this alignment that pure thought emanates. The future is either preserved or threatened by present moment awareness. Will our thoughts create a future based on love, respect, and dignity? Or will their end result be that of separation and division?

This is our will, so shall it be.

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All Doors Open, All Options Available ~ Dark Moon/Samhain runecasting

Samhain Altar

It’s foggy, cold, and raining on the high desert so it’s doubtful I’ll head outside for a Dark Moon ritual, but I wanted to cast the runes regardless. In Scorpio, this new moon promises to be intense and transforming so it’s nice to have an idea where things might be going. I’m still canning tomatoes every few days as they continue to ripen. And the pollen cakes and candy board are installed in each hive for winter feeding. And tomorrow is Halloween, Samhain in the witch world, my favorite holiday of the year.

For many, Samhain represents the end of the year. The Earth enters a dark period followed by a period of rebirth. Life centered around planting and harvest, hunting and preservation. We share harvest blessings with family, neighbors, and friends and settle in for the winter. This particular runecasting focuses on the new year ahead.



Dagaz, Algiz, Thurisaz, Wunjo, and Inguz make up today’s five-rune spread. It began as a three-rune spread, but then for some reason, I kept drawing more. The numerology is interesting in that Inguz is the 22nd rune in the Elder Futhark, so I would leave that one alone as the Master Builder number. I place Dagaz at the end instead of Othala, so it becomes the 24th rune, Algiz ~ 15, Thurisaz ~ 3, and Wunjo ~ 8. Another Master number, 11 illumination, is achieved by combining Thurisaz with Wunjo, which in a sense balance each other’s projective/receptive energies. This leaves us with Dagaz and Algiz, each adding up to 6, together 12, reducing to 3 catalyst or triple aspect. If we ignored the presence of Master numbers within the runes, then the numerology of the runecasting would be 9, a multiple of 3 and a triple aspect number, signifying completion or fulfillment.

From the numerology, the coming year looks promising. We have the energy for manifesting something new with an eye on completion before the year’s end. Two Master numbers, illumination and the Master Builder seem to reinforce success.

Now let’s take a look at the runes. From Grimoire of a Crone:

  • Dagaz ~ means day and represents complete enlightenment. All doors are open. All options are available. One phase is ending and other beginning. The witch stands in the middle, the in between, holding the balance, as witness, as observer. The rune of the present moment, Dagaz may used to achieve balance, clarity, and alignment. (Loc 1316-1318)
  • Algiz ~ represents the Elk and protection. Another rune connecting the physical and nonphysical realms, Algiz is the rune of Higher Consciousness. (Loc 1282-1283)
  • Thurisaz ~ is the hammer of Thor, representing giants and chaos. The rune of catalytic energy, Thurisaz brings new beginnings and renders opposition useless against you. It can be used in weather and love magick as well as protection and defense. (Loc 1240-1242)
  • Wunjo ~ means joy and is regarded as the wish rune. It indicates peace, contentment, and harmony and may be used in magickal workings to attract a partner. (Loc 1257-1258)
  • Inguz ~ is the seed, the energy of potential, our genetic inheritance. The male counterpart to the feminine energy of Berkano, Inguz awakens male fertility and is used magickally for a sudden release of energy. The focus is an inner one and is helpful for centering and grounding. (Loc 1309-1311)

Beginning with Dagaz, we see that a something new is beginning in our lives. We stand in balance, in alignment, ready for new experiences to come. In awareness of our Source Presence, Algiz provides a link between physical and nonphysical aspects of Self and protects us from harmful forces.

Looking at the runes involved in the Master numbers, it’s easy to see how Thurisaz and Wunjo combine well to balance masculine and feminine energies, something that’s sorely needed in our world today. This balance, this understanding, leads to illumination reflected in a more balanced approach. Inguz, as the 22nd rune, represents the Master Builder turning our dreams into reality. As the seed, we see catalytic energy explode into form, potential becoming reality. Together, Master numbers 11 and 22 bring an energy of fulfillment to the runecasting.

The runecasting flows from one rune to the next, interacting and supporting the next, through to completion. As with their numerology, the runes suggest we stand on the precipice of something wonderful. The energy is right to pursue new endeavors, whatever they might be. Aware of our Source Presence, we remain aligned, energies in balance, our inner focus strong. We have the strength and aligned presence to overcome whatever challenges present along the way, sure in the knowledge that we’re prepared and ready for what comes. We have no time for power struggles, preferring instead to put that energy to better use. We move in synchronicity with the process in lieu of struggling in resistance, our efforts manifesting into a successful outcome.

