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Strength From Unified Presence ~ Rune and Tarot for 15 June 2017

Strength From Unified Presence ~ Rune and Tarot for 15 June 2017

Strength from unifed presence is what comes to mind as I look at today’s tarot and runecasting. 13 represents the numerology for the tarot cards. I can also reduce that to 4 but I prefer to consider 13 as a Master Witch number. The numerology of the runes reduces to 3, or unification and wholeness and together with the tarot numerology, the overall numerology for the combined reading is 7, or divinity and intuition. 7 also happens to be a number that represents magick.

Two cards from the Major Arcana along with one from the suit of Cups comprise the tarot portion of the reading. The Empress, the 6 of Cups, and The Emperor create a lovely balance with the result of their union represented by the 6 of Cups in the center with its multicolored roots extending in an as above so below manner. Cups represents Elemental Water and our emotional presence, our intuition, and relationships with others. Its direction is West and is represented by the chalice or cauldron signifying receptivity and fertility, as it transmutes Air and Fire into form.

Mannaz, Raidho, and Perthro are today’s runes representing Earth, Air, and Water elements respectively and support the interplay between The Empress and her consort, The Emperor. Take notice of their order in the deck. She appears first and from her flows the entirety of creation signifying her greater importance, the current patriarchy having no place in the equation.

Looking at The Empress and Mannaz first, we see a beautiful white pink-tipped tree with a crescent moon in the night sky above. The Empress represents love, beauty, abundance, and happiness. She is the Goddess in her Mother Aspect, receptive and fertile, and the essence of feminine creativity and the subconscious realm. Mannaz brings into the reading the influence of mankind’s fragility. In disunity, our partnership is threatened, with Mannaz encouraging us to seek assistance from others, understanding that we are part of a greater consciousness with harmony our fundamental goal.

Raidho and the 6 of Cups both discuss the journey we take in form, Raidho signifying harmony and right purpose, the 6 of Cups denoting family and fulfillment. The Wild Unknown Tarot uses animals and trees in its depictions and in the 6 of Cups we see an as above so below expression with the tree above and its massive root system below. Positioned between The Empress and The Emperor, the card reflects all that they create together in balanced unified presence. Raidho indicates rhythmic motion in partnership with others, attuned to a higher purpose.


Finally, The Emperor stands tall representing structure and leadership. Fatherhood and the conscious realm along with benevolence and stability are among this card’s influences. He provides a certain kind of balance to The Empress although without her he would not exist. Boundaries, protection, and order are felt with The Emperor as he assists The Empress in providing the structure for success. Perthro represents the mystery of fate and is thought of as the childbirth rune. Perthro points to correct action, something The Emperor needs to stay in balance. Healing and understanding are among Perthro’s influences and provide The Emperor with a window into the unknown.

Our strength is found in unified presence with the collective consciousness. We are not the bodies we inhabit but in fact, the Creator personified into form. While we understand the idea that our bodies have to work in harmony in order that we continue to live, we miss that application to humanity as a whole. In harmonious union with each other, our roots run deep and provide all the strength we need for an abundant experience.

While the future is unwritten, we instinctively know that in unity, our success is far more assured than when we’re at each others’ throats. It was nice to see both sides of the aisle come together after the shooting yesterday of a Republican Congressman, two Capitol Police officers, and a Lobbyist who were practicing for today’s game. Irrespective of our differences, it’s clear that the only thing to do now is to come together.

The insanity of this moment requires that we pause and remember that we’re one family, no matter how things have been between us of late. It’s time to remember who we are and let the strength of our love guide us forward.

Blessings to all!


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And Now It Hits Home

And Now It Hits Home

And now it hits home. A racist piece of shit stabbed three valiant heroes who tried to protect two girls riding on a MAX train in Portland. Two have died and one is still in the hospital. One girl evidently wore a hijab and the other was African American which was justification enough in this racist shitheel’s mind to begin hurling racial slurs and threats to both girls.

Ben Jacobs, a reporter from The Guardian, was assaulted by an asshole running for office in Montana. Of course the fuckwad won and rumor has it he included an interesting “apology” when giving his acceptance speech. But even if he goes to jail, the governor of Texas was heard talking about shooting journalists, so it’s all good. Not to worry, unless you’re a journalist, that is.

Trump rallies are famous for violence erupting against anyone who they decide is against their guy with Trump himself egging his supporters on. And it doesn’t make any difference if it’s voters or journalists, the response is the same. People get hurt.

No one is safe in this country. No one. Not as long as the so-called commander in chief gives cover to this violence. But then we can’t expect him to have the sort of integrity that Barack Obama had. He would have never put up with this crap from anyone. Even when supporters booed at a campaign rally, he would respond with, don’t boo, vote.

Decorum and civility has vanished, replaced with hate and vitriol with some violence thrown in for good measure. I don’t even recognize this country anymore. I’ve never seen a group of people so intent upon destroying the lives of so many. Everything they are doing is either destroying our social safety net or giving away classified secrets as bragging rights.

