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Deception From Energy Vampires: An Empath’s Struggle ~ Tarot for 6 June 2017

Deception From Energy Vampires: An Empath's Struggle ~ Tarot for 6 June 2017

I’ve been experiencing some panic attacks lately due to the antics of a handful of manipulative people. It’s one of the downsides of being an empath and has nothing to do with any fear on my part. It’s just an empathic awareness that becomes so overwhelming that panic results. When people seek to deceive, I experience their thought process, their intention, their choices, and the energy associated with all of it in one fell swoop. It’s not that I’m afraid of any of them because they’re far too silly for that, but that their deception is so great that it has taken on a momentum all of its own and feeling all of it as I do, a panic attack results.

Deception is emotion-based. Someone wants something so much that they’ll do anything to achieve it including deceiving others. Empaths are like lightning rods for such machinations, typically becoming hyper-alert when deceptive energy comes close. My physical response is usually commensurate with the level of deception, so when it’s a panic attack, it tells me that someone is either really intent on getting what he wants or that he has assistance. In this case, it feels like both. At the end of the day, nothing will ever come of the deception or the game that’s played, but it makes things uncomfortable nonetheless.

Normally I look at daily influences instead of at specific questions when I look at the cards, but with what I’ve been experiencing, I decided to ask for clarity and for help in remaining calm and I found it prescient when I drew both Swords and Cups for the tarot reading. The 7 of Swords, Daughter of Cups, and the 2 of Cups are the cards I drew with an overall numerology of 9 or completion and alignment. Somehow I knew that would be the case.

Beginning with the 7 of Swords, six black swords are suspended in the air above a fox curled up over the seventh suggesting separate agendas are in play. He sleeps with one eye open, aware that all is not as it seems. It’s time to tread carefully until a clearer picture is possible, staying in observation mode only. Envy and jealousy are at the root of the deception that’s occurring and the best thing I can do at this point is to not create any thought channels toward that emotional vibration. Otherwise, it’s easy to absorb that emotion with my panic attacks the end result.

I must confess to finding Court Card annoying so I appreciate Kim Krans’s animal depictions instead of people. She uses snakes in the suit of Wands, swans with Cups, Owls with Swords, and deer with Pentacles. The Daughter of Cups (the Princess or Page in other decks) depicts a baby swan or cygnet peacefully floating on the water. Rainbow colors spill before her, reflecting emotions in balance. She remains in her bliss, unaffected by the world around her as she floats peacefully about. Her youth suggests undeveloped potential, imagination, and intuition as well as positive messages and new experiences.

The 2 of Cups is beautiful in any deck, but the simplicity of this card is striking. And I have to say that I love the directionality of the backgrounds in Krans’s cards. This one feels like a night sky with stars in motion. Beneath the starfield stands two cups with two red roses standing overtop in a crossed fashion. A unity of polarity is felt with this card, perhaps the unity or balance between intellect and emotions. Additionally, the card suggests harmony and partnership, the crossed roses depicting a strong connection. Normally, I would interpret the 2 of Cups in terms of a relationship between two people, but with respect to my empathic-driven panic attacks, this is about alignment within. Empaths pay too much attention to the goings-on around us creating all sorts of headaches for ourselves in the process when we can’t stay in observation mode. In other words, we have a tough time minding our own business because everything is so interesting.

In a sense, what I’m experiencing is vampiric energy and since witches don’t suffer fools well, I’m not sitting still for it. I’m honest and that bothers people. It’s both a witch and empath thing, but truth-telling comes with the territory, and there’s nothing I care to do about it even if I could. I have the Left-Angled Cross of the Clarion in my Human Design chart, which should explain all of it as well as the Christ Consciousness Field for my godhead. So they might as well just stop now because I’ll always be one step ahead of them.

But in the meantime, the answer lies with that adorable baby swan, floating about in her own bliss, focused on the present moment. This is alignment in its purest form, expressing the full truth of as above, so below. Because if we think about it, the expression isn’t as below, so above. We express ourselves as the Creator into the form that each of us takes. The trick of it is to not forget who we actually are as the Creator personified. And yet we do just that, absorbing the negative vibrations that seem to hold the physical world together. But that’s an illusion as well because we choose at every moment the experience we wish to have. Focus on something negative, and we create a thought channel or pathway to that negative situation, oftentimes unable to find our release. So, we visit it again and again and soon it dominates our awareness. We take up residence in the past instead of continuing to create the experience we wish to have, placing our emotional balance at certain risk.

I found relief from the situation by pulling weeds in the garden, my bliss evidently found there. Their screwy vibration still taps me on the shoulder but at least I’m no longer having panic attacks. So either their own focus is waning, or I’ve been successful in shutting down their vampiric asses.

But if not, it’s not as if I’m without options.

Blessed Be


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Do We Circle The Drain Or Choose A Higher Level Of Discourse?

Do We Circle The Drain Or Choose A Higher Level Of Discourse?

A comedian posts a picture of herself holding what appeared to be the severed head of our so-called president. It was disrespectful and disgusting and I didn’t like seeing it. However, if the conservatives who vilified the Obamas claim the right to express themselves in such a disgusting manner, then so can this woman. Citing outrage over the feelings of the new guy’s young son, I wonder where their outrage was as President Obama’s daughters were inundated with the same sort of shocking and upsetting crap?