Although the dark of Winter may be fast approaching, the genesis of something new will illuminate our path. And as we celebrate Summer’s end, remember to send loving blessings to loved ones beyond the veil. Feel their loving presence because they never forget ours.

We begin in Dagaz, in enlightenment, embrace our Source Presence with Algiz, blending the catalytic with the harmonious in Thurisaz and Wunjo, our creative force pushing on to completion and fulfillment brought by Inguz. Our dreams manifested into reality.

Blessings of love to all!


Erickson, Jan. Grimoire of a Crone. Kindle version. 2016.

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Taking the Dispassionate View ~ Tarot for Aug 24, 2016

I love it when my three favorite cards show up in a reading! The 2 of Swords, The High Priestess, and the Queen of Swords appear in a three-card spread showing influences for today. I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot for today’s reading. It has a Celtic or Druidic feel to it that I like.

Today is special because it happens to be my oldest son’s thirty-sixth birthday. 36 reduces to 9. An ending in preparation for a new beginning or a fulfillment of some kind. He just celebrated his first wedding anniversary and recently purchased a home, so lots of new beginnings there for the two of them.

There’s a preponderance of Swords in the reading dealing with our intellectual presence in the world. Sometimes swords also indicates mental or intellectual challenges or conflict that we might face and with the 2 of Swords present, it may mean that a decision must be made.

What’s interesting, however, are the colors used in all three cards. Blues dominate all three cards, with the balance between what’s known and what’s hidden depicted with The High Priestess. The full moon is visible in front of dissipating clouds; white and black trees stand to either side of the Priestess. Her dark hair flowing, reflecting the moon’s light, a moon adorning her headdress. She holds her grimoire in her left hand indicating wisdom and knowing, and a crystal ball in her right suggesting awareness through divination. The second card of the Major Arcana, the numerology of The High Priestess represents duality and balance.

Returning to the 2 of Swords and the Queen of Swords which surround our High Priestess, a woman resembling The High Priestess sits blindfolded, water churning around her, holding two swords in balance, the light of the moon glistening off both blades. The clouds are clearing with the Moon behind her in Libra suggesting peace after conflict. She sits in balance, taking the dispassionate view, remaining in alignment. Again the two represents balance and duality.

The Queen of Swords stands looking out over the land, her sword in her right hand, her blue robe flowing, adorned by butterflies, birds, and clouds. Her sword is held in an upward position, indicating new thought or new ideas forming. The rays of the sun peek out from the dissipating clouds providing the Queen with clarity of thought and purpose. The Queen is well-prepared for the future. Roses grow at her feet, suggesting her future is filled with beauty and grace.

I love the 2 of Swords in any deck, but in the Robin Wood tarot deck it has so much going on and the colors used help depict the woman’s inner focus and strength. She remains in control despite the chaos which surrounds her. Through wisdom and grace, The High Priestess moves past the chaos and blending intellect with intuition, she both researches and intuits her way forward. The Queen of Swords takes what she’s learned from both 2 cards (they reduce to 4) with the structure necessary to greet whatever comes. If the Court cards were numbered, the Queen would be a 13, or 4 when reduced, the same as the other two when reduced. Together they add to 8, indicating strength and progress.

Although more than one card from the suit of Swords can indicate conflict or aggression, it can also indicate an intensity of motion. And with the churning waters from the 2 of Swords, it feels like much is happening. But as anyone can see, the woman’s aligned focus keeps her centered enough that she can discern what’s important and leave the rest, a positive outcome seen in the Queen of Swords assured, particularly when looking at the numerology of the reading.

So allow your new ideas and projects to gel a bit and then move forward with them. Embrace the newness of it all and know that you’re ready for anything.

Blessed Be


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A Witch Needs No Explanation

White versus Grey versus Black. Last time I looked, a witch needs no explanation. Look, I understand identifying with a title that references your tradition. I identify with Druidry, Hedgewitchery, and the Völur. Typically I call myself a Hedgewitch if I’m pressed to define myself. But I don’t identify with white, black or grey, although the way other witches define grey probably covers Hedgewitchery.

