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Deception From Energy Vampires: An Empath’s Struggle ~ Tarot for 6 June 2017

Deception From Energy Vampires: An Empath's Struggle ~ Tarot for 6 June 2017

I’ve been experiencing some panic attacks lately due to the antics of a handful of manipulative people. It’s one of the downsides of being an empath and has nothing to do with any fear on my part. It’s just an empathic awareness that becomes so overwhelming that panic results. When people seek to deceive, I experience their thought process, their intention, their choices, and the energy associated with all of it in one fell swoop. It’s not that I’m afraid of any of them because they’re far too silly for that, but that their deception is so great that it has taken on a momentum all of its own and feeling all of it as I do, a panic attack results.

Deception is emotion-based. Someone wants something so much that they’ll do anything to achieve it including deceiving others. Empaths are like lightning rods for such machinations, typically becoming hyper-alert when deceptive energy comes close. My physical response is usually commensurate with the level of deception, so when it’s a panic attack, it tells me that someone is either really intent on getting what he wants or that he has assistance. In this case, it feels like both. At the end of the day, nothing will ever come of the deception or the game that’s played, but it makes things uncomfortable nonetheless.

Normally I look at daily influences instead of at specific questions when I look at the cards, but with what I’ve been experiencing, I decided to ask for clarity and for help in remaining calm and I found it prescient when I drew both Swords and Cups for the tarot reading. The 7 of Swords, Daughter of Cups, and the 2 of Cups are the cards I drew with an overall numerology of 9 or completion and alignment. Somehow I knew that would be the case.

Beginning with the 7 of Swords, six black swords are suspended in the air above a fox curled up over the seventh suggesting separate agendas are in play. He sleeps with one eye open, aware that all is not as it seems. It’s time to tread carefully until a clearer picture is possible, staying in observation mode only. Envy and jealousy are at the root of the deception that’s occurring and the best thing I can do at this point is to not create any thought channels toward that emotional vibration. Otherwise, it’s easy to absorb that emotion with my panic attacks the end result.

I must confess to finding Court Card annoying so I appreciate Kim Krans’s animal depictions instead of people. She uses snakes in the suit of Wands, swans with Cups, Owls with Swords, and deer with Pentacles. The Daughter of Cups (the Princess or Page in other decks) depicts a baby swan or cygnet peacefully floating on the water. Rainbow colors spill before her, reflecting emotions in balance. She remains in her bliss, unaffected by the world around her as she floats peacefully about. Her youth suggests undeveloped potential, imagination, and intuition as well as positive messages and new experiences.

The 2 of Cups is beautiful in any deck, but the simplicity of this card is striking. And I have to say that I love the directionality of the backgrounds in Krans’s cards. This one feels like a night sky with stars in motion. Beneath the starfield stands two cups with two red roses standing overtop in a crossed fashion. A unity of polarity is felt with this card, perhaps the unity or balance between intellect and emotions. Additionally, the card suggests harmony and partnership, the crossed roses depicting a strong connection. Normally, I would interpret the 2 of Cups in terms of a relationship between two people, but with respect to my empathic-driven panic attacks, this is about alignment within. Empaths pay too much attention to the goings-on around us creating all sorts of headaches for ourselves in the process when we can’t stay in observation mode. In other words, we have a tough time minding our own business because everything is so interesting.

In a sense, what I’m experiencing is vampiric energy and since witches don’t suffer fools well, I’m not sitting still for it. I’m honest and that bothers people. It’s both a witch and empath thing, but truth-telling comes with the territory, and there’s nothing I care to do about it even if I could. I have the Left-Angled Cross of the Clarion in my Human Design chart, which should explain all of it as well as the Christ Consciousness Field for my godhead. So they might as well just stop now because I’ll always be one step ahead of them.

But in the meantime, the answer lies with that adorable baby swan, floating about in her own bliss, focused on the present moment. This is alignment in its purest form, expressing the full truth of as above, so below. Because if we think about it, the expression isn’t as below, so above. We express ourselves as the Creator into the form that each of us takes. The trick of it is to not forget who we actually are as the Creator personified. And yet we do just that, absorbing the negative vibrations that seem to hold the physical world together. But that’s an illusion as well because we choose at every moment the experience we wish to have. Focus on something negative, and we create a thought channel or pathway to that negative situation, oftentimes unable to find our release. So, we visit it again and again and soon it dominates our awareness. We take up residence in the past instead of continuing to create the experience we wish to have, placing our emotional balance at certain risk.

I found relief from the situation by pulling weeds in the garden, my bliss evidently found there. Their screwy vibration still taps me on the shoulder but at least I’m no longer having panic attacks. So either their own focus is waning, or I’ve been successful in shutting down their vampiric asses.

But if not, it’s not as if I’m without options.

Blessed Be


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Tunnel Vision: An Empath’s Sanctuary

Tunnel Vision: An Empath's Sanctuary

Tunnel vision is traditionally thought to be a hindrance, but for an empath or other sensitive humans, it can be our sanctuary. Empaths have all sorts of strategies when coping with uncomfortable energy and creating a tunnel is one such strategy. A tunnel is visualized providing a safe space from which to either exist or move about. It’s a great strategy to use in crowds or in large stores. Add a witch walk to it and people really move out of your way, especially men.

Coping strategies for empaths are often thought of as a response to our surrounding energetic environment instead of as a sacred space in which we reside. As we prepare our sacred space by creating what we wish to experience, at least in visual terms, challenging or vampiric energies that we experience are easier to deal with. In my case, I have trees that create natural archways around my property and I typically visualize walking under them while in chaotic or otherwise uncomfortable situations. The apple trees are blooming and their smell is pure nirvana, so I’m sure to include their smell in my visualization.

