It’s Over. You’re Done.

It’s hard I guess for you to grow up. To continue to act like a child when you don’t get your way. To be so full of yourself that you don’t realize the trail of evidence you leave behind, thus sealing your fate. To let anger drive you on into more and more inappropriate behavior. […]

Empath As Adversary

Empath As Adversary

I saw another article explaining why one should never mess with an empath. I tend not to read them anymore because I have a different take on who I am even though I understand why these articles are written. I’m turning sixty in October and I was born both a witch and an empath, so I understand the […]

A Walk In The Garden ~ When Vampiric Energy Becomes Too Much

A Walk In The Garden ~ When Vampiric Energy Becomes Too Much

I’ve been dealing with an onslaught of vampiric energy lately. I experience it at the grocery store, on walks with my husband, anywhere really. At one point, I began having panic attacks whenever a particular individual came within twenty feet or so of me. He had an agenda to harass and generally annoy someone who […]

Deception From Energy Vampires: An Empath's Struggle ~ Tarot for 6 June 2017

Deception From Energy Vampires: An Empath’s Struggle ~ Tarot for 6 June 2017

I’ve been experiencing some panic attacks lately due to the antics of a handful of manipulative people. It’s one of the downsides of being an empath and has nothing to do with any fear on my part. It’s just an empathic awareness that becomes so overwhelming that panic results. When people seek to deceive, I experience their […]

Micromanaging The Impossible

Tunnel Vision: An Empath’s Sanctuary

Tunnel vision is traditionally thought to be a hindrance, but for an empath or other sensitive humans, it can be our sanctuary. Empaths have all sorts of strategies when coping with uncomfortable energy and creating a tunnel is one such strategy. A tunnel is visualized providing a safe space from which to either exist or […]

Dealing With Extreme Emotions ~ Empath Strategies

Dealing with extreme emotions, whether our own or others, can be challenging for any empath. For those empaths accustomed to this sort of experience, it’s easier to assess the ownership of the vibration. But for the less aware empath experiencing another’s intense emotions can be overwhelming. Outward expressions of anger are easy for most people […]

Stepping Aside Versus Feeling Compelled ~ The Witch and the Empath Within

Stepping Aside Versus Feeling Compelled ~ The Witch and the Empath Within

When I renamed this blog Stepping Aside, I did so because I had reached a point in my life where I was finished with the drama that surrounded me. It was a sort of walking away moment if you will. I had brought my RA into remission with cannabis while the doctors prescribed nothing that helped. […]


New Book! Empath

I confess that I have difficulty advertising what I do. It feels like bragging somehow and I really have to step outside my comfort zone to do any of it. But it’s part of the process I guess. My blog has been active for four years and over that time I’ve worked on several books […]

passive aggression

The Effects Of Passive Aggression

I’ve really come to the conclusion that passive aggression is rampant amongst humans. It can take many forms, sometimes focusing upon the passive side and sometimes the aggressive. Passive aggression is not easily dealt with, by anyone. It tends to be self-reinforcing so it’s difficult for those who behave this way to experience life any […]

Moon Over Sacred Space

The Challenges of Empathic Awareness

I recently read a somewhat bleak piece on life as an empath. Although empathic awareness can be overwhelming at times, even when we understand what we’re experiencing, it doesn’t have to ruin our lives. As if an empath is so emotionally vulnerable that we’re unable to ever cope without tremendous support, when in truth, we have […]