But to not be able to ride a MAX train in Portland without fear of assault as well as death? That’s just fucked up. Those girls were minding their own business when the worst thing happened and the lives of everyone involved will never be the same again. Portland’s diversity is one of the reasons it’s a beautiful place to be. This level of hatred that would cause a man to stab these saviors who were only protecting the innocent does not reflect who any of us are. Our country will never be what it can be as long as we see others as the enemy, this truth made all the more evident when a killer was willing to take a life or two on a MAX train all to protect his racist views.

Years ago when my husband and I had our karate school, one of our students was in a bad accident and he ultimately lost one of his legs below the knee. He was flown to Portland to a trauma center for the surgery and we drove down to see him while he was recovering. But at the time, there was a sniper who was shooting at random cars on the Banfield freeway, so we had to take a different route to the hospital. Our kids were with us and it was frightening.

So it’s not that Portland doesn’t have its problems but since the campaign more and more violence is happening and it’s hard to believe that it’s not related to the so-called new guy, particularly when he continues to hold campaign rallies where more nonsense occurs. He’s keeping it all going with no regard for those who are hurt.

Even in our area, would-be bikers hung out in front of our congressman’s office while little old ladies stood outside exercising their Constitutional right to protest peacefully. We can all draw whatever conclusions we want to about all of that, but I view it as harassment. The protesting seniors took it all in stride and resolved to return again and again. But I still think it’s shameful.

This us versus them mentality never leads anywhere positive. As long as we continue to view others who think or look differently as the enemy, the violence will continue.

I remember reading an article a few months back about an official following a woman back to her office and putting his hands on her. After all, if it was good enough for Trump, then it was good for him. He got in some trouble for that, and with luck the new guy in Montana who was charged with assaulting Ben Jacobs will do some time and lose his seat. But I’m not holding my breath.

Evidently, this is how Republicans now roll.

I became a Democrat in 2008 so that I could vote in the Democratic primary. I had always been registered as No Party Affiliation, but I had always voted for Democrats, so I felt comfortable making that commitment. I’m not saying that was a mistake necessarily, but if I had it to do over, I think I would have stayed neutral.

I don’t like the infighting. And I didn’t appreciate the division and vitriol between Bernie’s and Hillary’s supporters. Invariably someone on social media would try to pull me into their drama if I posted something about either one of them. I liked them both, but ultimately I voted for Hillary, telling because I’m basically a Democratic Socialist at heart. But I didn’t like the bullshit then and I don’t like it now.

Mr. Trump, you need to resign. And take that ridiculous Mike Pence with you. Odds are, if the charges stack up, you’ll both be doing time anyway, so I would suggest that you both spend what little time left you have left somewhere else. I’d suggest spending time with your families, but it looks like Jared might need a cellmate, so it might make for difficult dinner conversation. And with your wife reluctant to even hold your hand in public, she’s probably washed her hands of your sorry ass.

And Mr. Trump, as far as I’m concerned, whether the killer voted for you or not, you caused those deaths, you unhinged overgrown man-child, egging your supporters on like you do. You have no clue about how to govern and you can’t keep your mouth shut. You’re a braggart and a fool and that’s the last thing our country needs.

Mr Trump, our home is all we have so leave now, before you destroy anything else. The leaders of the world see you for the fool that you are and one can only imagine the number who are lining up behind Putin to manipulate your puppet ass. How much are you into Vlad for? That you won’t release your tax returns gives us all the answers we need until Mueller completes his investigation. Or maybe will it be the possible RICO charges in New York that sends you off to prison. Either way, it’ll be just desserts.

Not of the chocolate cake variety, but just desserts nonetheless.



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Where We Find Our Peace ~ Tarot for 9 May 2017

Where We Find Our Peace ~ Tarot for 9 May 2017

Wow. Lots happening today culminating with the new guy firing the Director of the FBI, James Comey. Although firing someone who is investigating him seems to be a trend with this impulse-challenged overgrown child pretending to be our president, the timing seems odd as well as its roll out. It doesn’t appear the new guy thought firing the guy who was investigating him was important enough to do so in person. Instead, Director Comey learned of his dismissal while giving a speech.

We’re circling the drain in this country. Our shared values are being annihilated before our very eyes replaced by a pull it out of his ass mentality, our integrity be damned.

Like many witches, when a situation is unclear, I use divination tools such as runes and tarot cards to gain insight.  The Moon, The Star, and the 8 of Cups comprise today’s tarot reading. Aleister Crowley’s Thoth tarot deck is my favorite tarot deck to use. It’s not conventional, but then neither am I. Lady Frieda Harris’s depiction of each card is so beautiful that it’s easy to become lost in the flowing symbolism of each card, particularly those of the Major Arcana.