Personally, I don’t care for this type of humor. I like parody, but I’ve never been fond of severed heads or openly racist comments or pictures. I think this type of humor represents a bridge too far, but again, that’s just my opinion. People can do as they please just as I can choose to ignore all of it. Just don’t be surprised if it’s met with some push back when the target is the orange guy occupying the White House.

And I have to say that the but he did it so I can too excuse got old when my kids tried it growing up. It’s a fallacy and suggests that no one really needs to be responsible for their behavior. Do we circle the drain or do we choose a higher level of discourse? When does pushing the envelop just because we can do so go too far? With a severed head? An outburst of laughter at a Congressional hearing? Where do we draw the line? Or should a line be drawn at all?

If we react to something that someone else does, then we’re not living in our own present moment, but in the present moment of another. And in the case of the severed head picture, it seems that some of us are living in the new guy’s unhinged moments a little too much. But with all the potential destruction he’s causing, is it any wonder that many of us are having difficulty staying calm?

People are scared to death that they may not live to see a new president undo all the damage this guy and his white nationalist party are doing to the bulk of the country. They are culling the herd by destroying the social safety net that so many of us depend on to survive. Had wages ever been commensurate with our experience let alone a reflection of simple compassion and dignity, we all might be in a better place financially and a middle class might actually exist in this country. However, the priorities of those currently in power are misplaced with their focus on enriching a chosen few while the rest of us worry about how to make our income stretch to the end of the month. Caring about our neighbors has gone out of style, replaced by lawmakers who somehow believe that if we become sick, we’re undeserving of care, as if it’s our fault that we’re ill.

I believe what the comedian did, as distasteful as it was, expressed a level of fear that so many in our country now live with on a daily basis. We want an end to a nightmare that is really only just beginning. That’s all the comedian was really saying, albeit graphically. Something is terribly wrong here and what’s unfolding is far from normal and it must stop. Leaders around the world are either terrified or salivating at the antics of the so-called new guy and his minions, in fear of his craven unpredictability or looking for opportunities to use his gullible ass. Either way, we’re screwed as long as he remains, so any indictments on the horizon can’t come too soon.

I used to believe that the Republican party at least had some core values that were shared by the rest of us. Now I’m not so sure. Maybe it was all a ruse with destruction of the masses their goal all along. Because it sure looks like they’re all in on this strategy and it’s becoming more and more difficult to stomach their glee as they continue their path of destruction.

However, we do ourselves no favors by circling the drain along with him. We have to be above this sort of behavior, saving any down and dirty approach we make for when it truly counts. We can’t worry about stepping on the feelings of those who have compromised our country, but nasty potshots aren’t appropriate either. He depends on this sort of vitriol and uses it to his advantage, something we cannot give him.

The picture above is of a dead juniper tree in the center of one of my ponds. It strikes an as above, so below feeling as its image reflects in the water reminding us that who we are as Spirit should drive entirely our experience while in human form. It’s in that alignment with our true Self that we’ll find our way home, the antics of this man-child a horrific and distant memory.

While he distracts with lies and tweets, we must put the pressure on with facts, something he seems averse to. While he continues to play games, we must be the parents in the room, baby-proofing everything in sight. If he’s so easily led by the bad guys, we need to use that to our advantage. Not that I’m holding my breath mind you, but there’s nothing wrong with using an opponent’s weaknesses against him. And he has plenty.

Just ask Vlad.

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As Above, So Below: Burning The Tower To The Ground ~ Tarot for 31 May 2017

As Above, So Below: Burning The Tower To The Ground ~ Tarot for 31 May 2017

Three cards from the Major Arcana appear in descending order in the primary influences area of today’s tarot reading. The Star, The Tower, and The Devil result in an overall numerology of 3 or Triple Aspects, unity, and wholeness. It’s an interesting pattern when one considers it from the perspective of as above so below with The Star representing above and The Devil  below. In the center, The Tower, represents catalytic change. It’s significant when a Major shows up but when three are influencing, then it’s time to sit up and take notice of their messages. Wands (Fire) and Swords (Air) are represented in the position of hidden influence as well as the outcome respectively. Absent from the reading are Pentacles (Earth) and Cups (Water) and the numerology for the entire reading with the addition of the unknown card’s value still remains at 3, or Triple Aspects.

The Star represents the Blessed Conduit between physical and nonphysical aspects of the Unified Self. She is our manifested dreams, our inspiration, filled with abundant spiritual gifts. Our visions are in play, our intuition intertwined with our healing. The Star provides the conduit for Spirit manifesting into form.

Next is The Tower, on fire as lightning continues its onslaught. Two figures appear to be falling to the choppy waters below as smoke billows around the tower. As devastating as it might seem, this card portends awakening and change for the better. Purification by fire, the energy for catalytic change, anything is possible as The Tower comes crashing down providing the space for change to take hold.

The Devil in any deck is interesting. In the Morgan Greer deck that I’m using today, we see a fierce expression on the goat’s face, his eyes yellow and intense. The pentagram points downward into form with a blue bee in its center. A candle is above, its flame pointing upward toward Spirit. The Devil represents materialism and our primal nature. It can suggest a misuse of power or a need to control others but at minimum it suggests that the ego may be controlling our choices.