I focus on the sound of bees as they visit each flower and I’m just fine if it seems as if I’m not paying attention anymore because at that point, I’m probably not. Chaos and conflict can be impossible for empaths to handle with all the disparate and conflicting vibrations that we experience. We struggle to make sense of people and situations when retreating to our sacred space is in order. We naturally want to balance the energies that are swirling about us when we really should be minding our own business.

Empaths don’t simply experience what’s unfolding before them, but all the truth or lack thereof that’s behind it, and with each reaction, a energetic channel is created, locking us into an engagement we no longer control. Instead of observing what’s happening, we fully invest our emotional presence in that experience, absorbing vibrations that aren’t our own.

We see a way forward that others just don’t see. The struggle is an illusion that we create, not a fundamental truth that is eternal. The conflict, the strife, is nothing more than a choice; therefore, a different choice can be made. Empathic awareness is soul awareness. It originates from our unified presence with all and empaths benefit greatly from remaining in whatever sacred space we can create.

I’ve found watching the antics of the current regime to be exhausting. But it’s becoming ever more clear that our one family needs to see the effects of this type of chaos so that we refocus our efforts for the betterment of all. Because that’s all it takes, really, the choice to see all that we can accomplish together.

The process of ascension is a given, but it doesn’t mean that catalysts won’t occur to goose things along as it were. Our current president is apparently one such catalyst. With luck, we won’t need too much more to convince us of our folly and he and his friends will go back either to where they came from or to a prison of our choice.

But until that happens, empaths cannot allow the drama and vitriol that’s resulted from all of this mess to derail their peace. Create a tunnel with anything you like. I plan to put some wire over the hoop greenhouse I have and grow all of my melons and gourds out there so that I can go inside as they hang down around me. I also have a dome greenhouse which if my sweet peas cooperate will create a beautiful living flowered cover for my vegetable garden to grow under. Or I have the trees that arch over my path. All serve as a wonderful visualization for sacred space.

Whether we’re empaths or not, our peace of mind invariably takes a back seat to everything else that’s happening around us. We have to stop doing that and begin creating the sacred space from which we view our experiences. It’s a place of strength amid the confusion and deception that we’re experiencing now and one each one of us should make every attempt to cultivate. Otherwise, we absorb the problematic vibrations surrounding us, reacting instead of staying in control, which for empaths is the last thing we need.

A narrow focus, some tunnel vision, provides respite from the storm that’s raging. Create your sacred space making it as beautiful and detailed as you like, and then engage from that blessed still point. We can be of no help to anyone when overwhelmed by the vibrations of others, so take the time to create your own sanctuary of sacred space. Our peace of mind matters that much.





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Dealing With Extreme Emotions ~ Empath Strategies

Dealing with extreme emotions, whether our own or others, can be challenging for any empath. For those empaths accustomed to this sort of experience, it’s easier to assess the ownership of the vibration. But for the less aware empath experiencing another’s intense emotions can be overwhelming.

Outward expressions of anger are easy for most people to discern. Clearly, it’s someone else experiencing the anger and not the empath. We may be feeling it along with the individual, but it doesn’t generate within us. It’s the unspoken emotion, intense or not, that empaths can confuse with their own.

An empath will pick up on any number of vibrations that come close. I merge with others’ energetic fields so easily that I begin feeling nervous if something is off with any of them. That’s how I know that it’s not mine. I become worried. I begin glancing around, trying to find the source of the uncomfortable vibration, and when I know who it is, I feel in to see what’s going on. If it’s coming from someone that I’m close with I’m usually more susceptible to losing my control than if it’s an acquaintance or a stranger.

We might appear in bodies but in truth, we’re each an energetic field that continually merges with all other energetic fields. And it’s in that energetic structure that an empath or aware person experiences the truth of others. I take literally the truth that God or the Creator is All That Is. Because if this is true, then there is nothing other than the Creator. All that we are, see, and experience around us is the Creator personified. So oneness is not just a nice meme but is, in fact, our fundamental reality, and the very reason empaths experience what we do.

When I experience intense or strong emotions in others, it’s not just how loud they get or the words they use, but their physical posture that affects me as well. If I’m sitting down in a chair for example and my husband is ranting about one thing or another, he has to be careful not to stand over me or lean forward while he’s speaking or I will feel that vibration pound down on top of my head. When it happens, I can’t breathe. We’ve figured out how to let him know to step back without interrupting the flow of his rant. But when it happens, it’s just awful.

Hate-speech is another intense vibration that is impossible for me to experience. It’s as if our family is about to fall apart, or a violent crime is underway. I experience its destructiveness in a visceral manner feeling fear and panic and again I have trouble breathing.

Empaths naturally want to heal people who are having difficulties, irrespective of their nature. We instinctively want to bring people back into alignment with blessings of love and peace. But here’s the thing. Are we helping them or are we really bringing our own self back into alignment by trying to balance their vibration?

In my case, I’ve found that it’s more about me at that point and my ability to remain peacefully in control. Ideally, empaths should be able to observe the expressions of others without absorbing any of their vibration. Instead, we do the opposite and then become distressed when we experience extreme or intense emotion. We judge it as wrong somehow and set about fixing it when instead we could give it no meaning at all. It’s just something that’s currently happening and has nothing to do with us. But no. We get involved and it all goes south fairly quickly.

So what’s an empath to do?