White apparently indicates purity or positive-oriented magick, black the dark arts, and grey a hodgepodge of whatever you want. And it’s not that I necessarily think a color reference is any different than any other title, but that it feels like a judgment is associated with it which leaves me uncomfortable. So I have to ask, why would any of us define ourselves as white, black, grey, or any other color of the rainbow? Is it a statement? If so, to whom?

If we define ourselves as white witches, are we doing so to make others more comfortable with who we are? Or is it to make ourselves more comfortable with who we are? Is it to let others know the type of magick we perform? Because if so, why on earth would we ever tell them that? I seem to remember to keep silence (some say to keep silent) as one of the four powers of the witch and I would think it might apply here. And again, do we want others to know this so that they approve of us somehow?

I realize that it wasn’t so long ago that witches were persecuted and that it still goes on today. So a little discretion might still be in order. But for me, living in truth is more important than creating a moniker that makes others comfortable, so identifying as white, black, or grey wouldn’t work for me. Well, maybe grey. But it would still feel weird to do so.

I don’t mean to pick on white witches here but the dark arts witches seem to deal well with who they are as do the grey witches. And maybe the white witches do as well, but every time I hear someone refer to themselves that way, I immediately wonder why. I can’t help it. Although it’s actually none of my business what other witches call themselves, I typically decide that it’s because it resonates somehow, but I still wonder.

The last thing witches should do is respond or present themselves in a way that gives credence to fear-based viewpoints. I have to wonder if witches unwittingly do this when they self-identify as a white witch.

It would be nice if no one had to send any message that they’re okay to be around, witches in particular. Whether the magick we perform is all love and light, or it embraces the darker aspects of our craft, it’s all just energy that we move or affect with our intention. We might have various purposes that differ and some witches may engage in various levels of control when circumstances warrant, but in my opinion at no time should we make any of it palatable to others.

We’re witches after all. NO explanation necessary.

Blessed Be

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The Planning of a Spell

binding spells

I take days to plan a spell. Unless I don’t have the luxury to do so of course. But I like to think about what I wish to accomplish and to be certain of my motivation for doing it in the first place. Typically my spells focus on illumination or enlightenment. That and healing, although health problems can be something we choose before we focus into form.

Essentially our issues begin when we forget that we’re Source Energy. If we remembered that then it might be a little more difficult to cause each other so much grief. But forget we do and then sometimes a witch will address such imbalances with some spellwork.

Magick is manifested desire. So if I want someone to stop causing me harm, then I can either choose to place my attention elsewhere and ignore the fool, or if that’s not possible I can set an intention for a spell that either binds the person’s action and/or allows him or her to see the effects of their behavior. The idea with the latter is that when someone understands they’re being an ass, they stop. The first intention is always available if understanding is simply beyond the individual’s comprehension.

But a witch does what a witch does and sometimes taking the high road isn’t really an option. So when I’ve had enough of someone’s behavior and it’s clear they’re clueless, I prepare for a binding spell, if only to create the space for a time out, a sort of go to your room and think about it intention. I balance the spell with an intention of clarity because a binding spell that doesn’t create the space for enlightenment is a little revenge-y in my estimation and I’m not comfortable with that.

Because I believe we’re all expressions of Source Energy, I prefer to view myself from that standpoint. I’m not sure how I judge someone else who may have arranged for these experiences prior to incarnating just as I and everyone else have done.

Although many witches perform curses, I’ve never been comfortable with it, nor do I believe the notion that a witch needs to know how to curse in order to heal. I’ve been a healer all of my life. I don’t have to cause someone harm so that I know how to extend healing blessings or intentions. I don’t want to experience the kind of emotion necessary to do something like that. Again, I am Source Energy. The body and the world I temporarily inhabit is a projection of collective consciousness. I suppose I’m reluctant to make any of it too real. And it seems to me that one of my primary functions should be to see everyone and everything with loving Source Vision, so I normally prefer a do no harm approach.

Sometimes people just lose their way or their awareness of their Source Presence. It’s with that in mind that I balance any binding spell with intentions for awakening and remembrance. I initially create a sigil from the individual’s name which I then bless. The idea is to create the vision I want to see about this person instead of the nonsense they’re creating. I spend a few days visualizing the individual awakening to the truth of their behavior and then wanting to make amends. During the spell itself, I see the situation as resolved and then cast that intention.