Regarding The Moon, from Crowley’s The Book of Thoth as referenced in Duquette’s Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot:

Let the Illusion of the World pass over thee unheeded, as thou goest from the Midnight to the Morning.¹

Isn’t that amazing? Let the Illusion of the World pass over thee unheeded is the key to navigating life in this odd, chaotic experience we’re creating together. Even if we believe we’re victims, ours is a participatory experience. Harris depicts the traditional symbolism of The Moon somewhat differently, including Anubis in dual form, each aligning with a darkened tower. The Moon appears to be spilling into the horizon below as if pouring its secrets into our consciousness. A scarab, an Egyptian symbol for eternity, appears below, its antennae enclosing a golden orb, a gift of clarity and rebirth from The Moon above reminding us that we are indeed an eternal unified presence and we should allow the illusion of the world to pass over…unheeded. In other words, observe what’s happening without becoming caught up in illusion itself.

Preceding The Moon in the Major Arcana, The Star represents our visions and dreams becoming reality. She is the Goddess, the Blessed Conduit between physical and nonphysical aspects of self. Lady Harris illustrates the Goddess pouring blessings from above, her back turned to the world. The star above spirals around her, our energy vortex into form. The Star’s blue, rose, and golden hues suggest peace and calm are possible when our focus is in alignment with our unified presence.

Finally, we come to the most blasé card of the Thoth tarot, the 8 of Cups. Water rather dribbles from lotus blossoms to four cups below. Four of the cups appear to be empty, and the others sparse at best. Indolence is this card’s title suggesting emotional stagnation and a feeling of nothing left to give, a sense of exhaustion dominating the card. We’re counseled to let go of what no longers serves when this card appears in a reading.

Major Arcana cards are considered soul archetypes and when they appear in a reading we’re to take special notice, particularly when more than one present. Given that The Star and The Moon appear consecutively in the Major Arcana, the 17th and 18th cards respectively, together their numerology reduces to the Saturnian number of 8 or structure, manifestation, protection, and discipline.

The overall numerology of the reading is 7 or divinity, intuition, and wholeness. When ill-dignified, 7 can reflect our shadow side of self. Seven reflects the balance we strike between self and other awareness or the choice we make between a self-centered focus or one that embraces and includes others. Together with the 8, do we navigate this life alone or do we manifest our lives in full awareness of our unified presence with all?

Both The Moon and The Star rely on inner vision born from alignment with our Source Presence and suggest that we find our peace in that awareness. Those who choose a self-oriented focus will do anything to continue that choice undisturbed and undeterred. The hidden influence of The Moon may be suggesting that much is happening behind the scenes, the new guy’s recent actions appearing as a response to that activity.

They’ve truly gone as far as they can go with their deception and avarice. Their brazenness will be their undoing in the end, our ultimate peace a welcome relief from the chaos.



  1. DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 146). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.
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When Life Becomes A Preexisting Condition

Life As A Preexisting Condition

In the new guy’s version of life in this country, preexisting conditions should be allowed only for those who can pay for them. And one foolish congressman even went so far as to suggest that the sickest among us should be paying more than people who have remained healthy as if chronic illness or cancer, for example, are due to someone’s irresponsibility or negligence. He probably didn’t like it when the smart girl blew the curve in school either.

But here’s the thing. We live in a country where income inequality is the norm and that translates into not enough money to eat well. Most people don’t grow their own food anymore so they have no control over the pesticides used on the crops or whether or not the seeds used were genetically modified into something our bodies don’t recognize.

Instead, we’re put on the treadmill of chronic disease, beholden to the medical community, although well-meaning, who focus on symptom treatment in lieu of actually figuring out how we became sick in the first place. Other than doctors in functional medicine or herbalists and naturopaths, most don’t consider diet, mindset, emotional issues, or environmental factors that could be at the root of chronic illness preferring instead to prescribe this pill or that injection.

I suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for over thirteen years, but it was for that length of time that it was severe. Nothing the doctors did relieved any of the pain, inflammation, fatigue, swelling, or fluid retention that I experienced. Instead, I seemed to stay in one place, severe. When a commercial came on television selling a medication for RA they would always say it treated moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. I would look at my husband and remark that someday I hoped my RA would be moderate. It was one of those moments of dark humor that got us through those years.

And now that I’ve been in clinical remission for the last six years and off the last of the prescribed drugs since September 2015, my doctor did some blood work and lo and behold, the daily coffees my husband makes that would make a barista blush have affected my glucose level. I got a call from her nurse and she told me that my doctor wants to schedule an A1C test to screen for diabetes. No discussion, or even the glucose number, just go have a test.

Perhaps they didn’t notice in my chart that my primary care doctor when I was so ill had prescribed Metformin after doing a glucose tolerance test and endless A1C tests, diagnosing insulin resistance when my glucose numbers stayed elevated. After becoming a cannabis patient in June 2010 and making my own concentrated medicines at the end of that year, two and one-half months later I was in clinical remission. I began discontinuing several of the prescribed drugs on my own that I could safely do, but when discontinuing the Metformin the same primary care doctor who initially prescribed it helped with that. A change in diet has always been the way to get my glucose number to come down but instead of having that conversation first, it’s test time.