  • Determine if the vibration is your own or someone else’s.
  • If it’s you, take a moment to settle down excusing yourself if you need that.
  • If it’s someone else, then either pull inward from them and shield if necessary, or feel their vibration along with them. Acknowledge to yourself that you’re choosing to do this and simply observe what you’re feeling. When we feel uncomfortable vibrations we tend to tense up and become resistant to what we’re experiencing. There’s nothing wrong with feeling something that’s not comfortable. It’s just one of many feelings that we experience in life. Give it no other meaning than that. Which brings me to the most important truth.
  • We give EVERYTHING in our experience the meaning it has. Knowing this, every so-called negative experience we have becomes just another experience to observe and take in.
  • Until the observation side of self overshadows the absorbing side it’s probably best to align and shield when experiencing intense vibrations. Some simple visualization techniques that are fairly self-explanatory include:
    • Bubble of Protection
    • Suit of Armor
    • Plow the Road (shopping carts work well)
    • Tunneling 
  • Practice controlling your breath when life is comfortable so that it’s easier to go there when things become dicey. Breathe, align in Source Presence, and visualize pulling back your energetic field to a single point. Visualize white light emerging outward from that single point, bathing you in loving, protective light, blessing all who wish to experience that loving resonance. Allow any energetic cords to dissipate and resonate in your purified and divine Self.
  • Understand your limitations and take time out for your own respite. Empaths tend to be self-sacrificing which only contributes to a lack of control so put yourself first. You are that important.

Experiencing Dishonesty

As challenging as experiencing intense emotions are, experiencing dishonesty, at least for me, is far worse. It’s the passive side of passive aggression and from my perspective, it’s as intense an experience as any violent outburst.

Dishonesty hits me like a wave. Inside I’m screaming, NO, but outside I’m in full assessment mode. Most of the time I don’t have to feel in to know a lie is in the works because people really are that transparent. When someone is dishonest, I feel a sense of being tied up in knots. I experience the liar’s desired effect and my outrage begins, matching if not exceeding the liar’s own vibrational intent. It’s why I had a hard time during the election. I knew the so-called new guy would renege on promises he made while up-ending the country in the process so I couldn’t listen to him or his minions then or now.

And because relationships of all sorts have been so impacted by the election it may be necessary for empaths to step back from arguments and confrontations that might take place between friends and family. Those who were duped along the way will have to find that truth for themselves. All the rest of us can do is wait for sanity to return and stay out of the line of fire so to speak.

Besides. Garden season is around the corner. Life is so much simpler there.

Blessings to all!

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Stepping Aside Versus Feeling Compelled ~ The Witch and the Empath Within

Stepping Aside Versus Feeling Compelled ~ The Witch and the Empath Within

When I renamed this blog Stepping Aside, I did so because I had reached a point in my life where I was finished with the drama that surrounded me. It was a sort of walking away moment if you will. I had brought my RA into remission with cannabis while the doctors prescribed nothing that helped. I found the whole experience beyond offensive because each one refused to listen to what I had to say. Had they done so I believe I would never have been as ill as I was for all those years. It was such a waste of time, money, and of life really.

Renaming the blog was a statement I suppose. It wasn’t an act as much as an acknowledgment of how things really are. An empath struggles to be heard much of the time. Few people take us seriously when we assert what we know because typically it’s not what they want to hear in the first place. So when I renamed my blog Stepping Aside, it wasn’t that I was doing so, but that I was fully embracing my position in life.

I turn sixty in October, a milestone that. When empaths are born our struggle is not just to be heard but to fundamentally belong. Somewhere. Our awareness prevents a feeling of belonging from taking hold in our birth families which may continue throughout adulthood. It takes a level of strength that can be difficult to find when support is lacking and life becomes so bewildering.

Deception from others is by far the most difficult experience for me to have. I don’t understand lying. I mean, I get why people do it, but you’d think they’d save it for really big things. That way, it might at least be understandable why the lie was told. But no. That’s not what happens. People lie about the stupidest, most insignificant things. And then they compound it further by saying it didn’t happen.

This experience turns an empath inside out. We immediately go into battle mode becoming warriors for the truth. Or we dissolve into a mess because we don’t believe anyone will take us seriously about what we know. And unfortunately, the only real answer is to ignore the rest of the world. It’s just too much for us, especially these days.

Engage with what we can and then step aside from the drama recognizing it for the exercise in futility that it is. When we step aside we control our response instead of allowing the situation to control that for us. I don’t know an empath alive who doesn’t find engagement with others difficult. But regardless of our wish to be around people, it’s no fun if we’re upset by it.

Not everyone appreciates those who seem to always know what they would keep hidden. Empaths disturb that. Our vibration is apparently higher and we experience truth in a visceral manner. In other words, we feel it and we know it. We don’t need any road map or blueprint or crib notes, we simply know. And we learn early in life that this is disturbing to others. So we either go dark or we continue speaking up.

Not that this should be news to anyone, but I chose the second. I speak up. Always have and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. My Human Design chart tells me that the Left-angled Cross of the Clarion influences me and that I’m here to disseminate information to others. On top of that, my godhead is the Christ Consciousness field.

So there you go. So much for stepping aside. I couldn’t even if I wanted to. Couple the witch and the empath together and I feel compelled. The recent election has caused concern and upset for so many of us, witches and empaths included. We feel compelled to do something, to bring our world back into a loving balance. We do that by performing rituals. It’s no different than prayer except that we do it with really cool props. The picture at the top is from a ritual for peace that I performed. Nothing scary about it, just a mortar, pestle, some herbs from my garden, some crystals, candles, and a lovely rune and Awen altar tile on my work table. Oh, and there’s some salt for protection. I chanted some words in Latin because that’s really cool and cast blessings of peace to the collective consciousness.

Some of us comfortably perform curses but I prefer binding spells and that’s what a variety of witches around the world cast last Friday evening despite some news articles to the contrary. Everything is energy and as such vibrates. The Creator decided to know more and cast it’s own Thoughts outward to form the universe and all who live there. With that, we now not only have vibration but movement as well.