I love to balance energies, so consideration is made for the day of the week, the hour, moon phase, etc. For a binding spell I use black candles along with a candle or two reflecting the day of the week. I may use both black and white stones to balance binding with awakening, or I might use only white candles to support the idea of issue resolution. It all depends on the situation at hand.

After casting a circle, I perform a self-purification ritual followed by the Rite of Awen and the Pentagram. I like herb magick, so I’ll frequently grind herbs and resins to throw on a piece of charcoal burning in the cauldron, grinding widdershins for the purpose of binding or magicks of decrease, or deocil for magicks of increase. During the preparation for the spell, I either locate one I’ve already written or write a new one, and while chanting the spell, I cast the sigil I created into the cauldron, invoking Elemental Fire to increase the intensity of the spell.

I envision the situation with the person resolved. Understanding has been achieved and the individual is moving in a more positive direction. I see the individual as Source Energy, and in perfect love and perfect trust, I extend blessings of clarity and peace.

But here’s the thing. I only do a binding spell when nothing else works and something must be done. I would rather respect the individual experiences that we’re all here to have and to view the situation dispassionately with Source Vision. Because at the end of the day, performing a binding spell is a result of judgment. And sometimes I’m not sure if I’m binding a person’s behavior, or my own view of it. Unfortunately when safety is at issue or crimes are being committed and no one is doing anything, sometimes a witch must become the warrior who acts on behalf of self or others.

Although a binding isn’t a curse, it’s still something I do as a last resort. But that’s a decision each witch must make and I judge no witch for choosing something else. We each must define our own way, our own expression. Our will comes from within, from alignment with Source. And it’s up to each witch how that is manifested.

Blessed Be

~ Jan

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Thoth Tarot: The Empress As Guide

thoth tarot

The reading begins with the Mother Aspect of The Empress. Love, happiness, beauty, pleasure, sexuality all reflect the abundance brought forth by this third card of the Major Arcana. She is elegant and gracious with a receptive presence. The Empress looks to the future, the essence of creativity and fertility. She reflects our emotional presence and is the doorway to new ideas, passion, and joy.

The Major Arcana flows from one card to the next, each one building upon the others. We begin as the Fool, taking a leap of faith as we focus into form on our journey of self-discovery. The Magus or Magician is considered card number one followed by the High Priestess as card number two reflecting male and female energies. Together they produce The Empress as card number three who then gives birth to The Emperor. All things flow from the Goddess in all Her Aspects.

Continuing the emotional influence of The Empress, The Two of Cups reinforces the unity of polarities that we saw result in the Empress. Reciprocity and balance within and without are present in this card. The Two of Cups represents love, reconciliation, and partnership.

We end with the visionary and passionate Prince of Cups. Crowley seems to believe the Prince is the equivalent to an energy vampire, ruthless and cold, but I see the Prince as passionate and sensitive, in touch with his emotional presence in the world. The card itself evokes a subtle dreaminess as the Prince emerges from the wave, appearing unaffected by the emotional chaos of the world. Astrologically, this card represents the movement between Libra and Scorpio which may account for the secretive nature that Crowley refers to. But the pause to let his eagle, his partner on the journey, drink from the well so to speak indicates a calm, centered, and balanced emotional state.

Calm within the chaos, an aspect of The Empress as well as the Two of Cups. Perhaps this is the theme of the reading. Reciprocity and balance, partnership and trust, flow from each card. As we live our lives, we play out various expressions of duality. The Empress emerges from the blending of The Magus and the High Priestess as the child born of two parents, an expression of duality that gives way to new creation. Balance within and without are present in the Two of Cups, another expression of duality. The partnership expressed in the Prince of Cups and his eagle are yet another example of duality.

But these examples are only manifestations of our life here, our true duality reflected only in our physical and nonphysical aspects of Self. Remembrance of our primary reality as expressions of Source Energy becomes our focus as we align with that primal energy, that Source Presence within. Standing apart from the chaos of physical form, we’re able to calmly observe and experience life, trusting that we possess all that we need to live in balance and joy.

It’s the calm resonance of The Empress that guides us on our path, giving birth to new ideas and experiences that we explore with joyful abandon. She teaches us to allow, to love, and to live in grace.

Blessings to all!

~ Jan


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Aligning With Goddess Presence: A Runecasting


I cast the runes this evening to look at elemental influences for the coming month. With Raidho as significator, Nauthiz begins the casting in the position of Spirit. Moving deocil, Laguz is positioned at Elemental Water, Jera at Elemental Fire, Othala at Elemental Earth, and Perthro at Elemental Air. Two bindrunes are placed above and below the casting for alignment, protection, and clarity.