In the position of hidden influence, the 9 of Wands reminds us to stand in our power and that we have more help available to us than we may realize. It suggests strength through adversity and determination to succeed. When people depicted the cards are looking either to the left or right it can suggest looking to the past or future respectively but in this case, it seems as if he’s standing guard, potentially walking back and forth in a protective stance.

The Knight of Swords, in the outcome position, reinforces the message of the 9 of Wands suggesting courage, integrity, and fearlessness. The Knight does what he believes is right and is unafraid of new experiences. He watches as The Tower burns, awaiting its destruction and rebirth, the fire’s glow reflecting in his gleaming sword. New ideas are forthcoming, in genesis as he waits for the smoke to clear.

We make the choice when incarnating to live in awareness of the greater unified presence or to retain a purely self-oriented focus. One usually turns out better than the other, but that’s a matter of perspective I suppose. Still, we must be ever mindful of what it is that we wish to manifest. Sometimes we need to see the effects of our choices, choosing a new approach if needed. The Star suggests balance and with the presence of both The Tower and The Devil, it may be that we’ve gotten off track and allowed our focus to be on the material side of Self to the exclusion of our spiritual nature.

Both the 9 of Wands and the Knight of Swords hold the key, at least in part, to all of this by implying that a balance between our catalytic and intellectual presence is needed. A self-oriented focus doesn’t always lend itself to compassionate behavior let alone integrity, but one that acknowledges and appreciates the greater unified presence sees the true value in acting with compassion and engaging with others with honesty and integrity.

The numerology is also relevant in that when we balance the chaos in our lives into an order reflecting a higher purpose, a sense of wholeness is achieved. The as above so below experience that balances both aspects of Self brings each one into unified presence with all.

I’ve been re-reading the Emerald Tablets of Thoth and throughout each of them the running theme is to know that we are each of the Light and to keep our focus there. The darkness is all too willing to influence but as Thoth counsels, it will never be successful in the end. Light will always win over the darkness and we are only ever one in the Creator. Each is an aspect of the Creator personified into form on a seemingly separate journey back to remembrance of Self.

Today’s tarot reading is telling us that in an effort to manifest our own as above so below experience, we’re to balance Spirit with form, in remembrance of who we are as the Creator. We are only here to experience life, not become so caught up in it that conflict becomes the norm. We’re not alone in this, part of the greater unified presence of the Creator. Instead of feeling separation from others, we should seek instead a life reflecting oneness with all.

Time to let go of the drama and watch The Tower burn to the ground.


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And Now It Hits Home

And Now It Hits Home

And now it hits home. A racist piece of shit stabbed three valiant heroes who tried to protect two girls riding on a MAX train in Portland. Two have died and one is still in the hospital. One girl evidently wore a hijab and the other was African American which was justification enough in this racist shitheel’s mind to begin hurling racial slurs and threats to both girls.

Ben Jacobs, a reporter from The Guardian, was assaulted by an asshole running for office in Montana. Of course the fuckwad won and rumor has it he included an interesting “apology” when giving his acceptance speech. But even if he goes to jail, the governor of Texas was heard talking about shooting journalists, so it’s all good. Not to worry, unless you’re a journalist, that is.

Trump rallies are famous for violence erupting against anyone who they decide is against their guy with Trump himself egging his supporters on. And it doesn’t make any difference if it’s voters or journalists, the response is the same. People get hurt.

No one is safe in this country. No one. Not as long as the so-called commander in chief gives cover to this violence. But then we can’t expect him to have the sort of integrity that Barack Obama had. He would have never put up with this crap from anyone. Even when supporters booed at a campaign rally, he would respond with, don’t boo, vote.

Decorum and civility has vanished, replaced with hate and vitriol with some violence thrown in for good measure. I don’t even recognize this country anymore. I’ve never seen a group of people so intent upon destroying the lives of so many. Everything they are doing is either destroying our social safety net or giving away classified secrets as bragging rights.

But to not be able to ride a MAX train in Portland without fear of assault as well as death? That’s just fucked up. Those girls were minding their own business when the worst thing happened and the lives of everyone involved will never be the same again. Portland’s diversity is one of the reasons it’s a beautiful place to be. This level of hatred that would cause a man to stab these saviors who were only protecting the innocent does not reflect who any of us are. Our country will never be what it can be as long as we see others as the enemy, this truth made all the more evident when a killer was willing to take a life or two on a MAX train all to protect his racist views.

Years ago when my husband and I had our karate school, one of our students was in a bad accident and he ultimately lost one of his legs below the knee. He was flown to Portland to a trauma center for the surgery and we drove down to see him while he was recovering. But at the time, there was a sniper who was shooting at random cars on the Banfield freeway, so we had to take a different route to the hospital. Our kids were with us and it was frightening.

So it’s not that Portland doesn’t have its problems but since the campaign more and more violence is happening and it’s hard to believe that it’s not related to the so-called new guy, particularly when he continues to hold campaign rallies where more nonsense occurs. He’s keeping it all going with no regard for those who are hurt.

Even in our area, would-be bikers hung out in front of our congressman’s office while little old ladies stood outside exercising their Constitutional right to protest peacefully. We can all draw whatever conclusions we want to about all of that, but I view it as harassment. The protesting seniors took it all in stride and resolved to return again and again. But I still think it’s shameful.

This us versus them mentality never leads anywhere positive. As long as we continue to view others who think or look differently as the enemy, the violence will continue.

