Witch Notes: October 13th ~ A Day Of Reckoning

Witch Notes: October 13th ~ A Day Of Reckoning

I turn sixty today. I plan to observe it by joining with other women who are boycotting Twitter today protesting the suspension of Rose McGowan and other issues experienced by women on that site. So, I’ll wait to post this after midnight on Twitter in solidarity with the sisterhood. Social media is an interesting place. […]

Normalizing Sexual Harassment

Normalizing Sexual Harassment

Like many women, I’ve experienced sexual harassment during my life. I’ve also experienced sexual assault, so I’m in no mood to hear people pretend they didn’t know or are somehow shocked by allegations about someone who is a powerful individual in their line of work and known by all of them. I have no idea […]

Women Will Never Shut Up Again

Women Will Never Shut Up Again

The downside of shitting all over Hillary Clinton for writing a book about the presidential campaign is that it will serve as a rallying cry for women of a certain age who have experienced enough misogyny over our lifetime. We watched in horror as the most qualified person to run for the highest office in […]

The Perilous Silencing of Women

The Perilous Silencing of Women

The silencing of women has begun in earnest on the floor of the Senate. Be seen and not heard. That’s what I was told by my parents while growing up. I was precocious in their view and my truthful comments weren’t welcome. An empath, my awareness made them uncomfortable. Sorta like the republicans in the Senate […]

The Politics Of Baby-Proofing The World Against A Leader Lacking Basic Impulse Control

And So It Begins

The Electoral College did what many of us wished they hadn’t. They formally elected the lowest common denominator as our president. I’m not going to list all of the harm he’s caused others because we’ve all heard it before. Unfortunately, enough people listened to his craven bullshit and because of the idiotic way we elect […]

misogyny blog post

The Destructive Fallacy of Entitlement

I’ll preface this by saying that if you’re uncomfortable with vulgarity, stop reading now. Misogyny begins with entitlement. Men believe they’re entitled to speak in any manner they wish to women. And when we object, they accuse us of not being grateful. After all, can’t we take a compliment? Our next president believes he can kiss […]

Tarot 11022016

Transformation in Letting Go ~ Tarot for Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Death, The World, and the King of Cups make up today’s three-card spread from my Morgan-Greer tarot deck. I love this deck. My favorite is Thoth, but this one is so colorful and evokes such emotion in me. No cards from the Minor Arcana other than the single Court card are present, with Cups the […]

The Power of the Queens

The Power of a Queen

A witch is drawn to places of power whether it be the mountains, the desert, or the ocean. We’re a curious bunch, and we notice all sorts of things when wandering about. One of the things we notice are rocks, particularly if they have holes in them. Every witch loves hag, or holey, stones. A divination tool, the […]

High Horses

I read something today about patriarchy that really has me scratching my head. Although I think I understand what the author was talking about, I disagree with her premise I guess. At least I think I do. Apparently women are as responsible for misogyny as are men and we confuse patriarchy with masculinity. And that […]

Going Within To Know Truth

What truths inspire us? It helps to be naturally curious, I suppose. But when I wander about, I find such inspiration in the present moment. No agenda, no purpose other than wandering about looking at all the flowers and plants growing, coming upon a snake or a lizard sunning itself. And who doesn’t love a […]