Raidho represents the spiritual journey we take as our nonphysical presence manifests into form. An Air Element rune, Raidho assists us in alignment with Goddess Presence within. We maintain steady progress, understanding our process is more important than any goals we might realize. Justice and order are also present in Raidho as it directs energy into harmony, balancing chaotic or unstable conditions.

Beginning with Nauthiz. we have the Norn rune, Skuld, representing the future. In the position of Spirit, Nauthiz strengthens the will of the witch, linking nonphysical and physical aspects of Self, and may be used in binding spells, positive change, banishing, and cleansing. The catalytic presence of this rune of Elemental Fire increases the intensity of spellwork, assisting the witch in raising the energy necessary to achieve her intended goal. Overcoming obstacles, turning negative situations into positive, are other influences of Nauthiz. Resistance is felt with this rune, asking us to align with Goddess Presence, where all knowing flows, and all things are possible.

Also a rune of Elemental Water, Laguz represents clairsentience in all its forms. The rune of the occult, the witch uses Laguz to cast out for magickal influences as she draws down Moon energies, increasing her life force. The witch’s strength is born of aligned focus, as she balances her emotional presence with Laguz.

Jera, or year, in the position of Elemental Fire, is the rune of transformation and balance. A rune of Elemental Earth, I’ve included this rune’s energy for growth and fertility in creating bindrunes for my garden. Jera aligns relationship energy, promotes positive change, and represents the cyclical nature of life.

Sometimes appearing at the end of the Elder Futhark, Othala represents our Akash, inheritance, and is the rune of sacred space. Family and ancestral traditions are present in Othala, with protection of home and possessions an important aspect as it influences prosperity, security, and peace. An Earth Element rune, Othala aligns with its Earth position, strengthening its influence.

Perthro is in the position of Elemental Air representing the Norns’ power to determine fate. It also represents the womb. A rune of Elemental Water, Perthro represents change and the evolution of ideas, particularly in the understanding of the unknown. Some rune masters observe and interpret the directionality of Perthro, although I typically read it open to the right. When open to the left, some believe it represents death or an ending of some kind. To the right, Perthro represents birth or beginnings. But primarily, Perthro represents the unknown, or Wyrd, as we experience cause and effect balanced with our synchronous alignment with Goddess Presence.

So let’s look at what the witch has to help her through the next month. And please know that although I refer to witches in the feminine, I do so only for readability issues, and it’s not intended to exclude anyone. With Raidho representing the witch in the significator position of the casting, the focus is on the witch’s journey of self-discovery. We’re living through the time of ascension, where we begin to understand who and what we really are as extensions of Source Energy, and the witch’s presence is necessary to bring balance to a chaotic world.

All elements are present in this casting, with Earth and Water runes placed in their respective elemental positions, strengthening their influence. New ideas or directions may be in store for the witch this next month as Nauthiz catalyzes and intensifies her ritual and spellwork, particularly during Esbat rituals as Laguz increases the witch’s clairsentient abilities. Prosperity spells and spells to bring positive change are favored next month as Jera promises a positive outcome, and Othala aligns the witch with Akashic or ancestral influences.

But at the end of the day, it’s the witch’s clairsentience or intuitive awareness that will assist her as she casts her lots to the universe, Perthro influencing her awareness of the unknown. I’ve always viewed Hagalaz as the witch rune, but in many respects, it’s Perthro. The witch works in the in-between where the unknown is the norm. It sounds like over the next month, energies and influences will be favorable for illumination and clarity in addition to positive change and new beginnings.

The journey a witch takes is personal and life-affirming. Her relationship with the Earth is one of immanence and love. I chose these bindrunes to represent the energies of As Above, So Below, fitting for a witch’s pentagram runecasting. The bindrune above the casting includes Othala and Eihwaz, linking together our Akash or nonphysical aspect of self with our ancestral influences in physical form. The bottom rune binds together the Norns of Fate, Hagalaz, Nauthiz, and Isa, representing the witch’s influence in physical form.

Life can be a delicate balancing act for a witch, particularly in this odd world in which we all live. This runecasting suggests that the witch will have what she needs as she strives to remain aligned in Goddess presence.

Blessings to all!