I remember reading an article a few months back about an official following a woman back to her office and putting his hands on her. After all, if it was good enough for Trump, then it was good for him. He got in some trouble for that, and with luck the new guy in Montana who was charged with assaulting Ben Jacobs will do some time and lose his seat. But I’m not holding my breath.

Evidently, this is how Republicans now roll.

I became a Democrat in 2008 so that I could vote in the Democratic primary. I had always been registered as No Party Affiliation, but I had always voted for Democrats, so I felt comfortable making that commitment. I’m not saying that was a mistake necessarily, but if I had it to do over, I think I would have stayed neutral.

I don’t like the infighting. And I didn’t appreciate the division and vitriol between Bernie’s and Hillary’s supporters. Invariably someone on social media would try to pull me into their drama if I posted something about either one of them. I liked them both, but ultimately I voted for Hillary, telling because I’m basically a Democratic Socialist at heart. But I didn’t like the bullshit then and I don’t like it now.

Mr. Trump, you need to resign. And take that ridiculous Mike Pence with you. Odds are, if the charges stack up, you’ll both be doing time anyway, so I would suggest that you both spend what little time left you have left somewhere else. I’d suggest spending time with your families, but it looks like Jared might need a cellmate, so it might make for difficult dinner conversation. And with your wife reluctant to even hold your hand in public, she’s probably washed her hands of your sorry ass.

And Mr. Trump, as far as I’m concerned, whether the killer voted for you or not, you caused those deaths, you unhinged overgrown man-child, egging your supporters on like you do. You have no clue about how to govern and you can’t keep your mouth shut. You’re a braggart and a fool and that’s the last thing our country needs.

Mr Trump, our home is all we have so leave now, before you destroy anything else. The leaders of the world see you for the fool that you are and one can only imagine the number who are lining up behind Putin to manipulate your puppet ass. How much are you into Vlad for? That you won’t release your tax returns gives us all the answers we need until Mueller completes his investigation. Or maybe will it be the possible RICO charges in New York that sends you off to prison. Either way, it’ll be just desserts.

Not of the chocolate cake variety, but just desserts nonetheless.



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Donald Needs A Tarot Reading ~ 22 May 2017

Donald Needs A Tarot Reading ~ 22 May 2017

Donald, it has to be said that Israel is in the Middle East. Why you don’t know that is beyond me. You’d think that some knowledge of geography would be required to hold the highest office in our country, but you seem to skate right by that. Anyway, since you clearly lack direction (pun intended because I’m a funny witch) I decided to do a tarot reading just for you. In fact, this might be a weekly occurrence, more if the situation warrants or if you begin wandering aimlessly.

Since you seemed to like that orb (I confess to some jealousy over that ~ witches do like shiny objects) tarot should be right up your alley. Look. I don’t like to judge, really I don’t, but you’ve got some interesting problems, not the least of which is what comes out of your mouth surpassed only by your lightning fast tweetstorms. You’ve certainly found a creative way to communicate with others. I mean, do you even sleep?

Anyway, the deck I’m using is the Robin Wood tarot deck. It has a pagan/witchy feel to it but it’s not as abstract as Aleister Crowley’s Thoth deck, my personal favorite, but I think you’ll like it. Didn’t I read that your mom was initiated as a Druid? Or was that fake news? I hope it’s true and if so, that’s so cool. I have Druid ancestry so I love that.

In case you’re unfamiliar with tarot, please bear with me if you are, the cards are arranged into sections referred to as Major and Minor Arcanas. The Major Arcana cards are also referred to as trumps, not after you so don’t get a swelled head about it, and they deal with soul archetypes. Yes, you have one, a soul that is.

By the way, the Creator is All That Is. Everything we see and experience, including our own physical reality, is an expression of the Creator, making our fundamental unity a collective vibration of Love. It’s just that when we live our lives here, some of us forget that fact. But more on that later. I usually do a wrap-up at the end of these things so sit tight. Which doesn’t mean that it’s your cue to begin tweeting.

The Minor Arcana is comprised of the small numbered cards and the Court cards. Again, not a nod to any delusions of kingship developing. The Ace of Swords begins the reading with an ornate sword pointing upward surrounded by garlands of white flowers spiraling in a double helix. The great sword of the Magus cuts through illusion, its brilliant countenance enabling full clarity. The Ace of Swords represents ideas emerging from Higher Consciousness. When in balance, our ideas spring from that state of alignment with Source Presence. When not, our ideas spring from our reactions to the world around us instead of from that inner presence within.

Sit with that for a bit. It’s important.

Moving on, there are four suits in tarot, each one corresponding to the four elements. Swords corresponds to Elemental Air (intellectual presence), Pentacles (the next card we’ll look at) corresponds with Earth (physical/material presence), Wands with Fire (catalytic presence), and Cups with Water (emotional presence).

The 5 of Pentacles is heartbreaking in this deck, isn’t it? Two wounded people remain bereft outside a church, snow beginning to fall around them. One individual appears to have lost part of a leg and it’s unclear if sight will return to his/her bandaged right eye. The other individual crouches near the ground trying to stay warm and dry. Neither seems interested in each other, both fully involved in their own sadness.