When a spell is cast, a witch formulates his/her intention and then while chanting specific words, that intention is cast to the universe. In a binding spell, the focus is on a particular behavior that is causing harm. In my own casting of a binding spell, I prefer to see it as interrupting the flow of thought or vibration, allowing the individual to take a time out and give their choice another look. Sometimes as humans we get on a roll and don’t realize the damage we’re doing. Binding someone’s actions will allow him time for reflection. It in no way interferes with the individual’s free will because he’s always free to ignore any resistance he might feel. What if a slight pause was all he needed to reconsider his actions? It’s like rattling a set of keys at a crying baby. Sometimes the distraction is all the infant needs to see that there’s nothing to cry about.

Now I cannot and will not speak for any other witches participating in spellwork who may see this quite differently, but I can say that corralling children is something many of us are quite skilled at. Think of this as a go to your room and think about what you’ve done moment. Considering who it was for, I’d say it’s appropriate and the least we can do.

Because apparently, we’ll all be parenting the man-child in the oval office a while longer.

Blessings to all!

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New Book! Empath


I confess that I have difficulty advertising what I do. It feels like bragging somehow and I really have to step outside my comfort zone to do any of it. But it’s part of the process I guess. My blog has been active for four years and over that time I’ve worked on several books at the same time. The first one I published was Confessions of a Back Porch Herbalist describing my healing from severe rheumatoid arthritis with cannabis and herbs. I felt compelled to finish that one first in the event it might be of use to other cannabis patients.

The second book was a grimoire of sorts for the witch/empath who wishes a solitary path. Grimoire of a Crone essentially explains how I experience life as a witch along with some correspondences and a materia medica thrown in.

In my third book, Magick and the Aligned Witch, I discussed how alignment in Source Presence affects the witch and her power as well as her magickal workings. I included examples of rune magick as well as spells written in Latin because it’s incredibly cool. I really liked writing all three books, the second two extensions of each other.

As personal as the first three books were, Empath gives others a look at how I and others like me experience the world and how we can use our awareness for healing. I felt compelled to write about this because although this awareness can be confusing and overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. Empaths and others like them can learn how to not only understand what they experience but how to remain safe and protected from intrusive vibrations.

An empath doesn’t simply see others, we experience them. We experience their energy, moods, thoughts, body language, words, tone, their eye contact or lack thereof. You name it, an empath may experience it including symptoms of physical illness. And until empaths learn to discern what is and isn’t their own experience, they may feel as if their emotions are all over the place.¹

With our awareness many empaths are attracted to healing of all kinds. In the book I discuss various healing methods as well as shielding and meditation techniques. Relationships can be challenging and I talk about that as well as parenting issues. And throughout the book I hope I conveyed the most important truth of all:

We’re not broken, but awakened. There is nothing wrong with us because we know what we know. And if this book does anything, it will awaken not just the empath, but everyone else to that truth.²

So thanks in advance for checking out the new book. It even has an index.


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The Effects Of Passive Aggression

passive aggression

I’ve really come to the conclusion that passive aggression is rampant amongst humans. It can take many forms, sometimes focusing upon the passive side and sometimes the aggressive. Passive aggression is not easily dealt with, by anyone. It tends to be self-reinforcing so it’s difficult for those who behave this way to experience life any other way even when they see how counterproductive their choices are.

Enter the empath. We notice energies surrounding us. They’re interesting. When we experience energy that’s chaotic, it’s even more interesting so we feel in and then try to make sense of it. And that’s a mistake. It may sound unfeeling, but if an empath doesn’t stay out of a passive aggressive person’s energy, they’ll be sucked in forever.

Passive aggression is a learned strategy or response, sometimes born from abuse or observation. I knew a passive aggressive woman once whose focus was passive and could control any room she was in. All she had to do was look worried and it was all over. She had everyone doing her bidding from that point forward. A passive aggressive person is powerful, particularly in their helplessness. And for an empath, it’s hard to stay aligned if immersed in that energy.

I’ve noticed a few articles of late that suggest that women are having a difficult time with the election. All this talk of sexual assault and rape culture is creating emotional hell for many women. Listening to the male candidate is more than many of us can bear as he embodies the aggressive side of passive aggression, his kind of chaotic aggression particularly devastating to experience by abuse survivors of any kind. His continual disrespect towards anyone who disagrees with him, his targeted tirades at rallies and on social media, all contribute to an uneasy feeling at least, panic attacks and abuse reactions at most.

As an abuse survivor and an empath, I potentially experience a double dose of this. It’s exhausting to feel the rage at the rallies and to hear his messianic tone. I watched as he loomed large behind Hillary at the debate, as I thought, okay..I see you..I see what you’re doing. Because here’s the only thing we need to remember. Passive aggressive people know and understand what they’re doing. It’s all by design, whether it’s their behavior or their subsequent denial of that behavior, in an effort to get what they want. They’re capable of manipulating every outcome. So it makes no sense whatsoever to engage with them. In fact, we should become militant about not doing so.

Our outrage should drive our militancy as we take back our power from people whose sole focus is on themselves. The guy running for President doesn’t deserve our pain, our panic, our terror. He deserves nothing, not our focus, not our attenti0n, not our emotion, and certainly not our vote. Our peace of mind is more important than something he’s either said or tweeted.

Whether one is a survivor or an empath, it’s easy to become drawn in by someone like this. His ability to stir up hatred in the room is terrifying to watch, so it’s probably best avoided. Remember, it’s not about them. It’s all about preserving your sanity.

