The Chakras, Prana, And A Little Kundalini Rising

I’ve found meditation to be my only salvation these days so I wanted to share one that I do to cleanse and align my chakras. It involves the chakras, prana channel, and a little kundalini rising. Find a comfortable position…I usually sit in an oversized recliner with my feet up and hold a piece of […]

When A Little Magick Is Necessary

When A Little Magick Is Necessary

Sometimes, when reason and truth don’t happen to work with someone, a little magick is necessary. While we all have the free will to do as we please, that doesn’t always work out when we treat others with disrespect. And when the individual won’t stop, then it may be necessary to look for other ways […]

Merkaba Meditation

  We exist within our own quantum field. We focus into physical form, becoming the focal point between our nonphysical self and the physical world around us. As we go about our day, however, we may experience energies that leave us feeling exhausted. It’s nice to take a few moments and center ourselves into our […]