Moral of the story, Donald, shit happens in life that we’re not prepared for. And when it does, it can consume us. So maybe you should reconsider the whole ACA subsidy thing. We should have gone for single payer or Medicare for all, whatever folks want to call it, but life just works better when we don’t have to worry about whether or not we can see a doctor if we need to. Again, do your ideas manifest as reactions to what you see around you or do they manifest from a higher place of consciousness? The 5 of Pentacles is a window into the future of this country. You don’t make our country great by killing off its citizenry. Surely you can see that.

And now we come to The Fool, the card that begins the Major Arcana, and our journey through life. With his dog at his side, he plays a song on his flute as butterflies flutter about. All options are available to this new soul. Will he choose a life of service to self or a life in greater awareness of others? You can no doubt see the outcome of either choice.

And now we come to the wrap-up. I may get preachy.

It seems to me that the point of this reading is to suggest that you may want to reconsider your focus on destroying people’s lives. You can always make another choice, one that reflects a higher consciousness that I assure you is eagerly waiting to inform you of your true path forward.

Allow our unified presence to reach your awareness, it’s where you’ll find your purpose and that guidance will serve you well.

Allow the resonance of the Creator to fill you with such love and compassion that attending only to the needs of the wealthiest will be anathema to even consider.

It really would be your greatest win of all.

We’ll talk again soon.


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Hypocrisy And Leveling The Playing Field

Hypocrisy And Leveling The Playing Field

The new guy and his minions are away at the moment curtsying and engaging in their typical hypocrisy while back home, the forces of truth are leveling the playing field. He tweeted some time ago about how disrespectful Michelle Obama was for not wearing a headscarf while in a Muslim country; however, his own wife and daughter chose to leave their hair uncovered as well while meeting with officials in Saudi Arabia.  I guess because it’s them, it’s all good. Actually, I don’t believe any woman should cover her hair if she doesn’t wish to do so but to slam Michelle over doing the same thing as his wife and daughter is typical of this guy’s unbelievable lack of impulse control.

Some sort of balance or a leveling of the playing field is desperately needed these days with all the confusion our so-called president creates. We need facts now to understand what’s really going on otherwise his distractions are what control the message. But it plays out in other areas of our lives as well, a drama many of us are all too familiar with. It’s the ignore the man behind the curtain scenario that is so confounding as if we’re to move past situations or behavior that is uncomfortable or even criminal without so much as a comment let alone a protest.

Those who seek to manipulate depend upon cooperation from the rest of us who would never behave that way, who accept our responsibilities in life and appreciate it when others do the same. The manipulators will do anything to avoid all of this in an effort to control the narrative, many times successful in their negligence and usury of others.

My husband is one of those really nice guys who can do practically anything. His responsibility quotient, along with his integrity, is off the scales and those seeking to manipulate that tend to find a willing participant. Not that he wakes up every day with the intention of letting other people use him, but typically it involves a situation that requires a cooperative or team approach that without his involvement we would be affected financially. So he continues with his responsibilities while others do nothing.

But whether we’re talking about the hypocrisy of the so-called new guy or the willingness of manipulators to engage in the usury of others, the hypocrisy by people like this is amazing. Any attempt to level the playing field is met with more distractions and more deception. The new guy wishes that the American people would find other entertainment than following all the news reports about his possible impeachment. Those who take advantage of my husband would prefer that he not notice, but in both cases, that ship sailed long ago and they’re all incredibly stupid if anyone thinks any of us are cooperating anymore.

Just as the antics of the so-called new guy are on display, the subtle and not-so-subtle antics of those who expect the moon from my husband while giving nothing in return are also evident. I guess it’s the idea that all of us are supposed to believe that there’s nothing to see here, folks that’s so insulting. As citizens of this country, we’re supposed to believe that the so-called new guy is the way forward, but it’s clear that for reasons too numerous to count that he’s everything but.

The so-called new guy is undoing the social safety net of this country that many depend on for their very survival. He’s leaving people without any solutions and if he goes ahead with suspending the Affordable Care Act subsidy payments like he so callously suggests that he’ll do, people will be unable to pay for their health insurance and some will die.

It’s the general disregard for the lives of others that’s so difficult to understand. My husband will do whatever it takes to fulfill his responsibilities to others, but that level of integrity isn’t shared by said others. The so-called new guy, on the other hand, feels no such responsibility to anyone but himself or quite possibly the Russians. In both cases, we’re supposed to put up with whatever nonsense that’s dished out as if it’s the most normal thing in the world and say nothing.

Except that it’s not.

When compassion for others and a sense of shared purpose exists, life just goes better. Problems can be solved together with everyone sharing some part of that responsibility. Leaving people hanging doesn’t work. It creates resentment that only escalates. Instead of a level playing field, a continuing divide is created and before long the situation becomes just too big for solutions to be easily found. Feelings are stepped on and people like my husband are left with the choice to continue on or walk away. Because whatever he does to help people, it never seems to be enough. He’s more than happy to do his part, just not more than that.

The same is true for those who depend on the social safety net for their survival. They’re not trying to get something for nothing and could pull themselves up by their bootstraps just fine, thank you very much, but it’s not like a living wage is available to all people who live in this country. We have no protection in this country from people who believe that the mega-rich should have all the opportunities and the rest of us be damned.

The so-called new guy’s daughter “wrote” a book that attempts to address the phenomenon of the working mom. Rumor has it that the book is as tone deaf as his daughter. I doubt she knows what it’s like to raise kids while never sitting down and having a moment to herself let alone eating a balanced meal. Most women don’t have nannies to help raise their children, having to deal with the worry and expense of childcare while they work to support their families.