All we are is energetic vibration. Passive aggressive people aren’t aligned to their Source Presence when they behave this way, their lack of alignment the uncomfortable vibration felt by others. They experience life on the margins rarely moving to a still point or center. So it’s hard to get them to focus and see the effects of their behavior, let alone consider giving it up for a better engagement with others. Staying in our own energetic lane keeps us out that nasty energy and far happier in the long run.

We can’t fix the guy running for President. No one can. Not even him. So do whatever it takes in the final days of this election to stay aligned and at peace.

He’s not worth our collective misery. We all deserve more than this guy. Our dignity alone is worth more than that guy. Five more days…

Blessed Be

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The Challenges of Empathic Awareness

Moon Over Sacred Space

I recently read a somewhat bleak piece on life as an empath. Although empathic awareness can be overwhelming at times, even when we understand what we’re experiencing, it doesn’t have to ruin our lives. As if an empath is so emotionally vulnerable that we’re unable to ever cope without tremendous support, when in truth, we have far more power than that.

It’s really about focus. Do we as empaths focus on the drama around us, or do we stay in our own focus? For me, staying aligned keeps me out of others’ energies.

It also means that we check in with ourselves frequently, how we’re feeling both emotionally and physically. Empaths tend to get into a flow of sorts and before we know it, we’re picking up on other energies that have already blended with our own. It’s at that point that we’re not always sure where we begin and others leave off. So check in frequently. If you’re suddenly experiencing a feeling that’s different, don’t automatically assume it’s yours. It could be coming from someone else..anyone else. It could be vampiric energy that’s feeling in. But if there isn’t any physical reason or environmental reason for your change in feeling, then assume it’s not yours.

If you can, take a moment to call back your energy field and align. Or shield. But honestly, aligning makes us aware of where we’re placing our focus. The minute it shifts to someone else’s energy, we’ve lost our alignment. Aligning brings it back. I look at it as not getting involved or minding my own business. But in this case, it’s really minding my own focus. Shielding works as well, but it’s still placing your focus in a direction that’s uncomfortable. I find it easier to not see it anymore.

We are not these bodies we inhabit, but the Source Presence behind our form. Empaths are simply people who have remained aware of this Presence while in physical form. And although life can be extraordinarily distracting to an empath, we don’t have to give our attention to everything that’s going on around us. When we become overwhelmed, it’s difficult to stay in our own focus, so staying fully present and in control is so important.

Empaths aren’t by default emotionally out of control. But it can feel that way if we allow other energies to take up residence with our own. Realize that you’re Source Energy. Your body and the bodies around you are vessels only. Realize your power. It’s greater than anything else you’re experiencing.

Blessed Be

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Power and Knowing ~ Human Design Channels for 18 October 2016



It’s been a while since I did a Human Design post, and I thought I would incorporate some I Ching cards into today’s transits. I like looking at channels that are either active in my natal bodygram, or result from transiting planets. As the planets move about in the sky, the six lines on each of the sixty-four guas or hexagrams move as well. So even though a gate is active, its line might change, creating a different influence for that day.

Transits for 10182016

For today’s transits, two Channels of Compromise are active and integrating with a natal Channel. Transiting channels include the Channel of the Brainwave (57-20) and the Channel of Charisma (20-34) and interact with my natal Channel of Power (34-57). They appear on the left side of the bodygram connecting the Spleen, Throat, and Sacral centers.

Three gates are involved in these connections, 20, 34, and 57. Gate 20 is activated by Personality Moon at line 6, or Wisdom; 34 is activated by Personality Venus at both lines 1 (transit – The Bully) and 5 (in detriment – Annihilation); and, 57 is activated by Personality Sun at line 6 (natal – Utilization) and Personality Mercury, also at line 6 (transit – Utilization). Before I discuss the channels, let’s take a look at each gate.

Gate 20Gate 20 is known in Human Design as the gate of Metamorphosis and found in the Throat Center. In the I Ching, however, it’s called Contemplation. Its astrological sign is Gemini and it governs the thyroid and the parathyroid. Karen Curry tells us that:

Gate 20 has the potential to meet with empowerment, the self, intuition, power, and life force in a mutative way. It is an individual voice that can mutate and empower, or stagnate and disempower. (p 151)

As well as:

When Gate 20 exhibits its highest potential, it is the expression of integrity— doing the right thing even if it isn’t what others are doing. This can mean wearing green face paint in the forest when others are wearing bright pink or any other kind of “right” action that may be going against the flow.

Because Gate 20 is the expression of integration, it has within it inherent wisdom. In traditional I Ching, the twentieth hexagram is the wise king standing on a hill, watching the wind to see which direction it will settle on before he takes action. As part of integration, Gate 20 takes time to express its wisdom. It watches and waits to express its higher knowledge, insight, and awareness. It metamorphoses awareness and recognition into action. (151-152)

Gate 34Gate 34 is the gate of Power in Human Design, the Power of the Great in the I Ching. Its astrological sign is Sagittarius and it governs the ovaries and testes and it’s located in the Sacral Center. From Karen Curry:

Gate 34 is the base gate for the Manifesting Generator, so it has the potential for great power, but there is an irony associated with the power of Gate 34. It is powerful only when it responds. It is generated, not manifested. Generators with Gate 34 who push and initiate their power will not be successful in the expression of their power, and consequently will feel very frustrated.

Generators with this energy often have a hard time distinguishing between pushing and manifesting. The wiring in this part of the chart is so complex and fast that sometimes it’s hard to slow down enough to see if you’re responding. It’s good for people with this energy to practice visualizing the outcome of their choices before they leap into things.