Now with the republicans in the process of destroying health care in this country, the last thing anyone needs is to have a diagnosis of something that’s situational in nature that can then become a preexisting condition. You’d think if Congress wants to go this route of endangering the citizenry so that the wealthiest among us become even more wealthy, they’d legalize cannabis. The tax revenue alone would be staggering. Prescription drug costs would be considerably lower, our collective health likely improving overall, but then the drug companies who line lawmakers’ election coffers might not be so generous at the next election. So the struggle for truth and dignity continues.

Apparently, rape is now a preexisting condition if this monstrosity is signed into law. Does this also apply to children who are raped by their fathers? Will they be punished with a preexisting condition if they report the abuse? The congresspeople who voted for it, my own congressman included, exhibit an astonishing level of moral bankruptcy and have clearly lost their fundamental compassion for humanity. One wonders how they sleep at night, but after today’s kegger at the white house in celebration of their victory, I’m sure they’ll sleep like babies.

If this passes the senate, then women like my daughter-in-law won’t have their pregnancies covered. Medicaid will be trashed and Medicare is next. They’ll leave everyone hanging and people will die as a result. There has never been a clearer example of us versus them ideology than what we’re seeing now. It’s destructive and unsustainable, but it’s full steam ahead anyway.

Even if this doesn’t pass the senate, as members are signaling that it will not, today’s vote gives us a window into the mindset of the people who believe the death of our citizens is an acceptable outcome. But when we finally have health insurance that we can depend on and republicans want to either take that away or make it completely unaffordable, something tells me that our response will be greater than the republicans can imagine let alone survive.

The republicans shouldn’t have targeted women and children in this bill. They shouldn’t have targeted veterans, seniors, or the chronically ill. Because when a mother finds that her child with asthma or cancer can no longer get the care she so desperately needs, trust me the ground will open up around them and shit will get real. Women, mothers or not, are sick of the government’s interference in our lives and as republicans continue their destructive behavior, we’ll pay close attention and then we’ll vote their sorry asses out of office.

I sat by the new hives out in the apiary today watching the new bees become acclimated to their new homes. They exist in unified presence with each other, each one valued and necessary. They work together to feed the brood and to protect their queen. Everything is about the survival of the colony, a notion of family that escapes republicans now in control. None of this surprises me, however, now that the fascist floodgates have been flung open. The cruelty present within the republican mindset is breathtaking. It’s nasty and to think they celebrated with a beer after it was done.

So now we await the Senate’s response. I won’t be holding my breath. Besides, in the process, I’d probably develop another preexisting condition, irresponsible person that I am.

Just ask Mo.

Update: got my blood test results and after Jerry’s insane coffees it was only 114. Now I see why she neglected to mention the number. I wouldn’t have mentioned it either lest I be laughed off the phone. Now ADA recommends <100 even though the test range is 74-106 for fasting 12 hours except that I probably only fasted for 7 or 8. Why does the number keep going down? My theory: it puts more money in the pocket of Big Pharma as more prescriptions are written. Still not drinking anymore of that coffee even though it’s yummilicious. 

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Dominion and Unity of Purpose ~ Tarot for 29 April 2017

Dominion and Unity of Purpose ~ Tarot for 29 April 2017

The hexagrams and the overall numerology of 11 provide the foundation for today’s tarot reading. Illumination, instinct, and our subconscious are 11’s influences suggesting that our answers are found within. From the hexagrams, we discover the focus of the reading.

Hexagram or gua 62 appears at the bottom of the 8 of Stones and is titled Preponderance of the Small. The other hexagram appears on the 2 of Wands and is titled The Taming Power of the Great. Notice how each is an anagram of the other with 8 or strength as their numerological influence suggesting that we derive strength from self-discipline and our memories of shared experience.

A greater purpose is felt with this reading which makes sense given the instability of those now in power. Nothing makes sense anymore as power grabs continue. What was once thought of as criminal behavior has now become the norm. And now the hexagrams from the IChing are suggesting that we stay patient and focused on the details which are emerging. Power is being shifted into the hands of a select few who have only self-interest at heart. The safety and security of the tribe are being threatened daily, at the hands of people with no moral compass, and our task now is to stay as focused as possible on what’s actually happening. Details matter and can become lost in the fray and our vigilance is required.

Looking at the cards, Haindl titles the 8 of Stones, Knowledge. A card of elemental Earth, eight boulders are suspended in front of a stone structure. A narrow window appears in its center with a rock-like elephant appearing on the lower left. Strength and protection, memory and knowledge are this card’s influences.

The Moon appears next in the reading bringing hidden aspects to light. The lobster emerging from the water suggests both rebirth and protection while the incredible unicorn indicates our intuitive side. The rune, Othala appears in the upper right-hand corner signifying ancestral tradition and unified presence. This card from the Major Arcana is counseling us to find what may be hidden from view, with awareness and illumination our ultimate goal.