When my boys homeschooled, one of the books they read was Whatever Happened to Justice? which discussed our legal system. Essentially the author brought everything down to two principles: do all you say you will do, and don’t encroach upon others. And if we all lived those two principles, we’d be far better off than we are now. The so-called new guy would understand that he has a responsibility to not destroy the lives of the citizens of this country, and those who use my husband would step up and do their part. Simple concept, really.

Blessings to all!


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The Politics Of Baby-Proofing The World Against A Leader Lacking Basic Impulse Control

The Politics Of Baby-Proofing The World Against A Leader Lacking Basic Impulse Control

I don’t profess to understand the workings of world politics let alone what’s unfolding now before us in our country. But one would think that even the most uneducated of occupants in the Oval Office would know not to share intelligence with representatives from foreign countries, particularly when it’s a country that’s implicated in the hacking of our election. The optics alone preclude any further contact with these people, yet the man-child invited not just two Russian representatives, but also their news organization to the exclusion of any other reporters. Then they all had the audacity to suggest that there’s nothing to see here, folks, nothing at all.

As it turns out, the classified information he shared with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. and the Russian Foreign Minister came from Israel,¹ a country he’s apparently visiting next week. Israel. Of all countries. His National Security Advisor admitted that his boss didn’t even know that what he was sharing was classified. What? How could he not? Maybe he should assume that EVERYTHING is classified and shut his mouth until impeachment proceedings can begin. Then he can run his mouth all he likes ensuring an early demise.

He’s taking his clown show on the road, reportedly giving a speech in Saudi Arabia, delivering an inspiring’ speech on ‘peaceful vision of Islam’.² As if he knows what that is given the Muslim ban he’s so intent upon enacting. That’s all we need, an overgrown child lacking impulse control to tell Muslims how to live. It’s hard to believe it will end well. He’s already offended the Israelis with the sharing of classified information, possibly affecting our relationship going forward so I’m not certain why he’s even going.

It’s like babies who’ve just learned to walk. They run everywhere, their tiny hands reaching for new heights as their exhausted mothers baby-proof ever higher. But they have an excuse for their curiosity, having so much to explore. The 70-year-old man-child has no such excuse, the potential cost of his diarrhea of the mouth unclear.

Politics can be shady enough without our having to baby-proof the world against a leader lacking basic impulse control. With all that’s at stake, the republicans remain in silent support of someone so unhinged and unqualified that he speaks without any concern for the fallout. He’s on a roll, you see, and he will not stop until the American people stop him. How his supporters couldn’t see this coming speaks to their own agendas and vested interest. They were blind to this man-child and his election has greatly disturbed the fundamental security of our nation with their amateurish behavior.

The demise of his regime can’t come too soon.


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  2. Revesz, Rachael. Donald Trump to deliver ‘inspiring’ speech on ‘peaceful vision of Islam’ in Saudi Arabia. The Independent. May 16, 2017

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Where We Find Our Peace ~ Tarot for 9 May 2017

Where We Find Our Peace ~ Tarot for 9 May 2017

Wow. Lots happening today culminating with the new guy firing the Director of the FBI, James Comey. Although firing someone who is investigating him seems to be a trend with this impulse-challenged overgrown child pretending to be our president, the timing seems odd as well as its roll out. It doesn’t appear the new guy thought firing the guy who was investigating him was important enough to do so in person. Instead, Director Comey learned of his dismissal while giving a speech.

We’re circling the drain in this country. Our shared values are being annihilated before our very eyes replaced by a pull it out of his ass mentality, our integrity be damned.

Like many witches, when a situation is unclear, I use divination tools such as runes and tarot cards to gain insight.  The Moon, The Star, and the 8 of Cups comprise today’s tarot reading. Aleister Crowley’s Thoth tarot deck is my favorite tarot deck to use. It’s not conventional, but then neither am I. Lady Frieda Harris’s depiction of each card is so beautiful that it’s easy to become lost in the flowing symbolism of each card, particularly those of the Major Arcana.

Regarding The Moon, from Crowley’s The Book of Thoth as referenced in Duquette’s Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot:

Let the Illusion of the World pass over thee unheeded, as thou goest from the Midnight to the Morning.¹

Isn’t that amazing? Let the Illusion of the World pass over thee unheeded is the key to navigating life in this odd, chaotic experience we’re creating together. Even if we believe we’re victims, ours is a participatory experience. Harris depicts the traditional symbolism of The Moon somewhat differently, including Anubis in dual form, each aligning with a darkened tower. The Moon appears to be spilling into the horizon below as if pouring its secrets into our consciousness. A scarab, an Egyptian symbol for eternity, appears below, its antennae enclosing a golden orb, a gift of clarity and rebirth from The Moon above reminding us that we are indeed an eternal unified presence and we should allow the illusion of the world to pass over…unheeded. In other words, observe what’s happening without becoming caught up in illusion itself.

Preceding The Moon in the Major Arcana, The Star represents our visions and dreams becoming reality. She is the Goddess, the Blessed Conduit between physical and nonphysical aspects of self. Lady Harris illustrates the Goddess pouring blessings from above, her back turned to the world. The star above spirals around her, our energy vortex into form. The Star’s blue, rose, and golden hues suggest peace and calm are possible when our focus is in alignment with our unified presence.