Gate 34 is the “multitask” gate. A person with this gate is designed to have many things going on at once, and it is crucial to look at where Gate 34 connects in a chart. This will determine the expression of Gate 34. (171-172)

Gate 57And lastly, Gate 57 is the gate of Intuition in Human Design, The Gentle in the I Ching. Its a gate of Libra and governs the lymphatic system and the spleen and is, in fact, located in the Center associated with the Spleen. Again, from Karen Curry:

Gate 57 is the most intuitive gate in the Human Design system. In the traditional I Ching, the fifty-seventh hexagram is the gentle wind that parts the clouds so the sun can shine through. The penetrating intuition of Gate 57 allows the truth to be revealed. It is clear and in the now. Sometimes we call Gate 57 the gate of clarity.

Ironically, in spite of its penetrating capacity for clarity, Gate 57 on its own can be a very uncertain and unclear energy. Most people question their intuition. It is not logical. The intuition of Gate 57 is in the now, and the now changes. What is truth in one moment may not be truth in another.

People who have Gate 57 often struggle with trusting themselves and their intuition. Living your Human Design strategy can resolve this dilemma. The strategy can bypass the mental aspects of indecisiveness in Gate 57 and allow the person to enjoy the benefits of their intuition instead of wrestling with self-doubt.

People with Gate 57 are endowed with deep psychic abilities. It helps to see what else is in the chart to help you identify just how psychic abilities show up.(205-206)

Now when a channel activates, both gates are in play, typically connecting two Centers. When these three gates are active, however, their placement involves the influence of three Centers which is not the norm. Additionally, the channels comprise various circuits of an individual, tribal, and collective nature. Each of the three channels for today are found in the Individual circuit with two channels part of the Channel of Integration which assists us in our awareness of self.

The Channels of Power and Charisma are found within the Channel of Integration. An auditory and intuitive channel, The Channel of Power (34/57)

is the original channel of the human archetype. When hominids first came into form, it was this energy that defined the original separation of humanity. This is intuitively based life force.(229)

People with this channel tend to be very clairaudient and can hear voices or intuitive guidance. They will also hear changes in your voice and will intuit things about you from your words and your tone.(229)

The Channel of Charisma (Gates 34/20) is the most powerful channel of all. Again, from Karen Curry:

This channel is the archetype of the Manifesting Generator, as it is the only channel that directly connects the Sacral Center to the Throat. Power and charisma are contained within this channel, but because it is connected to the Sacral, true power in this channel is expressed in response. That means that even though these people are very, very powerful in a sustainable way, they cannot truly live out their powerful destiny unless they respond. If they are initiating with power and charisma, they will get into big trouble and no one will follow them. If someone with this channel is not living his or her power and charisma, they can become very, very frustrated. Inside, they know how powerful they are, but they can’t move that energy unless they respond. (230-231)

While in physical form, we have to learn how to integrate our various aspects of self. In bodies, we see ourselves as separate from each other and people with these channels active need to take time for reflection so that we integrate our experiences in a manner that brings success to any given moment. Response in lieu of initiation is key. Although it’s difficult to do sometimes, those with this channel need to reflect before responding.

The final individual channel that’s active today is from the Knowing Circuit.

The Knowing Circuit simply knows. And it doesn’t know how it knows. It just knows that it does. (237)

The issue with this circuit, however, is waiting for the timing to be right to share what the person knows. Channel 57/20 is known as The Brainwave. It reflects our intuitive sense in the present moment. For those of us who have this channel active, we know what we know and we’re not particularly interested in explaining how we know or the truth of what we know to anyone, however, we typically find ourselves doing it anyway. This channel forces us in a sense to set aside our individualism and interact with others with compassion and concern.

We’ve all heard that knowledge is power. Well, so is intuition. An empath will be aware of any number of truths. But that awareness brings a certain amount of responsibility. Most people can’t really handle that we know what we know and find us uncomfortable to be around, even when they don’t know we’re empaths. So I think today’s transiting channels along with the channel already in my natal bodygram are telling me that I have to be careful in how I express my intuitive voice.

Not everyone is ready to hear what an empath has to say. Sometimes people hold their truths so close that they cannot bear another knowing any of them. And then when they encounter an empath, they notice that something’s different about them and it’s not always comfortable. We don’t mean to affect others this way, and most of us find it quite disconcerting when we do. But it does happen, and it makes sense for us to be careful how we come across.

It’s recommended that generator-type personalities wait to respond. Initiating something, whether it be a conversation or anything really, doesn’t always turn out well for us. When we respond to something or someone, whatever we want to convey is typically received far better than if we just blurt it out or take command. Once someone gives us the nod, however, we can then put our skills to work. But it’s crucial to respond rather than initiate. Not the easiest thing to do when you know what you know.

Letting our intuitive nature pave the way, we’ll know when to reflect and when to act. It’s letting compassion drive the moment, instead of our knowing.

Blessed be.

three gates



Curry, Karen. Understanding Human Design: The New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are. Hierophant Publishing. Kindle Edition.

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A Higher Point of Origin

tunnel vision

If we all decided tomorrow to wake up and be nice to everyone from that point forward, our world would change in an instant. Completely. Gone would be the hateful comments we hear daily in the media. We would elevate others instead of denigrating them. Oppression would end. The happiness of others would be a priority.  We would stop seeing everyone as the other or as the enemy. It’s not that we’d have utopia, but lives would surely improve around the world. Our collective consciousness would be raised and we would engage with others from a much better frame of mind than we seem to these days.

A Course in Miracles tells us that we give everything we see the meaning it has, and that we create the world we see, placing full responsibility for our lives squarely on our own respective shoulders. I remember when I first read this and then tried to absorb it. I understood the notion of personal responsibility well enough, but I wasn’t sure how I created other people’s dysfunctional behavior. How did I create any of their issues?