Odin is represented as the King of Cups, hanging upside down from the World Tree, offering an eye in exchange for the revelation of the runes. Self-disciplined yet tolerant and kind, the King is a wise counselor to the tribe, spiritual and compassionate. He may be the wild card in the reading, however, if ill-dignified becoming shallow and passive aggressive.

An eagle flies above a large round boulder, a rainbow arching overhead. The Ace of Stones, in the hidden position of the reading, suggests the genesis of material security and prosperity. Spirit and matter align in the Ace of Stonesas above so below its message. The rainbow itself suggests that difficulties are ending and all possibilities are available to us.

Balanced intention, courage, and the will to stand in one’s power are among the influences the 2 of Wands brings to the reading’s outcome. Two flamed-tipped spears are crossed in front of the entrance to an abandoned stone temple preventing our passage. Dominion is the card’s title counseling us to push past challenges toward new experiences.

So it would appear that we should remain focused on details which are emerging, remaining steadfast in our unity of purpose. It’s not the time to take our eyes off the ball. The security and stability of the tribe are too important. And when all has been revealed, we will stand together with the power of our integrity leading us toward our goal.

The so-called new guy apparently is whining about how hard the job is, preferring to spend his evening with supporters instead of journalists at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. I guess the jokes would be too much for his sensitive feelings. His friend Putin has been politely asked to resign¹ by protesters.

One hundred days in and he’s still whining. Any luck, and he’ll be gone before the next hundred.

Our shared experiences will sustain us in the days ahead. The way forward is together, irrespective of what the so-called new guy and his minions believe. We’ll undo the damage, together, that they do to us, adding that experience to those already shared. Our dominion requires unity of purpose. With what’s clearly at stake, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Blessings to all!


  1. Andrew Osborn and Svetlana ReiterRussians, in peaceful protest, call for Putin to quit. Reuters. Apr. 29, 2017.
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A Circle Of Protection To Bind Their Fate

A Circle of Protection To Bind Their Fate

Protection can take many forms. It can be defensive or offensive in nature as with martial arts, or it can be born of inner awareness. Rune magick is a method of bringing runic influences together in sigil form for a specific purpose. It can be divination-oriented, or it can bring about a change of some kind. I use sigils in general because they represent a focused intention. I like how they organize my thoughts around whatever situation I’m concerned with. Lately, my thoughts have been on protection.

I was listening to a woman speak today on a podcast who was talking about how unsustainable it is to provide financial assistance to people in our country. She had a Darwinian bent and appeared to believe that survival of the fittest was the best way to solve our problems. I don’t share her premise or perspective because I know that we’re one collective consciousness and how we live should reflect that truth.

It would be like expecting each cell in our bodies to survive on its own without the integration required so that our bodies exist and function properly. The same concept is true in a bee colony. I’m someone who is kept by bees. I’d say I’m a beekeeper, but bees don’t need a keeper so it feels odd to call myself that. Anyway, the hive wouldn’t survive long if a survival of the fittest attitude swept the colony. Then they probably would need a keeper. You know, like the so-called new guy seems to need.

Today’s runecasting centers around protection. But it doesn’t necessarily reflect the intention of protection against something or someone. Sometimes our greatest protection involves how we interpret what’s happening around us. As A Course in Miracles tells us, we give everything we see the meaning it has. Now the bulk of humanity may agree with our assessment, but we’re still giving everything we experience the meaning it has.

If we can look dispassionately at situations that are concerning, then we’re better able to view them with more clarity than when we’re caught up in our reactions to whatever is occurring. So in a real sense, protection should also involve our choice of reaction.

Additionally, our state of mind, be it loving or not, should also influence our feeling of protection, again reflecting that dispassionate view that helps keep us centered and aligned. So when I was looking at some bindrunes I’ve created over the last few months, I selected those that protected, aligned, extended love, and invoked a centered and unified presence to surround today’s runecasting creating a greater a circle of protection to support its message.

Othala, Gebo, and Hagalaz are today’s runes and bring influences of our Akash and ancestral heritage, balanced energy exchange, and then a little destruction in preparation for impending change with some hawthorn twigs rounding out the protection influences. Othala represents our collective nature, both in physical and nonphysical form. It asserts that our greatest achievements are accomplished together, Darwin be damned.

Moving deocil around spread, the witch invokes change and Hagalaz as the witch rune accomplishes this task. It provides the balanced structure necessary for positive change to unfold and provides blessings to speed the process.

Gebo reflects both inner and outer balance and teaches us to live in harmony with each other. Again, Darwin’s not finding a home here. Using the example of our bodies again, when the body is not in balance then disease or ill health results. If the imbalance is left unchecked, the body may not survive. It’s the same with humanity. We won’t survive if we don’t bring our polarities back into balance. The masculine has run amok and the feminine has had enough. The answer is a more balanced approach but the masculine energy disagrees and here we are now, in need of some protection.