~ Jan



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Witch as Reality, Not as Religion

Maiden Moon

For some witches, the practice of witchcraft is as much a religious practice as a personal reality. Others take issue with the word religious and would say it’s a spiritual practice. For witches such as myself, it’s simply a reality. But it’s interesting that some traditions in witchcraft or magick seem to center around a type of religious structure or hierarchy. Although I don’t know about other countries, regarding witchcraft as a religion, at least in this country, gives witches certain legal protections. But before all that happened, witches were defined by various clergy and royalty as not just someone to be feared, but someone to torture and kill. Not even remotely true, but amazing things happen when fear runs amok. From there, witches and those persons conveniently condemned as witches, were tortured and executed using all sorts of religiously-sanctioned methods.

As a solitary witch, I’ve never belonged to a coven or followed a specific tradition. I’m not comfortable with hierarchy or with someone else conferring this or that grade or position on me. I was born a witch and I’ve always viewed it as a personal experience. Having said that, many witches love their coven experience and the traditions they follow and wouldn’t trade it for anything. And it’s nice that we all have so many options. But for myself, it would feel weird learning someone else’s tradition. And I don’t do weird well. I know I would act out, become unruly, probably be kicked to the curb, smiling all the way. Crones are like that. And given I’ve always been this way, apparently I was born a Crone.

The structure of the physical world has nothing to do with who we are. Yes, we create that structure with our focus into form, but it can look any way we choose.  We need to feel attached to something, to give it definition. The introduction of linear time into physical form contributes to this definition of everything in its place. We wake up at a certain time and go to sleep at a certain time. We work, play, attend school all at predetermined times. Everything about our lives is placed in a neat little box. I think it may be a grounding thing with most of us. But it’s perception of who we are and the world at large that makes all of it seem necessary. It’s the way things are done in physical form.

Why on earth would a witch cooperate with that?

Too much is conferred upon us as it is. There’s always someone else who decides this or that for us, be it an employer, or a parent, or a judge, or the government. A witch stands apart from daily life, understanding the world around her like no other, and is more than capable of knowing her way forward.

I’ve always believed that religion manifests as patriarchy. To pattern something that is for many a Goddess-centered experience after patriarchy seems odd. And since religion threads throughout everything in life in one fashion or another, I would think it logical that witches steer clear of such notions. But then I’m obstinate like that. Witches stand apart, in observation of the world. We’re here to support, to heal, to bless and maybe the less definition we give ourselves the better.

It’s the story we tell, really, about who we are and what our purpose is that matters in the long run. I used to say that we make the world too real, but in actuality, it’s that we make it too relevant. We need to regard it more as filler than anything we need to give attention to. And in terms of the story we tell, I think that’s what creating our own path or our own vision is all about. A witch intrinsically knows this and that awareness and presence is felt by all.

Much love and blessings on this Full Strawberry Moon and the Summer Solstice!

~ Jan

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Full Moon Intention: Remembrance of Self



Are we the bodies we inhabit, or is there more to who we are? We’re in a time where remembrance of Self, that awakening that many are experiencing, dominates our thoughts and conversations with others. The duality of form is a tricky place to live. We make it far more real than it actually is and place an importance on it that it doesn’t deserve.

All there is is Now. There is no past or future, just Now. The choices we make are an illusion based upon this collective projection of consciousness for the purpose of experiencing said choices. So it’s not that our experiences aren’t valid, but that we need to see them for what they are. We’re here only to experience life in duality, not to judge it either way.

As Source Energy, each one of us experiences life in physical form, adding to the experiential database of our collective Source Essence. What if we all remembered that as we went about our day? What if, for even five minutes, we told ourselves that we are Source Energy, God if you prefer that term, and then from that perspective, we went about our day?

The shift in our collective vibration would be felt by everyone. We would remember that we’re family. That we are loving collective Source Consciousness. We become so wrapped up in our experience here that we seem to prefer it to remembrance of Self. And then we wonder why we’re unhappy.

So for this Full Flower Moon, my intention is this:

  • Let remembrance of Self guide my way
  • Bring loving focus to my day
  • In Goddess presence I remain
  • In alignment with Source, blessings rain
  • Above and below me
  • Within and around me
  • My will preserved
  • So shall it be

I invite all to join me in this intention. Collectively we are unstoppable. We can accomplish anything. Including remembrance of Self.

~Blessings as we go forward together in loving Source Presence