So although I knew it was true that I gave everything the meaning it had, I reserved judgment on the whole creating the world we see aspect. I also believe that we choose an overall life theme before incarnating including who will be part of that life. And here’s the other thing. If I chose the overall theme in my life before incarnating into a body, then how can I have a problem with what ultimately happens? If I don’t attach any value judgment to anything that happens, I can live my life as a series of experiences. I don’t have to judge them as either good or bad, but as just something I chose to experience.

The Course addresses the fallacy of judgment asserting that it has no constructive place in our lives. So if judgment serves no purpose then looking at anything we experience any other way than as something that simply is provides just the hook we need to become stuck in focus, creating a channel or path that allows us to revisit that experience again and again, using it as a lens through which to see the present.

As an empath, I can easily pull back from physical presence and observe my experiences. I know that sounds odd, but it’s something that empaths do all the time whether they realize it or not when they want to stay out of other people’s energy fields. It’s not always comfortable there, so pulling back into nonphysical presence helps immensely.

We’re here as individuals, in these bodies, and we think we’re separate from others, yet we’re not. As Source Energy, we’re one consciousness. The bodies are only vessels to experience life. They aren’t the consciousness or the presence behind the form. Our nonphysical aspect of Self is what drives the vessel. We can choose to ignore that aspect of Self and pretend that we won’t access it until we die, but that’s just not true. We may appear to be a done deal when we’re born, but in truth, our focus into form is a constant, never-ending process, so we never cease our existence as Source Energy. And becoming aware of this natural process is what many are experiencing now.

There’s a growing sense that we’re more than what we appear to be. Many are calling this ascension, but it’s not the type where we raise our frequency to the point that we begin shimmering and then disappear. It’s that we are realizing that the world we live in could be far better than it is if we only behaved as one family. We’ve lived in conflict for too long and any reason for it was distorted by perception from the beginning.

It all comes down to how we see things, another way of saying where and how do we place our focus or attention. Are we giving our power away to the ego’s vision? We judge others as unworthy so it’s easy to oppress them. We judge other countries as a risk so it’s easy to attack them in an effort to control their behavior and their resources. It’s perception driven cause and effect and the examples are endless. Source Vision, on the other hand, sees none of this. Source Vision sees only wholeness and love. When we access that natural, default awareness, we no longer see others as the enemy but as brothers and sisters, desiring only their happiness and joy.

In Kenpo there’s a concept called moving from point of origin. Martial artists love it when an opponent telegraphs what they’re about to do. It’s like a tell in card playing. Instead of throwing a punch directly from where his hand is positioned (point of origin), the opponent moves a bit, maybe barely pulling back his fist, and then throws his punch. Action no longer beats reaction and your opponent is now on the floor which is exactly where you want him.

If we apply point of origin to our own consciousness or Higher Self, then we should always be creating our experiences from that aspect of Self. Another way of saying this is to let our Higher Self be in charge instead of the ego making all of our decisions. If each of us extended ourselves to others from our true point of origin then I have to believe we would see a collective shift in consciousness that’s positive and unifying.

Forgiveness of others wouldn’t even enter into the conversation because we wouldn’t judge anyone’s behavior in the first place. Because to forgive, you must first judge another as needing that forgiveness. And judgment serves no purpose other than to cause separation and division which seems to be at the root of nearly every problem we experience.

I guess the goal is to not become caught up in the drama and chaos of the world around you. It’s too easy to let the ego take over and judge the bejeezus out of everything and everyone. Then we get angry and it all goes to hell in a hand basket. Pulling back into Source Presence, we see the world for what it is, as a place to experience things. Nothing more, nothing less. And from that perspective, that point of origin, we control our unfolding experiences, not our ego’s reaction to our own and everyone else’s.

Empaths are encouraged to observe rather than to absorb energy around them. The same can be said for what we see happening around us. Observe it, and then try to engage only if you can avoid judging it. Not all experiences will lend themselves to this notion, but if it can be applied to as many of our experiences as possible, I have to believe our lives would be filled with less drama.

We have to stop believing that we must become involved with or react to everything we see. Life is a stimulus/response experience for most of us and it doesn’t have to be that way. Experiencing life from our true point of origin, our Higher Self or Source Presence, gives us the control that the ego only taunts us with.

So what’s your point of origin?

Blessed Be


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Assumptions Made


Assumptions are an interesting thing. We all make them, and sometimes we’re even correct when we do. But then there are the ones that go horribly wrong and that’s never a good thing. So maybe the best course of action is to ask someone if something is true for them instead of simply assuming that it is.

My beliefs are often misunderstood by others. I’m not sure if it’s something about me which resonates with their own beliefs or that they fail to look beyond what amounts to a glance and that’s when assumptions are made. Admittedly, I’ve been a student of A Course in Miracles for over thirty years so that may account for my funny way of seeing the world. It’s the belief that we give everything the meaning it has found in the Course that can be confusing. Plus I tend to verbally express my observations which, when they’re spot on, tend to be felt as belief when they’re actually not. My Human Design incarnation cross is the Left Angled Cross of the Clarion, so I can be a little chatty at times and with empathic awareness at my core, sometimes people think I believe things that I don’t.

Then there’s the fact that I’m a witch. That brings up all sorts of assumptions from others. Many assume I’m Wiccan, which I’m not. Wicca is a relatively new tradition created by Gerald Gardner and I’ve never felt the call to any organized tradition. Although paganism resonates, particularly with my Druid ancestry, I don’t refer to myself as pagan. I guess what bothers me about labels such as pagan or New Age and the like is that labels are inevitably limiting and as expressions of Source Energy, limitation doesn’t exist.