But we don’t need a savior, even if he’s back from vacation. We need clarity. We need truth. And when we have that, the answers will be clear. But until that happens, we need to remain as aligned as possible in Higher Self awareness, viewing what’s unfolding with discernment, taking a dispassionate stance.

Disinformation and distraction seem to be the mantra of the new regime. But in time the proverbial man behind the curtain will be revealed and then heads will roll, the circle of protection binding their fate. We’re being shown a future that few anticipated or wanted. A country reflects everyone within. The people make up its heart and vitality, its blood supply extending life to all.

We’re not a business decision, a deal to be made, or a company to be closed. We’re the very life force without which this country would not even exist and we have always been more than the sum of our parts. We cannot be dismissed as irrelevant because we most certainly are not.

We see you, in all your predatory ugliness. We know what you’re doing and you’re not going to get away with it. You believe you can strip mine us into oblivion all while making a buck off of the deal.

But then you’re a fool.

You’ll create a mess that you won’t be able to clean up. But don’t worry. The rest of us, in our unity of purpose, in the protection of all that we have co-created together, will be happy to do that for you.

Blessed Be

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The Suffering of Fools

The Suffering of Fools

It’s true that witches do not suffer fools gladly. I use Mistress in part of my name on social media as a witch reference, as in, for example, Mistress of the Realm, Mistress of the Moon, or Mistress of Dragons. It’s actually part of my witch name, the rest of it known only to the Goddess. When I taught martial arts, Madame or Mrs. Erickson was appropriate as was Sensei. These are terms of respect in a world where there’s little now. And then there are those who turn it all into something else. I like to refer to those people, particularly during my more magickal moments, as fools.

Ask any woman out there and she’ll tell you that the foolish among us tend to be men. I co-owned a motorcycle shop with my husband and on any given day this was true. Just ask their wives. After the laughter died down, the stories shared would take hours.

A witch has a bullshit meter that’s neverending. Most of us are empathic so there’s no getting around when we know nonsense is afoot. And whatever you do, don’t ever lie to a witch. We don’t like it. Because when games are played, a witch is at her best.

Integrity is also important. We prefer to meet others on a level playing field with all voices heard and respected. And we don’t like hidden agendas that we have to then figure out because we most assuredly will. And it’s at that point the whole suffering of fools notion comes into play.

It’s difficult to always rise above the fray to stand as witness to the chaos that surrounds us. It’s hard for any of us to do that let alone the more magickally inclined. A witch feels compelled, you see, to bring a sense of order and balance to the situation unfolding before her and the greater the mess the more powerful the working.

It takes men longer to grow up than it does women. I used to be of the opinion that it wasn’t until most men were well into their thirties that they were finally done cooking so to speak. But after my experiences in my last business, I’ve been forced to reassess this idea. I now believe men are forever a work in progress with some, like the so-called new guy at the Maralago House, never reaching that goal.

Of course, this could all represent the ramblings of a witch now in her Crone years. But sadly, I know that it’s not. The recent transcript of the interview the so-called new guy gave to the Associated Press is evidence of the difficulty some men have letting go of foolishness, or in his case, with eloquent speech. And if the information that’s coming out about his ties to Russia is true, all the obstruction by his party won’t help him or them. Truth has a way of coming out and it seems that citizen journalists are more than ready to help.

But in the meantime, a witch does what a witch does, observes and then observes some more, writing a few things down, gathering her tools together, waiting for the right moon phase and time of day for the best outcome. And if there’s no time for that, the witch does what witches throughout eternity have always done. She stands in her full power and acts. Now. In the preservation of safety and truth.

Like I said, witches don’t suffer fools gladly. Never have, never will. And with the combined intellectual level of the current regime in power, they’ll provide all of us, witches included, with a front row seat to their delusional thinking and behavior. Because without any clear evidence of an integrated thought process in play, all we have are fools running the country.

The other thing witches don’t like? Assumptions. My fourteenth great-grandmother, Lady Janet Douglas, was burned for the assumption that she was a witch. King James, a cousin in my ancestry, ordered her burning. Bloodline witches are throughout my heritage so it’s possible that she was such an individual, but James, having written Daemonologie, was obsessed with witchcraft believing that a group of Scottish witches caused a storm preventing his future wife, Anne of Denmark, from reaching him so he felt his own sense of compelling to the detriment of many.

It was Sir Francis, 5th Earl of Bothwell, who actually caused all the ruckus in the first place. His aunt was Mary, Queen of Scots, and when she died he believed he should occupy the throne instead of her son, James. But by that time, Francis was believed to be the devil incarnate and thus began the North Berwick Witch trials bolstered by his own machinations which ultimately backfired. He would eventually leave Scotland alive and in disgrace. On a more positive note, I have an uncle who was known as the Wizard of Yester Castle who reportedly commanded a goblin army to build said castle. They put in a hall in the lower level apparently known as Goblin Hall. Family. Whether it’s Druids, Plantagenets or Merovingians, my magickal background goes back forever.