Finally, we come to the most blasé card of the Thoth tarot, the 8 of Cups. Water rather dribbles from lotus blossoms to four cups below. Four of the cups appear to be empty, and the others sparse at best. Indolence is this card’s title suggesting emotional stagnation and a feeling of nothing left to give, a sense of exhaustion dominating the card. We’re counseled to let go of what no longers serves when this card appears in a reading.

Major Arcana cards are considered soul archetypes and when they appear in a reading we’re to take special notice, particularly when more than one present. Given that The Star and The Moon appear consecutively in the Major Arcana, the 17th and 18th cards respectively, together their numerology reduces to the Saturnian number of 8 or structure, manifestation, protection, and discipline.

The overall numerology of the reading is 7 or divinity, intuition, and wholeness. When ill-dignified, 7 can reflect our shadow side of self. Seven reflects the balance we strike between self and other awareness or the choice we make between a self-centered focus or one that embraces and includes others. Together with the 8, do we navigate this life alone or do we manifest our lives in full awareness of our unified presence with all?

Both The Moon and The Star rely on inner vision born from alignment with our Source Presence and suggest that we find our peace in that awareness. Those who choose a self-oriented focus will do anything to continue that choice undisturbed and undeterred. The hidden influence of The Moon may be suggesting that much is happening behind the scenes, the new guy’s recent actions appearing as a response to that activity.

They’ve truly gone as far as they can go with their deception and avarice. Their brazenness will be their undoing in the end, our ultimate peace a welcome relief from the chaos.



  1. DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 146). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.
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When Life Becomes A Preexisting Condition

Life As A Preexisting Condition

In the new guy’s version of life in this country, preexisting conditions should be allowed only for those who can pay for them. And one foolish congressman even went so far as to suggest that the sickest among us should be paying more than people who have remained healthy as if chronic illness or cancer, for example, are due to someone’s irresponsibility or negligence. He probably didn’t like it when the smart girl blew the curve in school either.

But here’s the thing. We live in a country where income inequality is the norm and that translates into not enough money to eat well. Most people don’t grow their own food anymore so they have no control over the pesticides used on the crops or whether or not the seeds used were genetically modified into something our bodies don’t recognize.

Instead, we’re put on the treadmill of chronic disease, beholden to the medical community, although well-meaning, who focus on symptom treatment in lieu of actually figuring out how we became sick in the first place. Other than doctors in functional medicine or herbalists and naturopaths, most don’t consider diet, mindset, emotional issues, or environmental factors that could be at the root of chronic illness preferring instead to prescribe this pill or that injection.

I suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for over thirteen years, but it was for that length of time that it was severe. Nothing the doctors did relieved any of the pain, inflammation, fatigue, swelling, or fluid retention that I experienced. Instead, I seemed to stay in one place, severe. When a commercial came on television selling a medication for RA they would always say it treated moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. I would look at my husband and remark that someday I hoped my RA would be moderate. It was one of those moments of dark humor that got us through those years.

And now that I’ve been in clinical remission for the last six years and off the last of the prescribed drugs since September 2015, my doctor did some blood work and lo and behold, the daily coffees my husband makes that would make a barista blush have affected my glucose level. I got a call from her nurse and she told me that my doctor wants to schedule an A1C test to screen for diabetes. No discussion, or even the glucose number, just go have a test.

Perhaps they didn’t notice in my chart that my primary care doctor when I was so ill had prescribed Metformin after doing a glucose tolerance test and endless A1C tests, diagnosing insulin resistance when my glucose numbers stayed elevated. After becoming a cannabis patient in June 2010 and making my own concentrated medicines at the end of that year, two and one-half months later I was in clinical remission. I began discontinuing several of the prescribed drugs on my own that I could safely do, but when discontinuing the Metformin the same primary care doctor who initially prescribed it helped with that. A change in diet has always been the way to get my glucose number to come down but instead of having that conversation first, it’s test time.

Now with the republicans in the process of destroying health care in this country, the last thing anyone needs is to have a diagnosis of something that’s situational in nature that can then become a preexisting condition. You’d think if Congress wants to go this route of endangering the citizenry so that the wealthiest among us become even more wealthy, they’d legalize cannabis. The tax revenue alone would be staggering. Prescription drug costs would be considerably lower, our collective health likely improving overall, but then the drug companies who line lawmakers’ election coffers might not be so generous at the next election. So the struggle for truth and dignity continues.

Apparently, rape is now a preexisting condition if this monstrosity is signed into law. Does this also apply to children who are raped by their fathers? Will they be punished with a preexisting condition if they report the abuse? The congresspeople who voted for it, my own congressman included, exhibit an astonishing level of moral bankruptcy and have clearly lost their fundamental compassion for humanity. One wonders how they sleep at night, but after today’s kegger at the white house in celebration of their victory, I’m sure they’ll sleep like babies.

If this passes the senate, then women like my daughter-in-law won’t have their pregnancies covered. Medicaid will be trashed and Medicare is next. They’ll leave everyone hanging and people will die as a result. There has never been a clearer example of us versus them ideology than what we’re seeing now. It’s destructive and unsustainable, but it’s full steam ahead anyway.