The various creation stories told are a perfect example of how labels can be problematic. Christianity seems to have dominated our collective agreement regarding how we all came to exist here, but then we listen to the indigenous peoples of the world and they have a different interpretation, as do other religions. Even during the early years of Christianity, Gnostic beliefs added another dimension to the story. The pagan creation story seems to sit somewhere in between the religious and the indigenous stories. And then there’s the extra-terrestrial creation story that blows everything else out of the water.

If we were actually genetically manipulated by the Annunaki (or any other visitor to this planet) as I believe we were, then our creation story is actually about that process and our subsequent interaction with them. Because we were more primitive, they appeared as gods and goddesses to the people of that time period with all of their technology and flying around in the sky like they did. Viewing Biblical stories from this standpoint, particularly Genesis and all the begats and such, the Bible takes on a different dimension which many people might find unsettling. But seriously. Ezekial did NOT see a wheel floating about in the sky. It was a space craft.

Yet, if we do indeed create the world we see around us, then we create our creation stories as well. Without a complete written record, it’s impossible to know what any of it looked like exactly, but we do have texts other than the Bible that can give us some idea of all of it. But still, the picture is only as objective as those who wrote it down.

If the gods and goddesses of pagan tradition were actually extra-terrestrial visitors to our planet or the result of their breeding with humans, then it affects the story pagans tell as well. So-called myth gives way to reality in a way that maybe some of us aren’t all that prepared for particularly if it involves honoring gods and goddesses that are actually aliens, although pagans are typically among the most open-minded people I’ve encountered so you never know.

One of the most interesting concepts from A Course in Miracles is that any separation we believe exists between us and God is an illusion. The Course uses the distinction between God or Source and humans as a teaching tool, but at the end of the day, we’re all extensions of Source Energy which is another way of saying that we are Source Energy so no separation is possible.

The creation stories of the past tend to reinforce the separation between God (or gods and goddesses) and humankind, as if there’s a Creator who gave birth to His Creation when that’s just not the case. I see this simply as Source Energy wishing to know more and when that happened, All That Is expanded and opportunities to experience more came into play. Those opportunities resulted in the universe around us as well as us, each one focusing in to experience a so-called “life” in physical bodies with the full presence and awareness of Source Energy as our impetus.

Our issues began when we forgot that we’re Source Energy and then we begin creating all sorts of us versus them situations that ultimately created the separation we experience. In other words, we begin judging everything and everyone. We forget to remain in the present moment, allowing past judgment to influence as a faulty lens through which we experience the present, with unhappiness as the typical result.

During my study of the Course it occurred to me that the only real way to live my life was to stay as aligned in Source Presence as I could, which I can tell you is not always easy to accomplish. Seeing others through Source Vision is tricky when it’s someone who isn’t the nicest person, but it’s essential if we’re to move past judgment.

From there, the whole creation story issue comes into play for me and the only thing I could think of to put that in perspective was to reject out of hand the existing creation stories and simply view myself as someone who is Source Energy experiencing life in physical form as a witch and an empath, living joyfully in the present moment, unconcerned with either the past or future. It’s not as big of a pipe dream as it sounds. It’s a process and one that I’m not all that great at, but it’s my goal nevertheless.

Our collective history is fascinating, irrespective of how much of it we believe. I’m related to people in history so looking at my ancestry has been an incredibly eye-opening journey for me, but none of it is happening in my own life at the moment. And if I narrow that down further, almost none of the issues I’ve experienced over my lifetime are happening currently. The only way they affect me is if I bring them into the present and allow their influence.

Living in the present moment allows for each moment to begin anew. We bring very little forward into our awareness unless it builds upon some sort of positive framework. Many witches work with their shadow side. The idea is to work with it so that it can be transmuted into something better. They accept the darkness within as part of the dual nature of self. And when you consider only life in the body, then the duality of self begins and ends there, making it seem necessary to work with both sides of the personality. But when you believe we’re Source Energy, then where we begin matters. Are we the bodies we inhabit, or are we the Presence behind the form?

My issue with this idea of the dual nature of self is that since I experience life as an empath, I’m aware of my Source Presence. Duality for me is expressed then as the difference between nonphysical and physical aspects of Self. I don’t break it down any further. Otherwise life manifests as either/or, us/them, good/bad, right/wrong and full of moral judgment. When we manifest judgmental expressions of duality, we give our experiences more meaning than they really have, believing any of it matters. Which ultimately, it does not.

It’s funny, because my Bachelor’s degree is in Psychology so of course learning various methods to help others work through their problems was part of the curriculum. Working through issues in therapy, etc. was the generally accepted way people coped with their problems. But coping is just another way of saying focused intent. We focus on an issue and then try to deal with it instead of letting it go and moving on. We relive and relive and relive everything again and again and for what? Paying someone else for the experience? I’ve never let go of anything this way. Letting go means that we stop focusing on something that’s not going to be fixed anyway because it’s no longer happening. The dark side has no meaning when we do this. Unless you want the dark side, which I’m convinced some do.

I mean, does anyone honestly believe that Source Energy needs to cope with anything? And if we are indeed Source Energy, why wouldn’t we use some of that All That Is energy and move past these things as if they didn’t exist at all? Source Energy creates. It doesn’t ruminate or struggle or judge or live in anger or depression. Source loves and extends that love to all.

If we’re ever to move beyond the us versus them existence that has troubled all of us for so long, we must leave the past where it belongs and focus on extending love and compassion to all in the present moment. It’s how we move forward together in oneness. It’s our reality, after all.

We’re living in a time of awakening to Self, to our Source Presence within. And we have an opportunity collectively as we awaken to create a more loving experience for all. Letting go of the past as well as our assumptions, and staying in the present moment are an integral part of this process of awakening.

All we have is now. May we place our loving focus there.

Blessed Be