The so-called new guy reminds me of Francis, running his mouth about this or that and causing all sorts of consternation in the process. My great-grandmother was burned for Francis’s foolishness along with hundreds of other people, not all of whom were witches. Not that any of this should have been happening anyway. We were so feared by clergy and their royal counterparts that instead of valuing our services as healers, midwives, and counselors to the village they were instead threatened by our valued place in the community. The patriarchy by then was in full swing and we’re still experiencing its effects. And I still can’t wrap my heart around the fact that I had family on both sides of the equation.

We can hope that the so-called new guy, like Francis, runs away with his tail between his legs, but prison seems more likely. A fool, he assumed we wouldn’t notice, that we wouldn’t respond.

But we are.

The silly season of fools has begun and it’s not ending anytime soon. And this witch is ready.



  1. Transcript of AP interview with Trump
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Of Course It’s Going To Get Worse

Of Course It's Going To Get Worse

Instead of finding ways to come together, the so-called new guy is still insisting upon building a multi-billion dollar wall between our country and Mexico. He also still believes that leaving millions either without health insurance or with shit coverage is the way to make our country great again, all while working a four-day week, playing golf and entertaining at his golf resort in Florida, all paid for by taxpayers.

It’s clear the only one who will be made great again by this travesty is the orange guy himself along with his kids and his son-in-law. It’s a family affair, this apparent fleecing of the country. It’s not that former leaders in the position he now so sadly and incompetently occupies didn’t go places on vacation, they all did, just not every weekend after taking office. And I don’t remember hearing about any of them entertaining visiting dignitaries at personally owned restaurants, hotels, and golf resorts either. Instead, the so-called new guy reserves such dignified events at the White House for assorted word salad aficionados and other questionable friends.

Again, who will be made great by this man-child who lacks not only impulse control but also a rudimentary understanding of world history and geography? I’m surprised the armada didn’t morph into the Spanish Armada which would have then morphed into Spain building our armada and we got screwed in the deal and just you wait though he’ll be renegotiating that awful deal, just the worst deal ever, and he’ll be making the most beautiful deal we’ve ever seen, just the best deal ever, in fact, there will be chocolate on that deal, chocolate Spanish Armadas for everyone. It’s a promise, folks, his fingers crossed.

When I feel past the visual and try to gain a sense of who he is, it seems like he’s someone who has been on the fringe for his entire life. It’s easy to see the influence of wealth, but what I feel from him is a disconnect so severe that he truly has no idea of his effect on the greater world at large. Otherwise, he would understand that he can’t tweet everything that comes into his mind.

He views everything through the mechanics of a business deal which is concerning given some of the unflattering comments from those who play in the same circles. He doesn’t seem to be well-liked. And he seems clueless about what everyday people go through just to make ends meet illustrated by his almost gleeful willingness to undo any progress made by the last President.

Our first grandchild will be born in July. The so-called new guy in the White House is jeopardizing her very security with his impulsive arrogance. He’s reimagining the country into something cold and callous that will leave many hurting, their pain irrelevant to him. Is this what those who voted for him wanted? Because it’s going to affect at least some of them or do they not yet realize this fact?

And now I read that a U.S. carrier group is headed to the waters off of North Korea and Lil Un is reportedly ready to sink the U.S. aircraft carrier.¹ China wants everyone to calm down and South Korea and Japan are apparently nervous. The history/geography challenged so-called new guy didn’t help matters when he said that Korea used to be part of China. And then the new attorney general insulted Hawaii.

I’d like to say it can’t get any worse, but as we all know by now that’s a bunch of crap.



  1. Blanchard, Ben. and Park, Ju-Min. Carrier group heads for Korean waters, China calls for restraint. April 24, 2017.

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Off With His Head Already: Valor Of A Queen ~ Tarot for 19 April 2017

Off With His Head Already: Valor Of A Queen ~ Tarot for 19 April 2017

The Queen has clearly had enough. She reclines on her throne in the clouds, her sword in her right hand, a severed head in her left. She’s exhausted, having taken matters into her own hands, from the drama and illusion surrounding her. She is the unknown presence, watching everything unfold around her, waiting for the correct time to act.

Today’s tarot reading has a decidedly feminine feel to it with the presence of The Star, the Princess of Cups, the Queen of Swords, and Lust. In the center of it all is Valour and the 7 of Wands. And it’s interesting that I read today in the news that the celebrity interviewer on the hot seat at a major news network that has paid out millions over sexual harassment claims has finally been fired. Something about hot chocolate. Men like this never learn, do they?

We’ve learned to not wait for some higher authority or power to extend its own brand of valour to us. No, if we do that, we’ll be waiting forever. Women learn over their lives to find their valour within. We watched in horror as the current president took office knowing his there is no one who respects women more than I do bullshit was just that: bullshit. Guys like him believe that all they have to do is deny it happened, change the narrative, and its all okay.