Even if this doesn’t pass the senate, as members are signaling that it will not, today’s vote gives us a window into the mindset of the people who believe the death of our citizens is an acceptable outcome. But when we finally have health insurance that we can depend on and republicans want to either take that away or make it completely unaffordable, something tells me that our response will be greater than the republicans can imagine let alone survive.

The republicans shouldn’t have targeted women and children in this bill. They shouldn’t have targeted veterans, seniors, or the chronically ill. Because when a mother finds that her child with asthma or cancer can no longer get the care she so desperately needs, trust me the ground will open up around them and shit will get real. Women, mothers or not, are sick of the government’s interference in our lives and as republicans continue their destructive behavior, we’ll pay close attention and then we’ll vote their sorry asses out of office.

I sat by the new hives out in the apiary today watching the new bees become acclimated to their new homes. They exist in unified presence with each other, each one valued and necessary. They work together to feed the brood and to protect their queen. Everything is about the survival of the colony, a notion of family that escapes republicans now in control. None of this surprises me, however, now that the fascist floodgates have been flung open. The cruelty present within the republican mindset is breathtaking. It’s nasty and to think they celebrated with a beer after it was done.

So now we await the Senate’s response. I won’t be holding my breath. Besides, in the process, I’d probably develop another preexisting condition, irresponsible person that I am.

Just ask Mo.

Update: got my blood test results and after Jerry’s insane coffees it was only 114. Now I see why she neglected to mention the number. I wouldn’t have mentioned it either lest I be laughed off the phone. Now ADA recommends <100 even though the test range is 74-106 for fasting 12 hours except that I probably only fasted for 7 or 8. Why does the number keep going down? My theory: it puts more money in the pocket of Big Pharma as more prescriptions are written. Still not drinking anymore of that coffee even though it’s yummilicious. 

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Dominion and Unity of Purpose ~ Tarot for 29 April 2017

Dominion and Unity of Purpose ~ Tarot for 29 April 2017

The hexagrams and the overall numerology of 11 provide the foundation for today’s tarot reading. Illumination, instinct, and our subconscious are 11’s influences suggesting that our answers are found within. From the hexagrams, we discover the focus of the reading.

Hexagram or gua 62 appears at the bottom of the 8 of Stones and is titled Preponderance of the Small. The other hexagram appears on the 2 of Wands and is titled The Taming Power of the Great. Notice how each is an anagram of the other with 8 or strength as their numerological influence suggesting that we derive strength from self-discipline and our memories of shared experience.

A greater purpose is felt with this reading which makes sense given the instability of those now in power. Nothing makes sense anymore as power grabs continue. What was once thought of as criminal behavior has now become the norm. And now the hexagrams from the IChing are suggesting that we stay patient and focused on the details which are emerging. Power is being shifted into the hands of a select few who have only self-interest at heart. The safety and security of the tribe are being threatened daily, at the hands of people with no moral compass, and our task now is to stay as focused as possible on what’s actually happening. Details matter and can become lost in the fray and our vigilance is required.

Looking at the cards, Haindl titles the 8 of Stones, Knowledge. A card of elemental Earth, eight boulders are suspended in front of a stone structure. A narrow window appears in its center with a rock-like elephant appearing on the lower left. Strength and protection, memory and knowledge are this card’s influences.

The Moon appears next in the reading bringing hidden aspects to light. The lobster emerging from the water suggests both rebirth and protection while the incredible unicorn indicates our intuitive side. The rune, Othala appears in the upper right-hand corner signifying ancestral tradition and unified presence. This card from the Major Arcana is counseling us to find what may be hidden from view, with awareness and illumination our ultimate goal.

Odin is represented as the King of Cups, hanging upside down from the World Tree, offering an eye in exchange for the revelation of the runes. Self-disciplined yet tolerant and kind, the King is a wise counselor to the tribe, spiritual and compassionate. He may be the wild card in the reading, however, if ill-dignified becoming shallow and passive aggressive.

An eagle flies above a large round boulder, a rainbow arching overhead. The Ace of Stones, in the hidden position of the reading, suggests the genesis of material security and prosperity. Spirit and matter align in the Ace of Stonesas above so below its message. The rainbow itself suggests that difficulties are ending and all possibilities are available to us.

Balanced intention, courage, and the will to stand in one’s power are among the influences the 2 of Wands brings to the reading’s outcome. Two flamed-tipped spears are crossed in front of the entrance to an abandoned stone temple preventing our passage. Dominion is the card’s title counseling us to push past challenges toward new experiences.

So it would appear that we should remain focused on details which are emerging, remaining steadfast in our unity of purpose. It’s not the time to take our eyes off the ball. The security and stability of the tribe are too important. And when all has been revealed, we will stand together with the power of our integrity leading us toward our goal.

The so-called new guy apparently is whining about how hard the job is, preferring to spend his evening with supporters instead of journalists at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. I guess the jokes would be too much for his sensitive feelings. His friend Putin has been politely asked to resign¹ by protesters.

One hundred days in and he’s still whining. Any luck, and he’ll be gone before the next hundred.

Our shared experiences will sustain us in the days ahead. The way forward is together, irrespective of what the so-called new guy and his minions believe. We’ll undo the damage, together, that they do to us, adding that experience to those already shared. Our dominion requires unity of purpose. With what’s clearly at stake, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Blessings to all!


  1. Andrew Osborn and Svetlana ReiterRussians, in peaceful protest, call for Putin to quit. Reuters. Apr. 29, 2017.