The Star begins today’s influences as the Blessed Conduit between physical and nonphysical aspects of self. Through her, we express insight and hope as we manifest our dreams. The Star pours blessings from above bridging the abyss while offering healing and optimism along with spiritual vision.

Valor, honor, and bravery are depicted by the 7 of Wands telling us to stand our ground and have the courage of our convictions. Six ornate wands align in a balanced pattern with a crude wand standing alone in the front. A sense of unique purpose is suggested by this card, with conviction and integrity as motivation. Our authentic self emerges with the 7 of Wands as we arise to face new challenges and experiences.

The spirituality of The Star continues with the Princess of Cups. Dreamy and loving, the Princess flows in emotional fulfillment, a swan above her head as a turtle peeks out from a shell held in her hands. Positive movement, improvement on all fronts, and potential are among the Princess’s influences.

Crowley retitled as well as renumbered some of the cards of the Major Arcana. Lust, in other decks, would be card 8 instead of 11 and is titled Strength. The power and compassionate strength of the goddess within hold up creation in this card of rebirth and unconditional love.

We can narrowly define who we are, allowing selfish needs to drive our choices or we can embrace the greater unified presence that we are. Our future is uncertain now, driven by people blinded by greed and ambition seeking to reset the world using their own narrow and oppressive vision.

It’s clear that the masculine has overshadowed the feminine resulting in an imbalance so alarming that we may be unable to stop its overall effects for some time to come. But women won one battle today, with the celebrity interviewer losing his job. Maybe it’s our inner valor, one step at a time, resisting, persisting, that will see us through to a more respectful and loving future.

Because at the end of the day, women are sick of this shit. And we’re not going away.

Blessed Be



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Hear My Voice: No, Judge Low, Great Men DO NOT Rape

Attributing this to the Trump effect is too easy because it’s gone on far longer than the so-called new guy has been alive. And yet as evidenced by the videotape about kissing we’ve all seen, his behavior seems to give men cover for their own behavior,¹ as they assume all females appreciate their pathetic advances. But here’s the thing, for some of these cretins, it doesn’t stop with pathetic advances.

Take the judge in Utah who felt it was his duty to offer some words of support when sentencing a convicted rapist, telling everyone listening what a great man the rapist really is. It was a mistake, after all, the ten counts of forcible sexual abuse and the one count of object rape, a Bishop in the Mormon church no less. What a great guy, the judge said, as he sentenced the convicted rapist to life in prison for his crimes.

Apparently, survivors are a more than a little upset that this same judge let the rapist out of jail before sentencing. The two girls mentioned in the article published in The Guardian ² were 17 and 19 when they were attacked by this rapist with whom, as a Mormon Bishop, they should have been safe. But he’s a great man who did a bad thing. Eleven counts of bad things, but who’s counting in view of such blinding greatness?

It’s terrifying when a child experiences sexual abuse no matter what the age. The trust we’re supposed to feel for adults gets blown right out of the water the first time a parent or relative or anyone else for that matter does the unthinkable. The ground shifts under our feet and nothing is ever the same again. We may be threatened by the predator into silence, afraid that in telling the truth others may suffer the same or worse fate. So we stay silent, the predator winning in the end.

I finally told my mother when I was nine and her response was, never you mind, denying the conversation ever took place some twenty-five years later when I began dealing with what happened. It was like telling all over again but this time she couldn’t tell me to never mind. I’m certain it’s difficult for a mother who doesn’t save her child from a predator. The guilt must be enormous. But it pales in comparison to what a child experiences when her home is unsafe.

Survivors of all kinds of abuse struggled with the recent election of a man who at minimum has some boundary issues with women. And if we believe the various allegations by all the women who came forward then it may be far worse than unhealthy boundaries.

Predators like my own abuser as well as the Mormon Bishop just sentenced see their victims as objects, devoid of any worth. Born an empath, I not only experienced the abuse itself but the vampiric vibration infusing it, knowing it was coming, knowing as a child I could do nothing but leave my body until the predator was gone, feeling the predator’s intention, oozing and tendril-like, all while no one intervened.

It’s hard enough to come forward. If the predator is a family member children are often not believed and fear rejection if they speak their truth. We feel isolated enough, so we survive as best we can. Judges like these cannot be allowed to serve and we’re hearing too much these days about judges with a boys will be boys attitude about violent rape. I know this sounds like hyperbole but when shit like this happens it’s as if the survivor is raped all over again, this time by the judicial system itself. And that’s fucked up.

We’re a mixture of strength and vulnerability, both our silence and our voice making us so. They think we need their permission to speak or to survive what was done to us.

We don’t.

What we need is for the judicial process to unfold in an impartial manner, allowing us to speak our truth in a place of respect and dignity. Judges should be held to a higher standard given their position of authority. Singing the praises of a rapist during sentencing should result in a charge of judicial misconduct and immediate dismissal from the bench.

But with the rapist’s brother comparing him to Jesus during sentencing, I won’t be holding my breath.



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